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Update on Hobby Lobby’s battle Against Obamacare turns into an Apostate Church Warning

Hobby Lobby’s Green family meets with Pope Francis- Washington Post


“The Greens are in Rome for the launch of one of their traveling exhibits, “Verbum Domini II” (Latin for “The Word of the Lord”).

“The purpose of the meeting was to thank the pope for the loan of items to the exhibit from the Vatican museum and library,” said Jennifer Sheran of DeMoss, the Atlanta public relations firm that represents the Greens. “The pope did ask how the (Hobby Lobby) case was progressing.”

Eighteen members of the Green family met with the pope, Sheran said, as well as 10 members from the American Bible Society. The meeting lasted 30 minutes.

The exhibit located at the Braccio di Carlo Magno museum runs April 2 to June 22 and includes 200 ancient and rare biblical texts and artifacts. The head of the Museum of the Bible, which oversees the Green collection traveling exhibits, also joined the gathering with the pope.

This is the second time items from the Green Collection have been on display in Vatican City. Their first display appeared during Lent and Easter season in 2012, but Pope Benedict XVI was traveling during the Greens’ visit.” End of quote. For full article click on “Washington Post” hypertext above.

Another source, same text: http://www.religionnews.com/2014/03/31/hobby-lobbys-green-family-meets-pope-francis/

And: http://sojo.net/blogs/2014/04/01/hobby-lobbys-green-family-meets-pope-francis **Sojourners is by Jim Wallis a false teacher and this link is by no means an endorsement!

David Green Hobby Lobby net worth 5billionMeet David Green, the (net worth $5Billion) billionaire battling the Supreme Court.

From Washington Street Journal: WSJ click for full article

“David Green calls the chain of 560 Hobby Lobby arts-and-crafts stores he founded a religious business.

A 53-employee choir was belting out hymns one recent morning at the headquarters here. Stores close Sundays. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc.’s true owner, Mr. Green says, is God.

That is why Mr. Green will find himself seated in the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday for a landmark religious-freedom case brought by his company.

“I have deeply held convictions,” he says “and I should not have to be required by the government to violate my conscience.”

Mr. Green says closely held Hobby Lobby can’t comply with Affordable Care Act regulations that require it to offer certain contraceptives in employee health plans.

The Obama administration disagrees. In court papers, the federal government says for-profit companies like family owned Hobby Lobby aren’t entitled to religious-freedom protections. The Green family’s religious beliefs are sincere, it says, but don’t trump the law.

“We’re not a secular business,” says Mr. Green, the 72-year-old chief executive, who attends a Pentecostal church three times a week.

Mr. Green was born in Emporia, Kan., the son of a pastor. He attended eight schools in 12 years as the family moved between church jobs.” End of quote.

N4TM Commentary:

I must apologize to my readers, I did not do a thorough search on the “Green” family. I was paying attention, only in passing, to this story because it is a religious liberty case that has the potential to affect many Christians. I had not realized that this organization, or “Corporation” rather, had succumbed to compromise by seeking out a greater Lobby (pun intended), the Roman Catholic Church Lobby. I was tipped off to this topic by my scanning over the blog: Galatians4. I knew the topic deserved greater investigation and upon reading through a few other accounts it appears there’s a greater agenda to this than a mere face value “fight for our Religious liberties.” Of course there is a dual agenda, isn’t this the typical modus operandi of the global elite, the sinister bed fellows of the Jesuits and the Illuminati? You can laugh at the thought that there are groups such as mentioned conducting themselves in the shadows seeking to bring about a predetermined end game, but if you do as I did and research just a bit you’d find that these men are not operating in the shadows. Pope Francis is a Jesuit Priest himself and it’s touted as an honorable title. Let’s not neglect to mention the blatant and deafening silence that emanates from pulpits on Masons and their blasphemous mens club. So they do exist we’re just not allowed to call them evil. I’m sure a great many “Christian” pastors support Hobby Lobby as a Christian business and want to see them succeed in the court system but how many will call the Green family out for appealing to the Jesuit Pope for help? How many will tell their parishoners/members that the Greens have a history of dealing and cohorting with the Vatican? …cricket sounds… Hmmm. Ok, well not to sound like a hypocrite, but I must disclose that I purchase items at Hobby Lobby for my home, I also love me a grilled chicken sandwich with waffle fries from Chick-fil-A, but that doesn’t mean that I expect them to defend my faith or that they will do the right thing when their own Billions are at stake! My faith is not in man or the agencies of man. Do we have Religious  Liberty in the US? Some would say yes, but then again they haven’t tried to get a pro-life commercial on t.v, or a same sex marriage ad! We do have some religious liberty to a degree in the US for now. Is it under attack? For Sure! Is it being eroded away to make way for religious persecution; and I mean real religious persecution not just a dirty look from on lookers as you say grace over your meal at your local steak house? Yes, yes it is being eroded and what are you going to do when it is no longer lawful for you to pray to God the Father in the name of His Son Jesus Christ? Because these mega Christian corporations are as apostate as they come…

American Bible Society’s President Meets with Pope Francis to Encourage Bible Reading Among Catholics-

Christianity Today Source

Yesterday,(April 2, 2014) American Bible Society President and CEO Roy Peterson had a private audience with His Holiness Pope Francis.

According to a news release from the American Bible Society (ABS), while the meeting was the first for Peterson, it was the continuation of an ongoing dialog between ABS and Roman Catholic leadership around the importance of Bible engagement to the Christian life.

Also in attendance at the meeting were a delegation of ABS staff and members of the Green Family, the driving force behind The Green Collection of Bible artifacts.

“It was an honor to meet with His Holiness Pope Francis and hear him speak about his personal passion for Scripture,” said Peterson, speaking in the news release from from Domus Sanctae Marthae, the residence where the Holy Father makes his home.

He added, “Papal endorsement of the importance of God’s Word will encourage Catholics around the world to open the Scripture for themselves and experience its life-changing message.”

Peterson, who took the helm of the 198-year-old American Bible Society just two months ago, believes the ministry’s relationship with the Catholic Church is an important part of the larger Bible engagement movement taking place today.

“I felt God’s favor on the Bible movement today,” said Peterson in the release.

He continued, “The Bible is at the center of the Christian faith, whether that faith is expressed through a Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox tradition. It is exciting to see how God is knitting together the broader Christian family through our shared love for His Word.”

Peterson is at Vatican City to celebrate the April 1 inauguration of Verbum Domini II: God’s Word Goes Out to the Nations, a special exhibit showcasing more than 200 ancient artifacts and rare biblical texts.

The exhibit will make its home at the Baccio De Carlo Magno museum on St. Peter’s Square and will remain at St. Peter’s until June 22.

According to the news release, the exhibition is sponsored in part by American Bible Society and features artifacts from both the Vatican collection and The Green Collection.

A yet-to-be-named museum in Washington, D.C. will be home to the Green Collection, an assemblage of rare biblical texts and artifacts from The Green family, owners of the Hobby Lobby retail chain.





Glenn Beck’s Mea Culpa is more Misdirection

Glenn Beck Mad ManGlenn Beck is ‘what’s trending’ right now for his latest interview with FOX News’ Megan Kelly.

This is where I tell you, “Told you so.” I reported often that Glenn Beck was an agent of change, exerting himself on the scene to divide and conquer the political landscape during his CNN Headline days and then his “Fox News” days. Certainly Fox has never been the same since Glenn Beck’s arrival and departure. He was a whirlwind. Stuffy and uptight Fox News only had that old goat, Bill O’Riley, who appeals to a particular demographic. Beck on the other hand brought with him his throngs of religious zealots, constitutionalists, and let’s not forget the bunker elk with their bug out bags and canisters of seed and gold bullion who are going to repopulate the earth in the event of the apocalypse.

Beck’s a Lover not a Fighterglenn beck david barton 828 rally

Glenn Beck did more than simply play out his role in “tearing the country apart;” he also, amassed the great apostate church to come together in a grand ecumenical push to restore “America.” Let’s not forget his forging the Mormon faith in front of Christian circles so much so that many Biblical illiterates vowed to, in the least, be a “good Mormon like Beck,” as opposed to a “narrow minded “Christian.”” It takes a special freak of nature to get all denominations that once opposed one another to join hands on the steps of the National Mall and pray to the god of America (idolatrous America). Beck is a great unifier not merely a destroyer. He loves everyone, including the Pope (then Benedict-but I’m sure he’s met the Jesuit one too by now). Beck and pals at FRC (Family Research Council) have done well to brainwash and rewrite history Americana. He’s done great in marketing end of days paraphernalia. He has garnered millions through his Villages speaking engagements and books. We can’t forget what he did for subscription to online TV and his clothing line of Skull and Bones and Illuminati symbolic wear.Glenn Beck Skull and Bones Clothing line 1791

Beck: I played a role in tearing the country apart

One thing you should take away from that which is Glenn Beck, never believe a word he says.Beck Barton HageeGlenn Beck 1.Vatican and Goodglenn-beck vatican picsArguing_with_Idiotsglennbeck Rome pic2






http://news4themasses.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/jesuits-are-good-christians-are-evil/FRC sponsored event Glenn Beck Speaker 2013       Click on links…all but one is from N4TM, click on images to enlarge.

The Third Vatican Council that never was…or was it? #Hoaxthirdvaticancouncil

time-pope-francisThere is a saying, “Every lie has a bit of truth in it.” Or something like that. An N4TM reader sent me an urgent email concerning “The Third Vatican Council.” The things the “Pope said” within it were demonic, blasphemous, sacrilege, an abomination of the truth of God’s word; however, it turned out to be a grand hoax perpetrated on the pages of some blogger. It wasn’t the reader’s fault for believing the post to be true, because in fact when you read the post (read here * not an endorsement of blogger) much of what you read you instantly recall the Pope having said at one time or another in some form or fashion to the effect the blogger “quoted” him. At various times the Pope of today has said outrageous things like even those of no faith, “the atheist,” strives to be moral and can thusly be ushered into heaven based on good works. We’ve heard it or read it before. There were some things within the text that lent to a possible ruse. As I read, the author stated the Pope “pounded the podium” and “his voice could be heard a far off,” implying the Pope was yelling. I found that hard to believe, from what little I know of this current Pope he prides himself on restraint and humility so that seemed juxtaposed to his persona.

There was another claim in the Hoax post that was less fiction and more fact. The author quoted Pope Francis as saying “all religions are true and worship the same God.” Pope Francis may have not uttered those exact words but when you read the Second Vatican Council documents, written 50 years ago, you will discern as much. To read click here: http://www.vatican.va/archive/hist_councils/ii_vatican_council/documents/vat-ii_decl_19651028_nostra-aetate_en.html

Here is an excerpt:

3. The Church regards with esteem also the Moslems. They adore the one God,  living and subsisting in Himself; merciful and all- powerful, the Creator of  heaven and earth,(5) who has spoken to men; they take pains to submit  wholeheartedly to even His inscrutable decrees, just as Abraham, with whom the  faith of Islam takes pleasure in linking itself, submitted to God. Though they  do not acknowledge Jesus as God, they revere Him as a prophet. They also honor  Mary, His virgin Mother; at times they even call on her with devotion. In  addition, they await the day of judgment when God will render their deserts to  all those who have been raised up from the dead. Finally, they value the moral  life and worship God especially through prayer, almsgiving and fasting.

Since in the course of centuries not a few quarrels and hostilities have  arisen between Christians and Moslems, this sacred synod urges all to forget the  past and to work sincerely for mutual understanding and to preserve as well as  to promote together for the benefit of all mankind social justice and moral  welfare, as well as peace and freedom.

4. As the sacred synod searches into the mystery of the Church, it remembers  the bond that spiritually ties the people of the New Covenant to Abraham’s  stock.

Thus the Church of Christ acknowledges that, according to God’s saving  design, the beginnings of her faith and her election are found already among the  Patriarchs, Moses and the prophets. She professes that all who believe in  Christ-Abraham’s sons according to faith (6)-are included in the same  Patriarch’s call, and likewise that the salvation of the Church is mysteriously  foreshadowed by the chosen people’s exodus from the land of bondage. The Church,  therefore, cannot forget that she received the revelation of the Old Testament  through the people with whom God in His inexpressible mercy concluded the  Ancient Covenant. Nor can she forget that she draws sustenance from the root of  that well-cultivated olive tree onto which have been grafted the wild shoots,  the Gentiles.(7) Indeed, the Church believes that by His cross Christ, Our  Peace, reconciled Jews and Gentiles. making both one in Himself.(8)

The Church keeps ever in mind the words of the Apostle about his kinsmen:  “theirs is the sonship and the glory and the covenants and the law and the  worship and the promises; theirs are the fathers and from them is the Christ  according to the flesh” (Rom. 9:4-5), the Son of the Virgin Mary. She also  recalls that the Apostles, the Church’s main-stay and pillars, as well as most  of the early disciples who proclaimed Christ’s Gospel to the world, sprang from  the Jewish people.” End of Quote

The Third Council is a myth. There has not been a Third Council; however, there has been a Second, and if you bother to read the documents concerning the Second Vatican Council; you’ll discover that the Second Council has reached many of their stated goals in blurring the line between religions and “gathering” all into the fold (RCC).

The Third Council Hoax Post- was it a Psy OP?

lovethefalse3rdVaticanpopemsg 1Of course it was. It may have been marketed as “Satire” but what really ended up happening was the intended result. The masses took a little bit of time to find it, it was published on 12-5-2013, I recieved my first email regarding it on 1-7-14. It took some time to garner a following, but soon it was tweeted and passed along on FB and reblogged by those people whom the message resonated.

People love the ideology of the fake Third Vatican Council.

Very few found it abhorrent and less recognized that everything quoted by the fictitious Pope of the Third Vatican Council was anti-Christ, anti-biblical, and down right evil.

So we have a picture developing. Data states that the people would willingly, and openly accept the claims made by the Pope were he to state publicly and openly what he probably whispers privately to his Jesuit bishops and Illuminati pals down the secret corridors of the Vatican.

lovethefalse3rdvaticanpopemsg 2http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/434754-pope-francis-declares-all-religions-are-true-condemns-racism-at-third-vatican-council-is-a-hoax/





New Age Diviner Marianne Williamson is Running for #Congress 2014

Marianne Williamson running for Congressmarianne williamson

Marianne Williamson, a “Spiritual leader” to some, a Diviner to others, is taking a stab at politics. Williamson is running for the House of Representatives in California (explains a lot). She’s endorsed by Oprah and Hillary Clinton so I cannot imagine her having a difficult time getting in. Her fellow compatriots are (D) Representative Dennis Kucinich (another New Ager) whom she has also worked with in getting a “Department of Peace” instituted in the United States Government. I do not believe this “Department” has been approved –yet.

She’s a self-help guru, a quasi motivational speaker who practices avoiding Christ Jesus although she claims she “relies” on him. Marianne Williamson is a promoter of A Course in Miracles. This series, or book, or whatever it is, a book/course of blasphemy, is said to be recorded by Helen Schucman who transcribed what was dictated to her by Jesus Christ (a demon spirit –not the real Jesus Christ). The course denies Christ is the Son of God. Williamson and Schucman both Jewish women deny Jesus Christ as Messiah and whatever spirit they were listening to was not Jesus but another Christ (an anti-Christ spirit). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Course_in_Miracles

Williamson preaches Peace and Love and Reconciliation and Prosperity, kind of like Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, and many other false teachers who preach a half gospel. And yes, I would be equally abhorred by them running for Congress, if they ever did seek to run.


Emeritus Chair
Marianne-CRMarianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer. Six of her ten published books have been New York Times Best Sellers. Four of these have been #1 New York Times Best Sellers. Marianne’s books include Healing the Soul of AmericaA Return to LoveEveryday GraceA Woman’s WorthIlluminataThe Gift of Change and others. Her newest book, The Law of Divine Compensation was published in November 2012 by Harper Collins.

She has been a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America and Charlie Rose.

In 1989, she founded Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels program that serves homebound people with AIDS in the Los Angeles area. Today, Project Angel Food serves over 1,000 people daily. Marianne is a founder of The Peace Alliance and founded and launched the campaign to establish a U.S. Department of Peace.

Some interesting Quotes:

Was Jesus the only Son of God? Hogwash! First of all, I believe we are all Sons of God, and it is our destiny to be as Jesus. He said whoever does what he has been doing “will do even greater things than these.” The difference is he was a Son of God who fully remembered that he was a Son of God and he displayed that understanding. Second, there is only one soul. To say there is “only one begotten son” doesn’t mean that someone else was it, and we’re not. It means we’re all it. There’s only one of us here.

- Marianne Williamson

Remember I’m not a Christian, I am a Jew. My conversion to Christ, and to me conversion means “a conversion in thought-forms and a belief system” has in no way, ever, at any point in my journey, included even a serious consideration of a conversion to Christianity. I’m not enough of a scholar to know if everything Jesus taught was already found in the Judaism of his time. I do believe that he brought into the potentialities of human consciousness something that had not been there – at least for non-Jews. As far as his relationship to the Jews, his dialogue with the Jews, his constant conversation with the Jews, it continues to this day. It is deeper and more complicated than language can even approach. All of Jesus’ disciples were Jews.

- Marianne Williamson

Marianne williamson a course in miracles lecture series vintageSadly this woman is perfect for California.

Unfortunately she’s running as an Independent instead of a Democrat (which she is) so now the MSM is treating her as if she’s representative of the Independents. If Al Franken can get voted in, why not Marianne Williamson. This woman is awaiting Maitreya along with Kucinich and Oprah! What’s next? Dare I ask.

Spiritual Author Prepares For Congressional Campaign Against 19-Term Incumbent Waxman


**No link represented within this text should be considered an endorsement. All links are for informational purposes only. N4TM does not endorse Marianne Williamson for Congress or as a “spiritual leader.” Marianne Williamson is a false Christ, a false prophet, a diviner, a liar, one who denies Jesus Christ and leads others into deception.

Breaking News: Chuck Smith Sr. of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa is Dead

chuck smith left Frisbee Kathryn Khulman This morning I received this text from a friend, former Calvary Chapel attender, and reader of my little blog:

text of CS death edited 10.03.2013Chuck Smith dead 10.03.2013 Chritianity today


Click on Christianity today to get the fluffy historical rewrite of Chuck Smith Sr. Continue reading for commentary by a former Calvary Chapel attender.

[] N4TM Commentary

Chuck Smith didn’t start the famous Calvary Chapel upon inspiration, he built it. He used people like homosexual charismatic hippie, Lonnie Frisbee, and claimed his wife Kay had a vision of them saving the souls of hippies. Chuck Smith was a son to a Foursquare Pastor. Chuck Smith began as a Four Square pastor in obscurity. He faked speaking in tongues as his brother Paul Smith stated once at a “Prophesy Conference,” and his Mega Church industry Calvary Chapel was and has been plagued by false doctrine, cover-ups, sexual abuse, thievery, and more.

I don’t know the state of the man, Chuck Smith, before his passing. Perhaps he did some soul searching, maybe he knew every single lie he ever told and never repented of publicly and made a confession of the heart before his last breath, I dunno. The bible tells us that men’s hearts can be seared like as if with a hot iron, so that they are able to continue to do the evil that they do without conviction of sin. Maybe Chuck Smith felt justified seeing his inception swell to global lengths and felt as though God himself confirmed his false teaching by expounding his industry? Then I’m reminded of another verse, “wide is the gate that leads to destruction…,” maybe what some believed is “blessed of God” is really catapulted by the god of this world? I don’t want to get into the subject matter of “who will take over” the pyramidal kingdom that this man built. I personally don’t care who takes the keys to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa or the ‘brotherhood’ of this clan. There are many well known names who’ve all succumbed to compromise and apostasy that are great candidates to take over the Dove Club.

If you are a Calvary Chapel attender (because they don’t have membership-even though they are like McDonald’s, you can find one in every state you visit and they’re all the same) and you are concerned about which way the wind will blow now that the big kahuna is gone, I suggest you stop worrying about MAN and get right with God.

Matthew 23 

Then spake Jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples,

Saying The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat:

All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.

For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.

But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments,

And love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues,

And greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi.

But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.

And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

10 Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.

11 But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.

12 And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.” Click here for the whole chapter Matthew 23

I’ve written a lot on Calvary Chapel and Chuck Smith since I left. You can do a search here on my blog, do a Google search with news4themasses and chuck smith, or you can simply stop and pray and ask the Lord to reveal to you through His Holy Spirit, whether or not Calvary Chapel is teaching the truth and whether or not you should continue in attending there. I began to see dimly while I was there, the light continued to shine through the darkness I was wrapped up in until I became totally willing that God in His great power to remove all false teaching and show me if what I was being taught there was of Him. Some things were, I did hear the Word of God. God’s word can penetrate through the marrow! and thank God it did! I was saved, born again, redeemed by my Lord and Savior Jesus while at CC. CC did not save me, Jesus Christ Saved Me! My salvation is solid and true and I made it out of CC and I pray that those of you who are caught by that snare find your way out as well. I don’t need to say anymore on Chuck Smith the man. It’s appointed for all men to die, then the judgement (God will Judge him-not me). Chuck Smith didn’t die for your sins, Jesus Christ died for your sins. Remember that.

The real man who founded Calvary Chapel was Lonnie Frisbee, the gay hippie preacher who died long ago and was written out of the CC history books.

Remember Syria? #FSA continues to destroy Syria

Many people have already forgotten about Syria. In news time it’s not just a two week old story it’s eons ago that the US was on the brink of WW3 over a supposed Chemical Weapons attack by Assad on Syrians.  The UN conclusively affirmed that Chemical Weapons were used, yet they were directed to not determine who perpetrated the attack.

Russia interceded on Syria’s behalf and gently reminded Obama that Russia is very capable of fighting a global war over Syria. The Bear won.  Obama was given a  constellation prize, redeeming his “peace prize,” by concurring that diplomacy could win if Syria agreed to hand over its chemical weapons.  Syria was happy to turn over their (US manufactured) (Saudi Arabia delivered) chemical weapons, to Russia!
Just because the MSM is on doomsday watch 2013 part 2 (Government Shutdown) doesn’t mean Syria is over, or drawing to a close, oh no; Syria continues to bleed and fight.

The following tweets were RT’d by N4TM over the weekend. Tweets maybe 48-72 hrs old at time of this post.


The #FSA continues to kill innocent people, destroy neighborhoods, torture Christians, and overall breed chaos and destruction.


Warning Graphic image:


The Russians continue their presence in the Mediterranean Sea. image

The US debt ceiling maxed, the FED is a dry well, and Obama’s popularity is floundering.  Perhaps we may see a regional, if not full scale global war break out. Everything is a possibility but none of it is “Breaking News” to God. Pray for the persecuted church wherever they may be and put on the full armor of God.

“Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment? 26 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? 27 Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? 28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: 29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith? 31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? 32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. 33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Matthew 6:25-34 KJV

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same.

I left a cult called Calvary Chapel. I know many people who attend Calvary Chapel and don’t see it as a cult and rightly so, they probably don’t invest much time at church or serve or know the ins and outs of the creation of the church, its church history, or care to know more than what they hear on Sunday morning. And to those who stay ignorant, more power to you, that’s how to stay solely focused on Christ and not let church politics, liars, and false teaching get in the way of your “relationship” with Christ. Although, there has been a lot to be said about knowing the actual Word of God versus depending on what men from the pulpit teach, but I digress.

I wanted to be done with the “Calvary Chapel” topic! Oh so bad, you have no idea how many times I’ve cremated the past and yet there it is before my eyes, regenerated and lurking about my mind! It doesn’t help when my past ‘adventures’ in CC and learning all the things I did there come back to life in another church I’m attending. Hence, the title of this blog post, “The more things change (attending a completely different type of church than CC), The More They Stay The Same (undiscerning people, holding up men, using false teachers as a source, etc!!).” In many respects the church I’ve been attending for the past year is very much like the CC church. They are both “Movements,” they both are dispensationalist, pre-trib, “Conservative,” Bible believing, Bible teaching, churches. One is more extremely antiquated; they are KJV only, they would prefer women to wear burqas, and there will never be a drum beat, bass guitar, or rhythm in the worship-ever.

Boykin don JesuitSo, what’s got me in an exegetical conniption fit this morning?  Jesuit, retired general William “Gerry” Boykin, was used as a source this past mid-week service. I guess I should have known when the assistant pastor the first time I was there quoted St. Francis of Assisi that this subject matter was bound to come up! But Boykin? Really? Boykin makes no apologies appearing on Morning Star (Rick Joyner–another open Jesuit/Christian) or the Oak Initiative. Boykin is EMBRACED by Calvary Chapel, a “cult” clearly identifiable to the current church I’m attending. How is it that this flaming liar of a man is quoted? Because men love men; and I don’t mean in a homosexual way here, I’m saying “men,” ie Human nature, love “men,” to lift up other men of renown as if it makes them sound more knowledgeable or important. It was the folly of Calvary Chapel and it appears to be a hazard everywhere. When I first started attending the current church I’m attending I saw its mentality for all things holy and pure to be appealing. The longer I am there the more the reality of what is really going on there shows and it’s ok, I get it, people are people, and the church is not perfect, the people at the church are not perfect, and I know I will never be perfect and hence I brought all my issues with me when I began attending there, so if it was the perfect church a year prior, because of my presence alone it is now tainted. I’m not ignorant or delusional that there is a church without its issues. I really truly wanted to settle down, invest in a place for my children to grow up hearing the word of God. I cannot imagine what moving churches has already done to my kids. We’ve moved out of two Calvary Chapels, then one other non-Calvary Chapel, before this one that we are currently attending.

I did what any pig headed recovering Calvary Chapel person would do, I let the pastor know that “General William Boykin is a Jesuit.”

I know, wrong move, I should have just shut my trap and nodded and said an amen or something but I couldn’t! I have seen too much, I know too much. This lil church should be spared from the infiltration of this Jesuit Psy-op false teacher!!! But you know what, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I will tell you that I don not think the information I gave was received, (it was read and replied to but it was not “received”) or appreciated. I believe it fell on deaf ears and that my meddling was not fruitful.

What do I do now? Once again I’m made aware that false teachers are to a degree “accepted” and that my big mouth hasn’t learned to let things be. I have once again tried to warn the pastor to be met with obstinence. I don’t want to abandon corporate worship. I don’t want to be hunkered down alone with my family and not interacting with other Christians. Maybe Jesuits are ok when they are Christians? Maybe Jesuits are ok when they are decorated war veterans, generals, businessmen, government employees, Senators, presidential candidates? Jesuits make an oath to the Pope and the “Mother Church” (Catholicism) correct? I guess it’s no matter if the person taking the oath is a supposed “Christian,” right? Why are some Jesuits like the Pope not okay, but others are? I must be dumb as a rock to not understand the absolute double mindedness of this? So, if Jesuits are ok, what’s wrong with a stringed instrument? huh?

Posts by N4TM on Boykin and his Jesuitism, and others’ Jesuitism…





** this most recent article addressed by N4TM and why I believe Boykin to be a liar and a conspirator: http://news4themasses.wordpress.com/2013/06/14/jesuit-general-william-jerry-boykin-outs-his-fellow-conspirators-brigitte-gabriel-and-allen-west/

Outside N4TM:

The Holy Warrior- CBS covers Boykin’s remarks and new employment speaking at Christian Churches in uniform.

US general ‘censured’ for remarks- BBC covers Boykin’s remarks

read-save- the Department Of Ddefence report of General William Boykin: http://www.dodig.mil/FOIA/ERR/h03l89967206.pdf

screenshot boykin dod report 08.05.2004The DOD once found Lt. General William “Gerry” Boykin guilty of misconduct but I submit that it has been to the government’s advantage to have a psy-op commander in the churches disseminating “news” that serves their agenda. When one door closed for Boykin, another opened very widely.

“I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth.” 1 John 2:21

For the record, there is another Retired General, Peter Pace, who is also a Jesuit.

Gen Peter Pace retired Jesuit

Marine Gen. Peter Pace (Ret.) began his military service as a platoon leader in Vietnam and ended as principal military advisor to the president of the United States before retiring from the Marine Corps in 2007. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Teaneck, N.J., he earned his commission at the U.S. Naval Academy, later serving as deputy commander of Joint Task Force Somalia and commander in chief of the U.S. Southern Command. He served as vice chairman and then as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the first Marine to serve in either position. In June 2008, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor the president of the United States can bestow.

Gen. Pace holds an M.B.A. from George Washington University and serves on the advisory council for Fordham’s Graduate School of Business Administration. He supports charities including serving as chairman of the board for Wall Street Warfighters Foundation, an organization that provides training, support and job placement services for disabled veterans interested in careers in financial services.

Founded in 1841, Fordham is the Jesuit University of New York, offering exceptional education distinguished bythe Jesuit tradition to approximately 14,700 students in its four undergraduate colleges and its sixgraduate and professional schools. It has residential campuses in the Bronx and Manhattan, a campus in Westchester, the Louis Calder Center Biological Field Station in Armonk, N.Y., and the London Centre at Heythrop College in the United Kingdom.

Source: http://www.fordham.edu/Campus_Resources/eNewsroom/topstories_2111.asp

Also: The link that was here has been removed thanks to a reader who alerted me that the blogger who posted the link of a list of Jesuit trained people is a little “off” to say the least. You don’t need his link to discover who’s a Jesuit. You can do your own google search if you suspect someone of being a Jesuit and find plenty of site sources for yourself.  Any cached link of this post will have the removed link, or if you have an email alert of posts it’ll be there-Disregard such a link as “proof.” Also, since I haven’t stated Emphatically Enough–NO LINK IS EVER AN ENDORSEMENT BY N4TM even 100% verifiable links like Reuters-AP-etc of “news” but more especially blog links. once again– LINKS ARE NEVER AN ENDORSEMENT. thanks, N4TM

!!:-) praise report!
God is so awesome. He is even though I thought this was one more time things were dismissed. I just got a second reply from the pastor; because of course I had to reply to the first reply. Here is the latest update: I replied with clarification that Mr. Boykin is a professing Christian (not a Catholic which he was under the impression of upon my disclosure that he is a Jesuit) and he expressed concern and shock. He encouraged me to not “be sorry” (which I stated I was for bringing up the topic) and stated this (Boykin’s ties to Baptist churches and non denominations) are troublesome and point to the days we are living in. :-) Glory to God! I had hoped for at least that much that the message would be in the least received and considered and it sounds like it has. Good news. I’m sure there will be more opportunities as that is inevitable because Satan never stops trying to stumble people. For today at least I can report that this situation shows promise. I know only the Holy Spirit can reveal and today’s lesson has encouraged me, that maybe the Lord is using me :-)



Rick Joyner, fellow Jesuit, co laborer with Ret. General William Gerry Boykin, has recently stated that the US (White house government under Obama) needs to be taken over militarily.

Click Here for the full Article and video of Rick Joyner making these statements of his own will: http://videocafe.crooksandliars.com/david/christian-tv-host-asks-god-military-takeover

I saw an article over at GalatiansFourblogspot which tipped me off: here is link to that post: http://galatiansfour.blogspot.com/2013/10/nwo-knights-of-malta-rick-joyner-our.html