New World Order: US pushes EU to ‘share’ Bank Data

policy laundering‘ is used in the above video. Sounds like good old fashion conspiracy theory to me. The New World Order Agenda to Globalize our Financial System requires such programs. Now the US and the EU can do all things under the guise of ‘fighting terror’ but what terrorist has been deterred since 9-11 by Bank Data Sharing, taking your belt and shoes off at the Airport, decreasing size of carry on liquids, or now getting a nudy shot of you! Terrorists can operate without these policies. It leaves to ones imagination that sharing Banking Data is a softball term for consolidating the debt and sharing the ‘wealth’ ie ‘Debt’ across the pond to insure ‘sustainability’ oh yeah, I can spraken Communese I’ve learned from the best, House of Representatives and Congress of the United States! I guess we could remain hopeful in that the EU and our friends overseas don’t share the sentiment of destroying their own nations sovereignty as much as the we do. We used to have a constitution that safe guarded the American people from such Tyrants that in the White House right now…I wonder where they stashed it?

Telegraph UK: Us and EU row over sharing bank details

Our Kingdom: EU bows to US pressure over access to our banking data

Shifting our debt? Greece is trying to do so as well, seeking the EU Central Bank help. When markets heard about EU possibly helping Greece guess who’s stocks went up? and who thought their credit rating would be saved?

Bloomberg: Equities, Euro, Commodities Rally on Prospects for Greek Aid

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