Chuck Missler Master of Deception: In his own words

This picture was taken from Koinonia House Institute’s Facebook page. Perhaps it’s an homage to Morpheus from the Matrix or it’s revelation that Missler (or whomever put this photo shop picture of him) sees himself as a “Master Manipulator.” There are those of us who have discerned his evil intent and we recognize his mastery of manipulation and disinformation, but it’s always better when the message comes from the mouth of the horse itself.

**Whatever you do, do not follow this man down any rabbit hole!

Pay Attention Sheep. He states he got briefed by the “CIA.” He alludes to the many “agencies” he’s worked for in the “past.” He gives false warnings and introduces a “member of the family” Avi Lipkin, who is not a believer in Jesus Christ. Research (Dennis) Avi Lipkin’s bio- read what’s there and what’s not there. Missler surrounds himself with kooks like Tom Horn and “ex” CIA, Mossad, IDF, FBI, Oil barons, Intelligence community guys, etc. And you should trust this man why? He introduces false prophets, fleeces the flock, and shares his “speakers” with other “ministries.” Chuck Missler, who had a 25 year relationship with Chuck Smith down at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa doing “bible studies,”(click on link scroll down to view Chuck Missler’s bio-this is not an endorsement) is also an international man with chop shops set up in Australia, Canada, Africa, the UK etc. Careful brethren, lest you fall into deception and apostasy right along with him.

(click to enlarge)

I just screen shot this pic of Chuck Missler’s bio over at Worldview Weekend, take a look. (Click to enlarge)

Chuck Missler pictured with “Family Member” Avi Lipkin, aka Dennis Avi Lipkin, aka Victor Mordecai.

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  1. Since Avi Lipkin (like anyone else) rejects Jesus as the Messiah, by definition he is an antichrist according to The Word Of God in

    1 John 2:22 – “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.”

    Avi Lipkin denies the Son, Avi is antichrist.

    Avi is also on Chuck Missler’s “Board of Regents”

  2. Many “pastors” have hosted Avi Lipkin and other Jewish “Intelligence” persons for the sake of tickling the ears of the sheep and leading them to believe that they (the pastor) care for Israel and the Jewish people. It’s a form of Zionism that is not flattering. We do have biblical mandates to support Israel, but not ignorantly or foolishly believe that there is not corruption and apostasy (non-belief) at every corner in the Jewish State of Israel. Avi purportedly was running for a seat in the Knesset, I would like to see some evidence of that. How are we supposed to know if he is doing what he says he’s doing. He mostly shows up to Christian pep-rallies and makes sure he points out his own disbelief in Messiah (I’ve heard him first person at prophecy conferences make statements that he DOES NOT believe as we Christians do). Woe to the shepherds who perpetuate this bait and switch job on the body of Christ.

  3. Below is an excerpt from Victor Mordecai (aka) Dennis Avi Lipkin’s website (this is NOT an endorsement)

    “Now that our team of lawyers has approved these principles, the second hurdle to be overcome is the registration of 100 Israeli citizens as founders of the party.

    Then the third hurdle is raising the funds necessary to pay the Knesset Election Committee’s fee for registering a new party. But you may now already begin to support us by mailing your checks to Advocate Calev Myers. I have pledged and remain committed to my promise that this party be submitted to the Knesset Elections Committee by December 31st, 2011.

    Here’s the information for contributions for the Bible Block Party in Israel

    Please make checks out to the order of:

    Advocate Calev Myers in Trust — Mifleget GAT
    Bank Hapoalim Ltd. #12
    Rehavia Branch, Jerusalem
    Branch #782
    Account #198082
    Swift Code: POALILIT

    An unlimited amount of contributions can be received legally before the registration of the party (hopefully in/by Feb 2011). After registration of the party in Israel’s Knesset, it will be forbidden to receive party funding from abroad. Only contributions of up to $2,000 per year per Israeli resident/voter will be allowed.

    Sincerely yours,

    Dennis Avi Lipkin/alias Victor Mordecai writing to you from Jerusalem, Israel.”(end)

    See also his old blogspot from 2008 which is asking for more money

    He’s been “speaking” at churches since 1990, returned in 1994, and has been asking for $Contribution$ for at minimum 4 years according to this blogpost and still DOES NOT HAVE A JUDEO/CHRISTIAN block party in the Knesset

      . hmm…maybe he’s just trying to make a name for himself, or a buck, or conditioning the “Christians” to support pre-eminate attacks on Muslim countries by spreading fear mongering and Zionist propaganda? who knows really?
      sheesh! Found another ghost site asking for money by Lipkin:
      This one is an article dated 2006 on Blogpost dated 2007 speaking of Avi Lipkin wanting to start a Christian/Judeo block party in the Knesset! Still not able to do it, after all the fundraising over the years???

      Last piece of Research for you– here is the Knesset list of all members, there is NO, Avi Lipkin or Victor Mordecai

    1. And yet this man is followed all over the world through internet, ect. He is very smart, and brings in false doctrine oh so quickly

  4. I appreciate a lot of what you are sharing here. I was wondering if you were aware and might correct some falsehoods regarding Brannon Howse…. Yes, he did has the site keep glen beck… when at first Glenn was only sharing “political” things on his show. Brannon did reverse course on Glenn though as he became more spiritual in nature and ecumenical. Also, the pics of Brannon with Newt are before this time when he started realizing what he was involved with. You said you stopped listening to him but since this time he has repeatedly removed articles, speakers and things that were promoting the things he used to be involved with on his site. He has called out many of these people. He readily admits that he was involved and thankful that God opened his eyes… we are all learning and growing. Thanks.

    1. I took those pictures off Brannon’s own site (pics of Brannon and Kirk Cameron and with Newt Gingrich). He has them posted, ask him to take them down if it bothers you. Many have made the declaration that Brannon has removed “some” if his dominionist teachings, however he has not removed all. This post is referring to Chuck Missler, not so much Brannon Howse. Brannon has other ties to a variety of false teachers besides Glenn Beck. (Look at Worldview Weekend again and who he promotes and whom he shares ministries with). I’ve had some come by and defend Brannon Howse due to Brannon using Christian J. Pinto. Brannon is using Pinto and Pinto is using Brannon as cover, don’t let them fool you. Keep digging. Look past my site, I’m not the only one who has warned.
      Here’s a quick snap shot of what I mean; here’s brannon’s own website where he sells Mp3’s (not an endorsement) and he’s still selling Tim LaHaye (CNP) and Kirk Cameron. Didn’t he just go through a whole fake expose on his longtime friend Kirk Cameron about the film Monumental, oh yeah he did, but he’s still selling Kirk, and this is not the only page he lists Kirk’s material for sell. I will let you find the other links that show Cameron for sale on WW

  5. I’m afraid you’re tilting at windmills Mr. Quiote… Chuck Missler is not a prophet. He has never pushed any non-bibical position, and he *CONSTANTLY* encourages people to follow the Bereans of Acts 17 and “search the scriptures” I don’t know what your beef with Calvary Chapel is, and I don’t much care. But for Chuck Missler, I have never met a more sincere follower of Jesus Christ. And I don’t believe there’s a biblical scholar with more in-depth knowledge of the Old Testament than Chuck Missler.

    1. I second that. Chuck has opened the scripture to me more than anyone else in over 30 years. He always challenges the listener to search the scripture. I have never heard him mention anything un-biblical and everything I have heard has only enhanced my knowledge of the scripture. And I love his scientific theories.

    1. With 190 IQ, Economic advisor to the Us Government, he quit a 6 digit income to join the ministry after he tried to disprove the Bible. He was part of the research with 60 or so other scholars that discovered the Bible Code. I attended his classes for three years and can testify and agree with the comments above “I second that. Chuck has opened the scripture to me more than anyone else in over 30 years. He always challenges the listener to search the scripture. I have never heard him mention anything un-biblical and everything I have heard has only enhanced my knowledge of the scripture. And I love his scientific theories.”.
      So just where are you getting your information? He has many ties with the scientific community as he is renown in DNA and scientific research along with being a top Bible scholar. The bottom line is your research is WEAK!

  6. So this site is for those who take the “blue pill”. Chuck Missler has led more people to the saving knowledge of Christ than everyone on this site combined. Carefull how you judge for the same ruler you judge with will to used against you.

    1. @purplemonk
      I’ve never heard Missler ever give his personal testimony let alone lead anyone to a saving faith in Christ. Missler’s shtick is selling Nephelim as UFO’s visiting earth, hyper-dimensional portals, Gematria as hard biblical fact when it is a pagan Kabbalist practice. If you can get Missler alone ask him to give his personal testimony. Sorry to burst your Missler bubble. Clearly if your his fan you aren’t seeking to hear that he’s in error.

  7. Come on guys, no matter how u think he is in error, his words and evidences of teaching proved otherwise. His personal choices and beliefs might affect his teachings and creadibility but most importantly, i believe he helped a lot, at least me, in defending the christean faith by way of apolegetics.

    1. @Elias, I would ask you to really think on what you said and rethink exactly what Missler has taught you. I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong in defending him, rather I’m going to ask you to truly “Test” him and what he’s teaching. Test his material, who he uses as sources, what he’s really saying about the bible and his interpretation of it. Test him with as much fervor as you would those you immediately object to or have been conditioned to object to. If these men are of good report they will withstand a testing. What I have found is that Missler’s propaganda doesn’t stand up to the word of God. but that’s me, and what I found. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      1. you are absolutely correct in his teaching does NOT stand up or square itself to scripture. No need to ever apologize for this so BOLDLY proclaim it with all the ‘authority’ we HAVE been given to make such judgments! The AUTHORITY of the Word!

  8. I am struggling to see any evidence thatChuck Missler is false. Any facts on the matter would be helpful. The Tim LaHaye being on his board is a concern indeed…

  9. N4TM Who are you? Why should we take anything you say is true? Where is your bio? Who have you worked for? What training have you had on the word of God? You know Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic? I don’t really think you have a clue. Please prove me wrong and keep me posted.

    1. I am no one. I have no bio. I don’t work for anyone. I’ve had no training or instruction in Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic. Who are you? Where is your bio? Who do you work for? When and how we’re you saved? How did you get to my blog? Thanks for your fingerprint, I mean comment.

      1. So, you have “no training or instruction in Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic”. How can you know if Chuck (or anyone else for that matter) is right or wrong?

        Well, I do have training (Master in Theology) and here are a few things I want to share:

        There are Dogmas, Doctrines, Teachings and Ideas…

        * Dogma wise, which defines if he is a Christian or not, there is NOT one single false statement you can find in his teachings (I have heard more than 700 mp3s from him). He preaches that Jesus is GOD, Death and Resurrection of Christ, Salvation by Grace thru Faith, Trinity, etc…

        * Doctrine wise, which defines if he is Calvinist, Armenian, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, etc, you may not agree with him, but he follows perfect biblical logic in what he teaches, so, NO false statement, when you take in consideration his line of Systematic Theology.

        * Teaching wise, which defines if is is conservator, liberal, modern, pentecostal, etc, again, if you belong to the same kind of church, NO false statement, as it is logical in his Theology.

        * Idea wise – here, I grant you that Chuck Missler takes some liberties and explore some controversial, to say the least, ideas… However, as he is the first to say it: “Don’t believe what I say”. He gives his opinion and it is up to you…

        You wrote: “Careful brethren, lest you fall into deception and apostasy right along with him”. Well Apostasy has to do with abandoning the Faith, and that is defined by your Dogmas.
        Ok, let’s see his <>, extract from his website:

        “The Bible is the very Word of God, is inerrant in its original autographs, and is fully and totally and uniquely reliable as the primary guide to all actions and commitments;

        That Jesus Christ is God Incarnate, became man to fulfill a destiny on our behalf, was crucified, buried, and bodily resurrected, is presently seated on His Father’s Throne, and will soon return to establish His Kingdom on the Planet Earth.

        That, in the meantime, the Holy Spirit is uniquely active in pursuing His mission in calling, equipping, and empowering believers, and is essential for any and all of the pursuits to be fruitful and effective.”

        Unless you disagree with the statement above, I really don’t understand why you will loose time writing a blog about him, accusing him of Apostasy if you don’t even have, by your own admissions “training” to know what Apostasy is…

  10. I’ve been watching Chuck Missler’s series on the Book of Revelation. Repeatedly, he states not to believe him just because he says it and to do your own research. He makes it clear that his presentation is his personal belief and even tells the listeners about other common beliefs regarding the matter at hand, why he disagrees, or even that such beliefs could be true.

    There are thousands and thousands of churches worldwide. Not everyone is going to agree on every little detail. Out of all the Bible related presentations I have ever seen, Chuck’s are by far the best in content and most detailed.

    Just because Chuck has relations with some of these guys that you seem to perceive as evil, says nothing about his faith and his ministry. Did not Daniel work for Nebuchadnezzar? And Joseph for the Pharaoh of Egypt?

    Chucks overall message is that the Bible is the Word of God and that the Word of God is Christ and that God sacrificed his Son to save us from our sin. He encourages everyone to do their “homework” as he likes to say because it is our own responsibility to know the Scriptures.

    I don’t necessarily agree with everything Chuck presents but he certainly inspires me to search out the scriptures to see what is true. Not once have I ever gotten the feeling that Chuck is out to deceive. In fact, it is quite clear that his message is people need to get serious and learn from their own firsthand study.

    You guys keep saying Chuck has false doctrine but fail to mention which doctrines he holds that are false.

  11. I am not going to blame shift or call anyone a false teacher even you N4TM. I will say this there is coming a great deception to this planet, if you do not know the truth you WILL be deceived.. GET READY, There’s a Train A Comin” God Bless the “Shock”

  12. Chuck Missler has inspired me to delve more deeply into my Bibld, and has done much to strengthen my relationship with Christ. His sermons are very relevant, and you can tell that he is sincere and that his life revolves around Christ. He makes it clear that he doesn’t want us to take his opinions as truth, but research it and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us to the truth. This does not sound like a man who is trying to spread lies. Your article sounds more like a personal attack on Chuck Missler than any actual proof he has done anything wrong (I saw no evidence at all in your article). Don’t purposely try to stir up contention in the church.

    1. I do not care enough about Chuck Missler to have a “personal” vendetta against him. He is teaching from extra biblical texts. He quotes from gematria, midrash, apocryphal texts, physicists who deny Christ, etc. The Holy Spirit should be stirring you to be close to Christ and understand God’s Word. Prophecy is great and teaches us God’s intentions with how things will be. Don’t be so vain to chase after that wind solely. Don’t let a preference for that topic cloud your judgement, or tickle your ears. Do check His sources. Continue to research him. There are a great many people who warn on him. I’m not stirring contention; you just don’t know as much about the man as the rest of us.

  13. How is Chuck Missler a deceiver?
    If you think he is one, then show the deception.
    Allegations to his background or whom he shows up in public at times, holds no merit to the case.
    The fact that Avi Lipkin is a moron wrapped in a sulking boring weep, does not justify the claim that Missler is a deceiver.
    The fact that a disgusting individual like Lipkin has been invited to so many churches to speak does not tell anything about a singled out individual. In fact this phenomenon is a problem within the church of Jesus, a good part of which spends vast amounts of energy into thinking ot blaming Israel or even by not understanding the Bible correctly and finding Israel in it as was meant to be shown. We are at the end of days and this is a fact.
    This claim, however bold it may sound, is simply based on the word of God and it’s simply a fulfillment of His prophecies, for everyone who wants to see them.
    Personally, i have many objections on what Missler claims, but i have never thought of him as a deceiver. So this seems to be the same old blame game.
    What a good christian would do is take the bible and challenge Missler.
    I don’t agree on the gap theory, but that doesn’t make me think Missler is a liar. – aren’t we all? But Jesus has solved this problem once and for all, and we have the Holy Spirit that guides us in the Truth. And i think Missler is on to a lot of things and not rarely i have found myself listening to his teachings (although with some major objections), i still get the feeling i have known those things forever; it’s like a kind of remembrance rather than learning something new. But that he associates himself with people someone would not approve, means absolutely nothing. Jesus associated with such people… but people still find it hard to give Jesus a little credit or deem possible the chance that He could save even people from the intelligence agencies or other fields of life like Missler’s…
    Why don’t you start a healthy christian debate (bearing in mind that Chuck is your brother) rather than attack somebody’s PHD or personal status… Peter didn’t have a PHD, or a wider curriculum vitae than that of a fisherman. Yet any of you would be lucky to have known Jesus even half as well.
    I pray for brother Missler. Right or wrong, attacks can come even from within the church.

      1. The thing is that you know full well in advance what the source is. And it is always quoted.
        Also, it is not that everybody will catch the point the same way. It is intended for an audience that belongs to the elect group of people that truly study the bible thoroughly to the word detail or that of an iota. But that at least have favoured themselves into “wanting to know” these truths.
        We have to call for an awakening of the masses. The time IS clicking and the counter is every second one click closer to the end.
        But at least we have to be fair not just Internet thugs. (Check on the definition and etymology of this – – the Indian thuggies, the bloodiest misanthropic cult in history of mankind).
        And chuck is the kind of guy that will accept total failure in demonology by finding so little info in the bible, rather than quoting extra biblical texts to make the discourse more colorful. Nahmanadies, for example , is mentioned to stun you along with a scientific claim of a multidimensional universe and that his writings on this are pure extrapolation or conclusions on biblical texts. If he was wrong, he was wrong and that concludes it. Like it did for me.
        So I don’t see what this is all about. What about chuck?

      2. This blog has spoken. This is not a place to “defend” a man, a personality. If you want to join the chorus of trolls that visit here to defend him than so be it. You need to find another blog to troll though. Go away.

  14. Dude, by deleting a comment you’re not at all gaining anything. Not even a microscopic credit on what you’ve decided to title this.
    I know that everyone can have a personal blog where they can express themselves and feel like god… but that’s only in your mind. Just like the idea that missler is a deceiver. Only in your mind. Very sad. Hey, but you can silence everybody you don’t like in your little universe, imagine that.

  15. “These things doth the Lord hate:yea seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue
    and hands that shed innocent blood,
    An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations,

  16. Posting opinions like this without fact sets up one for litigation quite easily. With that said ill be sure to pass this disinfo on to Chuck.

  17. It is so sad to see Christians spreading so much hate over the internet. Chuck missler lifts up the name of Jesus. If we feel there is error, then we need to pray for him, not slander him. God knows his heart, you don’t. I think about myself and how unworthy i am. Thank you Lord for forgiving me. Proverbs 11:9 With his mouth the godless man would destroy his neighbor, but by knowledge the righteous are delivered. Ephesians 4:31-32 Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. if only Christians could understand this. We are called to love, not slander people.

    1. I did not slander Mr. Missler. I did not make anything up. I did not lie. Seek the Lord in knowing who Missler really is before you accuse me of slander.

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