16th Most Dangerous City in US Lay off +30 Cops

San Bernardino, CA Inland Empire

San Bernardino, CA "Inland Empire"

Update! (2-5-09) The figure has moved up to 50

San Bernardino, CA has had a long and rich history of violence, crime, drugs, identity theft. Once the leading city in dealing Methamphetamine & new home to fleeing LA gangs, is not immune to the Economic Fallout. CA is 42 Billion in debt, issuing IOU’s to it’s citizens, and now empowering the criminals by cutting the most vital source of security

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The above story has severe implications! We are in an Economic Crisis no doubt, California the 8th largest economy in the Wolrd is 42 Billion in debt. They have on the chopping blocks Cutting Welfare. Did you catch that, Cutting W-E-L-F-A-R-E. Do you know any other way to invite Lawlessness into a community. Cut off the people who are already starved, then remove your first line of defense, your local Law Enforcement! Let’s go one step further and contemplate a break down in Mexico. Southern California will be hit hard by this ‘what if’ because many people who would flee would flow right into the lower portion of California. California state Comptroller has regetably signed the ok to issue IOU’s to it’s citizens. A spokesman for the Comptroller was on Fox News Tuesday, February 3rd and stated that if the state comes up with the money necessary within 30 days CA residents would get their taxes but no interest, if there is no money into March they would then get interest. March? Really, how about we don’t pay our taxes and we call it Even-


  1. February 11, 2009

    On February 2, 2009, Mayor Morris and the City Council took the first steps on $9 million in proposed budget cuts for the current fiscal year. The Police Department is slated to bear the brunt of these cuts — $5.4 million or 60-percent of the total. These cuts would negatively impact 71 officers – 49 sworn officers have received termination notices with an additional 22 facing forced demotion or elimination. As you know, the men and women of the San Bernardino Police Department has worked hard to reduce the number of violent crimes and murders that has plauged our community for many decades. We are now faced with reducing our staffing level to below what it was eight years ago, when violent crimes gripped our city.

    What’s worse, these deep cuts represent only short-term fixes. Deeper, more painful cuts may be required in the next fiscal year when the city’s budget deficit is even larger than it is today.

    The proposed cuts are a step backward for our city. Since 2001, with increases in the number of sworn officers, the men and women in the San Bernardino Police Department have played a central role in reducing crime. The City’s declining crime rate demonstrates the importance that a larger, more active police force has had on the City. Now the Mayor and the City Council is set to reduce the Police Department’s size – a step backwards for our community.

    The proposed cuts go against the voters’ will. San Bernardino voters passed Measure Z and Measure YY in November 2006. The city’s taxpayers agreed to tax themselves to hire 40 new police officers. Since these hiring’s occurred, crime is down. Now the proposed budget cuts will cause a reduction of at least 49 positions – to a level lower than pre-Measure Z levels.

    These cuts can be stopped but you need to act now by:

    Contacting Mayor Morris and the City Council and let them know you oppose their proposed budget “solution” and that it’s wrong for San Bernardino, its residents and business owners, and the 339 hard-working men and women who proudly protect our city. I’ve included phone and e-mail information in this letter.

    Attending the 3 p.m., February 17, 2009 San Bernardino City Council meetings and oppose these cuts in person.

    On behalf of the proud men and women who protect and serve our community, thank you in advance for your support.


    Travis Walker, Vice President
    San Bernardino Police Officer’s Association
    email – twalker@thesbpoa.org

    P.S. I hope you’ll take the time right now to contact the Mayor and City Council to let them know you oppose these harmful cuts to the San Bernardino Police Department. Please attend the Feb. 17th Council meeting if you can. Thanks in advance for your support.

    Mayor Pat Morris
    (909) 384-5133

    Councilmember Esther Estrada
    (909) 384-5268

    Councilmember Dennis Baxter
    (909) 384-5222

    Councilmember Tobin Brinker
    (909) 384-5333

    Councilmember Chas Kelley
    (909) 384-5278

    Councilmember Rikke Van Johnson
    (909) 384-5378

    Councilmember Wendy McCammack
    (909) 384-5068

    1. Thank you for taking the time to make clarifications. I am well aware that even the Sun and other local news agencies still spin and don’t report the whole truth. I’ve twittered this story and continue to follow it as it pertains directly to my family and I. I would encourage those who visit this site to lift up the San Bernardino City Police Department, Thank God for their service, as well as your own local PD. We should continually lift up our local law enforcement and military during these pressing and troubling times. We need and value their service and protection. Thanks again, Travis, may the Lord Bless you and your family.

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