History and Prophecy -Live

Greetings Brethren and those who follow this blog!

I have been on Twitter a lot lately trying to keep abreast of all that is going on in Egypt. This morning I awoke to massive tweets on Yemen. Their ‘Day of Rage’ is taking place. Reports of 20,000 people demonstrating in their square in both solidarity of Egypt and also as a means to call an end to their corrupt government.


Last night there were some people, whom I follow on Twitter, who were making bigoted remarks about the people of Egypt. It seems that there is a growing consensus that since all the people in Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, and others are mainly Muslim, they ‘deserve’ to die/burn/suffer rather than get equal treatment and freedoms that are allotted to us here in the United States. Apparently “Christian’s” believe it’s better for Mubarak who is a persecutor of Coptic Christians in Egypt to stay in power than for the Muslim Brotherhood to gain control. Now, hear me, I do not think the Muslim Brotherhood is the answer or that El Baraedi is either. I know that there will be a vacuum of power and the West’s gravest concern is a leader who will attack the US and Israel. I’m not ignorant. However, I do believe, as a Christian, that the events unfolding in the Middle East and North Africa are part of prophesy. I do believe that the situation is one necessary in order to call those out from among them that are HIS. The Lord will be glorified and even magnified through all this, and I think it’s important that we as ‘Christian’s’ submit to prayer and humbly seek our Lord on their behalf. I was told to ‘F’ off by some because I was tweeting the Gospel to the hash tag #Egypt. I was also attacked by my own followers who think that it’s ok to spread vile tweets against the populace of Egypt because there are (possibly a great many) of people there who seek to hurt Israel and the US. To this I say, we are always going to have evil people in the world, and there will be a time of persecution-for some brethren all over the world it is already happening, we are to respond with the Gospel. The Scripture tells me to not return ‘insult for insult;’ my own Savior suggests I turn the other cheek, past saints like Stephen and Paul suffered for the Gospel. Who am I, or, who are you, to desire that any should perish without first being given the opportunity to repent and receive Salvation. The people of these countries are crying out for a Savior. So let them come to Jesus Christ, Yeshua, the LORD. In the midst of these troubles, brethren, don’t forget we are to be Salt and Light. This is a Spiritual Battle and there is no doubt that the principalities are waging War-so put on the Full Armor of God and meet me on the battlefield ~on your knees~ without the full armor, you will not be equipped.