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Glenn Beck’s Mea Culpa is more Misdirection

Glenn Beck Mad ManGlenn Beck is ‘what’s trending’ right now for his latest interview with FOX News’ Megan Kelly.

This is where I tell you, “Told you so.” I reported often that Glenn Beck was an agent of change, exerting himself on the scene to divide and conquer the political landscape during his CNN Headline days and then his “Fox News” days. Certainly Fox has never been the same since Glenn Beck’s arrival and departure. He was a whirlwind. Stuffy and uptight Fox News only had that old goat, Bill O’Riley, who appeals to a particular demographic. Beck on the other hand brought with him his throngs of religious zealots, constitutionalists, and let’s not forget the bunker elk with their bug out bags and canisters of seed and gold bullion who are going to repopulate the earth in the event of the apocalypse.

Beck’s a Lover not a Fighterglenn beck david barton 828 rally

Glenn Beck did more than simply play out his role in “tearing the country apart;” he also, amassed the great apostate church to come together in a grand ecumenical push to restore “America.” Let’s not forget his forging the Mormon faith in front of Christian circles so much so that many Biblical illiterates vowed to, in the least, be a “good Mormon like Beck,” as opposed to a “narrow minded “Christian.”” It takes a special freak of nature to get all denominations that once opposed one another to join hands on the steps of the National Mall and pray to the god of America (idolatrous America). Beck is a great unifier not merely a destroyer. He loves everyone, including the Pope (then Benedict-but I’m sure he’s met the Jesuit one too by now). Beck and pals at FRC (Family Research Council) have done well to brainwash and rewrite history Americana. He’s done great in marketing end of days paraphernalia. He has garnered millions through his Villages speaking engagements and books. We can’t forget what he did for subscription to online TV and his clothing line of Skull and Bones and Illuminati symbolic wear.Glenn Beck Skull and Bones Clothing line 1791

Beck: I played a role in tearing the country apart

One thing you should take away from that which is Glenn Beck, never believe a word he says.Beck Barton HageeGlenn Beck 1.Vatican and Goodglenn-beck vatican picsArguing_with_Idiotsglennbeck Rome pic2 sponsored event Glenn Beck Speaker 2013       Click on links…all but one is from N4TM, click on images to enlarge.

CA Teacher Tells 1st-Grader Brynn Williams to Stop Talking About the Bible | Fox News Insider

Brynn (2)

□N4TM Commentary
Keep in mind this is another Todd Starnes piece via Fox News.  Considering that I still read the article and thought it worthy of a post.

I think it’s amazing that young believers brave ridicule to share their faith in the public schools. I applaud the mother who taught her daughter to trust in a mighty God and to want to share His Son’s first coming. However, our children should also be taught that the Word of God is offensive to the unbelievers; and that, persecution for believing in Christ Jesus alone for salvation is historically predominant versus being welcomed and received.  The God of all creation is able to use our children and protect them. (Matthew 19:14 “But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”) I believe more people learned of her brave lil presentation because she was shut up than those who would have heard it in her class. That children, is Romans 8:28!

Romans 3:23

“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;”

John 14:6

Jesus saith unto him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

Romans 5:8

“But God commandeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

Romans 10:9-13 KJV

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

2 Timothy 3:12-16 KJV

“Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them; And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:”

1 Peter 4:12-14

“Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trail which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy. If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God resteh upon you; on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified.”

Op-Ed Columnist – The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party –


“There’s just one element missing from these snapshots of America’s ostensibly spontaneous and leaderless populist uprising: the sugar daddies who are bankrolling it, and have been doing so since well before the “death panel” warm-up acts of last summer. Three heavy hitters rule. You’ve heard of one of them, Rupert Murdoch. The other two, the brothers David and Charles Koch, are even richer, with a combined wealth exceeded only by that of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett among Americans. But even those carrying the Kochs’ banner may not know who these brothers are.

Their self-interested and at times radical agendas, like Murdoch’s, go well beyond, and sometimes counter to, the interests of those who serve as spear carriers in the political pageants hawked on Fox News. The country will be in for quite a ride should these potentates gain power, and given the recession-battered electorate’s unchecked anger and the Obama White House’s unfocused political strategy, they might.

All three tycoons are the latest incarnation of what the historian Kim Phillips-Fein labeled “Invisible Hands” in her prescient 2009 book of that title: those corporate players who have financed the far right ever since the du Pont brothers spawned the American Liberty League in 1934 to bring down F.D.R. You can draw a straight line from the Liberty League’s crusade against the New Deal “socialism” of Social Security, the Securities and Exchange Commission and child labor laws to the John Birch Society-Barry Goldwater assault on J.F.K. and Medicare to the Koch-Murdoch-backed juggernaut against our “socialist” president.

Only the fat cats change — not their methods and not their pet bugaboos (taxes, corporate regulation, organized labor, and government “handouts” to the poor, unemployed, ill and elderly). Even the sources of their fortunes remain fairly constant. Koch Industries began with oil in the 1930s and now also spews an array of industrial products, from Dixie cups to Lycra, not unlike DuPont’s portfolio of paint and plastics. Sometimes the biological DNA persists as well. The Koch brothers’ father, Fred, was among the select group chosen to serve on the Birch Society’s top governing body. In a recorded 1963 speech that survives in a University of Michigan archive, he can be heard warning of “a takeover” of America in which Communists would “infiltrate the highest offices of government in the U.S. until the president is a Communist, unknown to the rest of us.” That rant could be delivered as is at any Tea Party rally today” END OF EXCERPT click on link for full article

More to come…

The Holy Ghost Preparatory School should be indicted: Gay Teacher fired for seeking marriage license to 12yr partner

Here’s the breaking news via NBC 4 Los Angeles:IMG_0490.JPG SNNEWS gayparade

*N4TM Commentary to follow below

“High school teacher Michael Griffin was fired from his position at Holy Ghost Preparatory School in Bensalem on Friday after applying for a marriage license in New Jersey with his partner, a move that the school says “contradicts the terms of his teaching contract.”

Griffin, an alumnus of the private all boys liberal arts Catholic high school, had taught Spanish and French at the school for the past 12 years. He first  posted about his termination on Facebook Friday morning.

“Today I applied for a marriage license since NJ now has marriage equality,” Griffin wrote. “After 12 years together I was excited to finally be able to marry my partner. Because of that, I was fired from Holy Ghost Preparatory School today. I am an alumnus of the school and have taught there for 12 years. I feel hurt, saddened, betrayed and except for this post, am at a loss for words.”

Griffin says an email he wrote to school administration informing them of he and his partner’s plan to obtain a marriage license is what opened the can of worms and ultimately lead to his firing.

He says that he was blindsided by the school’s reaction and that his relationship with his partner had never been a secret to faculity and administration.

“I’ve been with my partner for more than 12 years, the entire time I’ve been teaching at the school,” said Griffin. “He’s been to numerous school functions with me, he’s even been to McCloskey’s house.”

When contacted for comment, the school’s headmaster, Fr. James McCloskey, said in a statement that Griffin’s termination was due to his obtaining a license to marry his same-sex partner, a violation of the school’s teaching terms and the contract that Griffin was under.

“At a meeting in my office yesterday, teacher Michael Griffin made clear that he obtained a license to marry his same sex partner,” McCloskey wrote in a statement obtained by NBC10. “Unfortunately, this decision contradicts the terms of his teaching contract at our school, which requires all faculty and staff to follow the teachings of the Church as a condition of their employment. In discussion with Mr. Griffin, he acknowledged that he was aware of this provision, yet he said that he intended to go ahead with the ceremony. Regretfully, we informed Mr. Griffin that we have no choice but to terminate his contract effective immediately.”

He believes this section of the teachers code of conduct is the one that led to his firing:

“That, although, the School welcomes teachers from other denominations and recognizes their rights to religious freedom, as employees of a Catholic institution, all teachers are expected to uphold lifestyles compatible with the moral teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.”

On Saturday, following an outpouring of support across social media sites,  Griffin posted another statement on his Facebook page:

“Thank you to everyone for all of your messages of love and support since yesterday,” Griffin said. “It is so overwhelming and my heart aches over everything that has happened. Holy Ghost helped form me to be the person that I am today. Even though I am no longer employed there, I wanted to share their mission and philosophy, because I feel like I have tried to make it my life’s philosophy as best I can, even now. I am trying to move forward with a peaceful heart and wish nothing but the best to my colleagues and students who mean the world to me.”

“I really did love working there, I went to school there, they formed who I am. I’m sure I’ll find employment at another school, hopefully rather sooner than later.” END QUOTE
Source: Gay Teacher Fired After Applying to Marry Partner

being gay is not a sin imgscreenshot nbc 4 gay teacher fired story

[]N4TM Commentary:

This story came across my twitter feed this morning and I knew I would have to post this. Of course this story has many implications. The first thing you notice with NBC’s title is that a “Gay teacher” is being “Fired” for wanting to marry his partner; and, that immediately paints him as a “victim,” and his firing as socially unjust. Once you read the article and understand that the Gay teacher taught at a Catholic Private school other bells go off. First, the Catholic Church as an institution is going to come under fire for this, but wait, didn’t the Pope himself remove condemnation of Homosexuals just this year? Yes, yes he did. Then second, is there going to be a law suit which will attack private schools for discrimination, due to the firing of this gay man for seeking to marry his gay partner? Will all private schools now have to employ openly gay people, transgenders, etc? Thirdly, and most importantly in my opinion, was the downright absence of the POWER of the Holy Spirit in this “Holy Ghost Preparatory” school. The “victim” in this case states he is an alumni himself of this school and then taught at this school, and openly paraded his partner of 12 years at school functions and in front of the “headmaster” (principal). This is why in my title I called for an indictment of this school, because obviously there is no teaching of the bible, no exhortation happening for these young men to live godly, no clear cut teaching of sin and the unholy union of homosexuality to begin with. This school should not bear the name Holy Ghost. I am no defender of the false teachings within the Catholic religion, but clearly there are some teachings there that support and advocate the Sanctity of Life and also, unbeknownst to the current Pope (Francis) the Catholic church used to recognize homosexuality as a sin.

Despite what the young man in the image above believes (Matthew Vines), and all those homosexuals professing to be Christians and also gay, the Bible is very clear that homosexuality is a sin. The teacher in the story above was raised assuming in a Catholic home, went to a Catholic school, went on to earn his degrees to teach in the same Catholic school, and not once did he ever feel conflicted or convicted by the Holy Spirit that his behavior, his lifestyle, his lusts after other men were/are an abomination to the LORD? Clearly there was no gospel preaching, no good news taught about dealing with secret sins, nor about confessing your sins before a Holy and Righteous God in the school he attended or any of the so called Christians he communed with. He was so comfortable in his sin that he was “blindsided” by his firing since everyone knew he was openly gay! For that reason I call for an indictment of this school. The headmaster should be fired too!

#OccupyAmerica The Next Revolution will be #Tweeted 1MillionVetMarch Twitterfied

Today there was some civil disobedience that cannot be ignored.


Vets and supporters protested the closure of memorial sites in Washington D.C today (October 13, 2013). image

There weren’t exactly “1 million” Veterans and supporters, but there were thousands and there were some heavyweight personalities present.


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Thousands Protest Closures During ‘Million Vet March’

‘Screw the government’: Barricades can’t keep #OccupyAmerica out of the Tetons, Yosemite [pics] Tweets and photos related to today’s TOP story: 1 Million Vet March on DC

[] N4TM Commentary:

Let me be very clear: I’m not opposed to these people protesting the stupid closure of the Memorial sites. However, I think there’s an element of theater –Still– in this situation. I think Obama wants this kind of behavior and that it placates his ulterior motive which is, to prove that the American people need a dictator to restore “peace and safety.” It also continues to add to the narrative that the Libs want to perpetuate which is, that “the #TeaParty elk are a fringe element ready to stage acts of “Civil Disobedience.”  I’m not “FOR” this type of nationalism, SUPER-patriotism. I am not Anti-American but I’m not for this silliness. Let me reiterate, I am glad these people exercised their 1st Amendment right and if we fail to exercise our rights then we risk losing them. The belief that America can go back to what it used to be (whatever you take that to mean) WILL NOT happen. The depravity of man and the idolatry that exists in this country is profuse, it’s not going to go away. The use of  “#OccupyAmerica” is also NOT an endorsement of N4TM of anything related to “#Anonymous.” For those who are not informed on how twitter works, hash-tags such as #1MVetMarch, #OccupyAmerica, allow my tweets to be seen on those streams, it gets the attention of people on twitter and is not to be misconstrued as an endorsement.

“#” <– that is a Hashtag. Hash-tags are not to be considered an endorsement same as LINKS.

Remember, this is a blog where I add my opinion and I report on current news topics. I try to address Religious and Political news as well as other topics even if I don’t agree with said topics.

See, Theater I say. ..

Tweet above from today.

US Air Force Persecuting Christians who stand against Homosexuality-FOX News Reports

Full Disclosure:

Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch who is a Jesuit Knight of Malta. As a Jesuit he has taken an oath to the Pope and to the Catholic Church. He has in the past stated that Rick Warren was his “pastor.”

Quoted in the article is Retired General William “Gerry” Boykin who is also a Jesuit Knight of Malta. Mr. Boykin is a prominent “Christian” speaker at Non-Denominational Churches such as Calvary Chapel, and was investigated by the D.O.D in 2004 for his appearance at multiple Baptist Churches in full military regalia speaking his mind as a “Christian.” He propagates the church body and attempts to militarize them by invoking on their baseline of being “Warriors for Christ.”

Boykin and Murdoch have taken oaths to lie for the Catholic Church and thus should not be trusted. The following story is how it appears on Fox News website:

Airmen say Air Force is punishing evangelical Christians

“Evangelical Christian airmen at Lackland Air Force Base are facing severe threats and retribution for their religious beliefs and some personnel have been ordered to publicly express their position on gay marriage.

“There is an atmosphere of intimidation at Lackland Air Force Base,” said Steve Branson, the pastor of Village Parkway Baptist Church in San Antonio. “Gay commanders and officers are pushing their agenda on the airmen. There is a culture of fear in the military and it’s gone to a new level with the issue of homosexuality.”

Branson tells me at least 80 airmen attended a private meeting at the church where he heard them voice their concerns about religious hostilities at the Air Force base. It was a standing-room only crowd.

“The religious persecution is happening,” the pastor said. “It’s getting bigger every day. Gay and lesbian airmen can talk about their lifestyle, but the rest have to stay completely quiet about what they believe.”

One airman was told that even thinking that homosexuality is a sin is discriminatory.

Among those at the church meeting was Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk. The 19-year veteran was punished after he refused to tell his lesbian commander his position on gay marriage. I was the first reporter to tell his story.

Monk disagreed with his commander when she wanted to severely reprimand a new instructor who had expressed religious objections to homosexuality.

The senior master sergeant was relieved of his duties after he refused her order to disclose his personal opinion about gay marriage.

Monk, who had a spotless record, filed a religious discrimination complaint against the Air Force. When he showed up for a meeting about the complaint, he was accused of giving false statements to me – and was subsequently read his Miranda Rights.

Monk is now facing a possible court martial.

So far, Monk is the only airman willing to go on the record. Others are terrified that they will face similar repercussions. But that’s not stopping them from speaking off-the-record.

“All the guys who are active say they want to speak but they are still afraid because they see what happened to Phillip,” the pastor told me. “Guys who are good men are afraid to do anything because it will hurt them, cost them their career.”

One airman was told that even thinking that homosexuality is a sin is discriminatory.

“A commander told him, ‘Don’t you understand discrimination – that your thought process is discrimination?’” Pastor Branson said. “The commander actually pulled up the definition of discrimination on Wikipedia and read it to him in front of everyone so he would understand what it was.”

The parent of a 19-year-old Christian airman said their son was directed to disclose his religion during Basic Training.

“What’s your religion, little boy?” a master sergeant asked the young man. When he answered “Christian” he had to repeat Basic Training.

One member of the military was written up for having his Bible out – while a Muslim was allowed to publicly display a prayer rug.

A colonel told the pastor that officers are being ordered to publicly affirm and promote homosexuality.

“The colonel told me he hasn’t been asked to do so, but if it did, he would refuse the order,” the pastor said.

“They’re getting mirandized several times a month – but most of the accusations never stick,” Branson tells me. “Branson said he’s getting email and letters from military personnel across the country – telling him their stories of religious persecution – and asking for help.

Gen. Jerry Boykin (ret.) told me he’s not surprised to hear about the assault on religious liberty within the Armed Forces.

“It reinforces what we’ve been saying,” Boykin told me. “There is an orchestrated attack on Christians in the military and at this stage the Air Force is the worst.”

Pastor Branson told me he fears there may soon be a mass exodus of Christians from the military.
“The consensus at our meeting was that if things don’t change, good men will be leaving the military,” he said. “It will be a tragedy for our country and our military.”

As for Master Sgt. Monk – he’s facing what could be a long and difficult road – that could eventually lead to a court martial.

“They picked the wrong guy with Monk,” the pastor said. “This is one good, strong man. He’s willing to pay the price.”

A two-star general called the pastor and urged him to “keep stirring the stick.” But he also made a dire prediction.

“He said Monk will be a casualty of the war,” Branson said. “And the general feared the persecution is going to get worse.”

I’ve had a chance to talk at length with Master Sgt. Monk. He’s a soft-spoken man – an introvert, not a religious zealot. He’s a good-hearted person with a strong sense of right and wrong.

He told me that he was taking a stand because he wanted his sons to see “a man who stands upright and stands for integrity.”

The persecution of Master Sgt. Monk and the countless unnamed individuals at Lackland Air Force Base should serve as a warning to all Americans.

If the Obama administration’s Pentagon can take away their religious liberty – they can take away ours.” End of Quote

Source Site here:

Lt General Boykin Promotion 1Murdoch

[]N4TM Commentary:

This article content was what the pastor of the church I’m currently attending was referring to, which led to my contacting him to inform him that Ret. Gen. William Gerry Boykin is a Jesuit. This article is poignant if true. If Christian Airmen are being persecuted and threatened with dismissal for believing that homosexuality is a sin then this is atrocious and only evidence of a further impending persecution of Christians in America. Boykin ( a professing “Conservative Christian”) and Murdoch (a professing Christian who also owns porn publications among other news venues) have both taken an oath to the Pope and the Catholic church. [link not an endorsement]Consequently the current Jesuit Pope appears to be opening the door to homosexuals and atheists lately. What purpose is it to “warn” the church (Christian body of believers) of persecution when they are objecting to behavior and sin that the Catholic Church is rewriting as permissible under God? What would be the advantage of these people to draw attention to such a “persecution” of Christians? Is it to better identify the dissenters? People like Boykin and Murdoch are going to fold when push comes to shove and fall in line with the Pope and whatever the “mother church” declares. They will be good lil soldiers for the Jesuit Pope and keep the facade going as long as it suits their end game. But that doesn’t touch the topic of whether or not US military men and women are truly being persecuted for believing the Bible, God’s Word, over the State run pagan societal religion. The article states that the men are “afraid,” they don’t want to lose their “careers.” That’s pretty lame if you ask me. Where’s the faith in God’s provision? Where’s the faith to stand up for Christ above ‘man?’ Is it that easy to compromise a Christian? Will the goats be that easy to recognize? Will the sheep have to suffer unemployment, danger in worshiping publicly the God who redeemed them from their sin? Will the state finally take center stage as the God hating institution that it really is? There have been Christians praying for revival with great angst since the attack on September 11th 2001. I’ve been to those prophesy conferences, I’ve handed out the CD’s and Mp3’s of false teachers and false prophets claiming that America is inherently good and Christian. Since recognizing the false teachers I’ve repented and have done my up most to warn against them with as much zeal as I once promoted them.

I’ve recognized the hand writing on the wall long ago. America doesn’t want God, America doesn’t want to repent and do what’s Holy in the sight of a Holy God. America wants the freedom to be pagan, to practice abominations in the sight of the LORD, and America will reap what she sows as a consequence. The American Christian church, it’s body of believers, has been compromised long ago and the roosters are coming home to roost. The real believers will stand up and they will suffer. We are promised trials and persecutions.

See: “The More Things Stay the Same…” post by N4TM posted days ago for explanation of Boykin’s Jesuitism and other links by N4TM posts exposing Boykin/Jesuits

The US Military is capable of deploying a DIRECTED EMP attack, just so you know.

(—The Boeing “non-kinetic” missile passed its test flight earlier this month. The company reported that CHAMP, which stands for Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project, has proven its ability to defeat electronic targets “with little or no collateral damage.” Translation: CHAMP can zap an enemy’s electronics and data systems via fired bursts of high-power microwaves structures with little to no harm to people or buildings. The test was carried out in the Western Utah desert. Team members from Boeing, the US Air Force, and Raytheon KTech, suppliers of the microwave source, watched the performance on a television monitor.

Read more at:

Boeing’s CHAMP missile uses radio waves to remotely disable PCs- By Amar Toor on October 24, 2012 02:41 am

Excerpt: “Recent years have seen a surge in the development of similarly electronic and non-lethal warfare. Both the Air Force and US Marine Corps have been looking to adopt the Next Generation Jammer as well as active phased array radar, which allows stealth ships and aircraft to remotely jam other radar systems.

It remains unclear whether Boeing’s CHAMP missile will see deployment anytime soon, though CHAMP program manager Keith Coleman says last week’s test marks an important step forward. “This technology marks a new era in modern-day warfare,” Coleman said. “In the near future, this technology may be used to render an enemy’s electronic and data systems useless even before the first troops or aircraft arrive.” In proving the missile’s ability, he continued, “we made science fiction science fact.”

From Boeing Website:

Boeing and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Directed Energy Directorate, Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., successfully tested the Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP) during a flight over the Utah Test and Training Range.

CHAMP, which renders electronic targets useless, is a non-kinetic alternative to traditional explosive weapons that use the energy of motion to defeat a target.

Artist's rendering shows a CHAMP flying over a target


Power is cut to a room of computers after being hit by a high-powered microwave pulse from a Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project.

During the test, the CHAMP missile navigated a pre-programmed flight plan and emitted bursts of high-powered energy, effectively knocking out the target’s data and electronic subsystems. CHAMP allows for selective high-frequency radio wave strikes against numerous targets during a single mission.” Source: Last updated Oct.30,2012

[] N4TM commentary:

The above information is provided to you so that you have a reference point. How long do you think it took for the Government to isolate the correct technology to perform such an act? Months? Years? Certainly it took a significant amount of time and a group of dedicated people. The intellectual wherewithal required to make such a device and not only think it up but bring it to fruition is beyond my comprehension. I am just a peon American, incapable of such technological advances. Let’s go one step further and consider the criminal element who would want such a device. Could they “create” a weapon such as this? Most criminals aren’t the brightest, they usually have a desire to do evil but lack the intellectual aptitude to realize it. They could steal or buy a weapon like this, but it would have to be sold by the Government itself or stolen from the government then sold to the highest bidder. (I know I’ve watched too many action flicks.)

There was such a story recently that blurbbed its way across the headlines and went virtually unnoticed. Back in June, on the 19th of 2013, yes just less than 2 weeks ago, two men were arrested for having a “death ray” in their car. The FBI had assisted in luring them out posing as a KKK buyer who wanted to kill people with the “death ray.”

Here’s the FBI script that the MSM used:

“A plot to design a radiation weapon that could fit in a small van and be used to silently kill humans was unraveled by an FBI task force that charged two men — a General Electric Co. industrial mechanic from Saratoga County and a computer software expert from Columbia County -— with conspiring to sell the weapon to Jewish groups or a southern branch of the Ku Klux Klan.” Source: FoxNews

By the FBI’s admission, Glendon Scott Crawford works for General Electric. Of course we are to believe he’s a peon like me not a brilliant mind who could come up with a device like a “death ray.” And his counterpart is a “computer software engineer” but probably a mediocre one–not someone who worked on any government contracts. The kicker is the FBI’s section of script describing Crawford as a Teapartier and KKK member. They don’t really fit well together. Also, that as a teapartier he was willing to sell the weapon to Jewish groups. Well, if he’s a KKK member why would he be willing to sell such a weapon to Jewish folks? Last I checked KKK peeps hate every race but their own. These two nerds were taken down by a Terrorist Joint Task Force in Albany. Pretty well armed and capable of taking down an entire Los Angeles street gang went to pick up the crazy thugs yielding their death ray!

New York men arrested for building death ray machine in plot to kill President Obama- By Published: June 20, 2013

An Excerpt:
Glendon Scott Crawford, 49, from Galway, New York and Eric J. Feight, 54, of Hudson, New York are facing charges of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, namely through the use of a weapon of mass destruction, after the homemade X-ray machine was discovered, the Department of Justice announced.

According to authorities, the machine produced lethal amounts of radiation and would have been fully functional if the pair’s alleged plot had been set into motion. Crawford called it ”Hiroshima on a light switch,” the FBI said. The men are accused of planning to hide the machine in a truck and detonate it remotely.

The men are also accused of targeting a Muslim organization. The men reportedly blamed Obama for the Boston Marathon attacks.

“He directed the [government] to start bringing [Muslims] here without background checks,” Crawford wrote, according to the FBI. “They don’t have to follow any laws, and this administration has done more to enable a government sponsored invasion than the press can cover up.”

The FBI had been investigating Crawford, who they said was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. He is accused of asking a Klan leader to fund his plot, and entered a synagouge asking for help developing technology that could be used against the enemies of Israel. Through the assistance of undercover agents, Crawford and Feight successfully obtained equipment to build the X-ray machine, which would have emitted harmful doses of radiation undetected until days later.

“This case demonstrates how we must remain vigilant to detect and stop potential terrorists, who so often harbor hatred toward people they deem undesirable,” United States Attorney Richard S. Hartunian said in a statement.” End of Excerpt. Source listed below

- See more at:

Now it’s a homemade X-ray machine. Ok, then, what danger did the two 50 year old men pose if their homemade “weapon” didn’t work? Who gave them the idea? Were they patsies of the Government? Did the goon squad send in hatters to build them up to desire to build such a “weapon” then send in the “counterintelligence” agents posing as KKK to arrest them for attempting to be terrorists? Or is this just a horribly written script? I’m starting to get confused. Now here’s a link to a post that clarifies some issues: (links are never an endorsement).

This article exposes the two men to illustrate they were both peons. Or, they are not peons; that remains to be hidden in the convoluted details. Speaking of details here’s a link to full complaint by the FBI:

As with other patsy plots when the people that actually “know” those in question their lifestyle doesn’t match what the FBI says they are:

“Crawford’s neighbors painted a different picture of him on Wednesday afternoon. “His wife Angie is the nicest person. She’s a woman of God. Scott is the same way,” two women interviewed by the Times-Union said. The women identified themselves as parishioners in the same church that the Crawford’s attended.” Source:

Even the experts in Radiation claim the “death ray” gun isn’t even feasible.

“There is no instant death ray. … It’s not feasible. It’s the stuff of comic books,” said Dr. Frederic Mis, radiation safety officer at the University of Rochester Medical Center, after reading the criminal complaint describing their plan. “That’s going to be the interesting thing for the court to face because their designs would not have worked.”

At a brief hearing Thursday, U.S. Magistrate Christian Hummel ordered Crawford, 49, and Feight, 54, held without bail until a preliminary hearing in July, saying they posed a threat to public safety. Defense lawyers argued they were not a threat and should get bail.” Source AP 6/20/2013


Perhaps this story isn’t about two middle aged men who got invited into the world of espionage by the FBI and the DOJ. Perhaps this story is about laying a foundation. Putting a story out there that American homegrown terrorism is a “true” threat and our civil liberties should no longer be afforded to us so that the Government can penetrate our personal lives, thoughts, and angst so that we can be protected from ourselves. When in fact, the real terrorists are domestic, but they’re more government driven than civilian. The government DOES have the capability to “nuke” designated targets and render electronics helpless. We see from their own admission that the “stuff of comic books” has become “real.” Maybe what they needed was these two patsies to go out and get caught to establish a point of reference? Then we can say the day of the next false flag, “ah remember those two guys who tried to sell a death ray, maybe those weren’t the only two who had capability?” Then our civil liberties go further into the pit. We surrender our metadata, then our real data, then our DNA, then we are all just “obedient drones,” being pushed and ordered about and all the while encouraged that we are doing the “right” thing by submitting our minds and our wills to the STATE. We’ll just chip ourselves so that our data can be saved by the Government.

ABC News: Microwave ‘Gun’ Could End High-Speed Police Chases -

ABC News
March 1, 2005
by Paul Eng

Microwave ‘Gun’ Could End High-Speed Police Chases: Company Develops Technology to Zap Fleeing Cars With Invisible Energy Beams.

The idea of a powerful ray gun has been a staple of science-fiction writing for decades. But a “weapon” that shoots invisible beams of energy could be making its way into law-enforcement hands soon.

The technology isn’t exactly something that would replace a police officer’s handgun. In fact, the system being developed by Eureka Aerospace in Pasadena, Calif., couldn’t even be crammed into a standard pistol holster.

But the developers say their device, which uses technology more closely related to flash cooking than Flash Gordon, may help stop criminals and terrorists in their tracks.

James Tatoian, chief executive of Eureka, says the High Power Electromagnetic System is designed to disable cars — say, those fleeing from police officers — using bursts of microwave energy.

“Basically, since the 1970s, every car is built with some sort of microprocessor-controlled system — like the ignition control and fuel pump control a lot of vital car systems,” says Tatoian. “If you introduce a parasitic current into their wires, it leads to a power surge which in turn burns out those microprocessors.”

Once the car’s chips are disabled, the vehicle will gradually slow to a halt, allowing police or other security forces to safely approach and apprehend the driver.”

–I’m sure the same tech that could render a car and a building neutral would never be used on people with chips (RFID/Wearables). Nah, that’s “comic book” stuff!

How to Recognize a False AltNews Story


I am posting this video because this former “Lt. Col. Roy Potter” video is gaining traction and it’s important to alert you that not everyone who comes to you on “YouTube” or “Twitter” as though they are just a regular civilian who has suddenly discerned the “truth” are to be believed. Here are some key things to look for when identifying a troll.

They endorse disinfo sites like Alex Jones-

They are former military with generalized bio snippets- example, “ROY POTTER

I am a former US Army LTC of 28 years. I served in various Military Police and Military Intelligence positions around the globe. I was also a municipal police officer for about 3 years. I bring my unique experience, training, education, and spiritual insights to bear in analyzing important issues and trends in the U.S. and the world.

Independent investigators uncover the government operatives involved in executing the Marathon bombing. Other information I present shows the desperation of opposing elements in our government at war with each other, and the American People.” Source for Roy Potter’s bio here (*not an endorsement of site)

They “know someone” who “gave them” the info and they are so disturbed by it they just “have to tell you.”

They tell you what you already know- “the event was a false flag,” but they don’t explain the motive or why it was a false flag and then  introduce a new bunny trail, “there are factions of the government at war with each other/ there will soon be a coup in the US government.” To see another side of “Roy Potter” click here. It’s every conspiracy wrapped into one in one incoherent mess of a selfie.

 When you watch the Official video of the Boston Bombing “Suspects” you watch it a few times and you tell me how many Black Ops you find in this video. Anybody watching this could see very clearly that there are people being blurred in the video because they are black ops (CIA goons) and can’t have their face revealed. There are people who are constantly avoiding camera angles in other video that played over and over on tv. Do we need this guy, the retired Lt. Col to tell us there were black ops there? Do we need Alex Jones to scream into his bullhorn to tell us that the entire event was controlled and staged? Do we need this guy wrapped in a green screen to tell us that Boston Marathon Bombing was a “Psy op?” Would he know from his own military experience on how to conduct Psy ops, and counter psy ops? I mean really, this is laughable. But there are so many people out there who know that this event was not what we’ve been told it is and they don’t know where to go to find confirmation so they go to these people who are loony like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck who scream and shout and spit and rant and rave about the good ol’ USofA and then their blood starts to boil and their heart races and their eyes dilate and they think they are being told “the truth” by some guy with money to back up his claims. You tell me, if the Government is operating false flags in the US (which I believe they are), then is it impossible for them to be trolling Alternative news sites, blogs, etc. to get a pulse on what the American people who don’t believe the MSM cover story is?! C’mon people, use some extra brain power, eat your Wheaties; it’s not too far of a stretch to then reason that the very Alternative sites you watch, follow, like, and link to are following their own script issued by US intelligence agencies.

Alex Jones is reporting that the “Boston Globe” announced prior to the explosions that there was going to be a “Drill” at the finish line. I submit to you Boston Globe aided in the event by having many of their journalists there, taking photos and videos at designated areas to be re-broadcast on all cable MSM channels. I did tons of recon on all the tweets and headlines that came out from April 15 and the days that followed. The Boston Globe was the primary adjudicator of all the information coming out of this case. (←Do your own Reverse Data Mining.)I won’t bother to go into further detail on this because I know I have trolls to my site. I don’t have any “intel” from anyone in the government. I’m not former military. I don’t have connections. I don’t have money to travel to Boston to conduct on the ground interviews with people. What I have is what most God fearing people have and that is discernment to know the truth from a lie. I submitted on the first day of the bombing, before the sun set on that day, that I recognized the blueprints of a false flag operation and I don’t monitor Alex Jones site or follow him on Twitter.

How utterly ridiculous that Alex Jones and this “Col.” are purporting there is a military coup happening, or to insinuate that the right/left political dichotomy even exists; that’s an oxymoron coming from Alex Jones who has for years foamed at the mouth that all branches of government are part of the same Shadow Government. I don’t follow the man but I know and I am aware of his antics. I have reported on him before. The other “truther,” Glenn Beck, had his fan base in a tizzy two weeks or so ago when he threatened Barack Obama, the “President” of the United States, to come clean with the information on Boston Bombing or he was going to “reveal” his top secret, earth shattering, US government altering news. Remember that story? What happened, nuttin’. Not a thing happened because it was a rabbit trail that was meant to take you in the opposite direction of what really happened. Hillary Clinton recognized that she had absolutely no power in the matter of Benghazi Libya attack (hit job) on Ambassador Stevens, that’s why she bemoaned, “What difference does it make?” She knows no one will ever know the truth about what happened in Benghazi. You and I know what happened there, we don’t need some barking buffoon to tell us his version in “Earth Shattering Breaking News!!!” We know. We know what happened in Boston is not what we are told happened in Boston. Learn to do your own research instead of listening to these types of people who have a live webcast they want you to Sub$cribe to, or a new Book to sell, or a vacation package with your own gas mask and MRE’s in your cabin waiting for you. Don’t buy bunkers from these people or invest in the Gold dealers they sell to you. When I say “reverse” data mine, do it, look back at all the tweets, pictures, videos, false headlines of suspects then not suspects, and look at the authors of those posts, look at the names of the photojournalists, look at the ebb and flow of information. You watch the videos of people and discern if they are real genuine moments or not. If you can’t handle the truth, if you can’t invest the time to do your own looking into on things, then enjoy your day, go live life and make some memories, I just ask you to not believe everything you see, read, or hear. These days are getting massively weirder by the second.

Let’s not forget all the DISinfo the MSM pumps out as well:

This young lady is right, it doesn’t make sense.

It appears the “mother” of the Tsarnaev brothers finally got the memo to hush it, or if it’s not the mother and just an actress perhaps her role is over for now.

Here’s a photo of Tzubeidat Tsarnaeva in less radicalized days (pictured right) click on image to read article from Mirror UK.

No one has claimed the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Isn’t that weird?

“Suspected Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev is ready to be buried, but so far no one has been able to figure out how. His widow has rejected the body, and his parents, currently living in Russia, were reluctant to claim it. That left the task to his estranged uncle, who despite his disgust over his nephews’ alleged crimes, has said that he deserves a proper burial.

However, the local cemetery in Tsarnaev’s residential town of Cambridge, and cemeteries in other parts of Boston, have rejected the body for burial, stating that they wish to respect the local victims of the bombings and to avoid having his grave site become any sort of shrine or other political symbol. Even the undertaker who received his body has had his mortuary flanked by protesters in last few days.

No US government official has claimed responsibility for the body, and Tsarnaev’s Muslim religion does not permit a cremation. So far the best is one man from Worcester, MA, a community activist who is planning to raise money to send the body to Russia” Source: Here for full article (May 7,2013)

Boston Bombing Suspect’s Widow Wants Body Released to Tsarnev Family- Published: Tuesday, (April 30, 2013)

From my understanding no one from his family has claimed the body. He had two uncles we heard from, his mother and father live in Russia and doesn’t look like their coming, then there’s his wife, who always goes by Katheryn Russel instead of her married name, that’s odd too, she has not claimed the body. Interesting eh. **Just wait, this just in Tamerlan’s body was “claimed” by “the family.” Click here: (updated: May 7, 2013)
**Update** 5/9/13 Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s body has been buried at an “undisclosed” location. Click here for full article

Once again, there’s always two versions for every headline regarding this story. There is a plethora of misinfo and disinfo. Bottom line is, the American people have been lied to again. There are those who accept the script: Self Radicalized loner bombers-next day they are part of a sleeper cell Al Qaeda Russian terrorist group-next day he was on a Russian terror list-next day he had been thrown out of a Mosque–blah blah blah, as long as he was Muslim the American people will be believe it was a terror attack. Then there are others who don’t believe all that and know better.

Breaking News: Boston Marathon 2013 Runners Bombed at Finish Line

Warning: Graphic Images (See *Update at Bottom of Post)

Boston Marathon bombing BLURED Edited 4.22.13Today’s events took place at 2:57 EST near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. A bomb went off followed immediately by a second explosion. This area was near the finish line around the 4 hour mark of the run where the majority of runners come in to the finish line. I began following the story on Twitter and was tweeting as quickly as things were becoming available. Initial reports were that a third explosion at JFK Library was related to the bombings at the Boston Marathon and those reports have later been downsized to state that it was a fire now being claims as “unrelated” to the bombings. Air traffic was grounded in and around the Boston area of the marathon and supposedly cell phone service was being blocked to prohibit any further remote detonations by cell phone. Many other states and counties were taken to a heightened state of alert over the attacks, like, Washington DC, San Francisco area, Los Angeles County, and New York, to name a few. My twitter account is set to private so you would have to request a follow from me directly to see my tweets but certainly you can find out breaking news on twitter by various “Legitimate” news sources. One News agency that seemed to get information faster than Fox News and CNN was- The Boston Globe of the UK and Breaking News on Twitter. I happen to think I follow excellent news sources. For live breaking news Cable News seems too slow nowadays.

Let me say as a Runner this tragedy is heartbreaking. To think someone would target innocent runners who are just out trying to fulfill a dream of “Running Boston” is beside me. I don’t understand who would do this or why target innocent civilians. This was not a political event or arena. This running event is attended by people of all walks of life, all nationalities, all creeds, and gives people something to strive for in doing their best when it comes to their physicality. It’s a shame this had to happen. So many people who simply love the sport of running are having that taken from them. My heart goes out to those suffering, those family members who are perplexed and in pain right now. My prayers are with those who were there today.

Reports are that 2 have died, although I did see one report by New York Post that stated 12 had died, and over 100 are injured. By “injured” this means many have lost limbs, and it’s gruesome. There are videos on YouTube already and countless loops being played on cable news shows showing the horrific event.

Authorities in Boston have initiated “Social Distancing” by telling the public to not go outdoors, to not congregate in groups, and to stay in their homes. Other sports events and public events are being cancelled in response to this.

At the time of this post there is one person of interest and this person is being carefully guarded, although he is denying any involvement. Because this is a fluid event with ongoing updates I may come and edit or update this post to avoid having multiple posts on the same topic. Today evil arose again to strike at the core of our humanity. Terrorism is going to continue unfortunately, and our current administration is attempting to take our civil liberties away from us including our ability to protect ourselves from danger; so, what are we left to do when all matter of human power and will fail us? We submit to our Lord God who made us. We beseech Him in all His might and awesome authority that are we are at His mercy. May God help those who were there today in Boston and may He help all of us to remember Him.


N4TM has learned that this year’s Marathon at Boston <<was>> purposefully made a Political Event! I did not know this until moments ago that the entire event was cloaked in “Newtown” in memoriam. This new information is highly disturbing and offensive to me. Whereas I thought this was simply a random act now appears to be more covert and truly sinister. Here’s the information on the Newtown overtones for Boston Marathon 2013:

“Not only was a team from the town running to raise money for a scholarship fund, the 26th mile was dedicated to the first-graders and school workers gunned down by Adam Lanza on Dec. 14.

Marathon organizers created a custom marker for the 26th mile with the Sandy Hook Elementary school colors and 26 stars circling the town emblem. A 26-second moment of silence was held at the start of the race.” Source: NBC

I hate to draw attention to the fact that this sounds incredibly suspicious and desperately wicked, or to have to be the one to suggest that this could be a “False Flag.” A “False Flag” for those who are unfamiliar with the term is something that is done maliciously by groups and/or organizations (Government and Private) that seeks to destroy/kill/maim for the sole purpose of instigating the ‘change’ they seek to be done. Some believe that events like 9-11 and Oklahoma City Bombing (anniversary 4.19.1995) were “false flag” events that sought to take away our civil liberties. I don’t ring those same bells, although I don’t doubt that there are people capable of doing such a thing. I just didn’t want to have to be the one to report that in this case especially while the blood on the streets in Boston remain wet. I just can’t believe that some idiot would make this whole Marathon about “Newtown.” Apparently those in the Newtown groups that were running are “Ok.” Yes they unharmed but many are not and isn’t that the point of this attack? Is the point of the attack to say, “You could be Newtown, this could be you.” That is just sheer sick. So some sick and twisted anti-gun person decides to set up bombs on the 26th mile, right where it’s dedicated to Newtown, and we’re meant to think this is a random act? Or worse, an attack by a “Right-winged” nut job? No, a right winged nut job wouldn’t do this, but someone trying to exploit Newtown and squeeze the American people like a turnip to surrender their constitutional rights would do something like this. I’m not going to name names but one comes to mind immediately. I pray I’m wrong. I truly do.

Mile 26 Newtown emblem 26 stars and school colorsClick Image to enlarge and notice the “Town of Newtown” emblem with 26 stars around it.

**Update* 4/24/2013* for the full image of the one above that N4TM altered as of 4-22-13 at 11:00 pm you can click on this link: 492 people retweeted it, the twitter status shows where Passantino got it from, which was John Tulmacki of the Boston Globe. Here is another link to the photo that was edited above:

Tulmacki was at the Boston Marathon’s finish line when the explosions happened and uploaded his pictures and video directly to the Boston Globe. On the day of the bombing I was viewing Fox News which is an affliate of Boston Globe UK who was supplying the images and video of the explosions. Remember, Fox News/Boston Globe are owned by parent company NewsCorp, a Ruppert Murdoch enterprise. Some of you may know that Ruppert Murdoch is a Jesuit and that another co-owner of his company NewsCorp is a Saudi Prince. Also, don’t forget, Mr. Glenn Beck worked for Fox News and has visited the Vatican and has also hosted Jesuit Rt.General William Gerry Boykin several times on his new show GBTV.