The Network: Discernment/Deception Broad is the way

I must preface this piece with a disclaimer and a warning; first of all I must let you know that any discernment group or organization mentioned hereafter is not being attacked personally. I am not here to make enemies, I am here to call into question affiliations and discrepancies as I see them and obviously I do not expect any in the aforementioned to respond or give an account to me, you could say the questions are rhetorical in nature and are meant to elicit critical thinking in the reader if nothing else at all is accomplished. Second, a warning to those who are attempting to instigate or lure me out, I do not count myself worthy of such attention but if you should be trolling around seeking to devour and lay blame at my feet for exposing conspiracies that no one in the “Networks” would ever expose than truly you’re wasting your time. I do not write for anyone, I am not part of any organized group of “discernment” ministry, I do not have a P.O. Box and various ghost sites soliciting money for fake “ministries.” I do not travel the world or speak throughout the country and thus have no need of “love offerings.” I have no “fan” base, I have nothing but time and prerogative and if I see something I’m going to say something, isn’t that what “The State” wants anyway? I understand controlled opposition. I understand the modus operandi of those who elicit even those of us who are unconnected to the game and try to wield us like puppets. Since I am aware of some of the controlled opposition’s tactics I exert the right to start and stop, gain reflection, seek God’s guidance in all things, and above all; live my life to the best of my ability applying God’s grace and affection toward me, a wretch, who has been given a gift of eternal life through Christ Jesus.

The Network: A lily pad?

I have been looking back recently; researching old connections amongst the brethren, trying to ascertain how far back they go and also to find lost pieces of history that often get buried on the ‘internet’ because history is often being rewritten. This morning I found an old site called (Irvinellis), this site is called “End Times Journal” on it’s face page. It’s director is Irvin W. Ellis, he’s Canadian. This old out dated unattended (ghost) site is said to have begun in 1999 and appears to have had active journals through 2001/3 but has nothing new on it. It also says it is an extension of Understand The Times (UTT) a ministry of Roger Oakland.

“A few days ago while I was thinking about deception, an illustration I once heard came to my remembrance. Every “lily pond” begins with a single “lily pad.” The first leaf that appears on the pond usually is quite inconspicuous. This single original “mother pad” divides and becomes two. The two pads then divide to become four, the four become eight, the eight divide to become sixteen, and the process continues until eventually the entire pond is covered. The point that is being made here is quite simple. Notice before the very last division of the lily pads, the pond is only half covered. The single pad that was once inconspicuous has now become much more significant. As we can see, the process of covering the pond did not happen at a linear rate. The pond was covered by a process we call a geometric progression. The paradigm shift that has taken place within Christianity over the past several decades has occurred in the same way that lily pads cover a pond.” Roger Oakland- “What’s happening in the Church Today, End Times Journal 1999 vol.1 No.1” (site used as reference not an endorsement)

He was meditating on “deception,” and allegorically applied the lily pond, infected as it were, by one lily pad. There are key words in this small excerpt that stand out to me as well as questions. My first question would be, Where and/or whom did you hear the illustration of a lily pad, is this a common mathematical allegory or was this an implanted memory? Second sentence, the first leaf of the lily pad is “often inconspicuous?” Really, is this an assertion or an opinion? If we stay with the theme of using the lily pad scenario and apply it to spiritual matters, is this “mother pad” (sentence three) the Roman Catholic Church? How inconspicuous is the RCC? Truly the first leaf would be Mystery Babylon, the epicenter of all abhorrent pagan religions, correct? The “mother pad” divides into two, maybe that is where we see Babylon and Rome? The two become four, could we be jumping ahead to Greece, Alexander the great? See the Book of Daniel. The following keeps multiplying however Oakland uses the term “dividing.” Maybe I’m a total ingoramous in math, but we’ll leave the math to the smart people. The pond is covered by a “process we call a geometric progression,” who is “we” in this statement? Is the ‘we’ a reference to people in general who all know about Geometric Progression or those who are purposely blanketing the church with deception, or the ones who are assisting in this article? Lots of questions when I see someone referring to ‘we’ in an article that is supposedly written by one single person. (1+1 (n)= we) Last sentence in this excerpt, “The paradigm shift” that has taken place within Christianity over the past several decades has occurred in the same way…” Ok, first off the use of “Paradigm shift” is alerting, I guess to Roger Oakland who had at this point already done extensive study in terminology of New Agers is not bemused by throwing this lingo in whenever it suits, but for me it struck a chord. Then the term, “within” Christianity is mentioned, this to me indicates that he knows there’s a deception taking place “within” the body and it’s purposeful not an accident, not undetermined in its goal, but mathematically evident and while the church is Dividing, the deception is able to multiply.  Keep in mind this article was written in 1999 (so we are told). Prior to this article, in 1997, another collaborative effort was made via Reel Productions.

Another Piece of the Network

A movie entitled, Countdown to Eternity, directed by Jim Tetlow, staring: Chuck Smith, Dave Hunt, Chuck Missler, Roger Oakland and Bill Gallatin was made in 1997, produced by Eternal Productions founder Jim Tetlow head of Harpazo Network (the Harpazo Network has mysteriously disappeared, or been Harpazo’d, I wonder if Missler was involved?). The boys club put together this highly ‘factual’ account of the impending doom of our last days based on the current hysteria and calamity that was befalling the late 1990’s. I’ve watched the first half of this film, via YouTube, and it’s telling that the script hasn’t diverged much since the inception. The crux of the message has maintained its initial steam and that is; to use the headlines of the day, “to apply” them to Scripture, and use them to illustrate that we are in the Last Days. You could justly stop me here and say, “Isn’t that what N4TM claims to do?” Granted, I learned from the best, I was a dubious follower of many of these people I’m now exposing. I was once receiving newsletters from: Missler, strategic trends alerts, UTT, LHT, Prophecy News Watch, Moriel Be Alert, Worldview Weekend Alerts,  and I’m sure others I can’t think of at the moment because it’s been so long since I’ve been a subscriber to anyone! Now rather than try to “apply” the headlines and see how they apply to scripture I am trying to provide information, discern information, and not be blinded and brainwashed by the spin doctors both in and out of the church, but -I digress. As I watched Roger Oakland and Chuck Smith assert with such conviction that the depletion of the ozone layer and the resulting increase in Skin Cancer was proof positive that Revelation 16:8-10 was coming to pass through this tangible means I couldn’t help but realize three things, (1) they really believe what they are saying (at the time), (2) they continue to blindly state the obvious and convolute it to scripture today, and (3) they truly corrupted the scriptures to illustrate Ozone Layer Depletion + Skin Sores = Last Days. Here we are back to simple math, it’s where I’m best so I will stick to basic arithmetic. The portion of scripture being referenced are the fourth and fifth bowl judgments. Correct me here if I am wrong but these bowls follow the revelation of Anti-Christ, the worship of the Beast, the mark of the beast being taken and conversely according to All those involved in this video who believe that the Rapture has already occurred, why or how could skin cancer be a mark of the Last Days especially since the whole church is still left on the planet to see these bowl judgments they are referencing to use that we are in the last days (circa 1997)!? Do you see the logic? The simple math does not add up, or rather it does, its summation is this; these men are either fool hearted and are so in love with the Lord that they cannot discern that they are twisting scripture because they desire so desperately for Christ’s return, or they know exactly what they are doing, what they are saying, are being told by the first leaf (mother pad) on what to say and throughout the years have done little in terms of changing their false prophecies and false statements other than applying ‘Current’ news events to match their flawed reasoning of the last days. I found this also, I am not sure if this has anything to do with the video Countdown to Eternity 1997, but it’s a book of the same exact title co-authored by Chuck Missler and Woody Young; Countdown to Eternity, 1992. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the video, especially since the book illustration looks exactly like the original film version cover art and Chuck Missler is also in the video, I’m positive it’s coincidence. (see below for pics)

*Jim Tetlow, director/producer/founder of Eternal Productions has also produced other videos staring Roger Oakland: Queen of All and Messages from Heaven. Here is a site that still mentions the Harpazo Network and Jim Tetlow, however the has been harpazo’d from the internet. (Links NOT an endorsement-as always)

False Assertions via Current DVD’s continue

By looking back one can determine that what we see now at present day is newly gift wrapped old claims and false prophecies in HD format. If you thought the Network stopped making movies in 1997 you’d be dead wrong. Remember the Left Behind series? There are untold tentacles in the production world that pump out sensationalist movies that the END IS NEAR and it doesn’t take much investigating to find them. For instance, I started with Countdown to Eternity, look at the production company from that initial movie, it leads you to new ghost sites, then look at other movies (Docudrama’s they are called in some circles) and look at the production companies there, check out the directors, the “actors” or “expert speakers,” and see what you will find, a vast network of organized minions working around the clock disseminating falsities. Caryl Matrisciana is another member of the Network. She and her husband have been around for decades. Caryl’s husband Pat Matrisciana has been playing all sides of the game. He is a producer of film both secular and non-secular. Pat has ties to CIA and other notorious elk like Tim LaHaye. It is no wonder that Caryl is in the same business as her husband. She is supposedly a ‘former’ cult follower of yoga. I state supposed because when someone’s early years are not recorded and we are simply told this information and expected to believe it in my opinion it is questionable. Caryl Matrisciana co-authored Roger Oakland’s book, “The Evolution Conspiracy,” 1991(forward by Hal Lindsay). Caryl and Pat Matrisciana (Jeremiah Films) have been dear close friends of Roger Oakland, or at minimum constant friends through the decades and have helped produce and sell his various DVD’s. Pat Matrisciana produced the film version of Evolution Conspiracy: A quantum Leap into the New Age in 1988. Caryl and Roger’s most recent venture being, “Wide is the Gate,” a revamped and updated (factual) account of the apostasy gripping the church and why we’re in the last days type of video. Caryl has had an interesting life, her bio speaks volumes (not an endorsement). Wide is the Gate volume 2 includes the following speakers:

ABOUT THIS DVD: 5 PARTS – 40 MINS EACH: Experts interviewed by Caryl Matrisciana for WIDE IS THE GATE VOLUME 2 include Eric Barger, Jason Carlson, Mike Gendron, Sarah Leslie, Jan Markell, Tom McMahon, Johanna Michaelsen, Brenda Nickel, Roger Oakland, Chris Quintana, Warren Smith, Ray Yungen, Paul Wilkinson and others.

Nothing Personal (referring to disclaimer and warning in preface)

Notice all the names of experts and how often you will see them endorsing one another, sharing pulpits and conferences, selling each others books, DVD’s, etc. This is a Network my friends that goes deep and wide, “Broad is the way,” and this is the main reason you will never see them truly exposing one another. This is not even the tip of the iceberg. If the Network exists start to ask yourself some key questions. Do the research and see if these people are or are not truly interwoven with one another. Whether or not some started out for the good and were turned is not the point if they are in fact turned already, because they truly have to know that they are working for someone/thing and ultimately when Mammon is behind much of the motivation how can the perpetuity of truth really be claimed?

This post was inspired by the new version of history, Let there be Light, because there was once an original book, Let there be Light, Roger Oakland and Dan Wooding 1993 (with forward by Chuck Smith).
Now you have to find out who Dan Wooding is…

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  1. You know what is interesting about exploring the “network” or what I have called the Spider web, is how many all have worked with each other going so far back. Even in research Calvary Chapel, you wonder if a new guy can even get in the “old boy network”, when they have so many “top preachers’ knocking around from the start of it all in the 60s and 70s. That really makes you wonder. When one looks at conferences, one sees the same names invited over and over, even with the movies and more. With Tetlow, I liked his “Messages from Heaven” movie but yes, it has some of these other guys in it. As I see it, you leave one “trap” [aka The Roman Catholic church] and Satan sets another to get you into a false apostate evangelical church. Many times I have spoken of the multiple layers of deception they have set up. Caryl Matrisciana I wrote about here.

    With the lilypad talk, one thing I think that has helped me over the years, is from my time in the UU, I was hearing the New Age esoteric ‘new speak” by the late 80s. That new world order nexus church was basically practice time for things they would bring into other churches. What should one think when a supposed Christian preacher talks like a fractal fanatic? [the Lilypads breaking off from one another]. “Geometric progression” is another name for fractals.

    When I heard certain LINGO, that is the best way I can describe it, to me it raises a huge RED FLAG. Remember in this world, too many depend on the EXPERTS FOR INFORMATION. While we may have limited knowledge and our own limitations to contend with, too many people just take what they are told for granted without analyzing it or praying to God about anything. Many people take for granted that such things are based on “science”, forgetting that much within science is THEORIES and not everything is PROVEN. Now the fractal stuff is related to CHAOS THEORY.

    Now lest you think this is all pure materialist science, realize the connection in the NEW AGE MOVEMENT with Chaos Theory.

    One thing too, when I ponder the “network” is I know, they have geniuses running their show, they know how to influence, they know psychology, they know how to influence minds, and control information. I have realized since doing my blog to what extent. Like you I am just an ordinary person, no fancy volunteers or editors to help me with the blog, at this point I am just going to keep sharing what I am led to, and pray for God’s leading, but it is tough out there. There are names I never wanted to see cropping up on these lists, that’s for sure. While there are surely some sincere folks who got co-opted or didn’t realize who they were associating themselves with, ever wonder how come no one else has “figured” out these deceptions even so called “Bible teachers” of 30-40 years? I guess the only conclusion one can come in some of the cases is that they are “in” on it and many are “knowing” deceivers.

    I recognized much esoteric talk wtih Missler from the get-go that concerned me. I also think about the Lilypads, and CELL DIVISION, as talked about in this article:

    Dan Wooding’s websites.

    He writes on a lot of Lausanne connected events

    In fact Lausanne is one main focus of ASSIST NEWS….

    More here:

    Lausanne articles:

    1. Thanks for all the added links for the people, I was kinda hoping they’d do their own research but this is kind of a kick start. So the lily pad thing has to do with fractals huh, interesting. Dan Wooding is highly connected to Billy G. Also, one should look into how assist news got started. Dan and others control what gets reported in the “Christian” news circles. Just like Joseph Farah, he’s one of many that control images in “independent”news. People need to realize the deception is IN all levels, take Oakland’s own words, the pond is covered!

  2. Depletion of the ozone layer! LOLOL!!

    Did you know, that the reason there is ozone at the caps of the earth, is because no trees grow there? It’s been that way since the flood. The whole “ozone layer” thing was a hoax from the beginning, started by the “worship mother earth” crowd.

    I didn’t know that Chuck Smith fell for it, but I’m not surprised. I heard him years ago state how the world will self-destruct due to these kinds of things, and that we were right on the edge at that time. Well, we’re still here all these years later, and nothing has changed. What remains the same is, that the Lord Jesus Christ can return at any time, but we don’t know when, and creating hysteria over it, isn’t what Jesus said was to be the reaction. He says in Matthew 24 to fear not, if we belong to Him.

    Revelation will come to pass just as stated. And surely there are stepping stones to get there, gradual since the populace will naturally rebel against the stepping stones. And you can be sure that the ozone layer isn’t one of the stepping stones. Unless you count falling for the deception about it, a stepping stone.

    1. Yes, and he said it without hesitation! Roger Oakland as well stated that the Ozone layer and skin cancer were proof “that we are in the last days.” It sounds very ironic, does it not, that the video actually quotes Al Gore’s book not the one we all know, An Inconvenient Truth, but another one, “Earth in the Balance, 1992.” And today we have people especially in the Religious Right section who attack Al Gore, attack Environmentalists who claim that there is global warming. I can think of one author and a whole subsequent counter-movement that spring-boarded off to further polarize the people, it’s called: “Resisting the Green Dragon.” This group of “experts” and “pastors” including Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills:
      David Barton, WallBuilders
      Dr. Michael Farris, Home School Legal Defense Assn.
      Bryan Fischer, American Family Association
      Pastor Jack Hibbs, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
      Bishop Harry Jackson, Hope Christian Church
      Dr. Richard Land, Southern Baptist ERLC
      Tom Minnery, Focus on the Family
      Dr. David Noebel, Summit Ministries
      Janet Parshall, National Radio Host
      Tony Perkins, Family Research Council
      Dr. Frank Wright, National Religious Broadcasters
      Wendy Wright, Concerned Women for America
      All these “men and women” who are apart of the Interdenominational Ecumenical Organization known as “Cornwall Alliance,” they are as it were a new version of “Joel’s Army” deployed to contradict all science that says anything about environmentalism. See how they turn so easily. In 1997, via the movie Countdown to Eternity, they quote Al Gore and USE the science of the day,and the fear mongering aspect that holes in the Ozone is a sign of God’s wrath, then years later when Christ has not yet returned as they had (falsely) predicted, then they turn the other way and say the science was wrong and so and so is evil. All the while never confessing their own sin nature in date setting and sensationalizing for the sake of selling a VHS, DVD, BOOK, and selling out conferences! It’s all about Mammon with these guys, follow the money as they say and it’ll lead you to who they really work for. People need to come out of their stupor and realize this “Network” ergo the “web of deceivers” play all sides, that means they are the Pastor who claims to be “covering” his sheep while he’s fleecing, and they are the “Discernment” ministries who claim to be watchman on the walls while they allow the enemy to come in from behind to destroy. (adding a pic of Al Gore’s book to this post)

  3. WOW!!

    I remember seeing that video and remembering thinking “why are they were using Al Gore’s book in a positive way?”.

    You know the words “Let there be light” is a HUGE Masonic slogan.

    I captured about 25 images of Masonic stuff (signs, rings, etc) that have those words on them.

    Just Google images “Masonic”+”let there be light” and see for yourself.

    Makes me wonder.

    1. I haven’t done the cross search on “Masons” and the term “Let there be Light” but a simple google search with “Let there Be Light” and “New Age” +/- “Kabbala” +/- “Mysticism” gives this finding under Kabbala and Let there be Light: “As discussed in previous chapters, Kabbalah explains that Divine creative energy, originally emanating in the ten utterances found in Genesis, is configured in the shapes of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet as it flows down the chain order of creation.

      Each letter of the Aleph Bet represents a certain configuration of energy which when combined can create the physical form.

      This explains the speech metaphor used in creation, “And G-d said, Let there be light.” G-d created through the ten utterances which were enumerated in the first chapter of Genesis. The speech metaphor is not a mere anthropomorphism, but according to the Kabbalah is exact. When G-d said, “Let there be light,” it represents a condensation and contraction of infinite energy into the combination of the letters Aleph, Vav, and Reish, which constitute the word “Or” (light). The letters Aleph, Vav, Reish contain all the creative Divine energy to create physical light. This knowledge of creation through letters was known to Adam, who named all the creatures through perceiving their spiritual source and ascribing to them a name which describes the flow of creative energy into them.” (End quote. Source:
      Roger Oakland’s career was said to be one of a man who taught Science and believed in only science not God. Then he came to know Christ and began studying New Age and its infiltration into the Churches. Somehow he met Chuck Smith and was asked to come work for him. Right at this point is critical, if Roger was a sincere believer at this point he was “taken under” by the CC system and they used him from this point on, keeping him distracted in one area of research so as to keep him from finding out who he was working for. OR, this is a big “OR,” Roger was not an ordinary person and he was from no ordinary means and he was good at speaking and writing and “putting words together” and his skill set made him prime for CC. Missler loves to talk about his “top secret briefings” he’s doing it in the film, Countdown to Eternity in 1997, imagine how many times he’s said the same script since then! Missler’s bio talks about working in Cold War Russia and so does Oakland’s bio, however there’s not a “linear” connection, but I take writer’s liberality to draw my own conclusions/suspicions. Could Missler and Oakland have had a longer relationship than what is reported? Missler went to a Baptist College “supposedly” and worked for fortune 500 companies (and military intelligence), simultaneously he pumped out hundreds of Bible studies? In the film, “Countdown to Eternity” alone you can hear Roger Oakland referring to his “years” spent “interviewing” people and references a time in Russia as well! Is this normal in anyone’s reality, that you suddenly get “picked” up by these guys, I would call that recruitment, some in the New World Order circles initiate don’t they? We’re talking about deep dark seedy people with generations of evil who know how to manipulate people. My point is if you’re truly of the Lord and you’re One of God’s children, at some point the blinders come falling off and you find yourself in a place where choices have to be made, Roger claims to have left “CC” but the truth of the matter is far different.
      *So we don’t leave this issue without acknowledging the TRUTH and how perfect our Abba is,
      “1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. 3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. 4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. 5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.” Genesis 1:1-5

  4. Andrea,

    I read this again.


    This helps to explain why Roger Oakland is connected to Chuck Missler through Missler’s Board of Regents & at a minimum Ron Matsen (Roger’s Chairman of the board for UTT).

    When Chuck Missler is attached to the unfruitful works of darkness we are commanded to have NO fellowship with, that means that Ron Matsen & everyone else who is connected through fellowship to the unfruitful works of darkness of Missler’s is a part of those works of darkness through fellowship.

    Satan->Sun Myung Moon (self proclaimed Messiah, aka antichrist)->Tim LaHaye->Chuck Missler->Ron Matsen (UTT Chairman of the Board, Khouse Manager, Missler’s Board of Regents)->Roger Oakland (Also on Missler’s Board of Regents)->any and all followers of these men

    I have an article coming out later today that “lays all this out”

    Your article is perfect timing for my article.

    Glory to God!!!

  5. I keep reading this article too! lol. I correct spelling and grammar errors when I find them. I’m actually liking the feedback this time, I prefer to set the tone with the article then add other things I’ve found out in the comments and answer people’s questions this way. However, I am aware of the trolls (people who troll blogs especially comment section) and just so ‘they’ know, I’ll never disclose all I know. BTW I opened up a Flicker account and started posting pics I’ve had in my library, simple insurance that this stuff has opportunity to be found since the Network likes to take down,rewrite, and cover up.

    1. The photo gallery tells a story all it’s own…no words needed! Excellent work, as ALWAYS!!

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