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Outside Article: How to Raise a Pagan Kid in a Christian Home

How to Raise a Pagan Kid in a Christian Home

Every Imperfect and Normal Family wants their kids to turn out right. So, we establish goals for character development and try to create an environment where our kids can mature. Church, school, sports teams, family relationships… each of these provides a context where our kids can learn to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Unfortunately, our “good” objectives might have absolutely nothing to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ. And we inadvertently end up raising pagans instead of Christians.

Too many times, (Christian) parents have it as their goal to make their kids good and moral. It is as if the entire purpose of their family’s spiritual life is to shape their children into law-abiding citizens who stay out of trouble. The only problem with this goal is that it runs in stark contrast to what the Bible teaches. The gospel is not about making bad people moral, but about making dead people alive. If we teach morality without the transforming power of the gospel and the necessity of a life fully surrendered to God’s will, then we are raising moral pagans.

mom and dad faith is it your ownWe end up teaching the wrong thing because we have the wrong objectives.This sentiment was stirred in me afresh when I read an interview with Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer. He was reflecting on how the “Christian message” he was trying to teach wasn’t Christianity at all…“I looked back at the previous 10 years and realized I had spent 10 years trying to convince kids to behave Christianly without actually teaching them Christianity. And that was a pretty serious conviction. You can say, “Hey kids, be more forgiving because the Bible says so,” or “Hey kids, be more kind because the Bible says so!” But that isn’t Christianity, it’s morality. . . And that was such a huge shift for me from the American Christian ideal. We’re drinking a cocktail that’s a mix of the Protestant work ethic, the American dream, and the gospel. And we’ve intertwined them so completely that we can’t tell them apart anymore. Our gospel has become a gospel of following your dreams and being good so God will make all your dreams come true. It’s the Oprah god.”

So what is your objective?

Do you teach your kids “be good because the Bible tells you to” or do you teach your kids that they will never be good without Christ’s offer of grace? There is a huge difference. One leads to moralism; the other leads to brokenness. One leads to self-righteousness; the other leads to a life that realizes that Christ is everything and that nothing else matters.

I want my kids to be good. We all do. But as our kids grow up, the truth of the gospel can easily get lost somewhere between salvation (where we know we need Jesus) and living life (where we tend to say “I’ve got this”). My experience is that the vast majority of parents are encouraging moral behavior in their kids so that God will bless their (usually self-centered) pursuits. It’s the American Dream plus Jesus. And it produces good, moral pagans.

Consider the key objectives you have for your kids. Seriously, take a minute to think about what would deem you a successful parent. If your goals are focused on your kids’ behavior, their happiness, or their accomplishments (but don’t include a dependence upon Christ and a submission to His will and work), then you might want to make some adjustments.

Because the world has enough pagans. Even plenty of really nice ones. What we need is kids who fully grasp the reality that they have nothing to offer, but who intimately know a God who has everything they need.

*I have added a follow-up post that offer some suggestions of How to Guide Your Kid to a Faith That Lasts. I hope it’s helpful!

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Article is by Barrett Johnson from I.N.F.O blog. Here is the site: http://infoforfamilies.com/blog/2013/11/13/how-to-raise-a-pagan-kid-in-a-christian-home#.Uu5-sbQmRMW

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proverbs 4.23[] N4TM Commentary

I was encouraged to read this article by a fellow Christian sister in the Lord. She didn’t send this to me, she only mentioned it by name and I googled it. Once I read it I was both convicted and impressed. I steer clear of sharing personal information on my blog, but I will tell you I am a parent of four, two are my own and two are my step-children. I helped “raise” one of my stepchildren for 8 years, from 10-18. He was never converted despite our best intentions. I’ve been judged by fellow born again believers, assuming we didn’t raise him to have a “relationship” with Jesus. First of all he was never saved, he never repented, so he could never truly have a relationship with Jesus. He’s made a choice. I didn’t grow up in a church attending home, nor a bible reading one. Prayer was for Holiday dinners and times of severe illness or death. However, my upbringing didn’t stop God from calling me, and eventually I heeded the call. Now my children are growing up in a home I have never personally experienced. I do teach my kids to know Jesus, we read the Bible, we attend church, and my other three have all made professions for Christ. I tell all of my kids, “Just because mom and dad are Christian, doesn’t make you one. You have to come to Jesus on your own. Make a choice for Him and accept Him as your own personal Lord and Savior.” I liked this article posted above, it makes valid points. As Christian parents we can’t assume our children will choose Christ, and if or when they don’t we can’t take it personal. At least that’s as far as I’ve got on my life’s journey, maybe my perspective will change as my own kids get older but that’s where I am for now. As unsaved parents your desire is for your kids to be moral, successful, and happy. As saved, born-again, Christian parents, you want those same things but above all your want your kids to be saved by the blood of Jesus. My step-son may not be my flesh and blood son, but above all, I desire and pray for his salvation.

Glenn Beck’s Mea Culpa is more Misdirection

Glenn Beck Mad ManGlenn Beck is ‘what’s trending’ right now for his latest interview with FOX News’ Megan Kelly.

This is where I tell you, “Told you so.” I reported often that Glenn Beck was an agent of change, exerting himself on the scene to divide and conquer the political landscape during his CNN Headline days and then his “Fox News” days. Certainly Fox has never been the same since Glenn Beck’s arrival and departure. He was a whirlwind. Stuffy and uptight Fox News only had that old goat, Bill O’Riley, who appeals to a particular demographic. Beck on the other hand brought with him his throngs of religious zealots, constitutionalists, and let’s not forget the bunker elk with their bug out bags and canisters of seed and gold bullion who are going to repopulate the earth in the event of the apocalypse.

Beck’s a Lover not a Fighterglenn beck david barton 828 rally

Glenn Beck did more than simply play out his role in “tearing the country apart;” he also, amassed the great apostate church to come together in a grand ecumenical push to restore “America.” Let’s not forget his forging the Mormon faith in front of Christian circles so much so that many Biblical illiterates vowed to, in the least, be a “good Mormon like Beck,” as opposed to a “narrow minded “Christian.”” It takes a special freak of nature to get all denominations that once opposed one another to join hands on the steps of the National Mall and pray to the god of America (idolatrous America). Beck is a great unifier not merely a destroyer. He loves everyone, including the Pope (then Benedict-but I’m sure he’s met the Jesuit one too by now). Beck and pals at FRC (Family Research Council) have done well to brainwash and rewrite history Americana. He’s done great in marketing end of days paraphernalia. He has garnered millions through his Villages speaking engagements and books. We can’t forget what he did for subscription to online TV and his clothing line of Skull and Bones and Illuminati symbolic wear.Glenn Beck Skull and Bones Clothing line 1791

Beck: I played a role in tearing the country apart

One thing you should take away from that which is Glenn Beck, never believe a word he says.Beck Barton HageeGlenn Beck 1.Vatican and Goodglenn-beck vatican picsArguing_with_Idiotsglennbeck Rome pic2






http://news4themasses.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/jesuits-are-good-christians-are-evil/FRC sponsored event Glenn Beck Speaker 2013       Click on links…all but one is from N4TM, click on images to enlarge.

The Holy Ghost Preparatory School should be indicted: Gay Teacher fired for seeking marriage license to 12yr partner

Here’s the breaking news via NBC 4 Los Angeles:IMG_0490.JPG SNNEWS gayparade

*N4TM Commentary to follow below

“High school teacher Michael Griffin was fired from his position at Holy Ghost Preparatory School in Bensalem on Friday after applying for a marriage license in New Jersey with his partner, a move that the school says “contradicts the terms of his teaching contract.”

Griffin, an alumnus of the private all boys liberal arts Catholic high school, had taught Spanish and French at the school for the past 12 years. He first  posted about his termination on Facebook Friday morning.

“Today I applied for a marriage license since NJ now has marriage equality,” Griffin wrote. “After 12 years together I was excited to finally be able to marry my partner. Because of that, I was fired from Holy Ghost Preparatory School today. I am an alumnus of the school and have taught there for 12 years. I feel hurt, saddened, betrayed and except for this post, am at a loss for words.”

Griffin says an email he wrote to school administration informing them of he and his partner’s plan to obtain a marriage license is what opened the can of worms and ultimately lead to his firing.

He says that he was blindsided by the school’s reaction and that his relationship with his partner had never been a secret to faculity and administration.

“I’ve been with my partner for more than 12 years, the entire time I’ve been teaching at the school,” said Griffin. “He’s been to numerous school functions with me, he’s even been to McCloskey’s house.”

When contacted for comment, the school’s headmaster, Fr. James McCloskey, said in a statement that Griffin’s termination was due to his obtaining a license to marry his same-sex partner, a violation of the school’s teaching terms and the contract that Griffin was under.

“At a meeting in my office yesterday, teacher Michael Griffin made clear that he obtained a license to marry his same sex partner,” McCloskey wrote in a statement obtained by NBC10. “Unfortunately, this decision contradicts the terms of his teaching contract at our school, which requires all faculty and staff to follow the teachings of the Church as a condition of their employment. In discussion with Mr. Griffin, he acknowledged that he was aware of this provision, yet he said that he intended to go ahead with the ceremony. Regretfully, we informed Mr. Griffin that we have no choice but to terminate his contract effective immediately.”

He believes this section of the teachers code of conduct is the one that led to his firing:

“That, although, the School welcomes teachers from other denominations and recognizes their rights to religious freedom, as employees of a Catholic institution, all teachers are expected to uphold lifestyles compatible with the moral teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.”

On Saturday, following an outpouring of support across social media sites,  Griffin posted another statement on his Facebook page:

“Thank you to everyone for all of your messages of love and support since yesterday,” Griffin said. “It is so overwhelming and my heart aches over everything that has happened. Holy Ghost helped form me to be the person that I am today. Even though I am no longer employed there, I wanted to share their mission and philosophy, because I feel like I have tried to make it my life’s philosophy as best I can, even now. I am trying to move forward with a peaceful heart and wish nothing but the best to my colleagues and students who mean the world to me.”

“I really did love working there, I went to school there, they formed who I am. I’m sure I’ll find employment at another school, hopefully rather sooner than later.” END QUOTE
Source: Gay Teacher Fired After Applying to Marry Partner

being gay is not a sin imgscreenshot nbc 4 gay teacher fired story

[]N4TM Commentary:

This story came across my twitter feed this morning and I knew I would have to post this. Of course this story has many implications. The first thing you notice with NBC’s title is that a “Gay teacher” is being “Fired” for wanting to marry his partner; and, that immediately paints him as a “victim,” and his firing as socially unjust. Once you read the article and understand that the Gay teacher taught at a Catholic Private school other bells go off. First, the Catholic Church as an institution is going to come under fire for this, but wait, didn’t the Pope himself remove condemnation of Homosexuals just this year? Yes, yes he did. Then second, is there going to be a law suit which will attack private schools for discrimination, due to the firing of this gay man for seeking to marry his gay partner? Will all private schools now have to employ openly gay people, transgenders, etc? Thirdly, and most importantly in my opinion, was the downright absence of the POWER of the Holy Spirit in this “Holy Ghost Preparatory” school. The “victim” in this case states he is an alumni himself of this school and then taught at this school, and openly paraded his partner of 12 years at school functions and in front of the “headmaster” (principal). This is why in my title I called for an indictment of this school, because obviously there is no teaching of the bible, no exhortation happening for these young men to live godly, no clear cut teaching of sin and the unholy union of homosexuality to begin with. This school should not bear the name Holy Ghost. I am no defender of the false teachings within the Catholic religion, but clearly there are some teachings there that support and advocate the Sanctity of Life and also, unbeknownst to the current Pope (Francis) the Catholic church used to recognize homosexuality as a sin.

Despite what the young man in the image above believes (Matthew Vines), and all those homosexuals professing to be Christians and also gay, the Bible is very clear that homosexuality is a sin. The teacher in the story above was raised assuming in a Catholic home, went to a Catholic school, went on to earn his degrees to teach in the same Catholic school, and not once did he ever feel conflicted or convicted by the Holy Spirit that his behavior, his lifestyle, his lusts after other men were/are an abomination to the LORD? Clearly there was no gospel preaching, no good news taught about dealing with secret sins, nor about confessing your sins before a Holy and Righteous God in the school he attended or any of the so called Christians he communed with. He was so comfortable in his sin that he was “blindsided” by his firing since everyone knew he was openly gay! For that reason I call for an indictment of this school. The headmaster should be fired too!

Woolwich London Attack End Game? Let’s ask the Controlled Oppostion.

This post is inspired by a simple question asked by a reader at N4TM, “What’s the end game (re: Woolwich Attack in London)?” From my Post: Woolwich Attack proves Delusion has gripped World Wide…

This is an open ended question really. There are so many possibilities for what the ‘End Game’ could be (and is) following an atrocious act such as Woolwich, London. Fermenting unrest is the easy obvious answer you see because that’s exactly what has been going on since the Woolwich “Attack.” There have been counter protests against Muslims, hate crimes against Muslims, threats to Muslims and an increasing hostility towards Muslims since Woolwich; however, there has been other crimes in the UK against non-Muslims by Muslims that is also aiding the fallout of Woolwich but won’t be addressed here. One of the main conspirators to the Anti-Islamic movement in the UK is a chap named, Tommy Robinson, head of the EDL (English Defense League). I am still learning about Tommy and I must say what I’m finding is a Global Controlled Opposition connection amongst the cover of being Anti-Islam. There’s a saying in the US, birds of a feather flock together, and another in the Bible, you will know them by their fruits. I must say what I’ve seen leads me to believe even more so that Woolwich was orchestrated.

EDL_logoIf you want to see the protests that have followed the Woolwich attack simply Google it and you’ll find that there are demonstrations taking place all over Britain. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/may/28/woolwich-murder-200-islamophobic-incidences - Some demonstrations are in support of the British Soldiers, some are in memoriam for Lee Rigby the slain soldier, and then there are others that are more “Far Right” is what they are calling them in London. The reference to “Far Right,” from what I have seen, indicates a bad connotation in England. The term is representative of more radical behavior than what we have seen so far in the US, and perhaps that is about to change. Maybe another bonus feature to the Woolwich fallout is that the US’ “Far Right” will get more radicalized and lose their inhibitions on acting out more violently and begin mirroring the group EDL of the UK. If that is a goal of the powers that be it would behoove the US citizen to become more aware of the EDL, what they stand for, and their leader as well. Of course Tommy Robinson is no stranger to the Zionists movement crowd in the US. America’s beloved vixen, Pamela Geller of American Thinker and Atlas Shrugs, has done well to introduce Tommy to the US already.

spencer Jihad Watch, gellar American Thinker_Atlas Shrugs, tommy robinson EDLSome of my readers may recognize the man on the Left; that is, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.org. Spencer is friends with a slew of Christian Speakers and is often in their circles. Spencer works with Joseph Farah of World Net Daily, and Jerome Corsi. Think…think…Christian, who else is in that group? Remember this?

jerome corsi Chuck Missler Thumbnail may be enlarged if you click on it. That is Jerome Corsi and Chuck Missler. I’ll revisit the Controlled Opposition Connections further down. First, what you need to know about Tommy Robinson.

Corsi Gellar SpencerSmall world eh..

First thing you should know about “Tommy” is he’s treated like a Rock Star in the UK. Check out this short video Tommy Robinson, highly protected, walking through the streets practically being worshiped.

He is also charismatic. Here’s another link to watch one of his speeches he gave at one of his most recent rally’s: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=bf9_1369554298

But “Tommy Robinson” is not Tommy Robinson. BIO by Wikipedia with links disabled.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (born 27 November 1982), who has identification documents with the name Paul Harris,[2] and also known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson, is an English political activist.[3] Robinson is the co-founder,[4] spokesman and leader of the English Defence League (EDL) “street protest” movement. He has led the EDL since 2009. For a short time 2012 Robinson was joint Party Vice Chairman of the British Freedom Party alongside fellow English Defence League member Kevin Carroll.

Robinson was born in Luton to Irish immigrant parents.[5] Robinson has said, “Sixty per cent of Luton is Irish. Nearly every single one of my friends is Irish. I’m proud to have Irish heritage but I call myself English.”[6] He married in 2011 and is the father of three children.[7] His family is under 24-hour police protection due to claims that a minority of extremist Muslims may be after him, and he wears protection when appearing in public.[8][9] Lennon owns a sunbed shop in Luton. However, Robinson reported on Twitter in March 2013 that “Polish girls took the shop over”.[9]

Lennon uses the alias “Tommy Robinson”, taking the name of a prominent member of the “Men In Gear” (MIG) football hooligan crew, which follows Luton Town Football Club. The real Robinson wrote two books, published in 2006 and 2007, which give an inside perspective of his own life and of those around him.[10] Robinson was involved in the group United Peoples of Luton, formed in response to a March 2009 protest against Royal Anglian Regiment troops returning from the Afghan War[11] organised by the Islamist group Al-Muhajiroun and including members of the group Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah.[12][13] In August 2009, he became the leading figure of the newly established English Defence League. He appeared masked in public at first, until the Sunday Mercury newspaper managed to photograph his face in April 2010.[14]

In 2012 Robinson announced he had joined the British Freedom Party and was appointed joint vice chairman along with fellow English Defence League member Kevin Carroll after the two groups agreed an electoral pact in 2011.[15] On 11 October 2012, Robinson resigned from the BFP to concentrate on EDL activities.[16]

Searchlight magazine identified the “Tommy Robinson” involved with the EDL as Lennon, and reported that he had served a twelve months prison sentence for assaulting an off-duty police officer who had intervened to stop a domestic incident between Lennon and his partner Jenna Vowles.[14] He was convicted on 18 April 2005 for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and assault with intent to resist arrest while his partner was cautioned for possession of cocaine.[17]

On 24 August 2010, Robinson was involved in a fight between supporters of Luton Town and Newport County in Luton, on the evening the two clubs played at Kenilworth Road. Lennon reportedly led the group of Luton fans, and played an integral part in starting the 100-man brawl, during which he chanted “EDL till I die”. Eleven months later, in July 2011, he was convicted of having used “threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour” on the night of the incident. He was given a 12-month community rehabilitation order and a three-year ban from attending football matches. He was also sentenced to 150 hours’ unpaid work, and ordered to pay £650 in costs.[18]

Robinson was arrested after an EDL demonstration in Tower Hamlets on 3 September 2011 for breach of bail conditions, as he had been banned from attending the demonstration. After his arrest, Robinson began a hunger strike in custody in Bedford Prison, saying he was a “political prisoner of the state” [19] and refused to eat what he believed was halal meat.[20] A local paper reported that Bedford Prison sources said the hunger strike lasted less than 24 hours.[21] A handful of EDL supporters protested outside the prison in support of Robinson during his incarceration, peaking in a turnout of 100 protesters on 10 September.[22][23][24] Robinson was released from prison on 12 September.[25]

On 29 September 2011 he was convicted of common assault after headbutting a fellow EDL member at a rally in Blackburn in April that year. The judge stated that a custodial sentence could not be ruled out.[26]

On 8 November 2011, Robinson held a protest against the ban on wearing a poppy for the England team on the rooftop of the FIFA building in Zurich. He was fined £3000 and jailed for three days.[27]

On 7 January 2013 Robinson pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court to using someone else’s passport—”possession of a false identity document with improper intention”—to travel to the United States in September 2012, and was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment.[28] He was sentenced under the name of Stephen Lennon, but the judge added that he suspected it was not his true name, in the sense that it was not the name on his own passport (not the borrowed one), Paul Harris. Robinson was released on Electronic tag on 22 February 2013.[29]

Weird stuff. “Tommy Robinson” aka Stephen Lennon tied to Nazis, yet he used a fake passport to come the US to speak at SION, an event hosted by Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller (Jews) who are also against Muslims. Hmm, weird.

**Please note if you don’t notice anything else at all in this video, notice what he says about what’s to come for the British Soldiers…this was a conference done on September 11, 2012. The very day that Ambassador Stevens was assassinated in Benghazi Libya. (another false flag)

SION 9.11.2012 frist session of World Congress in Defense of Free SpeechClick on ‘SION’ poster to enlarge.


Back to the CONTROLLED OPPOSITION connections.

I don’t know very much about Tommy Robinson/Stephen Lennon, but I’ll tell you that in the US we are not ignorant of the story line he’s using. We’ve heard similar scripts about men (and women) using aliases to hide their identity. We’ve heard the script about the “death threats” to certain speakers who are speaking out “against” Islam. [Walid Shoebat, Avi Lipkin, Brigitte Gabriel, Ergun Caner] We’ve already been primed for that script, ESPECIALLY the Christian who sits in those Prophesy Conferences and buys the books and speaker tapes/MP3′s/DVD’s of those people who’ve been inserted into our sub-culture. When a “speaker” shows up with ARMED DETAIL, there’s your sign. Sorry, but I don’t believe they are who they say they are.

Here’s an Example of Pre-Conditioning:

Gellar and Spencer make their Calvary Chapel circutSome of my readers know the names I’ve already exposed like, Chuck Missler, and the full gamut of Calvary Chapel. The screen grab shows a showing of “The Ground Zero Mosque,” and the special guest at the local Calvary Chapel Church (that is not a denomination but is pyramidal in its Moses seat false teaching on church government) were Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Don’t forget Chuck Missler was on of the originals who helped launch Calvary Chapel, although he’s claimed to be a graduate of Louisiana Baptist College, he works exclusively in the CC circle.

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer: ‘The Ground Zero Mosque – The Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks’, Calvary Chapel, Mission Viejo, April 9, 2011

It’s a double cross!

One last thing I want to show you. I saw these images before today but now that I’ve done some digging on “Tommy” and the “EDL” it is a little clearer. I will try to just show you the images and see if you can figure it out on your own without me explaining, if you have questions I’ll be happy to answer in the comments section.

EDL Twitter avitar In Hoc Signo VincesYork Rite Freemasonry in hoc signo vincesWoolwich Army Barracks memorial site after knifing of LeeWoolwich Army Barracks London Englandtim laHaye Power of the Cross Knights Templar symbolismskip Heitzig General Boykin Joel Rosenberg Greg Laurie Tim LaHaye YouseffImages will enlarge if you click on them.

Boykin don JesuitSmall World eh..




Hackers post ‘EDL members’ contact details’ online- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22698510




http://www.loonwatch.com/2012/10/edl-leader-and-bedfordshire-police-commissioner-candidate-says-all-muslims-are-backward-savages/ (Kevin Caroll is a cousin of “Tommy Robinson” aka Stephen Lennon EDL leader. Both are pictured with Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer at top of post.)


N4TM has done several posts exposing William Jerry Boykin as a Jesuit (“Knight”) but others have done articles too. Jesuitism is not new to CC, google Nelson Bunker Hunt a Jesuit and ties to Nazism. Nothing new under the sun…


Boston Marathon Image of Suspect/Person of Interest

I found this on this website: https://www.facebook.com/BostonRIPMarathon?filter=2

R.I.P Victims of Boston Marathon Facebook page, I do not know if this is a real picture or a hoax picture but here it is. If it turns out to be a huge fake I’ll come back and Update it.

image of man holding black duffle bag Boston Marathon Bombing 2013It wouldn’t be suspicious to be carrying a backpack or duffel bag at a Running event. Many families and friends hold their runner’s gear for them and wait at the finish line.


Boston Marathon Bombing Was Direct Attack-Coordinated to Make a Political Statement

The twin bombings were no random act of terror. They were not the result of some “Islamic” terrorist organization. The MSM (Main Stream Media) is doing it’s up most to not draw any parallels between the fact that the 2013 Boston Marathon was cloaked in Newtown overtones. Here are some facts being dismissed or otherwise discounted:

  • The bombings happened on the last section of the Marathon, 26 mile marker had a memorial flag for “Newtown.”
  • The start of the race there was a 26 second moment of silence for the victims of Newtown.
  • There was a 6 member team of Newtown runners that were running the race who had just crossed the finish line before the bombs went off.
  • Friday before the race a parent of a Sandy Hook victim took Obama’s spot in the Weekly Address normally given by Barack Obama. See here for that post.

On April 11th this article was published:

Newtown Strong Tshit 20mi each kid.last6miteachersBOSTON —” The Boston Marathon is honoring the victims of the Newtown, Conn., shooting with a special mile marker in Monday’s race.Boston Athletic Association president Joanne Flaminio said there was “special significance” to the fact that the race is 26.2 miles long and 26 people died at Sandy Hook Elementary school.
Laura Nowacki, a spokeswoman for the Newtown Strong Fund, says the runners will hit Heartbreak Hill knowing it’s nothing like the pain felt by the runners back home. She says, “It’s just running, but we want our steps to count.”The mile marker that will hang at the end of the 26th mile will feature the city seal surrounded by 26 stars, one for each victim.There will also be 26 seconds of silence at the start before the race. ” Source Washington Post
“Team Newtown Strong- Newtown Strong Fund” has a Facebook page you can find here. An update was posted after the bombings to their page stating that all those running for Newtown Strong made it safe across the finish line. See here for link and to read through comments.
Here’s another report by Hartford Currant.com:

“Connecticut had more than 400 runners in the Boston Marathon, including nine running on behalf of Newtown Strong. Lisa Abrams is the wife of one of those runners and reflects on the tragedy in Boston.” Source: Currant.com

The Boston Marathon’s Final Mile Was Dedicated to Newtown Victims- source The Atlantic

An excerpt:

Joann e flaminio. jim koch and bill rogers“Boston Athletic Association president Joanne Flaminio (pictured left) said before the race that had a “special significance” because it was 26.2 miles Mile 26 Newtown emblem 26 stars and school colorslong and there was 26 victims in the Newtown attack. There was also a group of Newtown parents running as part of a group called Team Newtown Strong who were raising money for local charities. A banner honoring the victims, hung at the end of the 26th mile, can be seen in the photo (right).

“In the first twenty miles we’re honoring the twenty Sandy Hook first graders,” Laura Nowacki, a spokesperson for Newtown Strong, explained to WBUR Boston. “When we crest Heartbreak Hill, and we’re coming back towards Boston, we run the final six for our six fallen educators, including their lives, to protect our children.”

There was a 26-second moment of silence for the victims before the race started.

Update, 4:07 p.m. Eastern: Newtown families were reportedly seated in the VIP section right by where the explosions went off. There’s no word whether they are among the 23 injured and two dead from the explosions. Click here for updates.” Source see above hypertext “The Atlantic”

Another link to Newtown Connection to Boston Marathon: Source CBS “Newtown families encounter tragedy once more at Boston Marathon”

How is Newtown connected to the Boston Marathon Bombings and No Mass Media is drawing the parallels that this could be Domestic Terrorism with a specific target and was planned well in advance for the purpose of making a huge political statement?

**This is N4TM Commentary/Synopsis not to be considered credible or verified with any documentation. This is purely my own rationale and reasoning of the information that I have gathered on my time.**

As noted in the MSNBC video above, Newtown’s presence and commemoration is being report on; however, it is virtually absent from the pundits as they postulate motives as to why someone would attack the Marathon itself. The MSM is trying to report on these two events as though they are compartmentalized into two separate occurrences that just so happen to be a part of the same event. There have been other Marathons since Sandy Hook Elementary School was ambushed by Adam Lanza, so why Boston Marathon, why now?

It was reported almost immediately after the bombs went off that the timing of these bombs going off at/near the end of the race (4 hours from start time) had to do with the possibility of the bomber(s) wanting to hit a big group of people and that a majority of people come in to the finish at the 4 hour marker. This postulation doesn’t make sense. Boston Marathon is highly visible, there are in the least local news groups covering the event, there is a live stream feed of the event, and there are big names that start the run for both male and female categories. Coverage peaks at the 2 hour markers when the elites are rolling past the finish line and then teeters out following their completion. A huge majority of the friends and family of those entrants are waiting on the sides in the last .2 miles of the race. Who was the target? Was it the Newtown bystanders who were cheering on Team Newtown Strong? Or was it the Team itself which had just passed the finish line moments before the bomb went off? For those who don’t know about Marathons let alone this marathon, friends and family can track their participant by chip time and by pace time. There is a website you go to and enter the registrants name and or bib number and you can follow them along the course ‘virtually’ or literally if you are there in person. Why is there no mention that it’s too coincidental that this attack was aimed at, or for the purpose of, garnering more attention to Newtown? It seems pretty obvious to me now that I have all this information.

Please Do Not Believe the Hype! Do not believe the lies of the MSM that this is Islamic terror or has anything to do with Al Qaeda. The US administration has been working WITH Al Qaeda in Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc to get their dirty work done of overthrowing elected Government Officials in said countries. US Senator John McCain and US Secretary of State John Kerry help aid, fund, and arm Al Qaeda cells (the good ones that work with the ‘US’) so please don’t believe the hype that some Islamic Bomb Cookbook written by Al Qaeda is what set off the events at Boston, it’s a lie and a distraction.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I just try to think for myself and not buy all the MSM propaganda. Let’s take some steps back and try to reason and figure out what’s going on. There are some puzzle pieces that are becoming clear and I may be way off and totally speculating but it’s a hunch and I’m going to throw some things out there and you can take them or leave them it’s totally up to you.

A) All we’ve heard about lately is “Newtown.” For some reason Obama became hell bent on pushing Gun Control measures after Newtown. It wasn’t Tucson, or Aurora, it was after Newtown that the anti-gun lobby became fierce. Obama didn’t even run on gun restrictions but he certainly got busy with the topic once he was sworn in. The WH administration via DHS has sought to buy up all the ammo to disarm us since they can’t pass a law yet–just wait it’s going to the floor for a vote possibly TOMORROW. See Here

B) Another civil liberty we’ve enjoyed thus far is the 4th Amendment. Perhaps you are unaware, as I was until an alert friend of mine pointed this out, CISPA also known as H.R. 624 is going to a vote this week (next 48 hrs) also. This is that little Internet law where all authority of the Internet, social media, etc., is given to (?) Congress? the President? DHS? in the event of a Cyber Attack? What? I know, it sounds like Conspiracy but it’s a real law that aims to seize and control our Free Speech and our right to lawful search and seizure.

C) All weekend a poor patsy named Marco Rubio was on talk shows yapping up Immigration Reform, another law set to hit the voting floor soon. And we were told by him that it’s “Not Amnesty.” However, it looks like amnesty, smells like amnesty, and squawks like amnesty. This law was being sold as the alternative to the Gun Law because as we have been reassured repeatedly through MSM, the Gun Law stands no chance of passing. However, VP Biden has been touting that they “have the votes” to pass the Gun Restrictions, but he says a lot of stuff we don’t believe.

Conclusion. I don’t believe the attack at the Boston Marathon was Islamic Terror. I don’t believe the attack at Boston Marathon was random. I don’t believe that it was coincidence that Team Newtown Strong was just past the finish line and their supporters where in the VIP section near where the bombs went off. I don’t believe the “Pressure Cooker” story. I don’t believe there are any Al Qaeda links to the bombing in Boston. I don’t believe there are any more targets or plots. I don’t believe the ATF or the FBI or DHS has the capacity to tell the truth the American people. I don’t believe MSM. I don’t read alternative news sites like Alex Jones or Glenn Beck. I don’t get my news from seedy conspiracy websites. I have learned to watch the actions of a government who continually lies to the US public and uses Cable news outlets to perpetuate their lies. I don’t know if striking the Newtown mile 26 was someone’s attempt to completely wipe out the survivors of Newtown or to simply maim and strike fear into the hearts and minds of all who are still on the fence of passing strict Gun Laws. I am not privy to any information that is classified nor do I have the means to fly out to Boston and attend press conferences and ask those in charge my questions.

  • Why did the Boston Athletics Association chose to make this years Marathon political by cloaking it in Newtown references, symbolism, and commemoration?
  • How long was the public made aware that Boston Marathon 2013 was Dedicated to Newtown?
  • Did the planners of the Marathon receive any threats after the public was made aware that the Marathon was dedicated to Newtown (Sandy Hook) victims?
  • Is it coincidence that Obama put a Newtown Parent in his seat on Friday’s Weekly address to the nation? Is it coincidence that on the morning of the Boston Marathon bombing he was sitting across Savannah Guthrie of NBC Today show taping an interview pleading his case that “After Newtown” Americans want stricter Gun laws?

I don’t believe in coincidence.

Gun-Buyer Background Checks to Get U.S. Senate Vote Today- Source Bloomberg

**Breaking News Update**

(CNN) **update on Breaking news: Now Cnn and others are backing off reports that a suspect had been taken into custody. Operation send Twitter into a frenzy, successful. :-p
[Breaking news update at 1:47 p.m. Wednesday ]

An arrest has been made in the Boston bombings investigation based on two videos showing images of the suspect, a federal law enforcement source told CNN’s Fran Townsend.


PD: 2 suspicious letters found at Senator Jeff Flake’s office

Jeff Flake was poised to vote against the Gun law today, whereas his senior Senator John McCain was willing to compromise and vote in favor of Stricter Gun Laws today. A Ricin scare has resulted in the closure, “Evacuation,” of the first floor of the US Senate offices. see here:
“Letters” have been sent to Obama as well. Today’s an eventful day in breaking news. I’ll be tweeting faster updates.

The Pope is Resigning and I don’t care

OCTOBER 23rd 2011 Vacatican Calls for "World Central Bank"
OCTOBER 23rd 2011 Vatican Calls for “World Central Bank”

Pope Benedict XVI will be leaving the Vatican this week in a historical resignation not seen in over 600 years. The last pope before Ratzinger was John Paul II and he died as pope, however, he was more frail and comatose than the one currently exiting the stage. I guess there are those in the Catholic Church who still lift up ‘men’ and see the pope as a figure to be worshiped but I just don’t get that line of thinking. I’m a recovering non-denominational person, in the ‘church’ I had attended we know nothing of lifting up men to the status of pope and blindly following everything they say (sarcasm). Since my former days in the non-denomination to remained unnamed here, the education I received in that system taught that the “evil Catholic Church” is the harlot of Revelation. The pope no less was  is the Anti-Christ at all times past, present, and future. Once I started relying on the Holy Spirit to teach God’s word I understood something greater; that anyone, not just the pope or the Catholic church, who denies Christ as God incarnate is anti-Christ(like) and thus part of the greater system or “harlot.” This revelation was a tad bit liberating in a sense and discouraging at the same time. So all those years of digesting the false claims that all the world would come under Catholic Roman Rule once again seemed to fade away into the distant past like old fads usually do and I began to see the hypocrisy that was being preached from the non-denominational pulpit. It appeared very clear that these brainwashers pastors who kept a continual monastic declaration at every ‘prophesy conference’ I had attended that, “the Pope would one day reunite the whole entire world under the Catholic Church,” were perhaps hiding a bit of their own ties to Rome itself and also to the same church government. I’m fairly young, although nearing four decades soon, so I don’t have a lot of personal first hand history to account for but I recall John Paul II being labeled the AC, then once he died his replacement figure would be sure to accomplish what JP had started in terms of Ecumenical bridge building and the spirit of Anti-Christ would enter the next pope (Ratzinger). Once Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger was chosen all that was needed was a war in the middle east and it would be all over. Coincidentally, none of the false prophets prophesies in the Evangelical/Non-Denominational camp came true regarding Ratzinger and lo here we are on the precipice of another pope to be named.

The Vatican is Gay?

I did a little research, excruciatingly little research, on this topic before taking this to post. I wanted to make sure that I absolutely do not care about this man’s resignation or his successor. I was right, I do not care. I found articles from a number of sources, some “legitimate” MSM sources, other seedy not so tactful gross sources online, that talk about the various reasons why Pope Benedict XVI is leaving. Here are the articles I read:

  • Pope Benedict XVI Resigned Partly Because Of Powerful Vatican Gay Lobby, Italian Paper Claims- HuffingtonPost

  • Vatican Slams Media Reports Of Gay Scandal- HuffingtonPost

  • Gender and career, blackmail the Vatican behind the resignation of Benedict XVI- LaReupbblica.it (translated to English)

  • Pope says Vatileaks probe will stay secret, adding intrigue to final days- WorldNews on NBC

  • Vatileaks Scandal Exposes Secrets Of Pope’s Empire- The Daily Beast

  • Vatileaks Scandal: Documents Expose Pope’s Frail Leadership- Spiegel Online

  • The Catholic Church’s Vatileaks scandal: A guide- The Week

  • Vatileaks scandal- Breaking News

  • Pope’s ex-butler Paolo Gabriele gets 18-month sentence in ‘Vatileaks’ case- WorldNews NBC

  • Did a Cross-Dressing Priest Sex Ring Bring Down Benedict XVI?- The Daily Beast

  • Pope accused of crimes against humanity by victims of sex abuse- The Guardian UK

  • GAYS AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH- CatholicLeague.org

  • Victims’ groups file charges against Vatican for ‘crimes against humanity’- CatholicCulture.org

  • WI – Cardinal Dolan likely deposed today in Milwaukee Archdiocese bankruptcy, sex abuse cases- SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

  • Vatican Approaches Conclave As Pool Of Pope Benedict XVI’s Possible Successors Dwindle- HuffingtonPost

  • New Pope Conclave May Be Redesigned By Benedict XVI, Vatican Spokesman Confirms- HuffingtonPost

Vati-Leaks-logoYes, I did read all those articles and I did a little research on the VatiLeaks website. garbage. [NOT an endorsement: www. vatileaks. com/_blog/Vati_Leaks/post/Position_vacant_New_Pope_Wanted/]. What’s wrong with it, number one, is that it’s authored by a ghost writer who refuses to use his real name or ID, yet he states he’s exposing all of the Vatican’s dirty secrets. However, he is happy to sell his books on his websites to you. Secondly, from what I read he’s not a believer in Jesus at all.  Thus, his whole entire aim is to discredit the scriptures not just “expose” the Vatican. If this is the guy responsible for the red folder and the videos of priests caught on tape in disparaging acts than it looks more like a hit job than a real case of journalism. I’m sure there are gay priests in the Vatican and throughout the Catholic church. I don’t think there is one Catholic who would argue that gay men often run to that cloth to hide their real sin; and, I don’t discount that there are real cases of sexual abuse by pedophile priests in the Catholic Church. The church in Rome, the Catholic Church, and the church abroad, the other denominations and non-denominations all have the same fate of failure because they are based on a system of lies perpetuated by men. This is not the church of Christ, the body of the regenerate souls that are no longer in bonds to the condemnation of death from their sins. Those who cry out and receive Salvation in Christ alone are a part of the body of Christ that will inherit the real kingdom of God. It’s horrible that these sorts of actions happen inside churches made of hands, and I pray that those who are recovering from their circumstances don’t lose faith in Christ Jesus because of men who have sinned against them. This is why I don’t care who the pope is, because, the pope is not Christ Jesus, the pope is a man, a fallible man who cannot forgive sins and cannot redeem anyone. It is by Christ alone and His full accomplished work on the Cross by which we are saved. Please don’t look to man, not this man Ratzinger or any other man that follows him.

“10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: 11 There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.12 They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.13 Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips: 14 Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness:15 Their feet are swift to shed blood:16 Destruction and misery are in their ways:17 And the way of peace have they not known:18 There is no fear of God before their eyes.19 Now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith to them who are under the law: that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God.20 Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.21 But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets;22 Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;24 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:
25 Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;
26 To declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.27 Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? of works? Nay: but by the law of faith.28 Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law.29 Is he the God of the Jews only? is he not also of the Gentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles also:30 Seeing it is one God, which shall justify the circumcision by faith, and uncircumcision through faith.31 Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law.” Romans 3:10-31

Glenn Beck’s Hypocrisy at all time High. When will America wake up and see this Rodeo Clown for what he is?

This is a picture of Glenn Beck from his own website inserting a bobble head of Barack Obama into a jar of urine.
Second Image. Oh wait, it’s not “pee” (Urine) it’s a bottle of Dos Equis “XX.” That’s much better than urine, it’s also very symbolic. Double X. Get it? Some of you do.

I am watching this story unfold on twitter and seeing it reported on Drudge Report that Glenn Beck is being “attacked” for his “art” while he was seeking to profit from it on Ebay, “proceeds to go to his charity, Mercury One.” Apparently according to reports and to Glenn Beck himself he was doing this act of idiocy to show the “Left’s Hypocrisy,” because they allow the desecration of Christ but not of someone like Obama, who’s recently been in the news in reference to deity.

Am I the only one that sees the absurdity of all of this? Does the Right, Tea Party, Religious Conservatives who follow Glenn Beck like he’s the Almighty himself not get that this is not about the Left’s hypocrisy at all but rather it’s a completion of Glenn Beck’s greatest work; and that is, to discredit and malign all that the Conservative Right had originally stood for? While you think Beck is mocking the left, he truly is not. He’s showing, in an aborhant hypocritical mass in the political Right, more specifically, all of you who espouse to be Christians, your own hypocrisy. (double cross)

Glenn Beck led you to believe he’s a Christian, and so you believe that, although he’s very adamantly a self professing Mormon who essentially denies the very deity of Christ Jesus. He is there to make a mockery of you the Christian.

Restore Love. Restore Honor. The Third Great Awakening? This man is the same one that had all of the Apostate Church leaders gathered in one rally, at several VIP dinners, and even held a rally in Jerusalem, and addressed the Knesset. He visited Rome and hobnobbed with Bishops and offered to help the Pope start Tea Party style rallies? Hello, is anyone getting this? His pièce de résistance is placing a bobble head of Barack Obama in a “pee” jar and selling it on EBAY!?

And this man is going to restore America to its former greatness? He’s a “Christian?” What planet am I on, is this Kolob or Earth?!! Get a clue people. Wake up from your delusion and see Glenn Beck for what he really is.