“Pastor” Michael Salman Not Going to Jail for Preaching but for Failing to Obey the Law

Pictured left is a man named, Michael Hashem Salman. On Fox News and Glen Beck’s site and the rest of America he’s known as, Pastor Michael Salman. Salman has been in the news recently for apparently (according to “Pastor” Mike) for being “persecuted” by the City of Phoenix.

Persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by another group. The most common forms are religious persecution, ethnic persecution, and political persecution, though there is naturally some overlap between these terms. The inflicting of suffering, harassment, isolation, imprisonment, fear, or pain are all factors that may establish persecution. Even so, not all suffering will necessarily establish persecution. The suffering experienced by the victim must be sufficiently severe. The threshold level of severity has been a source of much debate. (source Wikipedia definition)

A very popular video lately has been making its rounds on the Internet where Michael Salman and his wife Suzanne Salman lay out their case before the public forum. In that video Michael H. Salman is wearing a T-shirt from Persecution.com (otherwise known as Voice of the Martyrs) sold as “Illegal Shirt.”

When I first heard of this story over this weekend it was through a link someone sent me for Glenn Beck’s site. I skimmed through the article and clicked on the YouTube video but was only able to watch a few broken minutes on my phone, so later this weekend I watched the whole video and instantly had suspicions. I live in Arizona and I had not even heard of this guy’s story. I gathered so much information within a few hours yesterday that by the end of the day I was no longer frustrated so much with Michael Hashem Salman as I was with you the readers and audience of Mainstream Media for believing this fabricated story without doing some minor searches yourself. I’m sure every Pastor who’s politically minded and concerned for our rights as Christians lifted up this “poor, persecuted, brother” in prayer and warned the congregation that being a Christian is becoming a crime in America, when in fact it is not–not yet.

I will break this story down as succinctly as possible and provide you with all the links to all the research I did on this story so you can COPY and PASTE and send in a Chain e-mail letter to all your friends before Salman is considered a “Martyr” for the faith, when in my opinion he is not.

Michael Hashem Salman- Criminal History and Civil History charges on Maricopa Superior Court website:


This shows Michael Hashem Salman charged with Aggravated Assault in 1992 and the court information that proceeded. He was found guilty by jury in 1992/1993 and it appears he appealed to get his rights restored to carry a gun but was denied in 2011. This you may say could have happened prior to his becoming a “Christian.” Yes, I agree, this incident could be baggage from his old lifestyle, however one look over to the Civil Cases and you will see that his problems continued.

Michael Hashem Salman- Civil History cases from Maricopa Superior Court Website:

Civil Court Case History for Michael H. Salman 2002, 2005, 2009 (2), 2011 (Maricopa County Court website)


Besides the FACTUAL court case histories from both Criminal and Civil, there were also these bits of legal documentation I found:

Salman et al v. Phoenix, City of et al.- http://dockets.justia.com/docket/arizona/azdce/2:2011cv00646/601259/

PDF of file complaint against city of phoenix by Salman- http://law.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/arizona/azdce/2:2012cv01219/707005/36/

Michael H. Salman “President and CEO” of a Corporation called: America West Communications Inc. This business was later part of a civil suit against Salman. The following link shows his ownership of the company provided by Arizona Corporation Commission


1998 Arizona Corporation Commission – America West Communications, Inc. Michael H. Salman President CEO transaction pdf- http://images.azcc.gov/scripts/cgi/dwispart2.pl and http://starpas.azcc.gov/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=wsbroker1/history-detail.p?corp-id=%2008301281

The names on the above image of the legal document show up in one of Salman’s Civil case dockets. Something went wrong with this “business.” Michael Salman has other business too, he’s not just a “Pastor.” Currently Micahel H. Salman is the owner of “Mighty Mikes” a burger restaurant, with 2 locations in Phoenix.

Mighty Mikes Burger Phoenix AZ Youtube Account– The video I posted here has now been removed.

N4TM has avenged the taken down video…

Michael Salman is pictured at the end of that commercial.

“KRYPTOLOGOS” And other various Names of Michael H. Salman…

Upon reading one article that listed “Kryptologos” as his YouTube name I found this YouTube account. Still open for now. I’m sure his representation wouldn’t care for this site.

Kryptologos older Youtube account for Michael Salman- http://www.youtube.com/user/kryptologos

Salman has been posting updates of his current prosecution/persecution on another YouTube account:

“Harvest777123” most recent Youtube account for Michael Salmanhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8QC9TBOFok&feature=plcp (This is the most popular video being circulated to appeal to the public forum about his victimization by the City of Phoenix).

One Man with many names wouldn’t be duplicitous without multiple sites…

In a case of irony or pure and sheer ignorance, Michael H. Salman decided to run for City Councilman of Phoenix in 2011. This may or may not have been after he approached the Mayor and other government officials that he had been spoken to by the Lord to declare that Christians are tired of “their rights” being infringed upon. (See bottom of post for Screen Shot of Salman Manhattan Declaration confronting Phoenix Officials). Maybe Salman’s bid for office was perpetrated for hype to his impending imprisonment for being a Christian (and a Conservative), but why would the Christian right use a guy like this to set up a volley for fabricated Christian Persecution in the US, such nonsense has not been done before has it? [See here: previous fake Home Church being persecuted in CA, turns out to be nephew of Chuck Smith Sr. Pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, and Owner of Leadership Magazine, previous owner of Maranatha Industries one of the first mega Christian Rock Labels.] [ Click here for another story busted by N4TM]

Here’s Salman’s Facebook site showing he was running for City Councilman of Phoenix. Take screen shots it may disappear


*Facebook page gives the fullest Bio I’ve seen on Michael Hashem Salman. I did not want to post an image because his minor children are in the pic and I have a heart, I feel so bad for those kids who are drawn into this mess of his.

“Where’s the Beef?” it’s more like “Where’s the Cheddar?” $$$$

Money Sites. Ghost Sites. They are profitable as Chuck Missler can attest to. Michael H. Salman, a man with various names, various corporations/businesses, also has various sites asking for donations. Most certainly the money is going to his legal costs, because his two burger Restaurants “Mighty Mikes” and his 501(c) Church, that’s not really a Home Church, even though his Home is listed as the business address of Harvest Fellowship Church on legal docs…here are Three Money Site$




Duplicity or Multiplicity?

One of Michael Salman’s blog sites http://hcfaz.blogspot.com/2010/08/prosecution-for-religious-beliefs.html

Another one of Michael Salman’s associated blogs- http://godthoughtslive.blogspot.com/

Original Harvest Christian Fellowship site – http://web.archive.org/web/20010802132421/http://www.harvestchristianfellowshipaz.org/

Home Church. Home or Business. Bible Study vs. Church. Real vs. Fake.

Link showing Michael Salman’s home residence purchased for $705,000 in December 2005http://www.redfin.com/AZ/Phoenix/7601-N-31st-Ave-85051/home/28298440

***Arizona Corporation Commission State of Arizona Public Access System- Michael Salman lists his home residence as “Harvest Christian Fellowship Community Church” beginning in 2007http://starpas.azcc.gov/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=wsbroker1/history-detail.p?corp-id=%2013895629 ***

“Harvest Christian Fellowship” is listed on this website as a Church with Salman’s HOME address listed- http://www.powerprofiles.com/profile/00005141855116/HARVEST+CHRISTIAN+FELLOWSHIP-PHOENIX-AZ

**Update** Here is an even older listing at Arizona Corporation Commission. This one lists a previous Church location, agent filing still Michael Salman, this was 2001-2008 Under “Harvest Christian Fellowship”


(The name of the Church on both documents are changed slightly, maybe it was done again since 2009. I’m still trying to find a legal doc after 2009, if you find it put in comments. Also, if you open the link above the term of the “Corporate Life” is listed as “Perpetual.” Listed Michael Salman “President” Toby Ramsey “Vice-President” and Suzanne Salman “Treasurer” shows last updated as 7/21/2011 )

**Update** 7/12/12 In the continuing saga and to remain as accurate as I can in reporting my findings, and cross checking what people have left in the comments this is what I have so far on this issue of his Incorporation called “Harvest Christian Fellowship.” On the most recent Document I could find on Arizona Corporation Commission was this:

http://images.azcc.gov/scripts/cgi/dwispart2.pl It’s dated 6.12.11 There is a Business address given for “Harvest Christian Fellowship” as 3003 West Northern Ave. Phoenix AZ 85051. I googled that and the picture to the left will show what is there and what Business is listed for this address. I went further and did, “Search nearby” and typed in the church’s name and it did not show the church; it did rather list other churches in a radius that was nothing close to Harvest Christian Fellowship.

**Update** 7/14/2012 A reader left a comment that was not reviewed until today because it was in my ‘spam’ box, however this piece of information is Crucial to the whole case, it’s the actual Court Minutes in PDF form and lays out the FACT that Michael Salman had registered his residential address as his Church business and an exempt status for his property under that filing. Please Read this!


N4TM commentary below (an opinion by me the author of the blog and all posts on this blog)

Is the story about Michael Hashem Salman true? The story being propagated on Mainstream Media and primarily Right Wing Conservative media is that Salman is the “victim” of civil rights. He is being propped up as an innocent man who has a “small” gathering of Christians in his home. I submit that he purchased his home with the intent to have “church” services on the premises because he had run out of places to have his church. According to his “official” website, he has been (burned through) various “Church” sites. If you use ‘Wayback’ you will see how many times the location changes in the course of history. Oddly enough from 2007 until 2011 there are no caches, when you see the site again in 2011 there is no address listed for a meeting place for his “Church” which he clearly listed as his home address on the official documents above. So I ask you again, is Michael Hashem Salman truly being convicted for being a “Christian” or a “Pastor” or holding innocent “bible studies” on his property, or has he truly violated 67 standard codes that he had to meet in order to continue to hold “church” on his property. The City of Phoenix never stated, as far as I could see in my investigation, that he could not hold bible study at his home. His civil liberty and freedom to practice his religion was never threatened. He was reprimanded that should he call it a Church and again it is listed in formal documents as such, he needs to comply with code before continuing his services. Do you think a man with two businesses and a home purchased for $700k (before adding on the additional building on his property) could not have invested in a store front where he would be properly zoned? Do you think a business owner of two restaurants could not figure out exactly how to comply with code enforcement? Do you think registering his “Church” as a 501(c) does not carry with it  certain requirements from the Government on how and what that “non-profit” can manage themselves? This appears to be a clear case of FABRICATION. The Salman property sits on 1.4 acres, not 4.6. There is a huge difference in that size and yes, a weekly meeting which brings 10-15 cars on one property has to impact his neighbors. If this were a case of true Christian persecution and he were truly going to jail for preaching the WHOLE word of God than I would stand beside the man and plead his case, however this is not the reality that I have found and I pray that my dear conscientious brethren out there would do us all a favor and VET these people and such fabricated cases before taking to Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare and mass emails.

Original Todd Starnes (FoxNews) propaganda stunt Story on “Preacher” being “persecuted” http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/man-facing-jail-for-hosting-home-bible-study.html

Click on thumbnails to enlarge: Michael Salman Facebook bid for “City of Phoenix Councilman”

Screen shot of Michael Salman’s official Church website stating he went to a meeting of the Mayor of Phoenix and other officials to confront them based on a message he received from God.

Michael Salman’s business blog advertisement for his Business





**UPDATE** July 7, 2013

This article is getting a renewed surge of hits lately. I decided to do a follow up on the Salman case and wanted to add this piece of information to this post:

Feb.5,2013 according to “NewTimes” (site is not endorsed by N4TM): “Salman pleaded guilty to felony theft and felony forgery last week, as Salman, his wife, and his brother admitted to defrauding AHCCCS, the state’s Medicaid program, of more than $118,000. –Cont. According to Attorney General Tom Horne, Salman lied about his household income on applications for AHCCCS benefits, and lied in a statement to the state Department of Economic Security. Salman’s wife Suzanne Salman, and his brother Frank Salman, were also accused of lying on applications.
Due to those alleged lies, AHCCCS paid out $73,000 for medical coverage for Salman, his wife, and his children. AHCCCS paid out $45,000 for Frank Salman and his children.
If you wonder how needy Michael Salman and his family were, then get a load of this — Horne’s office says today that Michael and Suzanne Salman paid back the $73,808.92 they had scammed out of AHCCCS. That probably means the Salmans weren’t even close to qualifying for AHCCCS, if they just happened to have 73-grand sitting around.” Source Link

[] N4TM Commentary:

Might I also add a note that the representation that Michael Salman garnered is not trustworthy, his name is John W.Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute. This man does a lot in representing False Flag stories (cases). Do some research on him and you’ll find who he’s linked to. I won’t be providing the details on him I’m simply encouraging you to do your own recon. ;-)

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  1. I am a neighbor of Mr. Salman and I have to say this article is SO REFRESHING! Finally, someone did a little research to see the TRUTH about him and what he is doing. THANK YOU!!!

    1. I live here in The Valley, maybe you should email this to channel 3. Newtimes has kept a history of him but that’s a rag paper so I did not use it as a source. It was how I got tipped off on his alter username on youtube. Thanks for your support. As a Christian this story really bothers me. We are to be an example and not stumble people. Michael Salman is bearing false witness and his behavior is NOT representative of Christ followers. It appears he’s looking for a fight, Christ was meek, not weak. This man, Salman, shouldn’t be referred to as a “pastor.”

  2. Paul and Silas, Simon Peter, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Jeremiah, and a whole host of others “broke” repressive laws and were imprisoned too for breaking the law and not preaching too. I am sure that is what the folks said in their day. using that logic the gospel would never be preached. 11 of the apostles were martyred simply for preaching Christ and him crucified during a time when the only legal religion was Caesar worship. This is a clear violation of the Constitution and it is about Christ. Furthermore, why was the Constitution enacted? Was it not the work of some whose parents and grandparents were abused because they would not adhere to laws that made a specific denomination or group the official church of their originating nation? From Puritans to Pilgrims, we have seen this all before.

    They would have reconsidered were the study a group of Muslims who would burn, rape, and pillage until the law was changed. They need to thank God that the core of Christ’s gospel is love.

    1. Salman civil liberties are not the issue, and never have been, as far as I can see in what I’ve read. You are discounting fact and truth and sound like you have been scripted. Please do not dishonor the puritans or pilgrims escaping true religious persecution by comparing this man with them. He Registered his home as his church address, the city said ‘fine, you want to have church on your property, then meet the zone requirements to do so.’ However, Michael Salman in his delusional mind set wants to be persecuted, he has bought the same “script” (as in verbiage) you were quoting. He’s begging for a fight by refusing to comply with the law that he yoked himself with by registering his home as a church. Maybe you should look into 501 (c) laws.

      1. The first amendment to the Constitution trumps ANY AND ALL zoning laws. Zone all you want, if someone wants to have a religious meeting, that falls under both the Freedom of Religion and the Right to Peaceably Assemble. Therefore, the zoning law he is in “violation” of is Unconstitutional. I could care less about his legal past, or what the city claims is their rights, the U.S. Constitution states that the man can assemble peaceably and have religious worship, and the city of Phoenix is infringing upon that right.

      2. 1st Amendment doesn’t govern where we can have our biblical meetings it just gives us the RIGHT to freedom of speech & religion and peaceful assemblies that’s not the issue here.

        I don’t think the city of Phoenix cares if you have 10-20 people over to gossip about the bible or not whether its a church or a study group. What they CARE about is A) shady business practices and B) noise? I know there’s no mention of noise, but c’mon 1.4 Acres? YOU WILL BE ABLE to SEE YOUR NEIGHBOR and RECOGNiZE them from the MIDDLE of your 1.4 acre LOT! (unless you have lots of trees/brush whatever, you can still hear them).

        Finally… this isn’t about civil liberties (or maybe it is, but not for Mr. Salman cuz he is clearly in the wrong. The second he scammed you, your civil liberties were taken, NOT his!

      3. @Marion Hunt: The first amendment does not trump all zoning regulations.
        1. go to http://www.google.com
        2. Type: “time place and manner” into the search field
        3. Click on the first link to appear.
        4. Or the second.
        5. Or the tenth.
        6. Go away.

      4. This is my brother. He means well and is a very smart man. LOL! Don’t be too hard on him. It’s just that so much REAL stuff is happening out there in our world today, that it’s easy to quickly accept something as yet another attack.

        …good research here, man. This is the way it’s done. Keep up the good work.

    2. even if you would have made a valid point, it is nullified when you generalize the Muslim faith as people who would burn, rape, and pillage if it had happened to them.

      come on man. the core of Christ’s gospel is love.

      1. Yeah, go right ahead and keep perpetuating the stereotype of Christians being bigoted hate-mongerers. That’s great for everyone.

        Seriously? Comments like that make me sick. The greatest commandment is to love one another – if you want people to see the truth, you don’t push them to the alter with insults.

    3. Just because Christ technically broke a law and was crucified unjustly for it doesn’t mean that He taught His followers that they are allowed to break the law just because they’re doing something spiritual.

      You are right to point out that Jesus lived in a time when the official religion was the worship of Caesar as a god. The apostles once brought that up to Jesus, too. They asked Him what should be done about the taxes that the Romans were imposing upon the persecuted Jews. That tax money, mind you, was used to fund things like the building of statues paying homage to Caesar. Jesus said, “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.”

      The city of Pheonix isn’t asking a lot here. There are zoning laws to protect private residents of neighborhoods. The city allowed him to register his church as a not-for-prophet. All they ask for in return is that he would abide by these simple laws that would allow his neighbors the peace and quiet they were probably seeking when they moved into the suburbs. They weren’t asking him not to preach the gospel. They weren’t asking him not to practice his religion in any way.

      This is obviously a case of a man who seeks self-gain presenting himself as a martyr to gain more fame, popularity and, ultimately, power. Go read your Bible and see what it says about obeying the “laws of the land.” Then maybe go read Macchiaveli’s “The Prince” and notice the striking similarities of this man who claims piety.

      1. I’m sorry, but what law did Christ break? From what I have read, the roman authorities found him innocent and because they were afraid of riots incited by the Jewish leaders they allowed Him to be crucified.

      2. I’m with Heather on her question…. What law did Jesus break? Also, the early apostles were not the ones who asked Jesus about the taxing situation, it was the Pharisees. And if you read those verses in context you’d know they were simply asking the question to Jesus to try to catch Him up.

        I’m still curious on what law Jesus broke though…

      3. well there was the running all the money changers out of the church would be the most notable. And he did speak about how Caesar could only kill your body but he could send your soul to hell. And to place yourself above Caesar back then was against the law. Try not to think about hen as like now they are two different worlds.

    4. Well said John. I was starting to buy this nonsence about it just being a violation of the law but there shall be no law respecting religion. I think that means that the law, government, should butt out. They claim interest because he has declared he is a 501 c3. That is how the government works. They get you to apply for benefits and then they take control of what you do. I agree they should be glad it is a Christian. They wouldn’t dare to mess with a Muslim. Ironic.

      1. Man you people need to go read on Jesus’ teaching of authority and respecting and honoring authority. We live in a country that has laws, yes we have RIGHTS that are granted to us by the Constitution, but the government also set up LAWS to regulate the use of those RIGHTS. This was so that people we’re creating fraudulent companies/organizations to gain income that wouldn’t have to be taxed.

        Jesus speaks MANY MANY MANY times on honoring the authority over you, which includes the government of the country you live in. So if God has called you to Pastor a church in Phoenix, AZ, then God has already made a way to make that happen, which includes providing the necessary essentials to comply with the government so that said church doesn’t have any problems.

        This man, seems to have been deliberately seeking out persecution, which I do believe in Proverbs says MANY times is foolish.

        Needless to say, the dude is in the wrong and should’ve met the requirements/laws set up.

  3. Thanks for this. As a home churcher in Phoenix, we have seen no persecution. We choose not to become a 501 (c) and maintain good relations with our neighbors. The home church movement is not about being a regular church in a house instead of a church building, it is about small cells helping multiply the gospel into the neighborhoods. If we had 15 families it would be time to turn ourselves into 2-3 churches.

    Mr. Salman could have done what we are doing if he was willing to meet in his living room (instead of building a “garage” that was really used for a worship center), not file as a business and go more about doing God’s work than getting media bites. He could have gotten most of the charges dropped against him if he had submitted to authorities and taken down his commercial sign in his front yard or brought his building up to code. He would have received less scrutiny if he had not alienated his neighbors, who in turn were quite vocal about his character during his run for council.

    As best as I can tell, this man isn’t a martyr, he is a man who is too prideful to submit to the authorities over him.

    1. Totally agreed. I’ve had bible study in my home, I’ve attended home bible studies in others home. These are weekly and maybe months in length, but they are small. My ladies group have even met in public places like Paradise Bakery and Prayed (in Jesus’ name) and conducted bible study with absolutely no persecution! We will be at some point truly persecuted for our faith, the bible tells us we’ll be Hated for His Namesake, not simply for being combative and defiant towards local government. What Salman is doing is hindering true bible fellowships and this is why he needs to be exposed for being fraudulent in this case. thanks for stopping by and commenting

  4. I read this column and replies following seeing Mr. Salman’s wife and attorney on Fox news this morning. I wanted to know the details. I have to admit, I am a Fox news follower and am now appalled that they did not do more research before featuring Mrs. Salman and the attorney and allowing them the time to convey Mr. Salman as being a “persecuted Christian”. Looks to me as though someone at Fox failed to research in depth this story before airing it. I hope they will run a retraction and perhaps allow some of the neighbors and representatives of the city the time for rebuttal.

    1. Might I say, Fox News didn’t “fail” to research; they had to have known all I found and more. I am a stay at home mom, I researched all this on Sunday, still managed to go to church, eat three meals with my family, run a couple errands, and “I” found all this. Fox, Beck, and Alex Jones are names I’ve heard that were propagating this story and imagine the researchers they have among them. I put them to shame with just a few hours on google. This story was intentionally sent out in the media, I’ll let the readers try to figure out why…

    2. Fox fired they research Department years ago. Or at he very least down sided them to the point they are ineffective. The few that would be left are only allowed to look for dirty on those Fox targets to smear.

  5. Seems that there is some stone throwing here love thy neighbor we dont all worship the same we all make mistakes. Here is a thought a Birthday party with to many people in a home violates to what this guy has done so why arent birthdays or a gathering for Christmas with family being targeted this is the first salvo and not the last. Remember the Govt is a wolf in sheeps clothing

    1. Could you be more specific to your “stone throwing” comment? You cannot compare having birthday parties or a Christmas gathering to what this man has been doing. He purposefully built a 2,000 sqft building on his property that seats 142 people and decorated it as a “Church.” He incorporated his church, 501(c) and lists his HOME address as the church address, yet he’s claiming he’s only having “bible study” and he gives the impression it’s a “small gathering of “family” and “friends”.” In his own video posted on youtube under harvest777123 of a Sunday “service” there are at least 10-12 cars I counted. He’s lied, he’s falsified his story for the media, he’s failed to comply with code to have a “church” on his property (something he was never denied the ability to do, only required to meet code if he continued to conduct Church). According to the bible, we as Christians, are to be peaceable. Michael Salman purposefully went to the Mayor’s house or some other officials where they were gathering and provoked them by stating he was representing Christians and that they are tired of being infringed upon. He has refused to pay fines, but he has two business, uses funds received from his “Church” as tax exempt and also has ghost sites or his “Church” registered to sites where he’s able to receive donations. If you choose to ignore the monumental facts that are presented here in this post than I have nothing further to share with you.

  6. You may want to look at your link to the Arizona Corporate Register a little closer: He registered his home as Harvest Christian Fellowship Community Church in 2007, but directly underneath that it says the corporation was dissolved on 7/1/2009, meaning his is no longer registered as a church with the state of Arizona.

    1. Is it possible that he continued to operate as a 501(c) after it expired? Could he have changed it to a LLC? Do you have any links to help in determining exactly what this means that it “expired.” He wouldn’t be the first guy to continue to file tax exempt after it expired, sadly a lot of “pastors” have done it. I see what you’re saying but it only gives me more questions at this point, it hardly says, “he’s innocent.”

      1. According to that Phoenix New Times article referenced further down in the comments:
        “When he accidentally let his incorporation lapse with the secretary of state, one neighbor grabbed the “Harvest Christian Fellowship” name and registered it for himself. Salman was forced to re-file as “Harvest Christian Community Church.””


        So that seems to clear up the confusion on the Corporate Register a bit.

      2. Funny, I saw one that sounded similar and was wondering if a delude parishioner had done that, framed the name, since the controversy began. I’ll look again, but that “neighbor” was right next for when I giggled that address.

      3. I’m reviewing “Harvest Community Church” on Arizona Corporation Commission and it’s registered to two people in MESA AZ, which is not a neighborhood near where Salman’s house is.

        I edited my post and included an update of a document showing Michael Salman (President), Suzanne Salman (Treasurer), and Toby Ramsey (Vice President) registered Harvest Christian Fellowship and is current till 6-12-2011. Here’s that link again but the exact image of the document:
        3003 West Northern Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85051 This is the address listed as the “Church” from Google maps I cannot get a street view for some reason, but it looks like a building with suites maybe. I’d be interested to ask the owner of that building if there has been a “Harvest Christian Fellowship” meeting there, how long, are they current on their rent, did they leave, and when if so?

  7. Here’s an interesting find. Since the last commentator stated that “Harvest Christian Fellowship Community Church” incorporation expired in 2009, it sent me back to researching. Here’s a listing for “Mighty Mikes” with Suzanne Salman as the agent, and it recently expired too, http://starpas.azcc.gov/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=wsbroker1/names-detail.p?name-id=16300138&type=CORPORATION “Ad Dissolved 3/12″ So I guess that must mean that Mighty Mikes on Bethany Home Road is closed right. I can drive by if ya’ll want me to. I’ll go check today.

  8. I am not a lawyer, but my understanding from the information at the bottom of the Arizona Register is that he filed dissolution papers, which are on microfiche record at the State House in Arizona. Either way, he is no longer registered as a church. If he is continuing to advertising his home as a church but is not registered as a church, that can be a legal gray area, lost in a quagmire of terminology. If he is not registerd as a church but continuing to file taxes as a 501(c)3 church, then he’ll be in federal court soon for tax evasion. I don’t know the answers.

  9. The entire first 1/2 of your article was spent making him look bad. When it comes down to it, you don’t have to agree with what he is doing in his own home. He could be worshiping satan for all I care. According to the charge and the prosecutor he was violating zoning laws. That’s it. Zoning laws. 3 years probation and $12000 for violating zoning laws. Excessive? Like you said, he has a 501c non profit (his so called church) with his residence listed as the location. Why would they grant him that knowing it wasn’t zoned for it? They let him file for it then throw him in jail for it? Anyone who agrees with government doing that is an a******.

    1. I don’t think the first 1/2 of my article was directed at Michael Salman personally in any way. I am a Christian myself so it’s not that I’m against what he’s doing in his home. I’ve watched, painstakingly, some of his offbeat videos. Although he’s not articulate and sounds very remedial in his theology and doctrine, he may (or may not) have a heart for evangelism. He may have been taught by false teachers himself, I don’t know everything there is to know about Michael Salman. What I did was I took what was being represented in the media as a case of Civil Liberties being threatened and I decided to see if that was truly the case. Now, whether or not the zoning fine is excessive is not for me to determine. Whether or not the government entities involved in allowing him to list his residence as his “Church” is not my problem either, they certainly dropped the ball if they did not check, and it is not the first nor the last time a person sneaks one by the pencil pushers. You want to convict me for agreeing with the government on this issue, then I guess I am guilty as charged. If Salman or anyone has the audacity to list their home as a 501(c) avoid taxes and build a large building to purposefully hold services while trying to avoid code regulations and put others at risk and impose upon their neighbors is not a true representative of Christ-like behavior. He has shown unethical behavior and has deceived his family, his followers, and the public in general and I don’t agree with what he’s done. This does not mean that I am against Freedom of Speech or the right to worship without being infringed upon by the state, however, I dare say, this is not what happened in this case. If he was honestly simply having a “bible study” we wouldn’t be talking about all this would we. This is generated by the Media and the “State” this story should be told in it’s entirety. I would love the neighbors who live close to him to share their personal story and explain exactly how long Salman has been holding service at his home, when did it become a problem, did you go to him and ask him to stop, what was his reaction like when confronted. Are there activities beside the weekly study he’s holding? Do you have documentation of invitations, bulletins, or anything that shows him listing his home as the meeting place?

    2. I am a small business owner. When I created my business and submitted my certificate of formation, I was simply asked to enter an address for the business. The business’ primary address can be the “headquarters” if you will, but is not the primary meeting place. Thus, the church’s primary address could be his address while the congregation meets at a different address. It could also be nothing other than a mailing address. Notwithstanding, the “PTB” do not investigate your address when you enter it on a certificate of formation; it is nothing more than a mailing address for administrative purposes.

      1. True. And his website used to post a “meeting” address that was not his home. That meeting address changed several times in the site, then there was no web caches between 2007-2011 so I can’t find where they met for that time on guys website. In 2011 there is NO meeting address. He continued to post videos and have a website (s) and call himself Pastor, so maybe it downgraded to a home church for a while. There are pieces missing I fully agree, why was none of this discussed in the news? It took this lil blog to get more answers? So for those ready to burn me at the stake for investigating this more to get the real truth…

  10. I know these people well – Michael does not advertise a church or invite the general public to his home services. He lives on almost 5 acres, and all friends and family who come to his home park on his property, behind closed gates. There is no loud noise or disruption for anyone in the neighborhood. There is ONE neighbor who complains – only one. Michael does not accept or receive any pay from any church or any church-related group. He is a sweet man, full of energy, who loves his wife and children, extended family and friends.

    1. Are you Toby Ramsey’s wife, the former assistant pastor that was listed on the website? I appreciate you taking time to leave your comment and you are certainly able to make your points known here. I desire to know the whole truth of this story. Since you know Michael so well, what do you have to say about the civil suits that have been lobbied against him? When did you attend Michael’s “Home” church, was it weekly, and what length? How many people would you say on average attended while you did? Why do you think he refused to comply with the codes if he’s an upright man, a man representing God, why wouldn’t he simply make the building code ready?

      1. I definitely thing the punishment for zoning law violations was VERY excessive. He obviously listed his home as the church location and yet they punish him for it. Consider that people all the time are charged with violent crime and don’t see any sort of punishment hardly, yet this individual is being punished (made an example of) for church services. Your facts make him sound awful, but bottom line they are punishing a particular activity, one that hardly deserves such a harsh punishment. While Fox News and its ilk editorialize, the facts of the story can make some, myself included, kind of draw a conclusion that they may be punishing him because they don’t like his brand of Christianity. Perhaps they consider him a cult. Or perhaps he annoys them. Heaven knows politicians can sometimes use their power to pick and choose how to enforce laws for those they deem favorably and unfavorably. It might not even be about religion, but enforcing a particularly strong punishment on a unlikeable guy.

      2. The facts presented here regarding Michael Salman are just facts, I did not attack him personally. I asked a string of questions at the end of the facts presented, it is a blog and I’m entitled to commentate if I want. Why would the City of Phoenix -seek out- Michael Salman and “personally attack” him for having a “bible study?” Is the City of Phoenix allowed to conduct personal vendettas? Is the State of Arizona about the business to “pick on” a defenseless harmless “innocent” man who’s merely having “friends” over to his house? Really? Do you think that is true? I’m not defending the City of Phoenix or the State of Arizona or even dare say the Feds, I merely want the whole truth of this story and certain mainstream media outlets suppressed all of the information and only told one side, and to what gain, what is their purpose?

    2. I know YOU well, Patti Kendall. How much were you paid, or ‘bribed’ as most people put it, to try and put a good front out for your ‘good friend’ Mr. Salman? You have always been the publicity hound looking for good things to say about the liar, scoundrel, faithless, whiny Michael Salman so everyone else who doesn’t know the facts thinks maybe he’s been misrepresented.
      Well folks, I’m here to tell you that’s just not true. For one thing Patti isn’t always paid in money, she has a deeper reason to want to protect the moron that is Michael Salman.
      It’s not a secret, and has not been for quite a long time, Patti. Most of the neighborhood is aware of what you’ve been doing for that slimeball, and you know how people gossip, everyone in the church knows as well. You’re not imagining the whispers behind pointed fingers, everyone knows what you’ve done.
      I’m surprised his family has taken so long to find out.
      Keep on with your lies, soon the whole world will hear the real story. I’m sure someone is getting paid good money to find the ‘scandal behind the throne’.

      1. I appreciate you reading and leaving a comment. If Patti is a liar she most certainly will be found out one day…however, I would highly encourage you to not post “rumor or hearsay” if you have a personal issue with Patti take it to her privately if you can or maybe you already have. I don’t want the comment section to turn into a pig sty. Let’s stick to the facts ok…Back to Salman, do you have something more specific to post regarding his label as a “Scoundrel?” If you can post links or information that can be corroborated it would be useful. Even though I am merely a “blogger” I do try to present the facts and try to vet them. Thank you.

      2. How dare you come on here and post these lies about this poor woman. You have no clue who she is and yet you sit here and defame her credibility, only to feed the hunger and further incite these people. You have never in your life met her or even know what she looks like, but yet you want to make her look like like a fool. Shame on you for posting such a suggestive, insulting rant.

  11. I think the “–not yet” at the end of your fourth paragraph is critical here. I haven’t researched this so I can’t speak to it specifically. But such “justifiable” instances are desensitizing us to the day when it will, in fact, be a crime to be Christian in America.

    1. I believe what the Word of God says when it describes the plight of those who put their faith and trust in the name and person of Jesus Christ. Matthew 24 states exactly what will happen, among Jesus’ own words of warning to us that we will be hated for His namesake. I don’t think saying that true “persecution” hasn’t begun to happen in American “not yet” is critical, it’s truthful and it’s timely. We have to be careful of false stories of “persecution.” I am still not convinced that Michael Salman is being singled out, of the thousands of Christian Pastors, and the hundreds if not thousands of home fellowships and home bible studies that take place in Arizona, and being “persecuted” for preaching the Word of God. We owe it to ourselves as Christians to do necessary footwork and find out if these people who claim to be being singled out and attacked based on their faith alone are truly being attacked on their faith alone; so far this does not seem to be the case. Salman has been negligent maybe he’s just ignorant as to how to get a building to code, I find this difficult to believe since he has two businesses. Maybe he’s unaware of how to abide by the legal process, but then he applied to be a Councilman for the City of Phoenix, after his first run ins with the City of Phoenix over his “bible study.” At least agree that there are elements to this story that we are not being told by the mainstream media, and that when the time comes to be truly persecuted for our faith in Jesus Christ, I highly doubt that FOX news will even cover it.

  12. I go to a bible study where there are about 30 – 40 college students gathering for bible study and food. Yes, they all bring their own cars because they all go to different colleges. The house we get together at is less than 2,000 Square feet. We pack like sardines in the basement. But it is great and wonderful to see this college students hungry to learn about God. It is not a church meeting and nobody complains about the parking nor exit signs. How evil is it of the police and neighboors to bother this man trying to do bible study. He was not complaining to begin with. It is the neighboors who can not stand a man who is accually doing what Jesus asked us to do. “GO into ALL NATIONS and PREACH the GOOD NEWS! If the neighboors are su upset with this then they should become other than christians.

    Very sad to see people who call themselves Christians turning agains someone who is trying to do something for the glory of God. So hard is it for them to forgive and maybe should go and try to lend a hand instead of complaining about their parking spot!!!! Lose your soul for a parking spot??? Shame, shame…

  13. All this sounds logically, except it isn’t, for many reasons. First, legally. Ever hear of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000? Of course not, look it up. I could stop right there, but I won’t. Second, it sounds like Mr. Salman has pissed enough people off to make it seem OK to get back at him this way. But are we really willing to accept that as a society? If this had been a muslim gathering, or a hindu gathering, would we be so quick to agree with the state? He has every right to open his home to as many people as he wishes, as often as he wishes, and for whatever purpose he wishes. Third, registering a non-profit out of your home does not automatically create any special requirements that need to be obeyed. Rules for the number of employees would. But a church can get by with just a pastor and nothing more. Finally, zoning laws cannot be placed on religious institutions exclusively, they are put on the properties that might be used by them. If my church decides to buy land in a certain zone-restricted area, we would be obligated to obey those laws since the property could someday be sold to a business that is not a church. Similarly, if a house is built for use by a church, they would be obligated to build the house according to the restrictions of that community. If those restrictions include not having more than 4 cars in the driveway or no more than 25 people in a residence at any given time, then the church house must obey those rules, but you can’t make special rules for a building simply because it’s being used in a way it was not intended.

  14. Oh, one last thing, the picture of the property you use is admittedly out dated. Would you be surprised to know that the property immediately behind his residence AND his neighbors property is now a part of the church? It’s amazing how everyone sees what they want to see.

  15. i do appreciate the research you did, but in their 18 minute video they show letters that specifically say they were not allowed to hold a bible study in their house (this is before they build the second building). So unless those letters they show on the video are forgeries then despite other bad dirt on this guy, that still seems out of place.

    1. hmmm. can you add that link to the “video” where they show the letters and I’ll review them. thanks

      1. mijadedios I have to say that you truly break my heart. To take on such a personal vendetta against this man, leaves a lot to say about your ” Christian Walk”. Don’t forget that you also meet out your home and for you to think that this can’t happen to you, is just plain ignorance. If you are so invested in the wrongs and rights of this man then I suggest you stop being so one sided in your PI work. You are judging this man very harshly and in that same manner you too will be judged one day. I’m sure you know this man is married and is the of father of 6 girls and for you to incite the masses on here as a “Fellow Christian” is appalling. Leave that type of aggression and nasty behavior to those who don’t live a Godly life. If this man broke the law after he was told he couldn’t hold Bible Studies in his home, then God will deal him, he always does
        Here is that link that you were asking for.

      2. I do not have a personal vendetta against the man. I posted what I found because it was information I had not seen reported. Asking questions and wanting to know the truth, the whole truth, is not un godly. I’m not judging this man’s salvation or heart for the lost, I’m totally questioning his integrity. There are always people like you who defend guys like this simply by attacking me personally and saying, how dare you call yourself a Christian, for stuff I have said on my blog. You condemn me and judge me personally in his defense, how are you any better?

  16. Romans 13:1-7 states, “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. For he is God’s servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.”

    Whether or not there was intent to disobey, once his awareness was evident, he should have complied – PERIOD – end of discussion.

    Obey the law of the land. This land is America and although we are allowed many freedoms ( i.e., freedom of religion), we must have order to avoid chaos.

    I have also attended large Bible studies in homes. These homes didn’t have pews. They were not registered as a 501(c)3 or a church. They were just homes. On our day of worship, we did not travel back to their houses but to a free standing building zoned as a place of worship.

  17. Although I’m still not certain where I stand, this does shed some light on the issue for me. On one hand, I should be able to do what I would like on my property. On the other hand, the law is the law. I can see a difference between a legit home bible study and a a 501(c)3 church (or any other organization) meeting on private property, in a building built specifically for the 501(c)3 church. I am no legal professional by any stretch, so I have no clue where I stand in that regard. However, I do believe it is Biblical to comply with the laws of the government, and if he is knowingly being disobedient it is not Biblical. Some of the comments did clarify some things a little better for me. Thanks for sharing your findings.

  18. If this is true, why doesn’t the procecutor set the record straight? It is within their interest to do so, yet they let the ‘mistake’ continue.

    1. That’s putting the cart before the horse, isn’t it? The prosecutor may, and will, present evidence in court supporting their claim. At this point what we have is speculation, which is why I said I am still on the fence about it.

  19. Lotss of comments, so I did not read them all, when I saw the article appear on facebook “Christian man is persecuted for having bible study at home” the first thing that went through my mind was “what a joke” because; WE Americans already know that its not illegal to be a Christian yet ( thank you author :)).

    Now I’m sure those who are in political power would rather strip away every religion or leave in Muslim in a heartbeat if they could; so ARE they doing that? Its hard to say, but I do know that politicians CAN and DO use religion for political propaganda so it has its benefit whether I agree with it or not.

    People might NOT like the idea of you having a bible study at your home, but they aren’t going to scream bloody murder and expect you in jail just for doing that; HOWEVER people ARE NOT going to like people doing shady business obviously, they WANT to know where their money is going and I am SURE Americans want business/nonprofit owners to have accountability (and I really think that’s what this is about) the City of Phoenix is holding him accountable BECAUSE:

    A) he’s having a church instead of bible study its a huge difference

    B) if he is collecting donations in some form/shape he is required to disclose where this money is going (even if it goes to his legal cause and then I’m sure this is also part of the legal battle with the Government).

    I have seen churches in people’s homes with 10-20 people (and NO it was NOT a bible study and NO it was NOT in the city.

    My mom owns a 1 acre property, the neighbors might not be right next to you, but yeah they can SEE and HEAR you; so a church is definitely not appropriate in city residential zoning.

    Finally, people need to stop making up freaking excuses as to why they’re having problems and stop using fake agendas to cover up the REAL problem!

    1. Technically, they do check your home to see if its up to code in a way; when you sell your house certain things have to be up to code in order for the banks to even lend on it its partly due to regulation/laws and partly due to risk factors. So yes, they already do this; just indirectly and yes very much like auto insurance and obamacare.

  20. I hope the government never decides to do routine checks on our homes to see if they are up to code. We will all be paying either a lot of money to get them up to code, or, if you can’t afford it, a lot of fines that you.. still.. can’t afford…Sounds a lot like auto insurance to me or Obamacare. Hello Obama, I’m still alive so I can pay all my taxes for just…being alive! YAY!

    1. Technically, they do check your home to see if its up to code in a way; when you sell your house certain things have to be up to code in order for the banks to even lend on it its partly due to regulation/laws and partly due to risk factors. So yes, they already do this; just indirectly and yes very much like auto insurance and obamacare.

      (sorry about the double reply, the reply option was confusing at first)

  21. As usual, the truth is 180 degrees from how FAUX Noise represents it.

    I see the municipal statutes as no different from legislating how many yard sales a year you are allowed to have to prevent people from abusing it for thinly disguised home businesses.

  22. It is hard sometimes to tell if your beef is with Michael Salman or with Fox News? There were plenty of other stations running this story (I know CNN did) and LOTS of christian talk radio stations and other Christian news outlets.

    1. I take issue with FOX, CNN, BECK, JONES, and the slew of false news out there. I certainly don’t limit my disdain of main stream media to Fox ;-)

    1. I read that too, however I did not use it in my post because “Newtimes” is not a news site I would endorse, for obvious reasons, but I approved your comment and link based on freedom of information and reiterating here that links posted and/our linked to in posts and/our comments never constitute as an endorsement from N4tm. ;-)

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  24. This sounds similar to a situation that occurred here. A family which owns property has been holding a Liberty Summit on their property celebrating freedom in honor of the family’s escape from communism. Somebody who appeared to have a problem of some kind, complained and the next thing they knew city health officials were declaring that their agricultural land wasn’t zoned for holding such events. No one had complained previously. The city council was being hardline about it and a website and donation fund was set up to fight the court case. In the end liberty won the day and the court threw it out stating that the law was unreasonable and did not supersede rights and freedoms.

    Regardless of the man’s background, I am not convinced that local by-law trumps our rights and freedoms. It is also a fact that Jesus regularly broke the laws of his day. Not just Roman and civil law but Jewish and religious law as well. In the tax case Jesus stated give to God what belongs to Him and to Caesar what belongs to him. He was talking about what belongs to God.

  25. I would consider this a civil rights violation if the zoning codes were repressive, and I would operationally define “repressive” as such: (1) that a home Bible study was found to be impossible to achieve or maintain according to the current laws, and (2) it is found by the courts that these laws disproportionately affect religious people, implying that they were perhaps created for that purpose, whether directly or indirectly. I don’t see either of these 2 things being true.

    Plus, the Bible says in Romans 13 that Christians should submit to the ruling authorities, which were put in place by God. And Jesus even said we should pay unjust taxes! I’m a conservative, but I recognize the times when the American conservative/libertarian philosophy doesn’t match up with the Bible. These commands were obviously written to encourage Christians to present themselves in such a way to be perceived favorably to the authorities until the stuff hits the fan for real–which it hasn’t. He should’ve complied.

    Read 1 Peter 3:13-16 for a related passage. It basically says to keep our behavior so good that those who do slander us will be ashamed of it. If the laws become truly oppressive, it should become obvious to non-Christians around us because of how compliant our behavior is in Christ. We should be KNOWN as people who comply with the law.

  26. LOL! This is awesome! I just emailed a slew of home-based churches in Phoenix asking them what kind of problems, if any, they’re facing that are similar to what Michael Salman’s faced. If this is an attack on Christians, it will be across the board in Phoenix.

    1. I’m sure home based churches in Phoenix have already heard of this story. I just re-read the NewTimes story and more closely this time. It appears that Michael Salman is part of an HOA, 1,400 members and not one approved of his addition. In that same story he gloats that if the DOJ files against the city of Phoenix the city will end up paying for his church build that he can’t afford to complete due to financial restraints. He should have not opened his mouth on that one! That’s not something an “innocent Pastor of a bible study” should even give the impression of, that all this media hype and hoopla will force the city to have to pay him in return.

      1. Oh, yeah, I definitely know they have likely heard the story, but I’m just interested to see if they’ve been “persecuted” in any way themselves. If this is a legitimate attack on Michael’s constitutional rights, then we’re going to see it at home churches across Phoenix. That’s a side of the story I haven’t seen reported anywhere yet.

      2. It’s not a case of Civil Liberties that’s why you don’t have to be worried (yet). It is not an attack on his “Constitutional” rights. This is exactly why I posted this story and why people are actually doing their own research now (Praise the Lord) to discern if this is truly a case of “Christian Persecution” or is it a man who is fighting the authorities and claiming “persecution.”

      3. I live in this neighborhood. Just to prove your point about the New Times not being a good source, we are not an HOA neighborhood. There is an informal group that puts out a monthly newsletter, but most people who live in the North Glen area do not belong. I have lived here for well over a decade and have never even considered joining. There may be 1,400 homes here – but I would be surprised if 100 of them participate in any way with the “HOA” So, perhaps, if they had a meeting with full attendance, they had 100 people saying no – and 1,300 who didn’t know or didn’t care.

        That said, when I first heard of this, I was appalled and made a video to show there was no nuisance created for the neighbors – then a little research lead me to be appalled at being sucked in. I put my mea culpa on my original post

      4. I apologize for not posting this sooner, your comment was in my spam box, something with your login I suppose? Anyway, thank you for clarifying that there is not a “HOA” involved. It’s important to be as accurate and thorough as possible, and I’m one person doing this so input is appreciated.I just ran over to your site and think this following link is MORE applicable to my readers:
        This is COURT document (minutes) where you can read that Michael Salman claimed his home residence as his “Church” address. I will be adding this to my above post. Thanks VoxAZ for this…(again to readers links approved in comments don’t constitute an endorsement of sites)

  27. And here I thought I was a fast researcher! You put me to shame! ;) I was suspect of him. However, there is a point that was made that when asked how many people gathered together violate the ordinance, the answer was “more than two.” that means that even a family gathered for a Bible study within the Phoenix city limits technically violates the law.

    Here are some of the other court cases he was involved in. Notice he was NEVER the plaintiff in these.

    CV2002-012731 7/2/2002 – Church Of All Nations vs Michael H Salman & Suzanne Salman (no judgment on file)

    CV2005-051003 6/2/2005 – National Processing Management Group Inc & Processing Source Of America Inc vs Frank Salman, National Bureau Of Merchant Services Inc, Michael Salman, Suzanne Salman, Donna Miles, Criselda Ayala, Tyler Richardson, Curtis Fields, Eileen Kane (no judgment on file)

    CV2009-019162 6/10/2009 – Wade Bonnie vs. Michael Salman RE: Harassment (no judgment on file)

    CV2009-019307 6/10/2009 – Mary Bettis vs. Michael salman RE: Harassment (no judgment on file)

    1. In the “Church of All Nations” look at the address, Salman was at one time sharing occupancy and listed the same address as his Church meeting site, I used wayback and went to the time frame of this suit filed against Salman, then checked both addresses listed and they are the same.

      The one in 2005, the same names listed on this are the same listed on the file that Salman and his brother Frank incorporated American West communications Inc.

      2009, Bonnie filed a restraining order against Salman because he went to her house angry and she felt threatened by him, this is corroborated in the NewTimes article: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/2008-01-17/news/michael-salman-wants-to-build-a-church-in-his-backyard-his-neighbors-aren-t-buying-it/6/

      I knew all this when I posted, however I wanted the readers to do the double checking and the cross referencing for themselves!! Bravo Mattit, you did well.

      that last one I did not cross research but I think it’s the same as Bonnie’s…

  28. Mentioning Michael’s trouble with the law 20 years ago when he was almost teenager is cheap shot and shame. He made a mistake and paid dearly for it. He admited then he made stupid mistake that afterall changed his life. This is not an American’s value trying to justify the city wrongdoing with this man.

    1. That is true and he’s not being judged on what he did in his youth. He’s being questioned here whether or not this is truly a freedom of religion issue or someone who continues to have conflict with others and/or nit obeying the law. Re read that part and notes that I mention his assault charge could have been prior to his conversion, and that his troubles didn’t end there. You can’t change the facts of this story.

  29. To be quite blunt, as a christian I get so sick of reading about guys like this getting arrested for not obeying the law and then others in the christian community screaming “Persecution of the church! They’re infringing on our rights!” No… they’re not. The guy has a documented history of shady behavior, and his own statements show him to be very presumptuous. IE “The community will pay for the building of my church with all this attention.” Uh, I don’t recall that being Christ’s attitude at all. To those who say that Christ “Repeatedly broke the law when he was on earth,” you really need to research what he did while he was here. He opposed the religious laws being enforced by the Pharisees, who were not lawmakers and had NO authority whatsoever. They were exploiting God’s law to make themselves superior and completely missed the point of the law to begin with. There is a huge difference between that and what this man did.

    1. I read through your post. Just as a reminder to readers any links in comments posted by others is not an endorsement of that link by N4TM.

  30. • “ ‘Pastor’ Michael Salman Not Going to Jail for Preaching but for Failing to Obey the Law ,“ News4TheMasses, July 9, 2012. The author of this article has amassed quite a collection of linked facts about Michael Hashem Salman, regarding (among other things): • The video in which “Michael Salman and his wife Suzanne Salman lay out their case before the public forum,” and Salman wears “a T-shirt from Persecution.com (otherwise known as Voice of the Martyrs) sold as ‘Illegal Shirt’”; • Michael Hashem Salman – Criminal History and Civil History charges on Maricopa Superior Court website; • Michael Hashem Salman – Civil History cases from Maricopa Superior Court Website; • Mighty Mike’s Burger, and Salman’s other businesses. (By the way, it appears to us that a commercial ad for Salman’s burger joint uses an image from an old Wendy’s commercial; i.e., “Where’s the beef?”); • Salman’s other websites, including multiple blogs; and much more.

  31. My 77 year old mother in law got a tear jerker of a letter from THE RUTHERFORD INSTITUTE using this as a fund raising tool. I sent her a link to this site. Thanks for the information. We have more to think about and more places to look for information. The truth will set you free. Just forgtet finding it in the lame stream media. Nice Blog! Keep up the good work.

    1. I saw that the attorney is from that institute. I have been meaning to address him also. He should know better! That only tells me there is a purposeful deception regarding that Salman story. What a shame.
      I think these people assume that we don’t fact check and we can be manipulated easily. There was an article disseminated through Persecuted Church site and they quoted Michael Salman’s attorney saying he was being held in “Guantanamo like” conditions. He’s doing time in AZ’s “tent city.” They claim he shouldn’t be held with regular run of the mill criminals. Too bad for Salman, that’s how the judged ruled, you break the law you go to jail. AZ heat is hardly comparable to Guantanamo! but it sounds sensational doesn’t and apparently it’s a means to get our elders sending checks. sad

      1. If Salman actually “feared God” he would obey the Law. It appears disobedience to the Law of the land is probably indicative of disobedience in other areas wouldn’t you agree?

  32. Why are you dishonest and don’t publish links to the “other side of the story?”

    Are you really a Christian? (Sorry but I have not read anything here yet other than these long complaints against Christians who were told they can’t meet in their homes. Have a personal Testiomony posted here, or other evangelical resources?)

    I believe there are very compelling arguments for Christian persecution based on
    chuckfromm dot net/2011/09/right2gather/

    (You went through trouble to paste image/snapshot of image on that site, but did not provide a Website LINK to it, are you afraid the other ‘side’ of this argument might be too compelling and want readers to have just your side of it? If somehow I have been blind and have missed ALL of your links to the other side of the story, I apologize and would appreciate if you would point me to all of them.)

    The early Church had no building, they ALL met in homes. In our neighborhoods, tons of people have huge parties, with many doezens of people, sometimes very loud, many times with drugs involved and drinking, yet no one makes a fuss, not even neighbors. You know why? Because they are a bunch of hypocrite cowards.

    They are afraid to call the police and complain about their vagabond trashy neighbors and the noise till 1 or 2am, about the pot smoke they have to endure.
    They don’t mess with other religions either, because they are afraid! But no one takes persecution as well as Christians. Nobody. So they found who to pick on!

    So they take advantage. Perhaps you should reconsider wasting your time on denying persecution of Christians, and if you personally think fines and requirements to pay for “LICENSES” to gather or speak are no persecution or infringement on Constitutional rights, that is fine, why don’t you concentrate on the Christians murdered in Sudan or all over the World?

    Is murder enough persecution for you? How about that our country is not doing anything to counter this murder? Is that not persecution also by sitting by and seeing this murder, doing nothing? What would you do if you saw your fellow Christian being murdered in front of you?

    You know, there are houses in areas where water/electric/gas meter readers refuse to go to without a police escort, they will go read the meters only with an armed officer right next to them. Why doesn’t the city go to these people and start complaining about things they need to fix, or that they need a license if they have more than two of their buddies come over regularly to party?? I’ll tell you why, because they all pee in their pants.

    But they think they are big shots when they talk to law abiding God fearing people telling them they can’t have their friends over regularly to discuss whatever they want, perhaps the Bible?

    1. Yes, his story is linked to, sort of, I didn’t hypertext it but it’s there. I did a tin of research and he’s not being persecuted. Maybe you should spend equal time that I did and see what you come up with after you’ve checked the facts.

    2. The only people persecuting Christians are other Christians. If they did not have Muslims to hate right now they would turn on each other like a pack of starving wolves. I grew up in a small town with a bunch of different denominations and they all hated each other about 25 years ago when they did not have a common enemy like they do now. And sooner or later they will go back to that.

  33. No one is without sin. No one is without fault. But I have never felt “Forces” against me for following the teachings of Jesus the best I can. I also would never pimp his teachings to make a fast buck. We should hold our leaders within the Christian Coummity to a very high level of honesty. We have been warned of False Teachers. Why do we forget that? We need more love and caring for those outside of our community and stop picking up the sword for the cons that learn ” Church Speak .” We are turning more away from the teachings of Jesus–towards false teachers. I am so tired of seeing MEN OF GOD on the News doing the perp walk. So yes, I think we will find other deeper problems as this story unfolds. Thank you FOX NEWS!! Number one for comic news & middle school reporting. Pray. Really, Pray.

    1. I have found that organizations such as persecution.org, WND, CSN, CBN, and others all help perpetuate these false stories. Be careful Christian, even the “Christian news” agencies are compromised!!

  34. Thank you for all the information. Some of it I did not know about. So let me help you correct some stuff. Yes, when I was 18 I committed a crime. When I was in prison I did not do what was right. I came to Christ in 1995 after being in prison for 2 years. I graduated from Harvesters Bible College. I got ordained in 1996 after I graduated by Elders in the Church of God in Christ and 2 other Pastors. I attended classes in Arizona Bible College now it is Arizona Bible University. I am certified in the Truth Project and other biblical teachings and programs. I have never taken a paycheck from the Ministry. Even though I was promised a salary in the past, not one penny has ever paid for me to preach. I have been married 13 years and have always decided to try to earn money by working and by trying to start a business. From Celluar Sales, to Burger Shop. I even drove Cab and Painted. I believe a minister should work and earn his keep. Does that make me bad? Is it bad that I tried to start businesses to take care of my family. According to your blog it is. Further, yes, I had some civil issues. Is it bad that I decide to fight for what I believe is right, even if it means going to court for it?? According to your blog it is. What you failed to mention is the Civil Cases in 2009 was 2 neighbors who put an injunction against me for no reason. If you look at those records which I KNOW you did not, you will find that they were dismissed!! : ) But of course your article which claims to be true is biased. Yes, I started a ministry in 2002. Then I had to rename it in 2007, did you write why I had to rename it? No. I had to rename it because my neighbor stole the name and I could not file paperwork on it. But you did not mention that did you? LOL. When the name came back up we dissolved the corporation and got our name back. : ) So what is the point of your article. Even if everything you said was correct. Just assuming it is. Does it make someone rights null and void? Is there ANYWHERE where you have proven that our home was open to the public? Or that we advertised our worship services? ANYWHERE??? No. : ) Because the only people who ever came to my home for the past 5 years were only my family and friends. Let me help you a little if you really want to be a person who stands for what is right. A person has the right to worship privately at his home with his family and friends. A persons home is his castle and no government should have the right to stop such activity unless the government can prove that such activity impedes, distrupts or endangers the health of the public or the neighborhood. In this case, there are no cars parking in the street, no noise and no increase of traffic. Neighbors who SAY that we should not have church at my home because it does not meet the “Commercial Safety Standards” is not enough. Since we are not commercial or open to the public such arguements are nonsense. If we want to worship in my home or in a building on my property that has been permitted as an Accessory Building to the Residence it is our business. The courts will find for us. We serve an awesome God who loves us and cares for us and those who trust in Him will never be put to shame. Anyway, Good luck in the future. BTW: Thank you all who supported us and blessed us with your letters and comments. Christ be WITH YOU!!

    1. Mr Salman, if it is really you, I guess this post wouldn’t be complete without your input, but seeing as you were in jail the day I posted it and I’m not a reporter who is paid to go and get interviews I failed to get your first hand account. I never intended to put your side of the story in my post because it was written in response to plethora of Main Stream Media that took to your cause and were conversely defrauding the public of the ‘whole’ truth. The MSM told your side, they played your YouTube video of you and your wife pleading your case, they called you a “Pastor” who was being “persecuted” by the Phoenix Police and judicial system. It was my intent and yes my absolute bias to give the other side of the story more attention. I noted your criminal past not to berate you for it but to simply say it was there, and your civil cases as well. Yes I did look at the documents and read they were dismissed, that wasn’t the point that they were dismissed it was showing that you generally sow discord and have continued to have a record of doing so. My “blog” is absolutely biased, it is my own opinion and I am entitled, such as you are, to share publicly what my opinion is. You didn’t read through all the 104 comments prior to yours or you would have read that your neighbors did have reason to be upset with you and those references to your “Church” name being taken by them was mentioned as well. I never stated it was “bad” to have your own job or business, my reference to your multiple locations of your burger joint was to imply that you were not in financial hardship and you purchased that “church” house at a significant price, and that was prior to the additional space you added, so for you to then put in for AHCCCS makes little sense to me. I don’t know or wish to claim I have information to your financial affairs but I do see that you’re indicted on Fraud charges over this and we’ll let the courts decide the outcome. I don’t for one minute believe you weren’t seeking to add to your home fellowship. You stood on a corner and held up a sign with your church name on it, you have had websites for years advertising your church name, if you were not seeking to “add” to your home church why all the attention. Why put your house at a 501(c) status? Why make such a huge building and provide parking and put a placard on your front yard? Why not do as many Americans across the country do and invite a small group of “friends and family” over to have study in your living room? Because you can’t claim it’s a Church building without seeking to add to your church. I don’t know how to address you really. You made some poor choices, and your were held to account for those choices and it seems the poor choices are still leaving consequences in your wake and it’s not my place to judge your heart in this matter. You may have had good intentions at some point in your life but this has gotten out of hand. As a fellow Christian and a mom, I see those pictures of your kids and I want to tell you consider your family, consider you wife who is probably distraught and tired. You don’t have to prove a point to anyone. Most people who know the whole story got the picture now. As a fellow Christian who does not believe for once second that you are truly being persecuted for your faith but are in a heap of trouble for your poor choices–drop the drama, don’t take money from strangers to cover your legal issues because you got yourself in this mess. Seek the Lord in all this and think of how many people now look to the faith and are turned off because there is yet once again another “Pastor” who lied, cheated, and stole from people who got caught and makes all the rest of us look bad. Ultimately you’re supposed to be a witness of CHRIST, and I have yet to see your actions concerning this whole thing reflect anything of Jesus Christ. I wanted to warn people that your story was not all what it was being portrayed as in the Main Stream Media, I wanted to show people that there was a history to your behavior, I wanted to show the readers that they are being deceived not only by MSM, but “Christian” organizations as well who take up these false cases and then ask other Christians for money. I believe one day we will be truly persecuted in America for our Faith in Jesus Christ alone. Sharing with people that Jesus Christ is the only way to Salvation is offensive, they crucified Jesus for His narrow message; this my fellow readers is promised to us who are saved in the faith that we will be hated for HIS namesake, not a political party, not for breaking city codes, not for making fake movies about Islam, but FOR HIS namesake. When that day comes that will be true persecution.

      1. Sow discord?? That is unfair. They filed the injunction not me. Taken money from strangers? We put up 1 chip in account because people were asking where to send money to donate. The money received does not compare to what was already spent. Why we hold signs is not to add to fellowship but to preach the gospel. Which we are comanded to do. Go into highway and byways. You call yourself a fellow Christian but yet you persecute me like everyone else in the world. It does not make sense to me why you would do that. Have I harmed you? Does my home meetings harmed anyone? Why would you as a Christian believe it is your duty to attack other Christians for the sake of your opinion? Do you think that what you are doing is right? It is not. If you consider me a fellow believer I would ask you to consier removing this post. If you discredit me as one than, I can understand how you may justify you placing such an attack on me. I expect it from the world but not from Born Again Christians. With prayer and guidance through and by the Holy Spirit.

      2. I’m not “persecuting” you. You need to look up the definition of persecution, or is your natural reaction to claim anyone who disagrees with you that they are persecuting you. Other Christians above the general public should be the ones inspecting your fruit. Christians aren’t to judge the lost, we are to exhort one another to good works and that was what I was attempting to do in my reply to your comment. No, you have not harmed me (personally) you have however harmed the body in general when you misrepresent who Christ is. No, it is not my “duty” to attack other Christians, I have not “attacked” you nor have I “attacked” other Christians. Your “home meetings” have apparently been a hindrance directly to your neighbors. Where’s the peacemaker, where is love your neighbor as yourself, where is not to stumble others? I will in no way remove my post, in fact since you’ve come over here and personally suggested I do so I will now make a point fo follow up on your next trial and report the result. I had washed my hands of your story, but I see that you do not wish to cease from your actions. I see that you have no desire to correct where you have gone wrong instead your modus operandi is to continue the “victim” role. It’s a shame really, there are more important things going on in the world than your situation.

  35. How is stealing money from the sick and dying in any way a christian value? Alas, on the AHCCCS fraud, you are innocent until proven guilty so I shall not dwell on that point.
    You say you are a private church, yet you are tax exempt as if you were a real church. You can’t have your cake and eat it to. You can’t claim you are a private entity and then steal tax money from the public. Your building plans included several buildings, day care, bible camp and activities. These are all activities that bring traffic and noise to the neighborhood. Do you deny that you had these higher ambitions for your property? That is why the city and neighbors are calling you out. You continue to misrepresent your intentions. If you wish to have a church, then you must follow the rules of other churches that follow the proper building and fire codes. To change your story and call it home bible study does not make it so. Had you simply done the right thing and found a suitable building for your congregation at the beginning, your neighbors probably would have supported you, advertised for you, and perhaps attended your services.

    1. Our future plans, hopes and dreams do not forfeit the rights we have now. Many peple start churches out of the home privately with intentions of buying a building and building on a land or property in the future. Just because you have a vision it does not stop or make null your rights today. To God be the glory forever and ever. Jesus died on the cross for your sins. Have you given your life to Him. He calls many to come to Him and be saved. Its through His blood we are saved and the atoneing sacrifice. Repent of your sins and give your heart to God. Give up drinking, drugs, gambling. Love your spouse and be faithful to them. Love your children and raise them to Christ and if you have sinned ask Him to forgive you. There is always hope in Christ! John 3

      1. Oh but it does. A building permit is not a document for future plans. A building permit is a document of immediate intention to build. Your intent was to build a church. Just because you stopped at one building does not change that fact. And the city is merely asking you to follow the law according to your building plans.

        I have no sins. I do not do drugs, I do not gamble. I drink rarely and only in moderation. I do not speed or jaywalk or steal. I follow the law. I respect my fellow man and woman – all of them equally whether straight, gay, black, white, muslim or atheist. Which is what I believe Jesus would have expected of us. I respect women and do not make them obey me because someone who wrote in a book 1,500 years ago said I could. I do not threaten or intimidate anyone. I tell the truth. I do none of that because religion tells me to. Or because you tell me to. I do it because it is the right thing to do.

        Romans 13:1-7
        Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

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