Not all Brown People

Not All Brown People are Anti-Immigration Reform.

Not All Brown People are ‘La Raza’ Radical Jihadi’s screaming that ‘Gringos took Mexican Land and are now occupiers.’

Not All Brown People are Nut jobs like what you are seeing here:

and here:

No. On the other hand there are some of us who agree with Immigration Reform. Who believe it is the duty of those who immigrate to this great nation to become citizens and assimilate into the country that they hoped for and dreamed about. My family did it the right way and there are countless Americans of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds from many different Nations that have come to America seeking freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness who followed the rules and are happy to count themselves as Americans.

No. As a hispanic woman who lives in the state that is at the core of the controversy, I support the law of this land. I support the law enforcers of this land. I support the freedom of even those nut jobs who are sorely misrepresenting the people of my skin color, although I don’t agree with them or what they are saying I thank God we live in a country that you can voice your ill-fated and misguided opinion. That’s all this blog is, my goofy opinion on things. I’m not a scholar. I’m not a theologian. I’m not a politician. I’m not anything but saved by grace and grafted in to be an heir in Heaven.

I have two distinct and clear messages for two groups of people, and because I’m not a complicated person I get right to the point.

1) To the NON-Hispanics who are watching these videos of Radical Left Winged Socialist “Raza’s”

Not all brown people are against you or the law. Remember that when you’re out and about. Remember that there are Christian Conservative Latinos out there who love this country and are grieved at what has become of our nation. We share in the grievance of this tyrannical ruler who has aided and abetted the drawing of color lines. We recognize and share the dismay at our economic and global status. We are outraged by the Jihad in the White House. These matters have nothing to do with our skin color and you know that. The Tea Party people are not racist as it is being reported in the news lately. The patriots are not one ethnic group or social class. They are a collective of God fearing Americans who see what is happening to our country and are perplexed and in awe of what will be left for our children.

2) To the Crazy Left Wing Nut Job ‘La Raza’ Mecha Touting “We are all illegals now”

No we are not! We are not all the same. We are not all like you. I do not consider myself ‘at War with Whitey.’ I’m not ‘at war with Capitalism, or Imperialism.’ I do not have the same enemy as Hugo Chavez; he is a crazy socialist dictator who keeps his people in poverty and in submission. I’m not offended by the American Flag on a shirt, on Cinco de Mayo or any day. I’m not taking up arms against my own countrymen and women because this is ‘Mexican land.’ This is America. I am a Christian saved by the blood of the lamb, redeemed and regenerate, looking forward to my reward in Heaven my eternal home, FIRST. I’m a wife, a mother, a step-mother, and countless other titles but an inciter of hatred and racial divide I am not. Don’t poison my children with your evil. I teach them to obey God. I teach them to uphold the law and live for righteousness, and there is nothing righteous about this crazy talk. You are helping this tyrannical dictator that is in our White House with succeeding in his ultimate goal and that is to cause chaos, strife, discord, and division. A house divided against itself cannot stand! Do you hear? Nothing is for free. You voted for him because you thought he would give you free health care, free homes, free food, free education? Nothing is free. You must work for it. You’re going to rant and rage until he waves his Amnesty wand and grants ‘peace and security’ for all. Obama is a shadow, he’s smoke and mirrors, he’s a liar, and he’s using you to his gain and his vain glory. I pray that the spirit of peace would wash over you and all your house and that you would come out from the delusion that you are in before it is too late. All this radical talk is going to put my children and I at risk. I already had to tell my kids what is going on and explain to them if any harm comes to me not to retaliate. My family and I live for something much more pure and holy than you can fathom. There is an eternal reward for those who love Jesus Christ. By your actions I can tell that there is no spirit of fear of the Lord in you; you do not even fear the authority placed over you. Your rights, if you’re a legal citizen, have not been infringed upon. Just stop forĀ  a second and consider what you are doing with all your ranting and raving. Look at the example you are setting in your own home.

This is no joking matter.

Freedom of Speech:

Read the BILL Most people have formed uneducated opinions about the bill without reading it first.Read the bill here: (be ahead of our own Attorney General of the United States!) SB 1070 PDF

**Update** May 12,2010

Governor Jan Brewer has recently signed a bill that was supported by Tom Horne, that removes the “Ethnic Studies Program.” The reason (my opinion here) for this is because there are radical Left Jihadi teachings that have crept into our school system which teach reverse racism and instigate a victim mentality and socioeconomic sensitivity that aids feelings of resentment and hatred. Since September 11, 2011 and even before that, there has been a move in the Public Education system to brainwash our kids into not only, Humanist Secularism, but Pluralism, Eco-Fascism, and class-ism. Anti-American, Anti-Christian sentiment is high in schools as we can see in our recent news headlines. I agree that these types of ‘studies’ are having an adverse effect. Teaching diversity does not mean that we have to lose a sense of who we are. We are not to be teaching religion remember? Satanic, idolatry, paganism, and division have crept into the school system and should rightly be removed. Here is source article: Breitbart Arizona Governor bans ethnic studies program

The above video of radical socialist Jihadi, Ron Gochez, featured spewing his Anti-American sentiment at UCLA campus is three years old. Greta Van Sustren of FOX news did a follow up on this radical due to the YouTube hits its been getting. Here is her update via Griff Jenkins:


  1. I find this whole issue to be very interesting for a number of reasons:

    1) I’m Jewish & 2) I’m South African.

    Having been born and raised in the apartheid era I know all to well how people can be stopped and questioned because they “are not where they are supposed to be and stand apart from the crowd”. As a Jew I know what it is like to be harassed and racially discriminated against.

    But I would like to think that this call for Immigration reform etc. in Arizona is different. Why?

    Because when South Africa became a multiracial democracy in 1994 the country took great strides to “open up to the rest of Africa”; to it’s brothers who helped in the struggle and to do away with laws that track people moving in to, and around the country (these were known as the notorious Pass Book laws).

    The result? Mass illegal immigration: in a nation of over 50 million, more than a fifth are illegal and came into this country from Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. And with them came crime on a scale that is only being witnessed today elsewhere in the world in countries like Mexico. South Africa has been caught in the grip of a violent holocaust. Since 1994 over 200,000 South Africans have died due to violent crime. Many of the criminals are locals but it is the foreigners who have been particularly brutal. I used to be friends with the local state prosecutor for violent crime and she told me that their research had shown that the “tactics” employed by bank, security van, and car hijacking syndicates echoed those employed by former freedom fighters (terrs) hailing from Zim and Mozambique. IOW they operate like military units, are well armed and very mobile, capable of fleeing the country in a moments notice with ease because there are few border controls and no cooperation between the forces of law in the neighbouring states.

    An article in a local paper last month revealed that the country has become the “continental crime hub” and that SA’s porous borders, poorly patrolled waters and insecure ports and superior road and telecommunications infrastructure had led it to become a major traffic point for drugs, guns and stolen cars for the rest of the continent.

    Good luck Arizona, you are on the right track; me, I’m moving to Israel in two days time. I guess I just like living on the edge, but I would rather give my life for a land and a people who are a light unto the nations, than to lose it for my cellphone at the hands of an underage illiterate illegal immigrant from Zimbabwe.

    1. I appreciate your perspective! and your feedback. I will pray for your Aliyah that it is safe and blessed! I grew up in a FREE Republic that has lost its morals and liberties (and that started probably even before I was born). I grew up in a state that was multicultural where no skin color was taken into account but the content of character. Now, I see that the racism that was overcome has been brought up again. I think those people who are evil at their core, who wish to divide and conquer have sought to destroy our great country using our multicultural diversity against us, and for the most part they are being successful. It’s truly a sad day when Hispanics feel threatened because of their skin color, I personally don’t. I’m secure in who I am. I agree that these laws have the potential to infringe on our basic liberties, but again, that’s the end game in all this and those who don’t know that are just ignorant. The White House Administration is a corrupt one and it’s sole purpose is to divide this nation. There is no condemnation form the so called “President” of the United States to end the state to state boycotts that are happening. Why? Because he needs all this chaos to continue. His ultimate plan is being worked out and the situation remains for us on the front lines to keep our heads cool, calm and collected. Like my mom says, “If a cop pulls you over and says, “Papers” just say, “Scissors!” and you win!” –humor don’t loose it!

      1. Hi.

        Thank you for your kind wishes.

        I realise the problem with “illegal immigration” is one that is worldwide. the irony is countries are always too willing to let in someone else to do the dirty work they themselves won’t do, but as soon as the economy takes a dip they are quick to find a scapegoat. Human nature.

        It’s also ironic that people are up in arms about immigration – them darn Mexcans (sic) – and yet people like the Times Square bomber become citizens with ease and no-one complains about that. But then, it is as you say: the PotUS has a plan, and many are his faces, many are his servants.

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