I just watched #2016 now I’m certain the man will be re-elected

When I first heard of the impending release of this movie I did a short little write up on D’Souza. I postulated that the movie 2016 was going to be typical right wing conservative fear mongering hit piece, that it would be preaching to the choir, and used as a propaganda piece to scare people into voting for the Mormon candidate. (see here for old post on 2016)

I was wrong.

This movie has been tweeted in it’s full length and can be viewed for free now online. I just watched it. Well, most of it, the last 20 minutes were cut off due to buffering problems but I’m secretly grateful, now I have time to hit my treadmill. The movie was not fear mongering, it was pretty benign. It came across as an homage at times and I felt like D’Souza actually admires Barack Obama for attaining his position. D’Souza continually draws parallels to his upbringing and Obama’s and seems to bottle his own anti-colonial angst against the US, with few minor pitches in his speech pattern at key times that revealed it to me.

I don’t doubt for one second that Obama is Anti-American. However, I do not totally agree with D’Souza’s premise. He virtually ignored the entire other half of Barack’s nationality. He ignored his Anti-American (and Anti-Christian) mother and maternal grandfather. He ignored the fact that Obama wasn’t raised as a ‘poor black kid’ in America, he was a cultured and well traveled young man, with an Ivy League education. He can vacillate between not just Black/White America but between varying religious divides as well. I don’t believe Obama is a ‘closet Muslim;’ he does not honor the god of his father(s), he does not honor the God of Israel, and here I’m referring to the one true God, father of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and Jesus Christ. Obama is very dangerous indeed, but not for the reasons mentioned in the movie. Obama held on to George W. Bush’s cabinet and administrative staff, James Baker to name one. He continues to use GWB’s advisers. He passed the GWB tax cuts, he continued the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, he uses Executive Orders in high fashion as did George W. Bush. He’s a by-product, a plant, a created entity who’s controlled by others (so is the other candidate of 2012). This movie was incredibly boring and pointless. If you know Obama’s not “right,” you know he’s not for American principals then you don’t need to waste your time. If you want to believe Obama is an Anti-Colonialist and ignore that he’s benefited from his half white family and that he uses his appeal to continue to delude the American populace all the while maintaining some of the very same policies you found appealing in George W. Bush but now in Obama they’re “Elitist,” then, uh, go ahead and watch.

To those who have a shred of Discernment on Obama as well as the juxtapose infiltrated corrupt Religious Right:

Please don’t be fooled to believe Obama is a Muslim. What part of carpet bombing Muslim countries with Drones don’t you understand? Don’t you see that he’s not Muslim, he’s not Christian, he’s a humanist, secular, at best, at worst he’s a Unitarian embracing all (which translates to none) of the religions out there. He’s not as dangerous as his handlers and it’s not beyond them to control ‘WHOMEVER’ is in the White House. After watching this “docudrama” I realize that there was still nothing conclusive or definitive and that only breeds more confusion. Who is the author of confusion? Making a film to tell you who Obama is or isn’t tells you no more about who you’re about to vote into office. I think the resources would have been better spent vetting the Republican candidate, and reporting the WHOLE truth on the man not just more half truths.

There are more important things going on in the world than the movie, 2016. In case you haven’t noticed there seems to be nation against nation out there and ethnicities against ethnicities. People becoming cold and callous, seeking after their own and not having a respect for God or life. I also watched the full speech of the Potus today done at the UN this morning. It wasn’t ‘as bad’ as the far right was espousing. Obama lied no doubt, most of the whole time, but the tweets that infiltrated twitter stating Obama was denying Christians rights to ‘rule’ was asinine and not how it was delivered. Even for me who can read between the lines of his backwards double speak still didn’t hear it. Eh, facts don’t matter so much especially since Drudge Report said it, or Fox News, or Glenn Beck (gag).  I’m not ‘for’ Obama and I’m not ‘for’ Romney. I am in awe right now over how disgusting and deplorable our functioning government has revealed itself to be. I see corruption on both isles and I see the strings dangling from the puppets that call themselves civil servants. Next up on the list is this Pulpit Sunday. I’m already cringing at the prospect especially this year (an election year). The Mega Pastors who need Mega Attention at all times are going to try to out do one another with blown up political stances while the Gospel goes one more Sunday without being preached. What a shame and a sham, but lo it is the effects of the Apostate Church. God help us.

The Apostate Church’s minions for propaganda

Above is Pamela Gellar. In the blogosphere she’s knows as “Atlas Shrugs.” She has mushroomed into an entity and an enterprise since the days I first learned of her. When I discovered this lady it was through Front Page Magazine, David Horowitz. I learned of Front Page Mag from, Discover the Networks. I learned about Discover the Networks from Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer. Robert Spencer I learned of from Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily. I learned of World Net Daily, Joseph Farah from Calvary Chapel Prophesy Conferences (Featuring: Chuck Missler, David Hocking, Roger Oakland, Jack Hibbs, Bridgette Gabriele, Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem, Avi Lipkin and the list goes on and on.) All these people are interwoven they all have a purpose and that is to disseminate the ‘divide and rule’ ideology. They use the Word of God and twist it to play off the fears of persecution, they angle it so that you are spoon fed the lie that if you don’t annihilate the Muslim countries first, they will come and kill you in your sleep. There are more names and they all work together. Think of those that do speaking engagements just alongside of the ones I’ve mentioned so far. Imagine if you would for one moment that a corrupt Mass Media system would not be complete if it did not have every “Christian” media organization in it’s pocket as well. I know for most of you out there what I’m saying sounds like crazy talk. “How can the church be the ones responsible for spreading lies and hate and division; all they’re doing is sounding the warning, blowing the trumpet, protecting liberty and freedom and supporting Israel!” Right. Said the little sheep who bleats and does not test the spirit. These people have entourages, detail, body guards when they show up at churches. That’s stuff of the CIA and controlled op, not a “brother/sister” in the Lord who’s putting their “life” on the line to sound a trumpet call. They hang out after the speech and sign autographs, sell their books, DVD’s, Mp3’s; and you sign up for their “free” newsletter. I hate to sound old, ugly, tired, and jaded; all of which I know and admit I am when it comes to trying to educate the brethren of the deep rooted and very WIDE deception that encompasses the Church of America, but I guess I’m guilty as charged.

This ad that Pamela Gellar is going to run in New York on MTA within days is her free speech. I accept it as free speech. I believe she has every right to be bigoted as her counterpart Terry Jones and Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (the Producer/Director of “Innocence of Muslims). People have the right to be opinionated, obnoxious, wrong, right, left, straight, gay, Christian, Muslim, Idiot, savage and civilized, absolutely. However,

“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Proverbs 16:25.

Just because we can be and have the “right” to be that doesn’t mean it is profitable. In my opinion what Gellar is doing is not fruitful. The ad does not bear witness of God the Father and absolutely not of Jesus Christ’s works.

The media and the church at times instigate fear and rhetoric into our everyday life, so much so that we don’t realize how much and to what extent we are being primed and brainwashed.

At one time I liked Pam Gellar, I thought she had spunk, then once I began to test the fruit I saw little to no fruit of the Spirit. There is no peaceableness with these people because their very existence is based on instilling fear and running you ragged with propaganda of hate. Bringing in an intelligence operative of over 25 years, having a retired General who is a blatant Jesuit Knight who’s sworn an oath to the Pope into the church to teach the body about Islam is not the work of Christ, this is blatant programing. If you can’t see it, if you have never once wondered or pondered why some churches are so heavily politicized and attempt to inoculate the body to accept War and death and annihilation to a whole populace (yes that’s you being controlled and manipulated to accept war and killing “them” those “evil Muslims”) and stopped to see what Jesus had to say about how to treat your enemies, and how to react when you are condemned and persecuted for His namesake, well then, I have nothing to say.

Mass Media Wins: Benghazi Staged Attack leads to New War in Libya and North Africa

September 12, 2012: Reports in the morning that an Embassy in Libya had been attacked, US Ambassador killed plus “three others.”

Rumors: MSM states that attacks in Libya and Egypt have been sparked by a “controversial” film that insults Islam. That is all they say.

Fact: The movie is a fake, fraud, propaganda piece at best, lame excuse and purposefully created to incite the North African Muslim nations. The movie created by a “Coptic Christian” who is an Israeli who once lived in Egypt but is now in the US (in “hiding” ie, Protective Custody), if he’s even real. The movie supposedly was 2 hours long and took $5 million dollars to create, funds garnered by “Jewish donors.”  The sub-B movie has been supposedly promoted by Terry Jones, a freak show of a fake pastor/cult leader that seems to represent all of America and all of Christianity overseas. The movie was translated into Arabic and uploaded to YouTube (but then mysteriously removed-now only clips exist), however another report I read stated it was “looped,” set to play over and over for all to see. In essence this supposed ghost sub-B movie that probably took less than $500,000 to make was dubbed in Arabic and used to INCITE the Muslim extremists in Egypt and Libya (and now today reports that Yemen has joined in the chaos). According to me, myself, and I this movie is a FRAUD, but since I’ve been spouting that off on Twitter for the last two days others are starting to use their own rationale as well and are coming to the same conclusion I did. Here is JPost’s article: and Ironically Glenn Beck’s propaganda piece, the one that on the first day within the first hours was disseminating the fake movie theory is now stating there may be a “more sinister” reason for the incitement rather than merely the film (ya think!); however, I’m not posting the link to Beck’s Blaze machine, they’re useless there anyway. I prefer you to think for yourself!

More Facts: As the day progresses; after, the Beck bots call for Romney to go to war in Libya and attack Obama for not going war immediately after hearing about the attacks. One other main objection to Obama is that he “apologized” for the film, I didn’t hear an apology; what I did hear was him condemning religious prejudices and condemning those who perpetrated the attacks on the Embassy. The right, and especially the religious right, instantly grabbed on to this act of violence as a means to discredit the President and his complacent pacification of Muslim extremists.

Reminder–Flash Back:  Senator from Arizona John McCain who vehemently attacked the President on the news yesterday for his “fecklessness” was the one who called the same Muslim Extremists in Libya who attacked our US Embassy, “Heroes,” in 2011 when the US (specifically John Kerry and John McCain) called for Nato (ie the US forces and North Africom) to help dethrone Gaddafi (who coincidentally was in the US’s pocket and was the one who kept the extremists from going more extreme).

John McCain knew that those “rebels” fighting against Gaddafi were elements of Al Qaeda, before his trip. He had to have known since the Washington Times Reported on that in February and McCain went in April. Also, it was highly talked about on every cable news channel, that is why the lady precisely asked McCain if he supported the “rebels” in their fight against Gaddafi. Anyone ask why Gaddafi, the US’s lap boy for over 25 years suddenly became enemy number 1, that is after Mubarak was ousted too (another Dictator who protected Christians in the country and worked closely with Israel and the US?!)?

Here’s Hillary and her statement.

After the Rose Garden and after the Secretary’s remarks Obama went to the US State Department building. This is where he spoke:

Picture of people waiting outside the, “Expanding Universe Fountain” in the Foreign Service Court of the Dept of State in Washington, D.C. by Marshall Maynard Fredericks, T Clifford Noonan. There are better pictures available at this site: See here. I thought the sculpture was weird. The inscription is even more strange:

Click on the Thumbnail of inscription to enlarge and read.

Later in this post you’ll read why the sculpture may be of significance.

Good Copt Bad Copts

Egyptian Coptic Christians battle persecution with poorly acted film? According to the JPost article, the filmmaker of the (fake) movie is a means to show Coptic persecution.

“A US-based Egyptian Christian, Morris Sadek, who promoted the film on his blog on behalf of the National American Coptic, said on Wednesday that Bacile, “an American,” was behind the film.

Clips of the film showed a scrappy production portraying the Muslim prophet Muhammad variously as bloodthirsty, a womanizer, a homosexual, a child abuser, a fool and a religious fake.

According to clips, the movie’s first section, set in the modern era, shows Egyptian Coptic Christians fleeing from an angry Muslim mob. Egyptian police look on while the mob smashes up a clinic where a Christian doctor works. Then it shows the doctor talking to his daughter about what makes an “Islamic terrorist.”

Sadek, said he was sorry that US diplomats were killed.

Sadek said his objective in backing the film was to highlight discrimination against Christians who make up about 10 percent of Egypt’s 83 million people.

He said his priority in promoting the film was encouraging people to see its first part, which includes scenes of an angry mob of Islamists trashing a clinic belonging to a Christian while the Egyptian police do nothing to stop them.

“I am only [leading] a Coptic organization that promoted the film. I am only interested in the first part about persecution of Copts,” Sadek said.” End of Quote. Source Jpost -linked to above.

One of the “three others killed” was a Goon.

Sean Smith. That is the name of the US State Department “Diplomat” that was killed amongst the US Ambassador and two others. Sean Smith is also known as “Vilerat” or Vile Rat to a whole community of online gamers. Apparently they were aware of Smith’s location and what he was doing prior to the attack. He had been known to disclose to his online gaming community when he was under fire. This “IT” guy (Intelligence Tech-supposedly) has been in the heat of battle before and in exotic places. I don’t want to get too much into his “gaming” life, I don’t follow online virtual reality sims type of stuff and from what I’ve seen I can make these crude and uneducated assessments; how does a grown man who works as a “Diplomat” (I would take a wild guess and say he was a black ops type of guy) who has a wife and kids, manage to build whole universes and complex characters in an online situation when he’s supposedly spreading “peace” and diplomacy in other countries? Really?! He’s either, not who he says he is online or that whole online gaming community could work as one big cover and would be a great place to meet others and disseminate goals and objectives while under the guise of it being “fake.” I’ll link some interesting sites I found on his vitiate, but let’s use what we know so far and try to ascertain what really is going on.

The Other two killed were Ex-Navy

Now we have the whole picture. The other two who were not identified (to the Masses/public) until today were Ex-Navy Seals.

If this story doesn’t incite the American people to demand a fresh new war in another foreign country who has been antagonized to destroy us, what more do we need? Now, hold it right there, cause I can almost hear the teeth gnawing and ready to bite me for my suggesting that America the Great is the one poking the hot stick; please, take a moment and recall the whole story from it’s beginning. I’m not talking about my post, stop for a second and think about Afghanistan, not the one George W. Bush took us to war on, the one before that. Think about the wars before Kuwait. Try to recall a time when the US was using the people in these countries to do our dirty work. Who trained the backyardagains (Taliban) who built up Al Qaeda? Who funded and lobbied for the Muslim Brotherhood and their foothold in Palestine, Gaza? C’mon, think about this for second. Each time the US Government took to teaching, training, arming, and supporting the Muslim Extremists they turned around and bit the hand that feeds them. But, do we feed them, or do they allow us to continue on in a certain state of anticipation and in some cases extortion (paying a jizya)? The average American doesn’t know and doesn’t care about all this foreign policy stuff.

Raise the Red, White and Blue, play the country song play list that gets the Americans hearts beating and boots stomping and shoot first and take names later. That kind of sums up some of the sentiment I’ve seen on twitter lately! Maybe I’m following all the wrong people, too many Neo Conservatives who bit the Religious Right’s bullet and are completely brainwashed that America will die and cease to exist unless we nuke a country and quick, all in the name of God (sound familiar? Kinda like those Muslim Religious nut balls?) American Christianity has been hijacked by NeoCons, False prophets, False Teachers, Dominionists, and Social Justice nut cases. Sorry but it’s true and if you’re a brother or sister in the Lord and I just offended you there may be hope! Rather than vet the other guy, which we all know now that he’s no one and came from no where and will retire to nowhere-ville, vet the guy you want to put in who’s going to do the same dumb thing the one who’s in now is doing. He’s a fivepeat, I tell you. The administration now has changed very little than from the potus before him and on and on it goes. There’s absolutely no way (and we have no business) on God’s green earth to be telling another country how to develop a “Democracy” when we don’t have one ourselves. We have been hijacked as  a Nation by this Shadow Government that seems to be more and more emboldened; and, I think they are more and more desperate because their time is running out. These occult people who think they are the “masters” of their “universe” and think they can “expand the universe” and create “new worlds” and order it as they see fit, couldn’t carry water in a hand basket. I wish you people could get it. I wish I had better means at expressing all the things I want to say and convey in a better way so as to reach through and penetrate the years of mass hypnosis and conditioning you’re accustomed to. I have absolutely no hope in humanity at this point. I see a great falling away from the truth of absolute truth and for that reason alone there’s no sense in really explaining anything else; not politics, not false teachers, none of it. I’d be better off nixing all my sites and disconnecting entirely; and ,it’s certainly an option I’ve entertained before. However, when I do go off grid I won’t bother to post about it. You’ll just show up one day and I won’t be here.

You Wanted a War, You Got it

“Two Navy guided missile destroyers are being deployed off the coast of Libya, after attacks Tuesday on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi left four Americans dead, including the U.S. ambassador, military officials told Fox News.

The destroyers are for “contingency purposes,” a military official said.

In addition, officials said a “fast team” of 50 Marines was being sent from the U.S. Naval base in Rota, Spain. They are expected to go to Tripoli. According to a U.S. official, there are no U.S. personnel left at the consulate in Benghazi which was attacked.

A U.S. military aircraft is also expected to leave Libya soon with the dead and wounded onboard.

The move comes after President Obama ordered “all necessary resources” provided to Libya to support the security of U.S. personnel in the country.”

**Update** if you gander over at “Drudge” report, you’ll see that Chaos (Opportunity) has risen.
**Update** 1pm 9.14.12
I just found this post and thought it important:

UN Designates “Free Syrian Army” Affiliates as Al Qaeda

US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey stand accused of state sponsorship of terrorism. UN failure to enforce their own resolutions will resign their legitimacy, necessitate their expedient removal and replacement with multipolar system.

Tony Cartalucci, Contributor
Activist Post

The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) currently arming, funding, and commanding entire brigades of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), is designated an Al Qaeda affiliate by the United Nations pursuant to resolutions 1267 (1999) and 1989 (2011), in addition to being listed by both the US State Department and the UK Home Office (page 5, .pdf) as a foreign terrorist organization and a proscribed terrorist organization respectively.

This means that the United States, the UK, NATO, and the Gulf State despots of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are knowingly and willfully funding, arming, and politically backing designated affiliates of Al Qaeda contrary not only to US and British anti-terror legislation, but contrary to numerous UN resolutions as well. Western and Gulf State support of the FSA constitutes state sponsorship of terrorism.

Clearly then, US, British, NATO, and Gulf State aid is being sent to the FSA whose ranks are admittedly filled by Al Qaeda.

Also, to be clear, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) is in fact an affiliate of Al Qaeda with its commanders having occupied the highest echelons of Al Qaeda’s command structure and having participated in every combat engagement Al Qaeda has conducted since its inception via US-Saudi cash and arms in the mountains of Afghanistan in the 1980s. This was documented meticulously in the US Army’s West Point Combating Terrorism Center report, “Al-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq.”

LIFG is also listed by both the US State Department and the UK Home Office (page 5, .pdf) as a foreign terrorist organization and a proscribed terrorist organization respectively.

Foreign Policy’s admission of al-Harati’s role in organizing and leading the FSA in Syria, and the inclusion of Libyan terrorists in his brigade are by no means the only role LIFG is playing in the Syrian violence. LIFG commander Abdul Hakim Belhaj had visited the Turkish-Syrian border in late 2011 pledging Libyan arms, cash, and fighters to the FSA – with the nation of Libya itself having already become a NATO-created terrorist safe-haven.

It is clear that LIFG, and by implication Al Qaeda, is playing a significant role in the violence in Syria, not only undermining the narrative of the unrest being an “indigenous” “pro-democracy uprising,” but also implicating foreign nations who are funding and arming militants as state sponsors of terrorism. End of Quote: See here for Source and Full article

If you have discernment on what I’ve said and this last piece of information I’m updating this post with you understand that we’re dealing with something much more significant than initially stated.

After all McCain’s fluff he says Obama needs to protect Syria. 5:00 marker

Repost: WOE. revisited three years later

Front(Greg Laurie, Harvest Church Riverside,CA; Center Chuck Smith Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa CA, Right: Rick Warren Saddleback Church Lake Forest,CA

“…Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.”Luke 12:1-3

The original Post of “Woe.” was on August 25, 2009. Edits and additional comments are explained at the end of the original post.

**Update: this post has been previously attached to a site that claims I am a CC ‘member.’
When I wrote this post I was attending a CC and had for years, this is no longer true as of June 2010.**

The Shift has Begun. The time for secrets and whispered alliances has become publicly known. The object of grievance for many who love Calvary Chapel and all that it once stood for has been affirmed. For all those who were called “Head Hunters, Heresy Sniffers, Contentious, and slanderers” they may now have some level of confirmation that their discernment wasn’t wrong; however, a true child of God who has the “gift” of discernment takes no pleasure in seeing what was once ‘the warning’ come to pass. Many people who are in the camp that believe Rick Warren is doing a work of God think that all of us are simply fanatic and fearful to ‘change.’ No. I accept Change. What I do not accept is heresy, lies, and false teachers. I will start in the order of the men that are in the picture above.

Greg Laurie.Greg is the Senior Pastor of Harvest Church in Riverside California. For those of you who don’t know the relationship of Greg Laurie and Rick Warren has stemmed over twenty years. According to Rick Warren himself, in a short clip taken backstage at the Harvest Crusade 2009, they have had a cyclical relationship with each others flock {see video below} . Greg Laurie has taught classes at Saddleback church and has done other projects in conjunction with Rick Warren. Greg’s relationship with Rick Warren has not been a secret in the Calvary Chapel circles. Many pastors have approached Greg Laurie over the years and attempted to rebuke him in love about his unequally yoked partnership to Rick Warren. Each time Greg asserted himself as someone who had been ‘sent to minister’ to Rick Warren. Over the same amount of years pastors have attempted to rebuke Rick Warren in love and to warn him about his own unequally yoked fellowship with those in the Emergent Church Movement and many other false gospels. Rick Warren too has justified himself and refused to repent of the heresies he has taught. I know that many people are going to be hurt by this news of Pastor Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie and Rick Warren appearing together on the same platform in “one accord.” For many who have called Calvary Chapel their home church the possibility of such once sound men of God (Laurie & Smith) appearing with an obvious wolf in sheep’s clothing (Warren) seems absolutely inconceivable. However, the truth of the matter is that is exactly what has happened. I have done many posts on this blog and my other blog related to the Heresy and Leaven that Rick Warren has introduced into the Evangelical, Christian, movement. This post is not so much to warn you of Rick Warren as it is to warn you about the dangers occurring inside Calvary Chapel. Rick Warren’s leaven has infiltrated Harvest church for years, it has filtered into smaller Calvary Chapels, and with the stamp of approval that Chuck Smith has now given it, the Leaven and Heresy that is Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life has come to roost in Harvest and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

Chuck Smith.Chuck is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and known as one of the key persons of influence of the Jesus People Movement. Honesty I know very little about the ‘Jesus people movement.’ I have attended Calvary Chapel the length of my entire walk with Jesus Christ and never once cared to look into when or why this ‘movement’ started. When I had entered in to this ‘fold’ I had felt I was getting clear biblical teaching of God’s word. And I was. The Calvary Chapel of the past has changed dramatically. What Pastor Chuck started all those years ago has become an extended family that has grown up generations of Christ loving, God fearing people. Today however, with the acceptance of one of the most dangerous false teachers, Rick Warren, Calvary Chapel has much to lose and little to gain from yoking itself with Purpose Driven heresy. As I stated before, Rick’s relationship with Greg has not been kept in isolation, many people have known of this, however the fear that the ‘leadership’ from the top…ie, Pastor Chuck Smith, to accept Rick Warren’s heresy and to condone it has tipped the scale. Many people in the Emergent Church movement have been waiting for the day that Chuck would ‘accept’ Emergent and Purpose Driven as a movement that not even Chuck could deny it’s power to move people. However, simply because people are moved emotionally and spiritually deceived into a spiritual ‘experience’ does not make that a move of God. In 2006 Chuck Smith himself released a positional paper that denounced the Emergent Church, however today he is by his actions denouncing the very stand he took only some three years ago. Today the rebuke doesn’t seem to come, however I trust the Lord is working out His perfect will even as it appears that evil is prospering. It must be said that today Chuck is only expressing publicly what he has held as true privately for a long time. I can say that because many sheep have been stumbled by his actions to shield and protect Greg Laurie and Greg’s relationship with Rick Warren. There have been events that have caused people to stumble that have been hosted by CCCM, and other “Calvary Chapel Pastors” over the years. It has been years. This didn’t happen over night. Senior Pastors from the biggest to the smallest Calvary Chapel on the Directory KNOW what has been going on. They have had overt warnings, they’ve had whispered concerns expressed by critically hurt sheep and have denied to address the problem of the leaven that is Rick Warren and his blasphemous counterfeit gospel.

My Appeal to Pastor Chuck Smith, with all due respect to what you’ve done in the past, what you are doing now and what’s been happening for some time is stumbling and scattering the flock that God entrusted to you and countless other Calvary Chapel Pastors.

8. The great confusion that exists in the divergent positions of the Emergent Church results from their challenging the final authority of the Scriptures. When you no longer have a final authority, then everyone’s ideas become as valid as the next person’s, and it cannot help but end in total confusion and contradictions.

There are those who say that Emergent movement has some good points, but so does a porcupine. You are better off if you don’t get too close!-Chuck Smith, 2006

Rick Warren. I’ve said enough.

“Thank you Greg for preaching at 4 of the 6 services at Saddleback.” Rick Warren.

Articles from my blogs on Rick Warren:

Rick Warren & Tony BlairWarren’s New Social Gospel bibleRick Warren catapults Obama among ‘Evangelicals’ by hosting a ‘conversation’ with Obama and McCain at Saddleback ChurchRick Warren’s Flip Flop Morality; is he For Marriage or Gay Unions? He can’t decide Did you know Warren is a Southern Baptist? Even they speak out against his false teaching! ♦ Rick Warren’s Interfaith Prayer at Inauguration called on the name of Isa, Jesus of Islam! ♦

Articles on Rick Warren from Other Sites:

Olive Tree Ministries, Understanding the Times, Slice of Laodicea , Crosstalk, Prophesy News Watch, Joel’s Trumpet, Eric Barger, Lighthousetrails, OneNewsNow

References to Warren at Laurie’s Harvest Crusade:

[The following sites are not an endorsement nor am I in agreement with the sites cited.]

Christian Post August 13, 2009ANS August 19, 2009Greg’s Images Twittered live from Harvest 2009 ♦ ♦ RT (re-tweet) of Rick Warren’s comment about Greg Laurie speaking at SaddlebackOfficial Harvest Crusade 2009 Video Sunday, Chuck Smith introduces Rick Warren @ 10:47 minNational Worship Leaders Conference 2009, Greg Laurie [the sites listed are reference points they do not represent sites that I endorse but are merely used to provide further information]

NWLC 2009 Reggie M. Kidd did a segment entitled: “Showing the Story with the Ancient Church” the main topics included:

In this seminar, we take up the biblical basis for the unity of Word and Table in worship that emerged in the early church. We introduce four important texts
for understanding ancient future worship.
We look at three, practical legacies of ancient worship:
• the reading of Scripture,
• the Eucharistic prayer,
• the chanting of the psalms

National Worship Leader Conference 2008, Skip Heitzig Calvary Chapel Albuquerque

You must understand who the speakers are at these events (Research Leonard Sweet), what they believe, and teach to understand the implications. There are people who become stumbled because they believe some on the ticket to be ‘men of God.’ Some of these ‘men of God’ have taught on other types of heresy, or false doctrine, yet still are unequally yoked and keeping company with darkness.

The Answer to the Question. You may be asking yourself right about now, “What does this all mean?” What am ‘I’ implying by voicing all the things that have been said in this post? Am ‘I’ calling Greg Laurie and Chuck Smith, heretics, false teachers, false prophets…? God’s word answers that for you.

2 Peter 2

1But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves.

2Many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of the truth will be maligned;

3and in their greed they will exploit you with false words; their judgment from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.

1 Peter 5

The elders which are among you I exhort, who am also an elder, and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed:2 Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind;

3 Neither as being lords over God’s heritage, but being examples to the flock.

Matthew 18

7 Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!

8 Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire.

9 And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire.

10 Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.

11 For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.

1 Timothy 4

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:

5 For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

6 If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained.

Test all things. Test the Spirit. Test what is being preached and taught in your church against the WORD of God. I recently commented to a friend if people tested all ‘Pastors, Speakers, Authors, etc’ against the true Word of God then there wouldn’t be a need for ‘Discernment Ministries.’ There has been volumes of warnings out on Rick Warren, Purpose Driven Life, Emergent/Emerging Church, Dominionist Theology, Mysticism, Ancient Future Worship, etc. The hour is late and there is little time to go through all that is now masquerading itself as ‘light’ in this world…but by all means try to do your own homework. Do not take anything of what I’ve said in this post or any other for that matter without holding it up to see if it’s true.

2 Corinthians 6

16 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

18 And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

One last answer to the broken-hearted out there who is grieving and mourning for the truth in matters….

All this has shown me is that there is no one righteous, no not one, especially myself! I make no claims to be more holy than the next person. I know that nothing good dwells in me and that I am a chief sinner. One thing I do know is that God is doing a continuing sanctification and by the Blood of the Lamb alone am I saved! Rejoice brother and sister in the Lord, for the time is near and the times are proving themselves to be the last days that our Lord Jesus Christ has spoken of. I know there is a remnant out there. I know there are people who love Jesus Christ Messiah and seek to do His will. Let us focus our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ, SON of the Living God! Our faith is bound up in Jesus Christ and none other!

Ezekiel 33

6 But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.

**Update** 4-27- 2010

Finally a ministry with tons of connections comes out with a warning on what I’ve already expressed in this article and many countless others have been trying to express for years now~ better late than never:

Calvary Chapel Alert: Calvary Chapel Albuquerque (Skip Heitzig) Hosting New Age Mystic Leonard Sweet

(but let’s be clear this isn’t the first year he’s invited Leonard Sweet! AND it’s not that Chuck Smith doesn’t know about it or other CC Pastors…)

Post Primary Commentary: Below are my thoughts now in 2012, three years after the infamous embrace at Harvest August, 17th 2009.

The site above with a line through was Moriel, they disabled that link so it’s useless to have it up; and they never warned about Rick Warren’s connections to Greg Laurie or his visit in 2009 and embrace with Chuck Smith Sr.Further above in this post was a group of links to articles outside of my own blog posts who have written about Rick Warren; those sites I disabled the links to because I DO NOT support, endorse, or agree with those sites any longer. It has come to my attention over the years that those who placate and remain silent on truly exposing those within Calvary Chapel, who’ve enjoyed decades long employment and ministerial support, are just as guilty as perpetuating the lie within Calvary as the ones they claim to “expose;” namely Rick Warren.

Since this post in 2009 not one major discernment site reported on this union (Warren/Smith/Laurie). In fact since the Harvest 2009 20th Anniversary there has been much more leaven within Calvary Chapel and since then the failure of the major Discernment Sites and “Discernment Ministries” to expose the true and very real deception inside of Calvary Chapel has become over abundantly clear and pervasive. Those who expose Calvary Chapel and their fake discernment ministries that keep them afloat giving the appearance of a discerning church are the ones who are laboring and getting attacked from the CC machine. There is a vast and broad network within the Calvary Chapel “Movement” that crosses denominational divides. The Baptist Churches are involved too and I would venture to say that many of the “Emergent Churches” who have been declared the Devil incarnate by the organized controlled Discernment Ministries were really birthed out of the CC movement and the early hippies who saw CC moving toward Yuppeidom rather than staying “true” to their “emerging” styles in the early 70’s. This article “Woe” cost me nothing to post; I was an unknown blogger who had to send out mass emails to my friends and family to get readers. Now I don’t bother anyone with when I post a new article; however, I do have some more readers today than I did in 2009, but I am still very much an unknown. I do not have “secret” information; I do not know the upper echelons of Calvary Chapel. I do not work with anyone within Calvary Chapel or their subsidiaries. I am one person, with a heart for the body of Christ and I pray that those who are entrapped by the snare of the false teachings of CC and their organized discernment ministries will make their way out.

John 10: 27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: 28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

Thomas Nelson Ditches Barton Book Not an endorsement of website.

Thomas Nelson publishers, owned by Harper Collins, which is owned by parent company owned by Rupert Murdoch, chose to remove Barton’s book, The Jefferson Lies, due to false facts being propagated. The forward of the book is by none other than Glenn Beck. Looks like Murdoch is still exercising control over Becks shenanigans.

“One critic attacks Barton personally, discrediting him as a historian.

Barton, a Texas-based “Christian nation” propagandist, has been spreading fundamentalist misinformation about the nation’s founding for years. He’s no historian; his only earned degree is in Christian education from Oral Roberts University.

Renown University of Chicago historian Martin Marty has put Barton in his crosshairs as well with harsh words as well.

Barton is publishing The Jefferson Lies, which most historians would title Barton’s Lies about Jefferson. Astonishingly, he twists a slight reference to Jefferson’s book on Jesus and turns it into a tract which, Barton says, Jefferson would use in order to convert the Indians to Christianity.

The author appeared on last night’s Daily Show to argue his stance that Jefferson was not an atheist or secularlist, but a religious man. Jon Stewart answered back as the discussion more towards free speech and religious persecution.

Watch the video here.” (as always links are for information)

Barton is distorting history and trying to make every dead founding father into a postmortem Christian. (Coincidentally the Mormon religion baptized the founding fathers posthumously.) Barton has been exposed for his faulty historical accounts by others beside the liberal left who would obviously have motive to expose him. One person who opposed him very boldly is Christian J. Pinto. However, as much as Christian J. Pinto spoke in exposing and revealing Barton’s fallicies he also covers for others at the same time and works in conjunction with people who support the CNP, hence Pinto cannot be trusted completely. Take his information for what it’s worth. There are constant double mindedness and “double agents” for a lack of a better word who are playing this game of “Hegelian conflict.” I am no expert in this area but it’s basically setting up both arguments but setting up another false belief to catch both opposing sides. Think of our political system, the Republicans are Conservative and for family values, this implies that Democrats and Liberals are heathens and are evil, both sides have done evil things, both parties have made deals with the devil to some degree and more often than not they play the part of being against each other when in effect many of them believe the same, their differences are a show for you the voter. You can see this now in Christianity, there are some who claim Barton is a “Patriot” and a “true conservative” while he is Ecumenical and very liberal in his beliefs so that he can get those across the isle to endorse his objectives. It’s all a game to them, don’t get caught up in it. Do you own research on Jefferson and the rest of the “founding fathers.” Many of them were of the Enlightenment era and sought Humanist goals and respected forms of Gnosticism. Abraham Lincoln consulted a Medium (a spiritualist which the Bible directs believers NOT to do), George Washington was a Mason and he never took communion, he didn’t even want to be president at first. There’s a lot Barton says that is bogus, why is he rewriting history, what does he have to gain from it?

America’s Founding Fathers are Mormons-

“Before I left St. George, the spirits of the dead gathered around me, wanting to know why we did not redeem them. Said they, “You have had the use of the Endowment House for a number of years, and yet nothing has ever been done for us. We laid the foundation of the government you now enjoy, and we never apostatized from it, but we remained true to it and were faithful to God.”  These were the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and they waited on me for two days and two nights….

“I straightway went into the baptismal font and called upon Brother McCallister to baptize me for the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and fifty other eminent men. (Discourses of Wilford Woodruff, Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1946, pp. 160-61)

“These noble spirits came there with divine permission-evidence that this work of salvation goes forward on both sides of the veil.

“At a later conference, in April 1898, after he became President of the Church, President Woodruff declared that “those men who laid the foundation of this American government and signed the Declaration of Independence were the best spirits the God of heaven could find on the face of the earth. They were choice spirits … [and] were inspired of the Lord” (CR, April 1898, p. 89). We honor those men today. We are the grateful beneficiaries of their noble work.” President (of LDS) Wilford Woodruff

Piece of David Barton’s bio:

“After graduating from college (Oral Roberts College with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian education), Barton served as a church youth director. He taught math and science, and eventually became principal at Aledo Christian School, which (in 1981) grew out of Aledo Christian Center, a church started by his parents.

In 1987 Barton formed Specialty Research Associates, which “focuses on the historical research of issues relating to America’s constitutional, moral, and religious heritage.” Specialty Research Associates has submitted amicus curiae briefs in a number of court cases.

Barton is the founder and president of WallBuilders, a national organization that presents America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional heritage.” Source: Click here to read full bio (not an endorsement, information above in parenthesis mine).

False historian, false teacher, Christians need to be aware.

I remember him always being paraded around in this type of flair….

No one paid much mind to the guy wearing the American flag table cloth shirt and ten gallon hat, but once the right suit was found and of course Brannon handed him over to Glenn Beck, the rest is history. Barton has been exposed for years my friends, do some research.

National Day of Prayer 2012

This here be mi’s version:

Abba Father who art in Heaven,

Our nation is sick and demented. We are wrought with corruption, lust, greed, war, and degradation. People say this country was built on Judeo-Christian beliefs, I have learned that not all the Founding “fathers” of this country were Christian. In fact many of the signers were deists and spiritualists who sought religious freedom not because they worshiped the One true God but because they wanted the freedom to worship no god at all. This truth about the founding fathers, and how throughout history we have been lied to about the motives and goals of this country, have put a negative taste in my mouth for ever lifting up any of these people for more than what they truly were, simply put–unbelievers. Whether or not this country had aulteristic motives really doesn’t matter now, what matters is where we are currently Oh Lord. It’s a demonic place. We “lord” over other countries, we go in illegally and start false wars to keep these other countries from ever being able to stand on their own. We spread fear and hate on our shores of people in other countries so that the masses feel compelled to go along with unjust wars that cost us taxpayers exorbitant money in the form of debt. By justifying false wars we willingly send our sons and daughters as tribute to fight to the death, to kill other children, men and women, in the false name of “Freedom.” We were once considered “Home of the Free, Home of the Brave.” Lord we are no more free today in our own country as the slaves that shed their blood and sweat building and toiling this land at its inception. We are oppressed by government officials who make us feel as though we are the “terrorists.” We willingly submit our elderly and our children to the state to be molested simply for desiring to travel throughout the country. We have legalized the slaughter of innocent children long ago by means of abortion, however we tell people, “It’s a choice.” We have legalized marriage between men and women of the same sex so that they can thrust their lifestyle on the masses as an accepted means of displaying monogamy, but we chastise and ridicule men and women who seek to keep marriage a holy institution. We have stopped loving each other. We don’t care for one another and would rather not be bothered with so much intrusion into our lives once we get it on a seemingly  false sense of normalcy. We are no longer a nation united under you we are divided. We are divided into sects and denomination, class and sex; we are polarized by political beliefs and we are all the while self serving and show great disdain for anything you once told us was true and holy. Our churches are an abomination. The church no longer teaches about sin and regeneration we teach about prosperity and how to get it. We teach that all religions are the same and none are true. We are a people Oh God who have not only forsook you but we blaspheme you through media, TV, radio, internet and all available means. We are wicked and evil and we are in a time of desperation. We are blinded and fooled by those who call themselves Christian yet join hands with all faiths, including non-believers, and tell us that this is the new “Christology.” We are lost and we are all damned if we don’t come to repentance and salvation, but Father this message finds itself on deaf ears much of the world over, not just in our Country. So Abba, I beg you and I plead with you, LORD, send your spirit out amongst those you have called and gather together your remnant. Help us to not loose sight that we serve a Mighty and Powerful God who built the foundations of the universe with the breath of His mouth! Help Us oh LORD, my GOD, help me to remember your Son Jesus Christ every heartbeat that I have; that I would cling to the Old Rugged Cross, that I would seek to serve and seek to be set apart from this world. Have your way with us oh Father God in Heaven, let us be ready for whatever your will for us is. Help us to be strong in faith that when you come you would find faith on this earth. You lift up kings and take them down, it’s your will whether we have an evil ruler or a righteous one, in any case let the results not sway our faith in your Son Jesus Christ, and in your awesome power. I humbly and foolishly ask, in the name of my Savior, Jesus, Amen.

I’m gonna knock you out


There are people who “warn” you about false doctrines and false Christs but with a slight of hand they are promoting false doctrines, covering for their friends, and for a  time make “frienemies” for a mutual cause serving their dual purposes. It’s not really that hard to find out who they are and who they support. Here are some tell tell signs of a double agent.

Identifiers of the Double-minded, fork tongued, fake discernment camps:

1) They write extensively on ONE topic while seemingly ignoring other topics.

example: Speaker A warns exclusively on “Emergent” but never on the corrupt churches they speak at for their conferences.

2) They write extensively on ONE topic while seemingly ignoring other topics.

example: Site that warns on New Age Movement but never addresses the New Age Movement’s influence on the churches they speak at or sell their books at.

3) They warn on a number of false doctrines: Emergent, Purpose Driven, Influence of Rome, Islam, Post-Modernism; however they never disclose the role of the primary church they speak at in any of those areas. Miraculously the role of the very churches they attend to do their conferences are never mentioned in the same vast conspiracies that seem to encompass all of Christianity except the one they prefer to do their business with.

4) They may take on the golden goose on occasion and warn about favored and adored Pastors, however, they continue to work with those same people outside of the area that you are familiar with which may be but not limited to the following:

Movies, Books, international markets, exchanging fellow speakers, authors, experts into other denominations such as Baptists, Nazarene, Presbyterian, and other various forms of Non-Denominational churches.

5) They are members of “various boards” for various “ministries” and/or “churches” and/or “institutions” that are both in the US and/or other countries, however they NEVER fully disclose which boards they are members of for any of these.

6) They have various sites for one ministry, ghost sites, and/or they use various people and sources for their various sites but retain the impression that they are the “expert” and do not disclose that they are receiving their “information” from others who do their grunt work.

7) They have the same vague bio on every site they are on, for every book and/or film they’ve ever done. You can’t find out specific information and it appears they appear from nowhere but are suddenly experts and suddenly the “go to guy/girl” on the topic they are espoused to be an expert on.

8) They will “expose” their friends for certain mistakes but ignore the greater sins they are aware of because they have long loyalty ties to the person and/or their funds to their various ministries depend on whether or not they cover by saying nothing, or limiting what they say to only address vague concerns meanwhile turning the table on the person who brings up the suspicion.

9) They are part of a vast network of “volunteers” and people who seek to remain anonymous when in reality it’s only one or two people trolling the internet using other people’s material for their own gain.

10) LOOK AT THEIR LINKS PAGES, WHO COMMENTS, WHO LINKS TO THEM, WHO THEY SHARE PULPITS WITH, WHOM THEY’VE HAD EXTENSIVE RELATIONSHIPS WITH, AND THAT WILL TELL YOU WHERE THEIR LOYALTIES LIE. They will send you an email saying “Check out this latest expose” and their own home page shows they are promoting the BFF of the person they just exposed!! That means it’s controlled opposition and meant to mislead and distract.

Wake up ppl.

**bonus qualifiers:

They are one person but they write volumes of books and/or movies and travel the WORLD on no other income outside of their love offering for having them over to speak!??

If it is a Church, and they are not successful and are often at risk of “going under” financially, however they seemingly have a wellspring of fund$ that comes to the rescue at every single “brink of destruction” moment, which is always dubbed as a “work of God.” Chances are they are getting money from a slush fund somewhere, or, they all have the same benevolent grand-pu-bah that sends money in emergencies.

They have Non-believer experts at their church speak from the pulpit whom they say they are “praying for” however after decades long relationships the unsaved is no more swayed for Christ than the day they first met, so maybe they’re both “birds of a feather.”

They have LLC’s, INC’s, 501c’s, lawyers, and advisers, extensive lawsuit trails, change addresses and phone numbers more often than Tammy Fae changed her fake eyelashes.

They have counterintelligence training.

They are a “Pastor” with absolutely no formal training and/or theological knowledge.

They are a “Pastor” with many degrees, honorary doctorates, Master’s of Divinity, however they know nothing nor teach any doctrinal truths from the pulpit.

They have Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin, blogs, podcasts, and video libraries of all their expert sermons, advice, topical speeches, however you have to pay for them.

Mitt Romney For President

Pat Robertson of 700 Club says, Mitt’s alright…

Kirk Cameron, Glenn Beck’s (devout Mormon) new comrade, once said “Mormons aren’t Christian” but I’m sure he’s ok with it now…

Don’t forget Kirk Cameron used Glenn Beck’s show to promote his (idolatrous) film called “Monumental.” (see here for post)

James Robison, another one of Mormon Glenn Beck’s friends on Beck’s program…(link is not an endorsement)

The real “first Mormon President” was Glenn Beck. He’s the one whom all Evangelical’s found favor with based on the “Moral high ground.” Glenn Beck was able to bridge the gap, to cross over, to join with the “Christian” camp on the grounds of Patriotism, and false pride in a pseudo-Christian American foundation.

Some Historical Facts on Mormons’ Version of History:

Mormon’s believe that the “Founding Fathers” of America visited their fourth Mormon President (Wilford Woodruff) while he was in a Mormon temple. Later that president baptized, Post-Mordem, (yes that means to baptize someone after they’re dead) into the Mormon faith. This is why Mormons have such a strong “belief” that the Founders of the US are to be revered.

During his time as the temple president, Woodruff was baptized on behalf of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and other Founding Fathers. He stated in a September 16, 1877 discourse that he had been visited by the departed spirits of these men:

The spirits of the dead gathered around me, wanting to know why we did not redeem them … These were the signers of the Declaration of Independence…. I thought it very singular, that notwithstanding so much work had been done, and yet nothing had been done for them … I straightway went into the baptismal font and called upon brother McCallister [sic] to baptize me for the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and fifty other eminent men, making one hundred in all, including John Wesley, Columbus, and others….[17] source:Wikipedia Wilford Woodruff

You can view their account of their history of this “vision” on one of their own websites: (not an endorsement).

It appears the body of Christ is being approached by those who say they come in the “name of Christ” but don’t share the same faith in the same Savior of the World. It’s totally ok though to vote for a Mormon as President, it was ok to join hands in the name of America with Glenn Beck, join a tea party, buy up seed and provisions for a coming apocalypse like the Mormons do, and agree to disagree on Theological Doctrine for the sake of “Morality.” We’ll see how this pans out for America. I find it ironic and hypocritical that some Right Wing Christians who attack Barack Obama for being an unsubstantiated “Muslim” think it’s acceptable to elect a Mormon. Once a Mormon is elected as President, there’s no reason for a Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, or Atheist not to be president, so long as they’re “Moral.” Hey these are not my words, I’m quoting your choice for Religious Right, Conservative “Christians.” I am by no means a liberal or a Democrat, and the more I find out about the Republican Party, neither am I one of them! I suppose I am left to be outside the identifiable groups (Rep/Dem/Lib) and be amongst the other castaways. I kind of like it out here in the political abyss; it frees me up to see both sides, and use God given Discernment rather than rely on others interpretations.

**Disclaimer** The author of this blog does not advocate Mitt Romney nor any other Presidential Candidate for the 2012 Election.

Advocates for Faith and Freedom Defend “Pastor’s” civil liberties

A story broke last week over a “Pastor” who was arrested for reading the Bible aloud at a Department of Motor Vehicles building in California. The video snippets were played on the national media outlets like, Fox News Channel, and distributed throughout “Christian” “News” organizations as well. The headline of  a “Pastor” being “Arrested” is sensational news, especially when Right Wing Christian Conservatives are hot and heavy for a “persecution” story. I came across this “Breaking News” a week late, however, I thought it noteworthy to do my own background investigating. Here is what I found concerning this grave civil liberties issue.

The “Pastor” arrested is not a Pastor.

The story everyone is told, or dare I say ‘sold,’ is that Mark Mackey is a “Pastor” at “Calvary Chapel Hemet.” Truth be told, Mark Allen Mackey is not a Pastor at Calvary Chapel Hemet. The Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel Hemet is Gary Johnson and he’s been the senior pastor “for over 30 years.” Another man “arrested” in conjunction to this story is, Brett Coronado. Brett Coronado states on the video below that he, “is  the Assistant Pastor of Calvary Chapel Hemet.”  You would be hard pressed to find any evidence of Brett Coronado listed as an Assistant Pastor at CC Hemet,although I did find old video of him preaching there where he’s referred to as “Pastor Brett Coronado.” However, Mark Mackey is NOT a Pastor at Calvary Chapel Hemet, nor was he ever, as far as I can ascertain from my research. I did find that both Mark Allen Mackey and Brett Coronado have started their own church called, Reconciled Christian Fellowship.

According to the Press Enterprise who quoted Gary Johnson, the real senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Hemet, Gary had this to say about his two “former” brothers;

CHP Officer Darren Meyer, who made the arrest, said the group was warned repeatedly that they needed a permit leading up to the day they were arrested without warning.

Coronado and Mackey are no longer part of Calvary Chapel Church in Hemet. They have formed their own church, Reconciled Fellowship, said Calvary Chapel Pastor Gary Johnson.

Johnson said in an email that the men had almost been arrested several times prior to the incident and knew they needed a permit prior to going to the DMV.

“I had been attempting to temper their style of evangelism,” Johnson said. “They revolted at the idea that they were wrong and eventually left the church …”

Coronado and Mackey are set to return to court April 11 to be arraigned on the misdemeanor charge. Tyler said they may file an emergency appeal before entering a plea or going to trial.

Mackey and Coronado are no longer a part of “Calvary Chapel Hemet” however, this is NOT reflected in the endless articles you can find when searching this story. Pastor Gary Johnson is on record as stating that they were constantly at risk for arrest when they went out “Evangelizing” and it appears the two “brothers” (Mackey and Coronado) knew an arrest was looming.  Maybe they wanted the arrest to happen, and they conveniently filmed the whole event. In the video I posted above Brett Coronado himself suggests that the video appears staged: (1:13 min marker) “It almost seems unreal, like it was staged, but it wasn’t.”  It does seem staged, especially when cohort Mark Mackey initially states that they are gathered there “Today at the courthouse, I’m sorry the DMV.” (1:25 min marker) It is as though he was outside of his usual element, the courthouse, and forgot that they were there to record their arrest. They had been warned previously according to the article from Press Enterprise above that they needed a permit to preach outside the DMV, so it was not a shock to them that they could be arrested. Since their misdemeanor charge they have since sought counsel, via the Advocates for Faith and Freedom organization, a “not-for-profit,” that defends civil liberties (and coincidentally has represented for Calvary Chapel College  Murrietta.)

More Facts on this Story

We now know that Mark Mackey is not, nor ever has been, in a capacity as a “Pastor” for Calvary Chapel Hemet. We now know that Brett Coronado, former “Assistant Pastor” at CCH, is now lead Pastor at Reconciled Christian Fellowship where his cohort Mark Mackey also teaches. Let us also pay attention to the fact that the video shown repeatedly across media outlets is ONE YEAR old. The original date of the incident was February 2, of 2011. The video is now being released, why? I suggest the video is released now to generate heat, political fire, sensation, and skew public opinion. The charges against these two men have been taken down to a misdemeanor yet their “counsel, Advocates for Faith and Freedom” are seeking counter suits to the Federal level stating that they were wrongfully charged and arrested.

“Advocates for Faith & Freedom has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of these three men for violation of their right to free speech and for unlawful arrest, but that case has been stayed pending the resolution of the state court prosecution. A copy of our federal complaint can be found [here].” Source: Advocates for Faith and Freedom. (See also full disclosure of “Demurrer to the Criminal Complaint” filed by Mackey and Coronado’s attorney/representation Advocates for Faith and Freedom Robert H. Tyler and Jennifer L. Monk, on 12.22.11)

It seems as though, these two men who had been warned amply enough sought purposefully to get arrested and since being arrested are now trying to make a mockery of the system and a name for themselves as “persecuted” when in fact they are acting like fools. They appear to be Media hungry, and seeking to make a name for themselves. It’s all highly political when you consider those who work for Advocates for Faith and Freedom (also known as Tyler & Monk, LLP) and what their intentions truly are. I would not put it past these two and whomever they are taking their “legal” advice from to have staged the whole show.

Similarly, another “Calvary Chapel” affiliate, nephew to Chuck Smith Sr., Chuck Fromm, was in the news last year for holding a “bible study” in his home and coming under “persecution” for it. However, when I looked further into that story I found that he had been warned also due to the large volume of people attending his “Church” in his home as it’s listed online as, not just a “home bible study.” Clearly Chuck Fromm who runs several other financially stable ministries could afford to rent space, it was his choice to bait the law and continue to hold his weekly church services at his home, thus in my opinion not a ‘true’ victim of civil liberties affliction, but rather of sheer stupidity, or more sinister an attempt to sway public opinion as though he were a “victim” of religious freedom. In this case his representation was ‘Pacific Justice Institute’ a highly prominent advocator of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa/Murrieta College. See here for post on Chuck Fromm

Another notable tidbit, Brett Coronado and Mark Mackey list Ambassador’s Alliance on their “links” page for Reconciled Christian Fellowship. This organization is another front of “Living Waters” ministry. Both Mackey and Coronado credit their education and preaching skills from the same style derived at Living Waters, better known to you as, “Way of the Master,” a ministry with Kirk Cameron (Glenn Beck’s new friend) and Ray Comfort. Let’s pretend we don’t know about Cameron and Comfort’s links to Chuck Missler (false prophet) or Tim LaHaye (CNP founder, false teacher) or Brannon Howse (Worldview Weekend and Code blue Rally founder). The fact that all these men serve each other and seek to have the glory of men will go without saying. Also, the countless articles I’ve done as well as other bloggers on these false prophets will go without mention as well.

The Real Story are the News Agencies behind the Breaking News

On a whole other note, not to be fully diagnosed here because the matter deserves its own separate post; there is another part of this story and it’s the issue of the “News” agencies that are releasing the onslaught of faked “persecution” to the masses.  The same people who are crying foul have set up for themselves their own News Organizations and also have embedded their own operatives within main stream and alternative media to skew the public opinion toward their own gain. This may be difficult for some of you to comprehend, that the Religious Right, “Conservative Christian/Evangelical churches” would in fact seek to gain public opinion by releasing stories that gives the appearance of them being persecuted when they are not, but in fact that is exactly what I am suggesting. Don’t mistakenly trust the term “Christian” with the stories you are typically fed via some of these organizations. Some organizations are connected to one another in their own varying forms via shared,  Board of Director$, supporter$, and contributor$. Some are front$ for political gain, while others are simply there to breed the type of imagery they desire to portray for whatever sick and demented reasons they may have. Unfortunately they can, and do, hijack an occasional true story of persecution or infringement on civil liberty but these are truly minor when considering all the other spin stories. WallBuilders, One News Now, Canada Press, Christian News Wire, Christianity Today, World Net Daily, Glenn Beck, and many many others are on the payroll to disseminate stories like the one above. I wish they were truly seeking to defend our religious liberty here in America, but sadly there are those who are willfully deceptive and create stories for political gain. I can’t stress to you enough that I understand this may be difficult to believe but if you check into whose money starts most of these publications and what people they share in common it will slowly begin to unravel. It’s the story no one reports on, the misuse of the Christian right, and the one that most on the ‘Right’ don’t want to know about. Always check the sources, see what is motivating them and then as always, follow the money.


Hearing Postponed for Evangelists Accused of Preaching Without Permit

Below are excerpts from “City Launches defense in DMV Demonstration” (Press Enterprise Online)

Hemet city officials and a church tried to distance themselves Thursday from two preachers who are challenging their arrest at a Department of Motor Vehicles office there last year.

The Hemet city manager’s office issued a pair of statements in response to a Fox News report after the city received angry phone calls and emails from across the country.

About 15 emails were sent to the Hemet Police Department from Virginia, Idaho, Texas and California. Some emails urged, “Why don’t we arrest kids selling lemonade?” Hemet police management assistant Tracy Palmer said.

CHP Officer Darren Meyer, who made the arrest, said the group was warned repeatedly that they needed a permit leading up to the day they were arrested without warning.


Here is a follow up to this story, the men were found NOT GUILTY on August 13, 2013. Here is the newest post: