Courageous or Driven

“In 1998, a friend from Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia, invited Alex to share his video skills at a Christian summer camp. Alex’s creative energy caught the attention of Sherwood’s senior pastor, Michael Catt, who was reshaping Sherwood using Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Church as a guide.”

Source: Purpose Driven Connection (not an endorsement-emphasis mine)

Michael Catt, says “My pet peeve is:
Churches that operate in the flesh, and pastors who compromise the Word to be accepted.”

Ironic statement considering Catt utilized Purpose Driven Church to “grow” his church but ok…

It appears Michael Catt’s application of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Church helped surge his fledgling movie production group, soon after the movie Flywheel “support” in the form of checks came flooding in for the next projects. The following is from the same article quoted above:

“The film company still prayed on the set and still maintained the volunteer feel of a community project. But to market this movie, Michael Catt decided to host two screenings of Fireproof, each with a total of 4,000 pastors and their wives, at the annual Southern Baptist Convention in Indianapolis. “Those are 4,000 megaphones that go out and say, ‘I just saw this movie,’ ” he says. Provident’s PR machine then kicked in, and more than 250 similar screenings followed, with an average audience of 500. “It feels like there were a million people,” Catt says. And it paid off big-time.

From all over the country, requests for advance copies of the movie came cascading into the little church in Albany, Georgia. Everyone wanted to show the movie to their groups. Catt told them they had to wait until September.

And so it was that Fireproof came roaring into 839 theaters on September 26, 2008, ranking No. 4 in box-office sales nationwide, blowing past such multimillion-dollar releases as Miracle at St. Anna and Choke, holding on to earn $33 million at the box office, and finishing as the No. 1 indie feature of 2008.

Booksellers, meanwhile, started being flooded with requests for copies of The Love Dare, which was little more than a blank-paged prop in the movie. Demand was so strong that the Kendrick brothers had to sit down and write it in a hurry. Published by B&H Group of Nashville, the book came out October 12 and spent the next three months jumping back and forth between No. 1 and No. 2 on The New York Times best-seller paperback advice list.

Sherwood does not discuss its share of movie income. But executive pastor Jim McBride does point out that after theater owners, distributors, advertisers, promoters, and others take their cut, there is a lot less left for the church than one might expect. Even so, he says, there has been enough to help pay down debt for Sherwood’s Generations campaign, an outreach program aimed at youth. Included is a new $5 million sanctuary and a $4 million sports park open to the public. It features tennis courts, jogging trails, fishing ponds, horse stables, baseball diamonds, and a bright white 10-story-high cross.” Source Purpose Driven Connection same article used above (not an endorsement)

Rick Warren is on all accounts not a standard on godliness in my opinion. He’s sold out, whether or not he ever was a regenerate Christian I have no idea. I’ve done extensive posts on him over the years and simply don’t bother with him anymore because it’s like pointing out the obvious. He’s a wolf in wolf clothing not sheep’s clothing. So, Michael Catt desired to become more like the Mega-Church Saddleback, he definitely has achieved great success and notoriety among fellow Mega Pastors, he even has his own “honorary Doctorate degree.”

Southern Baptist Convention.(Rick Warren and Michael Catt share the bond)

From Michael Catt’s bio:

OTHER MINISTRY INVOLVEMENT: Michael served as the President of the 2008 Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference, representing over 42,000 churches. He has spoken at conferences, colleges, seminaries, rallies, camps, NBA and college chapel services, well as The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove. He was also honored to be the sole Southern Baptist representative at a small group meeting with President George W. Bush in the oval office in 2002.
Michael has served the Southern Baptist Convention as an IMB Trustee, President of the Georgia Baptist Convention’s Preaching Conference and as Vice President of the Georgia Baptist Convention. He is currently a Regent at the University of Mobile. He has served as a Life Coach for other ministers under John Maxwell’s ministry. He is the recipient of The Martin Luther King Award, The MLK Unity Award and a Georgia Senate Resolution in recognition of his work in the community and in racial reconciliation.” Source: (not an endorsement)

Why am I addressing Michael Catt?

Many Christians are hurting out there. There are significantly more problems in ones life than to worry about a Mega Pastor’s connections to wolves like Rick Warren. It is precisely this reason, Christian’s and their personal life problems, that propelled the makers of these Christian movies. Many “Christian” production companies feel that Christian movies are a “ministry.” I don’t know that Jesus and the apostles would have used the mediums we have available to us if they were around today, certainly I take advantage of this medium to warn others of the dangers of false prophets, etc.. The most recent movie pumped out by Michael Catt, Courageous, has done very well for itself. I hesitantly watched it. I had watched Fireproof, and Facing the Giants and was not impressed by the acting ability of the actors although the plots were pretty benign and were designed to make one ‘feel good’ for watching and spending money on a “Christian” movie as opposed to a “heathen” movie (as if there is much difference nowadays). I had read the warnings on Courageous and the links to the Patriarchal movement, I know about the dominionist theology thread weaved in, but I had no idea that this “Catt” was connected to Rick Warren. There are people who watch these movies and it does not affect them, they continue with their lives and go on to the next craze. There are others however who buy it, hook-line-and sinker, and become obsessed with passing off the movie and the book as a means of ministry. This should NEVER be so with any book or movie, save the Bible! This is precisely our dilemma and propensity as humans is to be lead astray into other things, and by false Christs no less (Rick Warren Whatever you do don’t begin to “lift up” books and movies with however awesome a story line you think it is, because if it’s made on this side of heaven with a PR group it’s probably wrought with issues. Use your God given ability to discern, look into these things. Just stay on your toes, because the deception is only going to get more complicated and harder to decipher the greater the apostasy grows.


  1. Sony got on board this church’s efforts huh? (their Provident division)

    Sony is a dark bird, and even the likes of Michael Jackson wanted nothing to do with them, and had, in fact, begun to expose them for the evil entity that they are, some years before his untimely death. He saw the instrument of death and destruction they were to the artists they made famous. Do we need any OTHER reasons to have nothing to do with them? Hm, they’re friendly toward the Christians…

    See what these seem to indicate:

    And there’s a line in the article you gave a link to that caught my eye. It says a lot in a few words:

    “Pastor Catt wanted to find a balance of worship, discipleship, fellowship, ministry, and evangelism—and hoped one day he could take the gospel to the world.”

    And hoped ONE DAY (SOMEday) to take the gospel to the world???

    Yes, this is the recipe that Rick Warren has given every pastor to follow. By all means, line up those “five fundamentals” first, the ones that Warren spelled out, and bring them into “balance” before you ever dare to share the Gospel with anyone. (Silence, as Ilet that sink in.)

    And the frequent references to “people of faith” — what’s THAT supposed to mean? I suppose it means whatever we want to think it means. But really, what does it mean?

    This is the language of the manipulators behind the New World Order system that satan is busily bringing into being. It’s in the interest of bringing everyone “of faith” together that entities like SONY show an interest in helping produce works for “people of faith”. The intended purpose is actually to lead everyone, Christians and all other “people of faith”, into a unity that is anything but godly in intent or purpose, as this age winds down to an end.

    THIS is evidence of the conditioning and manipulation aimed at churches to deceive them to become part of the prescribed communitarianism of the New World Order.

    We have to ask ourselves, what would lead tremendously secular business entities into a full-on embrace of these films? Could it be they see no harm whatsoever in helping to produce these films because the “faith” portrayed in them is of the manipulatable type (that’s a mouthful) since it is not really anchored in the Gospel of Jesus Christ at all, but in a feel-good “gospel” of morality and do-goodism? — fitting folks for the new communitarianism, uniting everyone around the theme of “the common good”, thus moving society along an appointed path leading to the embrace of the New World Order system of things?

    Even Michael Jackson recognized the evil inherent in power-houses like SONY. It’s the dumb SHEEPLE, the professing “people of Christ” who can’t see through the “fun house” mirrors placed in front of them to recognize deception and compromise in the making.

    Sure, says SONY, make as many movies as you want! We’ll HELP you… (???) and no one blinks an eye.

    You brought up (or someone brought up) the question of Jesus and His disciples, the Apostles, using a medium like film for enhanced story-telling. My thought is, and very heavily so, that Jesus is referred to in scripture as THE WORD OF GOD for a reason. He came before the advent of cameras, and motion picture equipment. He came “at the appointed time”, scripture tells us.

    Filmmaking brings with it a tremendous ability to manipulate the audience, when you consider how moods are affected by music, and lighting, and timing, and voice inflection… I think it would a most inappropriate means of communicating truth HONESTLY to people, without the slipping in of sneaky effects and well-researched means of mental conditioning and emotional manipulation. A movie is as much an experience as it is a means to tell a story. People sit down and indulge in a sensory experience. It is not a pure medium for delivering truth to people, but is a very subjective tool.

    To equate JESUS, the WORD OF GOD, as finding the use of film benign, or even useful (now, I’m not speaking to you, here, but to the readers at large), is a demonstration of shallow thinking. Today’s “church”, today’s “christian” thinks that he is doing God a service by, through the medium of films, creating outreach tools — on par with the WORD OF GOD — or even BETTER than the WORD OF GOD.

    Man, I’m just seeing where the spirit of Purpose Driven is taking the churches. It’s making them a perfect setup for carefully crafted deception leading to delusion.

  2. I have 2 things to say…

    1….the love of money…”christians” are a “market”

    2….books, movies, speakers…all designed to separate people from the Word of God…where the truth, the way, the (real) life…are to be found!

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