The Power of Beck’s Priests

Pictured left is “Father” (Rev.)Andrew Kemberling, KHS. Glenn Beck has a new video posted on his website of an invocation (prayer) given at:

The Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention shall be convened beginning at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday, April 14, 2012 at the Magness Arena of the Daniel L. Ritchie Center on the campus of the University of Denver, located at 2201 East Asbury Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80208.

Although this was in April, for some reason it is just recently being posted at GBTV.

You may click on the picture to enlarge.

Yes, Glenn Beck (Mormon) is promoting a video of a (Catholic) Priest issuing a call for all “Christian Faiths” to stand up to Socialism (Obama Administration). Of course the video is going viral and all the Patriotic “Christian” brothers and sisters who continue to follow Glenn Beck and mimic and perpetuate his every command have “liked” it and forwarded to all their friends. Glenn Beck’s Rome directives are being blatantly propagated on his website. His followers just do as they are told without question. Whatever you do, dear Christian brothers and sisters, don’t mind that he’s a Priest, because you’re already listening to a Mormon (Beck), just pass it on blindly. If you’re an odd ball like me you’d have a giant red flag appear and loud blaring trumpets going off in your ear saying: “Warning, Danger, Don’t give heed to seducing spirits!” And if you’re not just an odd ball but one of those conspiratorial types you might just go off and Google search this “Priest” who is beckoning all of Christianity to get behind the POPE and fight for Religious “Freedom” in the US.

“Father” Andrew Kemberling is a Knight!

There’s a healthy sum of people who visit this site enough that are not in least bit surprised. The rest of the 98% of Christians who LOVE Beck won’t understand why this is even an issue. From the Reverend’s own website of his Parish, St. Thomas More, is the list of Knights and Dames (not an endorsement). Rev. Andrew Kemberling is the first name on the list.

Anyone surprised that Glenn Beck, friend of Rome, is promoting a Jesuit Knight on his website and asking all of you, his sheeple, to spread the message?

Here’s what the Priest, Andrew Kemberling, Knight of the Holy Sepulcher said, keep in mind it is all double speak:

***~~Not an Endorsement of Glenn Beck or “Reverend” Andrew Kemberling.~~***

Breaking…This just in!!

While composing this post I returned to GBTV and hit refresh on the page of this Video posting. The page at GBTV was updated with this: see picture (click to enlarge) a link and an encouragement under Video shot reads:

“Glenn urged listeners to pass this along to their priests and ministers. He also said this kind of courage would be on display at Indivisible in Dallas, TX on Friday July 27th (you can get your tickets to that event HERE.)”

Once you click the “Here” button you will be taken to a Leadership conference

(all pics are available to be enlarged if you click on them).

The Hidden Hand behind the Priest Video featured on Glenn Beck’s GBTV site.

Typical, not shocking, but nonetheless infuriating and disgusting. I will take giant leaps here and you can choose to stay on the sensible path but I’m just going to put this out there and you can take it or leave it.

A video posted by Glenn Beck who has, as we know, grown closer and closer to Rome since his departure from Fox News is promoting “Rev. Andrew Kemberling” a Knight of Rome and is through usage of this particular video of this particular “Christian” promoting a “Leadership” Conference of the greatest conglomerate of apostates we know of. I’m sure more will attend or support it from the sidelines that won’t have the opportunity to attend.

And you my brethren, are following the path to ROME based on your itching ears and your deceived minds who WANT to believe the lie. I don’t know what more I can do or say for some of you who simply refuse to see the truth. I’m only the messenger of this “news.” I have absolutely no power to reveal anything. Just know that as a Christian, you have no rights. None. You can argue Constitution, you can bring out the Bill of Rights, you can wave the Declaration in my face, you can point to Pilgrims fleeing “religious persecution” from Britain and the King, but when you look in the Word of God, in the scriptures, you cannot show me where you’re “rights” are. You belong to Christ if you are of Him and not of this world. To Him you are a bond slave unto death. Your life is His and not your own. If He so chooses to allow TRUE persecution —For His Namesake— not your “rights,” then His will be done.

*Update* A commenter began to run down the list of Speakers at the “Under God Indivisible” conference and added annotations of their affiliation and/or apostasy forte. I told that commenter that his list should be added to the main post and that I would attempt to add what I know as well. Here’s what “Andy” stated (parenthetical comments were added by N4TM):

“Andy” Submitted on 2012/07/18 at 12:23 pm

Notice that list of people at the “Indivisible” thing:

Franklin Graham — Ecumenical Graham empire- (Calvary Chapel favorite, Adored by Bob Coy, Skip Heitzig, Levi Lusko, Greg Laurie, Erwin Lutzer)

Ravi Zacharias — Pseudo “apologetics” guy that finds ways to say nice things about Mormonism and Catholicism

“Father” Johnathan Morris — need I say more? (Fox News Contributor)

Kenneth Copeland — Word of Faith magician

Phillips, Craig, and Dean — Oneness Pentecostal (denies Trinity and teaches water baptism as required for salvation)

“Rabbi” Aryeo Spero — Unbeliever that denies that Jesus is the Christ, and is therefore an antichrist according to 1 John

John Hagee — Once denied that Jesus claimed to be the Messiah, and also believes that Jews don’t need Jesus to be saved

David Barton — Fake “historian” and ecumenical tool of Rome. (Dominionist, Promise Keepers, Glenn Beck poster child and frequent speaker at Calvary Chapel Political Events as well as Conferences, Black Robe Regiment member)

Continuing to shed light on some of these teachers the list continues: (to be continued! I will continue to gather a short synopsis of these characters later)

James Robison- Blaze Contributor -Glenn Beck’s NewsBlog, Former Moral Majority,

Jay Richards- Wrote, “Indivisible” with James Robison, Fellow at Heritage Foundation, Discovery Network,

Jim Garlow- Black Robe Regiment member-group founded by Beck, Endoresed Newt Gingrich recently converted Catholic during bid for Potus 2012,

Richard Land- Southern Baptist Convention,



  1. Makes me think of Matt. 12:46-50. And makes one THANKFUL to be outside the whole mess of apostate christianity – Heb. 13:13-15. And we have power for this late hour – 1Pet. 1:5. One more – Prov. 4:18-19. God bless.


  2. Notice that list of people at the “Indivisible” thing:

    Franklin Graham — Ecumenical Graham empire

    Ravi Zacharias — Pseudo “apologetics” guy that finds ways to say nice things about mormonism and catholicism

    “Father” Johnathan Morris — need I say more?

    Kenneth Copeland — Word of Faith magician

    Phillips, Craig, and Dean — Oneness Pentecostal (denies Trinity and teaches water baptism as required for salvation)

    “Rabbi” Aryeo Spero — Unbeliever that denies that Jesus is the Christ, and is therefore an antichrist according to 1 John

    John Hagee — Once denied that Jesus claimed to be the Messiah, and also believes that Jews don’t need Jesus to be saved

    David Barton — Fake “historian” and ecumenical tool of Rome

    That’s just the ones I know anything about.

    What a mess. To think that it’s come to this, and how many people are saying anything? At least people online are saying something. I do know of people offline that say things about this too.

    Why do any Bible believers attend these events?

    1. I think some people want to understand more of their bible without reading it. I also believe these people have ‘ some’ understanding and see that our times are unique. However, these teachers are sensationalizing the news with their views and because they are so apostate they continue to lead the sheep in circles. I’m guilty of at one point in my life seeking teachers instead of the holy spirit and the Word alone. By the grace of God, I was called out, otherwise I’d still be in all that mess. One last point on this thought to the readers here; don’t start to “follow” bloggers either. Learn how to test for yourself and always apply it. Don’t get lazy and when something appears suspicious, example: you go looking to see if so and so has said anything and if not then you stop with your test. Do your own researching. Ask yourself if what the teacher or speaker is saying is truly represented in the scriptures. Most of what these false teachers are saying is easily discerned by


      what the bible has already said on the matter. It is truly not that hard to figure out the lies you are being sold when you know the real thing.

    2. Hey Andy, you gave me an idea, your list of names and point of heresy attached to that name needs to be within my post not just in the comments. I’m going to use what you have so far and expound on it with the rest of names. Too many times I hear, “What’s wrong with ______?” Like as if they never got the memo. So I will add what I know as well and try to keep it brief like you did in your comment. If I miss anyone feel free to enter it in a comment and I can edit the post.

      1. Yes, I think that is a great idea, Mijadedios. To give a description of each person’s doctrinal stand by their name. I would help with even more of the names, but, I’m only familiar with the ones I put in my post above.

      2. I’ll try my best, I don’t know everything about everyone either! I’m sure others who are reading can help too.

  3. Wow…what an impressive list that seems to go on and on! Between yesterdays man lifted up CPN members and friends…to today’s man made high priest and company…where does one start?
    I too am a survivor of the CC movement…yet another man made apostasy!
    That put aside…it grieves my heart to constantly be reminded that there is no place safe in the fellowships of today’s churches.
    Notice I didn’t say in the “Body of Christ”! That is the only safe haven that true believers can find rest.
    Not long ago at our place of worship I was handed a book by one of the parishioners with the comment…”Have you ever read this book before?” next comment before I could respond…”It is so wonderful!”
    Well…anyone that knows me also knows that often I only see part of the surface and quite often not the whole picture when put on the spot! I can also be slow to ingest.
    So putting this “wonderful treasure” in my faithful ole book bag with the thought I will check this out when I get home…I continued on my merry way.
    Oy Vey!
    Upon arriving home and when I took this “wonderful treasure” out of my trusty ole book bag one would of thought I had picked up a hottttt potato!
    It was a book written by Mr. Deceptive himself… Dr. David Jeremiah on something called or to do with “Amazing Grace.” Well that’s all I can remember at that point because his name was like a neon sign flashing exuberantly from overload of gases and had overpowered my ability to hang onto this “wonderful treasure” in my hands! I could not put it down fast enough…I also couldn’t wait for Wednesday Bible Study so I could return this fine “treasure” to the rightful owner! Upon doing so I was asked…”so how did you like it?”….ugh…arrrrrrrrrrrgh! Now composed I simply said…”we once had the CD’s”! ..which was true! Praise the Lord I (we) saw the Light!
    Now I’m praying the Lord to reveal or open that special time with this ecstatic being…when I feel His leading to share what many have come to know about the dark teachers out there with AGENDA’s….the ole saying “One man’s trash…is another mans treasure” has a whole new meaning to me now!
    I am thankful for the eye opening list…the conformation long awaited because of my lack of diligence…as I was reading the long list of empire ready royalty I came across a teacher that I had listened to for awhile…as time had gone on I starting getting little checks here…little checks there…and finally I simply no longer felt the call to listen. These royal prince (princesses for some) are very seasoned in their speech…very cunning…and apparently without conscious. They spread strange oil all about…they tickle ears with feathers of deception!
    I have family and loved ones bathed in this oil…all the while basking in the rays of darkness and soaking up the dredge of impurities and death!
    I have comfort in not only knowing but witnessing the Lord has His means and will protect His own…as well as pull them out according to His will…
    As children of Light we need to unite together…be watchful…stand in readiness for those who while drowning in the abyss are becoming aware…pray for the day they cry out!
    There an old song “Throw out the Life Line” Again…whole new meaning comes to heart.
    “11 Strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, unto all patience and long suffering with joyfulness; 12 Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in LIGHT; 13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son: 14 In whom we have redemption through His blood, even the forgiveness of sins:” (emphasis mine) Colossians 1:11-14

    1. “Dr. David Jeremiah.” He’s so sweet! Yes, yes, he’s everybody’s grandpa-right? Well, I had not known this until I started researching Timothy LaHaye, but did you know that Baptist Church Dr. David Jeremiah preaches at is the former Church where Timothy LaHaye was Senior Pastor?
      From Wikipedia under Timothy LaHaye:LaHaye received a B.A. from Bob Jones University in 1950. He also holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Western Seminary. In 1958, the LaHaye family moved to San Diego, California, where he became pastor of the Scott Memorial Baptist Church (since renamed Shadow Mountain Community Church) in El Cajon, serving there for almost 25 years.
      and then you Google Shadow Mountain Community Church and Wikipedia says this:
      Shadow Mountain Community Church is an evangelical Christian megachurch located in El Cajon, California, a suburb of San Diego,affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.David Jeremiah has served as senior pastor since 1981 and began an international radio and television ministry, Turning Point Ministries, in 1982.
      Then you read my post yesterday and click on the picture of the Members of Pre-Trib Research Center and you see Dr. David Jeremiah’s name listed over the course of the years as well because he’s a staple. Chuck Missler of Louisiana Baptist University is on that List for just as long as Dr.David Jeremiah.

      Odd how often you see Calvary Chapel (non-members) Pastors affiliated with the Baptists. When you’re ‘in’ the CC “movement” (cult) you don’t notice it so much, you just think the whole world is CC with you. Since I’ve been out of CC I’ve grown more keenly aware of how much the Baptists love and admire the same men that were lifted up within the CC cult. Amazing! I can look on the book shelf of a sweet lil Baptist church that pounds the pulpit for tradition and fundamentalism and they have the same Evangelical-Ecumenical-Heretical-Apostate Authors on their shelf as CC does!

      Look at this list of Louisiana Baptist Alumni and see the faces that appear at Calvary Chapel “Prophesy” conferences! (this is NOT an endorsement of the site, just as a reference)

      oh the irony. Yes it is grievous and difficult to find a church untouched by the Apostasy. But it wouldn’t be the “Great falling away” if it didn’t include every house, now would it. There is no perfect church, because there are no perfect Christians. Each is at their own pace it seems, God will deal with them in His timing. It’s great to be ready and armed with the truth when opportunity presents itself. Maybe now since you had that opportunity with a fellow ‘sister’ you can dig into who Dr. David Jeremiah is and one day share with her why Reading the Word of God to find God’s Amazing Grace is so much more fulfilling than reading “Dr. David Jeremiah’s” take on it. ;-)

  4. Looks like I’ve got some digging to do! :’) Seems no matter where I go or how I turn I am reminded that these things are not just going to go away! I have tried to ignore them…justify that God will take care of this abscess within and extract His children…I have even stated to other’s…”Oh that just isn’t my calling”…yet still when I take the time I get this little nudging…so like you Mija a while back needing the time to pray and listen to what God’s call in all this was and is for you…I am now at a crossroads so to speak! Time for prayer and communion with my Abba.
    Pray your day is blessed in the Lord…and pray always for your protection…but most of all “leading”
    You are so right when you say we need to be in God’s Word…I will add to that also in His Will.
    As BWV…I quote this to you once again…
    “11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the Word with all readness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. 12 Therefore many of them believed; also of honourable women which were Greeks, and of men, not a few.”
    Acts 17:11-12
    b’shalom my friend

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