Superbowl 45 Trumps Egypt

All it took was one football game; albeit the Superbowl, and just like that coverage of Egypt is over. AlJazeera English was also adding to the Main Stream Media Blackout by covering the Egyptian elite unaffected by the political turmoil and death in the streets of Cairo. Rather than streaming live video of Anti-Mubarak protesters getting bandaged from violent and bloody clashes with Pro-Mubarak protesters AlJazeera English displayed video feeds of upper class Egyptians smoking and playing polo. The shift in focus was no less aimed to American viewership. Aljazeera showed that life was going on for others in Egypt. Displaying that the bloodshed and turmoil had no effect on the wealthy of Egypt reinforced their confidence in Mubarak and put forth a sentiment to American watchers that the Egyptian turmoil was coming to a close. Political talks failed over the weekend and the infamous Google Executive who spurred on the protests on January 25th was released from jail. Now the thunder has stopped rolling and Drudge Report has given the official kiss of death to Egypt Coverage:

Anderson Cooper doesn’t seem to be holding a grudge from being attacked in Cairo. He is covering Egypt today by doing an interview with ElBaradei.

To the Believer:

I guess Isaiah 19, 17, 18, Ps. 83, Ezekiel 38-39 will just have to wait. At least now there is more time to share the Gospel with boldness to the Lost in places like Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, and the US!

I like this following article it articulates the complexity of the events in Egypt, as well as lays out the proper intel that MSM (main stream media) will never let you know:

Making Sense of Chaos

by Northeastern Intelligence Network

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