Ferguson. Stating the Obvious and the Hidden Agenda behind an Imploding America.

This is not “justice”:

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What we’re seeing on t.v. is not protest, not civil disobedience, so let’s stop calling it that.
The looters, the rioters, the domestic terrorists controlling the streets, destroying business, blocking people in their cars, throwing urine filled bottles at law enforcement, those are not people trying to express their frustration with an unequal system, those are mindless drones, evil zombies doing what their will desires to do.
Those people out there in Ferguson and in cities all across the country that are engaged in lawlessness are simply using Michael Brown’s death and the grand jury’s decision to adjudicate Officer Wilson as an excuse to act barbarically because they have nothing and in turn have nothing to lose by acting so stupidly. I have no sympathy for these people who are endangering others by surrounding cars and blocking traffic. I have no compassion for those who destroy property, setting fires, looting, and overall behaving like animals with no self-control and no wherewithal of the mind to think rationally and go home. What these people are doing is ensuring the police state. Their pillaging and radical behavior solidifies the stereotype, it perpetuates the image that people like this need to be controlled and policed to a higher degree. What we are too afraid to say is that those who claimed to be witnesses of Michael Brown’s shooting death LIED and they created a narrative to live out their violent streak. Michael Brown was shot, unfortunately, but he was shot because he committed a crime, he attacked a police officer, and he charged that same police officer and Mr. Wilson as an officer did what he was trained to do, protect others and himself. Brown’s parents are lying when they say that Michael was not an angry person or not prone to violence. It’s on the tape of his behavior as he was robbing the convenient store. What is most disturbing from this phenomena is the hidden agenda that is not so hidden, it actually seems pretty obvious to the rest of America and the world being on the outside of this and looking in, those people in Ferguson are being manipulated to act like this, not to gain justice or to change the law for the better but to make it, America, a stricter less free society. Just like the drama after Newtown, Boston, Aurora, Tucson, etc., tragedies are morphed into symbolic statements and causes with the means to weaken the American people, take away their guns, make police weak so much so that a harsher less human enforcement can rise in the ash of tragedy.

What do the people expect to happen? Would it make them happy if the police were instructed to use non-lethal means only, to castrate them and make them inefficient to defend the general public and themselves? If you take away law enforcement’s powers and give them stun guns, do you think violent crime will decrease or increase? Do you think criminals will stop committing crime because they know that police have been instructed to give them a hug and a stern talking to rather than holster their weapon? Do we believe that society will improve if American citizens are not allowed to arm themselves and protect their own property? Do we naively think that crazy people who are demented and have no sense of humanity will develop a conscious and stop killing others?

America is imploding. We are not the same country we set out to be. The socialist agenda is gaining and soon it will be more like communist China then America. Our freedom of speech is at risk because of Ferguson. Our freedom to assemble is in danger. Our right to bear arms stands to be lost. The people acting out are pawns of the government right now. Obama does not wish to see justice bear out, he comes from a radical background that taught this type of expression as the means for bigger government control; and that is what is at the helm, not a group of people who are treated unfairly getting “justice.” Justice was served in this case. People don’t want to accept it, but it’s true, and the ones who are fighting in the name of a thug who got killed aren’t bringing credibility to his name by acting even more hellishly than he did the night he was shot. Ouch. That’s kind of mean to say but it’s what many are thinking and are too afraid to say. Why, When, did we become a society that sanctifies thugs and killers? Since when do the communities who experience violent crime get to milk it for all it’s worth and garner nation wide and sometimes global attention and be stamped as “survivors?” The phenomena of adding a hashtag and the word “strong” after your tragedy doesn’t make you famous or indebted to federal cash dollars and endless memorials. People celebrate death, sanctify, and purge people’s seedy past when they become a victim of their own poor choices, and plaster it all over every conceivable media possible for as long as we are willing to give it space in our minds.

I resisted posting anything on Ferguson while it was going on until the day of the Grand Jury Decision. It wasn’t that I didn’t know it was happening; Ferguson is another false narrative, a psy-op with the same mission as those before it and liken to those that will come after. It’s a distraction from all the other illegal actions that the current P.O.T.U.S is conducting while we watch Auto Zone go up in flames. Ferguson is a cog in the wheel of a bigger dilemma, the end of America.

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SkyFOX helicopter tours burned Ferguson businesses

Originally posted on FOX2now.com:

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Bommarito Automotive SkyFOX helicopter took a tour of some of the damage protesters caused Monday night. Notably the shells of AutoZone and Advanced Auto Parts can be seen from the air. The melted metal frames have taken a lot of damage from the fires that burned all night. Fire crews just out the flames hours ago.

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Ferguson Ruling: Not at Fault (Live blogging)

Officer Wilson, NO INDICTMENT per Grand Jury.

“no probable cause on any of the five counts.”

Source: twitchy.com/2014/11/24/we-ready-for-war-ferguson-man-tells-reporter-we-have-9mms-40-cals-ak-47s-vine/

Reports on Fox show Ferguson on Fire.
Now freeways being blocked by thugs as well as looting.
How is looting hard working businesses proving a point? Stealing, rioting, looting, pillaging??? How does that make the community better? Those thugs are proving a point; they are uncontrollable thugs.

FoxNews: Reports shots fired AND return fire (from officers)

ABC: Thousands of people rallied late Monday in U.S. cities including Los Angeles and New York to passionately but peacefully protest a grand jury’s decision not to indict a white police officer who killed a black 18-year-old in Ferguson, Missouri.