Reblog: KTLA coverage from the MacKay funeral today


I watched the entire funeral online (I’m in AZ). I was blessed to hear that Detective Jeremiah MacKay was also a brother in Christ. He was a cop, and a bit of a drinker, but there was no doubt that his family and friends knew him to be a believer. His dad’s portion of the Eulogy was the most touching. At the end of the broadcast there was a “Last Call,” that went over the radio for officer MacKay. The crowd was still and silent as you heard the lady dispatcher call for him. Of course there was no answer and then she continued to state that Jeremiah MacKay was shot in the line of duty. I lost it then and my heart released a flood of tears. I know one day as a sister-in-Christ I will see and meet Jeremiah, but it was still consuming. This story as I have stated before in posts on Dorner was very close to home. My prayers go out to the MacKay family and the Law Enforcement family who lost one of their own. One last poignant moment was when one of MacKay’s fellow officers (or it could have been his dad) stating days before Jeremiah’s death he had told them, “I’m gonna get him (Dorner).” MacKay purposed in his heart, mind, and soul, to protect his family and his friends from the evil murderer named Christopher Dorner. Dorner’s name will be infamous for being a “cop killer,” and his final reckoning will be an eternity separated from God whereas MacKay will be in the presence of God.

Originally posted on KTLA:

DEVORE, Calif. (KTLA) — Thousands attended an emotional final farewell on Thursday for San Bernardino sheriff’s Detective Jeremiah MacKay.

MacKay, 35, was killed in a gun battle with rogue former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner last week in Big Bear.

The motorcade from the mortuary in San Bernardino to the San Manuel Amphitheater in Devore stretched for miles.

Thousands of cops and civilians from three states came to pay their respects to MacKay, who was a 14-year veteran of the sheriff’s department.

It was a ceremony fit for a hero, with an honor guard, a riderless horse, a massive helicopter flyover and, of course, MacKay’s beloved bagpipes.

Co-workers said it was fitting that MacKay had spent the day before he died with his wife, Lynette, his daughter, 6-year-old Kaitlyn, and his 4-month-old son, Cayden.

“Lynette expressed her gratitude that her children were able to spend Monday with Jeremiah, because Tuesday he…

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