This is Irony: Brannon Howse Worldview Weekend exposing Newt Gingrich

Brannon Howse and Newt Gingrich, best of buds in this picture, and their paths cross often.

(The “No Spin Zone” for Christians)

Today’s Screen shot of Brannon’s site with several articles espousing to disseminate a false sense of alerting the masses to Newt’s connections.

More Trickery from the false Discernment Camps. Allusion of discernment to go with the false church.

Brannon knows people. And it’s always “Who you know.”

Jesuit Trained, Dr. Norman Geisler President and Founder of Veritas Evangelical Seminary, Author of the “Chicago Statement,” and former President, Founder of ISCA (International Society of Christian Apologetics).

A Thomist.


**Update** I was back over at Brannon’s Photo page and he removed his picture of him, Newt, and his (Brannon’s) wife! Awe, c’mon Brannon, like I wouldn’t notice? Well way to rewrite your history Brannon, you have a lot of cleaning ‘house’ to do then because ALL of your sites show your links to “Family” cohorts, Jesuits, and Dames. (2-27-12)


  1. Thank you , Thank you!!

    I once sent an email to World View Weekend stating my sadness and their growing self promotion (in a kind way of course). The first line of their reply was “Have you lost your mind…”

    Wow, that was when I knew…this just confirms my suspicions.

    1. I used to listen to Brannon on line and read his site (years ago). I had lovingly been challenged by a sister in Christ to consider not listening to Glenn Beck. I couldn’t understand her concern at first. I knew Glenn was Mormon, but I listened to him “for news only.” I prayed. The Lord showed me the danger of Glenn Beck. He got continuously more perverse to me, sounded more ungodly, and more ecumenical as I sought God’s will on whether or not to listen to Glenn Beck. I finally pulled away but in the meantime listened to Brannon Howse more. All of a sudden there was some controversy over Glenn Beck on Fox. Sponsors were pulling out trying to shut him down. Guess who came to Glenn Beck’s aid? Brannon Howse! He set up a “Save Glenn Beck site” and told his listeners he (and they/me) didn’t have to agree with his theology but could support his right to free speech. I agree about free speech, however we’re talking about a “Watchman” a “Christian” telling people, “join hands with Beck,” and I knew first hand the dangerous Ecumenical lingo and propaganda Beck was spewing. I emailed Brannon. His reply was presumptuous and unapologetic. He had no reservations even when I replied and asked, “how can you warn about Rick Warren yet promote a guy like Beck?” His reply was more of the same. I quit listening to Howse. Since then the Lord revealed all of Howe’s connections and their not good. Maybe I’ll have to put a post together on it Howse. Good job for testing the spirits! ! :-)

  2. Very sad like brannon but hes not really practising biblical separation. He wont address the calvanists like mike gendron and chris pinto

    1. You might want to add to your list the Calvinist Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeon was a 5 point Calvinist. Howse and the men he associates with quote men like Spurgeon, J.C. Ryle, MacArthur, Jonathan Edwards, A.W. Pink, James Boyce, and all of the Calvinist reformers that were responsible for the reformation.

  3. Do your research before posting. If people read your posts they would be led to believe it as truth. But not so. It was august of 2010 when Howse aired shows exposing Beck and warning Christians. It was a few months later that he changed many of his stances on politics and the direction of his show. I remember him taking John MacArthur to task. Not long after he repented and since often mentions his past errors. Howse has been more biblically focused rather than politically in recent years. Please do not be involved in miss-information. It does no one any good.

    1. It’s not misinformation, just because he recants after being busted as a hypocrite doesn’t make my post misinformation.

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