Conservative Christian or Calculated Confusion

The term “Conservative Christian” is a misnomer. This implies that there are or can be “Liberal Christians” and that those who are “Conservative” are the closer to God’s law and righteousness. The problem with this term is that it implies a false sense of security for the Christian. Someone who loves Christ and wants to abide in Christ in their private life but in the public arena as well can easily be sucked into this lie. It’s similar to the original lie, “Surely you shall not die.” Genesis 3:4 The Christian is lured into thinking that supporting Conservative Christian policies and civil servants is the way to honor God. It would be ideal if it wasn’t completely infiltrated and used as a cover to do the most horrendous things in the name of God. When Scripture directs us to “test the spirits” it includes those and is especially speaking to those who come in the name of Christ. Most Christians even the youngest of believers can distinguish an obvious liar or an overt display of evil when it’s evident on the outward appearance. Don’t forget dear Christian that Satan can quote Scripture and that is why even Jesus Christ our Savior rebuked him for quoting God’s word out of context. If Satan dare tempt Christ with quoting scripture why would you be spared such a deception?

Many, especially those who are called, are finding out that the Right is not quite, not quite right. Evil and sinister plots are afoot and the path crosses political party lines. The old adage that suggests we not discuss Politics or Religion at the dinner table will not apply in this post. It is exactly the time to discuss both and their consequential role of influence on one another that I write to you today. Just as Cancer does not discriminate against whom it inflicts, so is the plague that is upon the Church today.

Religion of Politics

The Conservative ‘Right’ is predominately Christian. You can attest that there are ‘Christian’ liberals, and I will appease you to say there are those who appear more conservative in the Left winged political fare then some in the Right’s party-yes, but for the most part Christians ( fall into the Conservative Right category more than not. There is a renewed fervor of militant Conservatism, a revival if you will, not to the Doctrines of Christ, but to the falsified Doctrines of the ‘Founding Fathers.’ This abhorrent idolization of men passed is met with selective memory. The right wing revival is just as steeped in idolatry as the left wing hypercharismania of the 2008 elections. Politics is a Religion and that’s why our country and our brethren are in trouble. When I began to uncover the depth and breadth of the chasm of evil that has permeated the illusion of our current governmental system, I dually uncovered that the religious right is involved as well. I am not ignorant of the fact that religious organizations can be/or have been or currently are corrupted by money, power, and sin etc. I know this fact, but there were new things I began to find out. Namely the last man standing was not exactly standing on a solid rock foundation. And the pyramid of which sits atop of this foundation will crumble just as quickly as all the others who fall into (or began in) apostasy.

What the Right Leaves Out

Most well minded Christ centered people desire to live righteously. Christians intend to reflect their lives in a manner that displays Godly characteristics. Christians who follow after the Lord Jesus of the bible want to do right. There are some in the flanks who are simply ignorant. By ignorant, I mean ‘unaware’ of what is going on in the pre-game show and they don’t have time to stick around for the post-game wrap up. They show up, they vote their conscience, they pray it turns out as God would so will and they leave it at that. And God bless them for at least spending some neurons on thinking out their vote! However, what this God pleasing person neglects to do is something that the Father actually called Isaiah to do, “Come, let us reason.” God never suggests to us in His word or otherwise that we abandon our thought process and allow men, or women, to influence us when we vote. I spoke of ‘hypercharismania’ in reference to the Democratic party’s zeal in 2008, but we have since fallen under the same spell. Don’t say we haven’t there have been some misfires in our pursuits to simply put men and women with an (R) in front of their name into office only to later find out there were as cold blooded left as all get out! So what is the Right not telling us common folk? They’re not telling us that they in the upper echelons don’t necessarily need us. They are part of a greater and more deceptive plan than we can know or fully understand. I’ve begun to discern some of it, and of what I’ve uncovered it still escapes me how we’ve lasted as long as we have as a country and as people on earth without warranting God’s Holy Judgment on us! But then again, I serve an all knowing,all merciful, patient, and long-suffering Abba in Heaven who seeks that none should perish but that all should come to Him. There is a group of fundamental Christian Conservatives who have sold their soul to the devil, who say they are doing things in our best interest. For all intensive purposes these particular “Fundamentalist Christians” are not serving the same Jesus Christ we do in the Bible. Instead they serve a greedy and unadulterated pagan deity known as Lucifer himself. It would be in your best interest to search out the true purposes of those who call themselves our family.

A Warning

The word of God repeatedly petitions us to be aware, to be alert, to be sober; and there will be those who from ‘among’ you will seek to destroy you. If you know these warnings read them and re-read them. The time we have here is but a vapor; what we see with our natural eyes can play tricks on us, but there is ONE who knows all, and He has already told us what to expect. It is our duty to mature, to grow in the weightier things, and to seek out the Truth. He who is in you is greater than he of this world. Do your own research. Do not get accustomed to spoon feeding from major media personae or mega-pastors. Due diligence is of the essence. And remember, fix your eyes on Christ!

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  1. John MacArthur is:
    1.) Well-read, exponentially!
    2.) NOT PHONY.
    3.) The greatest speaker on this planet.

    I have been listening to John for 28 years. Never flippant. More articulate he could not be.
    Dr. Steve Lawson and Dr. Tom Pennington were among the Strangefire guest speakers.

    1. He said you can take the mark of the beast and not be condemned to hell. He is a liar. He teaches false teachings.

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