Normal Crazy or Crazy Normal?

Just the Facts…

The News isn’t just News anymore. Most of the time what you see on television or read on the internet is carefully orchestrated distribution of bias, dogma, and mind control. This site was birthed because MSM (Main Stream Media) does not report all the news or a conservative view point. I remember the day that my gaze turned to Cable News, it was September 11, 2001. When the World Trade Center was hit, the second time, by terrorists and the world was in chaos over how many attacks there would be by the end of the day. I recall fishing through the various Cable News Networks. If Fox News stopped covering the WTC attack, I would switch to CNN, MSNBC I even watched Headline News! I fanned across internet sites; now not just the news mega giants but anyone else who saw this coming, Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, MEMRI, various Christian sites: Olive Tree Views, Worldview w/Brannon Howse. I was scouring for information. When I started my search I began to realize that there is a lot out there in the way of real information, crazy paranoid information, and fluffy puffy stuff. It was a matter to discern my way through all that, go back to what the Bible already Tells me is going to happen and then make sense of what is going on out there in this crazy world.

It’s not all News

The hardest topic for me to cover is not Terrorists, Earthquakes, War, bombs, political takeovers, New World Order Agendas, Evil policy making, in the end the most grievous of all topics to cover is the APOSTASY of the Church. The great falling away of the body of Christ. When the light goes out and the salt has lost it’s flavor what is a girl to do? The only thing I can do, and the only thing I would ever recommend anyone do is, Look up! Not look up and ignore what is going on, Look to Jesus Christ for the answers. Look to the Word of God,your Abba in Heaven that created the Heavens and the Earth, and find solace in the Peace of Christ Jesus who already warned us of all these crazy things that are happening on this earth. It’s one thing for the ‘World’ not to believe (John 15) but when ‘the body’ (of Christ) stops believing, my soul writhes in mourning. I see many who rather believe in the Mayan Calendar than in the GOD who created them. I see many who believe that all ‘this’ is NORMAL CRAZY, and it’s not pointing to the Judgment coming upon this earth. So if you are CRAZY (thinking that Jesus is coming again just like He said He would) then you’re NORMAL to me. And you’ll at least be willing to hear what I have to say.

And Now for the Headlines…

Iceland’s Volcano Continues- SECOND VOLCANO could erupt soon- video on link.

Volcano in Vanuato-South Pacific Erupts threatens Flights

Volcano in Ecuador Erupts

Volcano in Guatemala Erupts

Tropical Storm Agatha causes 140 Landslides in Guatemala including a major Sinkhole

6.1 Earthquake Rocks Costa Rica

Gulf Oil Spill–is not a spill–It’s a LEAK from the ocean floor in MULTIPLE sites Pass day 40 now

National Guard Troops being sent to Arizona... I live in AZ, don’t see any coming through…yet!

Flotilla loaded with media (Al Jazeera) and Iranian media, along with ‘activists’ also jihadis/tactical guards of some kind, have been intercepted by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) due to some deaths on board after being attacked, now Israel is in the heat of Backlash already causing a UN ‘Emergency’ Meeting in New York…

Iran has 2 Nuclear Weapons

Syria has 1,000 weapons pointed at Israel.

Obama continues his policy making, changes, transformation of our United States, how do I say this; He’s continuing on his path for Cap & Trade (Financial Redistribution and switching from Capitalism to Eco-Facisim and Neo-Communist seizure of Financial Institutions). Plain English might read: “America is no longer FREE” but I think you would miss the point.

Greece is still on fire. Spain is on fire but no one wants to know…EUROZONE Collapsing

The world is prepping for Inflation but you wouldn’t know that if you went shopping this weekend.

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