Glenn Beck’s New Mantra, “We’re ALL Catholics Now” (take a number Beck)

If it wasn’t enough that Baptist Preacher, former Republican Presidential Candidate, Mike Huckabee declared, “We Are All Catholic’s Now” at CPAC; now we have the world’s biggest cry baby rodeo clown vowing his allegiance to ROME.

This man has been accused of delusions of grandeur before, but now I think it’s safe to say that rather than dismiss this self-confessed Rodeo Clown, we take him seriously about who he is. He is a nobody. He is one of the many in the legion that works for Rome. He is a tool, a puppet, a marketeer, a symbol of Ecumenicism at it’s best (worst). He is a welcomed Christian brother although he adamantly professes his Mormon faith and that he’s “Not” one of “you” (Christians). I’ve spoken with a Baptist Pastor’s wife who swore, “Glenn Beck is a Christian.” I’ve pointed out that he himself does declare his faith in Mormonism and is really an ecumenical agent. “He’s so patriotic though!” and “He quotes Scripture!” My goodness children, have you not heard of Satan and his demons naming the name of Christ, they know who He is, even they fear Him, and Satan does know scripture by the way, that’s why he’s so good at twisting it and perverting it. I can’t begin to tell you the connections Glenn Beck has to Protestant faiths, of all flavors, and he’s been in Rome’s pocket long before this proclamation. What I want you to know is, Glenn Beck is leading you straight to ROME and he’s not even playing a pipe! You’re going with him willfully. If you are truly a regenerate Christian who fears the LORD above all else you owe it to yourself to Test the spirit of Beck and get a clue that he’s leading you to “another” God, “another Jesus,” and this is precisely the intention of Satan.

Faith: Beck Goes Global, Meets With Catholic Clergy & Int’l Tea Party Leaders in Rome

(absolutely not an Endorsement! GB site source)
“This weekend, The Blaze has confirmed that Beck flew from Miami to Rome, where he had meetings with prominent Catholic Church leaders. In addition to holding discussions with them about important religious freedom issues, Beck also met with individuals from various countries to discuss the creation of an international Tea Party movement.During his dialogue with Cardinals, Monsignors, Archbishops and other Catholic leaders, the popular host pledged support for the church, while also discussing ways in which members of various faith communities can join in solidarity against secular attacks against religion. As evidenced through his work, Beck has long encouraged people of all faiths to stand together — distinct and separate in their beliefs — but united in their support of everyone to practice those ideals without persecution.

Additionally, Beck met with Tea Party leaders from Rome, Serbia, Milan, Germany, Austria, and London, among other localities, to begin discussing an international coalition that is being headed by FreedomWorks. Reflecting the ideals held by peace and freedom proponents in America, the persons involved discussed their goals for an integrated global effort to champion Tea Party ideals.

Be sure to listen to his radio show on Monday, as Beck will be sharing all of the details surrounding his meetings with church leaders and international Tea Party groups, while also delving into his vision for a multi-faith coalition that stands in support of religious liberty. Additionally, throughout the upcoming week, The Blaze will provide ongoing information and follow-up reports that further explain what’s to come.

These meetings with Catholic leaders are the latest in a series of discussions that Beck has had with numerous faith leaders, including evangelical pastors and rabbis, among others. His efforts to connect with these theologically diverse individuals reflect his desire to bring adherents from various faith traditions together to support religious liberty here in America and abroad.

“We are not battling for the next election, we’re battling for the very soul of each of us and of our nation,” he recently proclaimed on GBTV.

Religious liberty is becoming an issue of great importance across the globe, as Christians, Jews, Muslims and other faith traditions grapple with an increasingly hostile clash with the atheist and “freethinking” community. Additionally, governmental policies are, in many ways, beginning to mirror secularist ideals that tend, in the views of many religious peoples and institutions, to threaten spiritual expression.”

Separate article: “As The Blaze reported on Sunday, Beck met with Catholic Church leaders to pledge his support for religious freedom, while exploring ways in which people from various faith traditions can coalesce to stand against ongoing assaults on religion.” Source: GB the Blaze (absolutely not an endorsement).

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An afterthought:

I know you’ve been lied to by FOX News and maybe even your pastor is under the guise that we are all being attacked because Catholics are being forced to provide Birth-Control which goes against their tenants, but I dare say this is not so. Here are my reasons

1) Obama is going to and probably had the intention the whole time to give the Vatican (Catholic Entities in the US) a pass on this “Health care mandate” just like he’s given passes to other institutions.

2) Obama has spoken at Georgetown and Notre Dame Universities (both Jesuit Schools–run by ROME *Correction only Georgetown is “Jesuit” Notre Dame was merely founded upon Jesuit principals see here: Notre Dame History.) He’s an agent of Rome and does what they ask.

3) Glenn Beck has visited ROME before this most recent visit and has been indoctrinated as well as one of their “agents of change.”

4) Glenn Beck has been Ecumenical, Heretical, and apostate for years, Rome wants him and has him on their side.

5) Using Beck and Huckabee to perpetuate this “idea” that all religious faiths are under attack to get all faiths to FULLY CONVERGE is the Goal of ROME.

6) Beck is used by many Protestant faiths –he is a liar– he’s not a Christian.

Has the Church gone mad? Do we fear Man? Do we not trust God? Do we believe it is the role of Government to protect us? Do we think we have rights to our bodies as Christians? Do we have the right to prosperity? What does the Bible say about these matters?

Matthew 10:28 “And fear not them who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

1 Corinthians 6:19 “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?”

2 Timothy 3:12 “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”

Romans 12


  1. Notre Dame is not a Jesuit institution. Your “article” is full of fallacious arguments, generalizations, and inaccuracies, of which your ND comment is just one. Those who are familiar with Jesuit education and ND find your ignorance laughable. Perhaps that is why no one really reads your site directly, but rather we stumble upon it via google searches and find it humorous.

    1. You are so correct! Notre Dame is not a “Jesuit” University. It’s Catholic and it was founded on Jesuit principals and teachings, here’s what Notre Dame’s “History” page has to say,
      “Early Notre Dame was a university in name only. It encompassed

        religious novitiates

      , preparatory and grade schools and a manual labor school, but its classical collegiate curriculum never attracted more than a dozen students a year in the early decades.

      Based on the ratio studiorum used by the Jesuits at St. Louis University, this curriculum included four years of humanities, poetry, rhetoric and philosophy, plus offerings in French, German, Spanish and Italian and various forms of music and drawing.”
      I’m sure all legitimate Catholic schools use Jesuit teachings. It’s not like Catholics mind so much the use of Jesuit thinking. I’m glad to have aided you in a light spirited laugh btw. Being Ignorant of Jesuit infiltration is actually good from my perspective. I have never purported to be an expert on all things Jesuit. Georgetown University is Jesuit so I was only half wrong. For someone who didn’t intend to read my site you certainly took to one minor aspect of this article. I must have hit a “Jesuit” nerve. You can move along then, seeing as you’re not interested in my blog. I don’t get paid for hits so that’s a good thing, since no one reads this site, I would have to keep a day job.

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