National Emergency Alert System Test UPDATE 11.9.11

Included in the details of the Video:

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) will be conducting a Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test on November 9, 2011 beginning at 2pm eastern time. The test can last from 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length. As the video explains NOT ALL TV stations will be stating it’s a “Test” but you will hear it is “AN ALERT” that’s a big difference in semantics especially for people who have NO idea this test is coming. There are many people making speculations as to the ‘motivation’ behind this test. I will not state the obvious. go to… to read the FULL Public Service Announcement from FEMA

**Latest Update Nov.7, 2011 According to ‘Info Wars’ the Government is now aware that the general public have a “General Mistrust of the Government,” (no duh) and have “picked up” on the public’s heightened sense of mistrust over the #EAS test. As a result #FEMA has shortened the test to 30 seconds. It apparently also helped that Glenn Beck spouted about it on his radio show. I don’t listen to Glenn Beck or frequent Beck or Jone’s sites but obviously the Government does. Source Here: InfoWars (link is not an endorsement)

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