The Catholic connection: Foleys and the Psy-op of the Jesuits

Priest comforts Foley family after ‘killing of journalist’ |

John Foley and wife Diane Foley

Text from outside article:

Islamic State have released a gruesome video appearing to show American photo journalist James Wright Foley being beheaded by a masked militant. Foley went missing in Syria in November 2012 while working for the GlobalPost agency.

Mr Foley came from a Catholic family in Rochester, New Hampshire. On Tuesday Fr Paul Gousse, of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, where the Foleys are parishioners, spent about 45 minutes at the house before leaving without speaking to reporters.

In 2011, Mr Foley was kidnapped and held by pro-Gaddafi forces in Tripoli, Libya, before being released after 45 days. After his release he wrote an article for Marquette, the magazine of the Milwaukee university he attended, about how prayer helped him through his experience.

“I kept telling (my colleague) Clare my mom had a strong faith,” he wrote.

“I prayed she’d know I was OK. I prayed I could communicate through some cosmic reach of the universe to her. I began to pray the rosary. It was what my mother and grandmother would have prayed. 
I said 10 Hail Marys between each Our Father. It took a long time, almost an hour to count 100 Hail Marys off on my knuckles. And it helped to keep my mind focused.

“Clare and I prayed together out loud. It felt energising to speak our weaknesses and hopes together, as if in a conversation with God, rather than silently and alone.”

After the Islamic State posted the video of Mr Foley’s murder online, with the killing carried out reportedly by a man with a British accent, Mr Foley’s mother, Diane, wrote on the Free James Foley Facebook page: “We implore the kidnappers to spare the lives of the remaining hostages. Like Jim, they are innocents. They have no control over American government policy in Iraq, Syria or anywhere in the world.

“We thank Jim for all the joy he gave us. He was an extraordinary son, brother, journalist and person.”

After Mr Foley’s murder is shown in the online video, another man, thought to be another missing American journalist, Steven Joel Sotloff, is paraded on camera, with the militant saying: “The life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision.” This warning comes after US airstrikes targeted Islamic State positions in northern Iraq.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told the BBC that although the video is yet to be authenticated, “all the hallmarks point to it being genuine”.

In reference to the fact that the killer appeared to have a British accent, he said: “We’re absolutely aware that there are significant numbers of British nationals involved in terrible crimes, probably in the commission of atrocities, making jihad with (Islamic State) and other extremist organisations.”

“This is something we have been tracking and dealing with for many many months and I don’t think this video changes anything. It just heightens awareness of a situation which is very grave and which we’ve been working on for many months.”

Two US officials have confirmed anonymously that the man in the video is Mr Foley. President Obama is expected to comment later today.” END of quote from Article


N4TM Commentary:

James Wright Foley was kidnapped a second time, the first time was in Libya mentioned above, the second in Syria by (by ISIS?) terrorists on Thanksgiving day November 2012. He was in captivity for 22 months.

But this chick goes free?









And, this guy goes free?

interlocking clasped hands Bowe Bergdahlwpid-2014-06-02-11.27.56.png.png

This guy ended up dead too:RNS-POPE-TELEVANGELISTS

Young man on the end right in the white collar, black robe, red belt.

I had not heard of James Wright Foley until today. I had no idea he was being held captive for 22 months, or that his parents were trying to bring attention to his captivity.

It’s not over…

ISIS Threatens To Kill Steven Sotloff After Beheading James Foley

Huffington Post


 selife Biden ObamaQuote from Huffington Post linked above:

Obama’s remarks affirmed that the U.S. would not scale back its military posture in Iraq in response to Foley’s killing. And at the State Department, spokeswoman Marie Harf did not rule out military operations in Syria to bring those responsible to justice, saying the U.S. “reserves the right to hold people accountable when they harm Americans. What that looks like going forward, those conversations will be happening.”

Since the video was released Tuesday, the U.S. military has conducted 14 airstrikes on Islamic State targets. U.S. officials said military planners were considering the possibility of sending a small number of additional troops to Iraq, at the request of the State Department, mainly to provide additional security around Baghdad.

Obama said he’d told Foley’s family in a phone call Wednesday that the United States joins them in honoring all that Foley did, praising the journalist for his work telling the story of the crisis in Syria, where Foley was captured in 2012.

“Jim Foley’s life stands in stark contrast to his killers,” Obama said. He spoke from Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, where his family is vacationing.” End of quote

Police, protesters collide again in Ferguson


Police, protesters collide again in Ferguson (from @AP)

N4TM Commentary:
Okay, if you riot, loot, and destroy property, you are not a protester; you are a thug with opportunity to display your lack of social skills.
I understand there are some who are targeted by police officers and are mistreated. There’s always one stupid cop, but I don’t think this was the case.  If a very large man (the teen supposedly very tall and stalky) is charging an armed officer what do you expect will happen? That’s like elementary, teach your children to not run at cops like your psycho going to attack them and they won’t shoot you.  If you raise a weapon of any kind at an officer they will use deadly force. If you do not comply and run they will chase you. If you turn around and start charging them they will draw their weapon.
What is happening in Ferguson is lawlessness, and that kind of behavior necessitates the National Guard! I’m not for martial law but if the community is posting the officer’s address, names of family members, and other officers and their families are at risk, someone has to get in control.
This is stupid. The deceased teen’s dad demands a personal visit with Obama? What is Potus going to do?! Lol He was hired to “act,” as in be an actor, and read his lines –he’s not your bff. Gosh people.