Slick Rick Warren and “Papa” Chuck Smith Sr. Still Embracing After All These Years

While most of the Catholic world is waiting with abated breath for a new Pope to be chosen the Non-Denominational Ecumenical world still has their “Papa” (Pope); that is, Chuck Smith Sr of Calvary Chapel. Calvary Chapel spawned a blend of Charismatic Conservative type church movement after its stint as an Ecumenical playground for lost hippies during the 70’s. Chuck Smith Sr. dubbed as the founder of the hippie church, aka, “Jesus People Movement.” Although, Chuck was not the source of the growth it was rather his protegee, active homosexual, Lonnie Frisbee. Years later Calvary Chapel Movement cast off it’s more hyper-charismatic days in return for a yuppie style church that aimed to minister to it’s booming youth driven and modern centered style of worship. Chuck Smith Sr, a former Four-Square church pastor and child of a four-square pastor, found himself surrounded by young men who would continue to grow his movement. One notable young pastor was Greg Laurie. Greg was mentored by Lonnie Frisbee for a time and then later assumed a close relationship to another young up and coming soon-to-be mega pastor, Rick Warren. How do I know that Rick Warren has known Greg Laurie for decades? Rick Warren said so in an interview backstage of the Harvest Crusade in 2009.

What’s Wrong with Rick Warren he’s a philanthropist, a Pastor, a humanitarian!?

Rick Warren has notoriously misrepresented the bible, the actual scriptures. All this hoopla against Rick Warren started (as far as I personally remember) back in the early 2000’s with his book “The Purpose Driven Life.” When I was in CA attending a CC the women’s bible study group was going through the very book by Rick Warren. We never completed the study, which I was happy to end, because a certain man named Roger Oakland had warned “Papa” Chuck Smith about the many errors in the book and showed Rick Warren to be highly ecumenical in his theology. Oakland and others who make a living off of warning church goers against doctrinally unsound teachers all rallied with Oakland against Rick Warren, eventually “Papa” Chuck had no place to go but heed the warning and issue a Papal decree letter to all Calvary Chapel Pastors that the theology of Rick Warren was not biblical and his type of Christianity would not could not be endorsed at that time. This letter was issued in 2006 and was called, Parsons to Parsons, good like finding it. I didn’t need “Roger Oakland” to tell me that Rick Warren was off the mark scripturally. I could see Rick Warren’s misuse of scripture for myself when we (the ladies of the CC in CA) were doing that study. He misused scriptures, he took them out of context and distorted them to get his point across. It wasn’t until years later that I learned more about his “purpose” to redesign churches and move them away from teaching biblically sound doctrine to a quasi-motto-feel good don’t preach real doctrinal truths about God’s law and my sin, type of churches. [I’ve written extensively on Rick Warren and Chuck Smith use the search bar to the right.]

Today’s non Breaking News, the latest conglomeration of Smith and Warren has to do with this appearance on Pastor’s Perspective:

Rick and Chuck on Pastor’s Perspective on February 26,2013

On a strange side note I found this post at Light House Trails: click image to enlarge

screenshot of Lighthous trails 2.27.2013This post was not a “Statement” against the pairing, it was only a letter to the editor that was posted and then all of Roger Oakland’s posts related to his withdrawal from Calvary Chapel were listed with it. So officially it does not look like Light House Trails has said anything against Chuck Smith Sr for continuing to minister along side Rick Warren. They (LHT) are simply acknowledging that they know by showing this photo of the two. What do Roger Oakland’s posts have to do with Rick Warren and Chuck Smith continuing to work together? Roger Oakland never came out after the Embrace of 2009 and said, “Chuck Smith Senior, stop hanging out with Rick Warren!” or “Church, Look, Rick Warren The Compromised is imbedded into Calvary Chapel, get out now!” Roger Oakland never said anything of the sort in 2009, nor did any of his then compatriots of the Prophecy Speaking Circuit.

But N4TM, Didn’t Lighthouse Trails publish your post, “Woe,” on Chuck Smith and Rick Warren joining up in 2009?

Yes. Back in those days just after the Embrace of 2009 I waited patiently for all the famous “Men of God” who had warned me against Rick Warren to take to their bully pulpits and say something, anything, about Chuck Smith Sr. endorsing Rick Warren at the Harvest Crusade of 2009. No one spoke up, not one. I read nothing from Herescope, LHT, Hope for Today, Be Alert, UTT, etc. I waited for the respected “elders” of the group to say something and no one did. I was outraged at the silence so I spoke up. I had literally no one frequenting my blog at the time and it was only because I had a friend who knew the editors at LHT that my article got the small attention it did back then. It was quickly buried into the back of the closet, the article title changed, and more attention was given to a friend of Chuck’s who wrote a more politically correct “letter of concern” after my letter that was much more forward. It’s easy to erase history in the digital world of blogging.

*As a tip to readers who are truly trying to find the truth and have to muddle their way through various “Discernment” blogs always look for who the site endorses not just who they warn against and see if they are not compromised themselves. It is very possible to have ACME Discernment crew warning the church about Post-Modern, Emergent, New Age, Jewish Mysticism, and then by the same token they are endorsing their “authors” or “speakers” who go to churches who endorse the very doctrines they are supposedly warning you about. It’s a catch 22, no doubt and very confusing if you don’t know what/whom you are dealing with. As in the world, the compromised body of Christ also has a soft spot for Mammon. Mammon gets their speaker’s books and dvds sold, it gets them hits (visits to their sites), it gets them advertising, and not saying anything disparaging about the “leaders” who are estranged with the Apostate Church always buys them more time to sell more of their junk. It’s easy to figure out, it’s just horribly sad and discouraging. I know I’ve been there. In the end all of this is good news, because it draws our eyes to the Lord, the author and finisher of our faith. It reminds me (us) that there is only One Good Shepherd and that is Christ Jesus and no one man or two men can distract us from the truth of who God is when we put our faith, hope, and trust back on the one-the only one- who deserves it.

John 10:13-15 (KJV)

13 The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.

14 I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.

15 As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep.


  1. Great article, and fully accurate. But it will likely fall on deaf ears. Nobody cares anymore. PDL used to be sold in the official CCCM bookstore. I know, I returned to CCCM after years of CC overseas missions work, shocked to find PDL on the shelves there. It was sold there, up until that letter you talked about in 2006, then PDL was pulled off the shelves. Pulled only as a show, apparently. Because now Rick Warren is promoted at the harvest crusade and on the radio station.

    Greg Laurie loves Rick Warren, so does Bob Coy, who officially chose the PDL as sort of a “must read” book some years back.

    Now Chuck Smith himself has jumped in full body alongside Rick Warren. But as your article makes clear, he was always full body alongside him. It just wasn’t “safe” to say it before the last few years. Now that all those “troublemakers” speaking against Rick Warren have left Calvary Chapels, now Calvary Chapel can be fit neatly into the ecumenical mold where it always was to begin with.

    I say it was always to being with, because I was studying a Chuck Smith teaching from many years ago, where he said that the “Church of Christ” is a Christian church. But the “Church of Christ” says that you must be water baptized to avoid hell. That’s a damnable heresy with the Gospel itself, so it doesn’t qualify as Christian. It is a cult. Wouldn’t you think that Chuck Smith would know that, if he has been a pastor for 60 some years? He either doesn’t know it, or is so ecumenical and nobody noticed and they all wrongly knighted him as the founder of the new “one true church that will hold to truth no matter what”.

    The same Chuck Smith who has said that catholicism is Christian, and has said that for decades, even saying that he had a cousin that was a nun, and he never tried to convert her to the true Gospel. The same Chuck Smith that said that some mormons will be in heaven. The same Chuck Smith that has had CC in bed with Billy Graham and such ecumenicalists for decades.

    Herescope? They won’t touch this. They just write long-winded articles with 15,000 paragraphs about the “new-age galactic emerging technocratic posthuman consciousness” etc. etc. add more groovy sounding words here so that it sounds like we’re really exposing something.

    No, nobody will touch this. But you did. Thank you.

    1. @Andy
      Your comment had just enough sarcasm to make me laugh. Absolutely this message falls on deaf ears and you’re right no one really cares ( who Chuck Smith Sr has been in cahoots with all these years). I really could care less what/who Chuck’s doing these days. I saw this topic posted at Galatians 4 and decided to do my own post with my own two cents. It’sCalvary Chapel’s descent into Apostasy and all the workers of iniquity that are adored there are not very important to me and my walk any longer. Ergo, I’m not frequenting CC sites to look for the latest circus parade there, ie Prophecy Conferences or speakers hosted at their churches. I don’t waste my time watching “His Channel” or listening to “Pastor’s Perspective” to catch CC teaching false theology. I’m out of CC and happy to be free of all that. (Just thought I’d explain what I said better the original reply was via my phone & that’s an awkward place to reply.)

      1. I just came to the knowledge of the falsity of Calvary Chapel. i am sick to my stomach and have been for over a week… i don’t even know what group of true believers i can celebrate Resurrection Sunday with. got any ideas of how to recover?

      2. @Christian_Seakers,
        I’m sorry that you’re in the grieving process. The realization that CC is false can truly test you. Remember Christ saves not a “church” or a movement. No pastor is above the sheep, there is One good shepherd that is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I encourage you to seek a doctrinally sound church but I will also preface that there is no church without its own problems. Continue to pray and seek the Lord’s guidance in where He is directing you to worship.

  2. Start listening at the 1:38 second mark…Is Warren saying, “That’s what God’s interested in–SHE’S interested in…”??? Did he call God a she?

    1. @Angie Idk, I’d have to pay attention to him and i disassociate automatically when i hear him and/or Chuck. I’ll check into that and listen w/attention. Get back to ya on that. *Update, oh Angie, that was torture and I still didn’t hear the section you are referring to. From what I can tell Warren shows up towards the end of the first half of the show and stays through till the end. If you heard this at the beginning it may have been Don Steward not Rick Warren you heard. It really pains me to listen to these men. I will try once more to listen to the first 3 minutes only and hear for what you’re talking about.

  3. According to David Hocking after talking to Chuck Smith. Their program was underway and Rick busted in and dominated the radio show-they could not get a word in.. Now I understand they should of cut the Live program-but they did not. Yep it was a mistake! I have access to Daves comments from Palm Desert-if you want you can find it yourself-not hard. I’m sure you guys probably don’t like Dave either so I’m most likely just giving you more fodder for you jealosy..

    1. @KenCole
      David Hocking is a defender of Chuck Smith. So you are correct in assuming that I don’t hold a high regard for David Hocking. Chuck Smith “reproved” David Hocking after an alleged extra marital affair charge years ago from another church that David Hocking was a part of. This enabled David Hocking to resume teaching, although it is by virtue of speaking at Calvary Chapels for their prophecy conferences. David Hocking has a radio program or did, IDK I don’t keep tabs on Hocking, and he was teaching via a Salvation Army Church in the neighborhood of Southern California somewhere last I heard. What ever would make you think I’m jealous of David Hocking? Or anyone of those false teachers is beyond me. I don’t have to answer for them, they have to answer for themselves. And there is not a “you guys” there is one writer here at N4TM and that’s me and I’m a she so that should add more “fodder” to your high esteem and low regard.

    2. Ken Cole’s comment is hillarious. First that Rick “busted in”. Seriously. Can I show up at the radio studio and bust in and take over the thing? What kind of studio is that, if anyone can come and do that? But then if Rick isn’t just “anyone”, then that is because Chuck Smith thinks of him as a pastor, which is what Chuck Smith said about Warren when he sat next to Warren at the Laurie event, and the next day on the radio, Smith said he regards Warren as a pastor.

      Doesn’t matter what Hocking said. Hocking wasn’t there. And who is jealous of these guys? Then Paul must have been jealous of the Pharisees for exposing their falsehoods.

      Chuck Smith thinks that catholicism is Christian, and even recently said that some mormons will be saved. Ken Cole doesn’t want to face the truth that those who present themselves as teachers, will find more scrutiny (James 3:1).

  4. Praise be to God He got me out of that mess!! It’s only getting worse. All they want to do is mass produce “Christians ” with their man made efforts.:(

  5. As for Roger, he tried to personally warn Chuck. He got kicked out by some of the goons there. I know close friends who have talked to him and that used to work at CCCM. Maybe he didn’t write anything on his blog publicly, but I know he tried privately. But there is much more going on than you think. I’m not defending Or endorsing Chuck but I’m not going to tear him down either. Many of the young pastors he hatched have now become vultures, waiting to take over CC once he passes. He doesn’t have a handle on things the way that he used to.

    1. @Sergio I don’t doubt that Roger “tried” to warn Chuck. I’m under the impression that Roger was used in the beginning to give Chuck and CCCM the appearance of a “Discerning” church and eventually Roger caught on to that. However, I disagree that “they” kicked Roger out. Towards the end of his tenure at CC he still enjoyed the CC circuit speaking engagements. He ultimately failed in calling a spade a spade when it came to his dear friend Chuck Missler. In the end Roger chose to disappear to outside of the US to continue speaking. Roger still has his material being sold amongst the questionable and nefarious goons inside CC. But thanks for your comment and stopping by. The CC saga is complex and deep as much as it is wide. I agree the new hatchlings are even more viscous, but consider its origins and then it’s certainly not surprising, it’s almost poetic justice.

  6. As a professed born again Christians I am confused and alarmed at the controversy concerning the comments on all these articles concerning respected pastors that I have revered for decades. I left Saddleback church 3.5 years ago because of Rick’s ovious association with the Illuminante, cfr and politicians whom speak lies, not to mention The Purpose driven life book that has cause million’s to go astray. Tell me whom do we trust? I am convienced more than ever that i need to delve into scriptures for the truth. I am heart broken over comments about Pastor Chuck’s association with Rick Warren and his false peace/purpose driven apostacy. I have attended Compass Bible Church, Mike Fabaris whom I am convienced loves the Lord and is teaching the truth. God help me if he turns out to be an apostate.

    1. @Thomas I’m truly sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but lo it is what it is. This compromise has been in effect for a very long time. I remember that feeling of grief when i first discovered all of this apostasy. You are rooted in God’s word and must remember to never put any man in a station above Christ. You’ll do well in learning more on your own, there’s a lot of information once you start looking. Just be careful, there are double agents too who give an appearance of warning you but then set up another false system.

  7. I have gone to Calvary Chapel for years and all we study from is the Bible. My pastor is very much a Bible teaching man of God. We have NEVER used “The Purpose Driven Life” in our church or any other book. Just the Word of God. If that is wrong . Then I will stay wrong. I don’t need any other text. Because the Scriptures are the inspired Word of God, they are also inerrant and authoritative. A correct view of God will lead us to a correct view of His Word. Because God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and completely perfect, His Word will by its very nature have the same characteristics. The same verses that establish the inspiration of the Scriptures also establish that it is both inerrant and authoritative. Without a doubt the Bible is what it claims to be—the undeniable, authoritative, Word of God to humanity. Jesus is the Word made flesh and I believe that the more of the Word I read the stronger I become as a Christian. I have never felt compromised at my church. I feel blessed. All I have seen here is gossip and back biting. May the Lord forgive you!!!

    1. Teresa, thank you for speaking up! What I see here are a lot of wolves dressed as sheep who have no basis of what they say in first-person facts, only rumors. And nobody else apparently has the courage to STAND UP for what they believe in and confront the people that they are talking about. I don’t believe backstabbing, gossipping, or heresay are spiritual gifts. I also attend a CC and have never, ever heard anything other than word by word, chapter by chapter, book by book Bible teaching from a humble man who knows he is imperfect and loves the Lord with all that he is.

      1. I have studied nothing but God’s Word at a CC church for almost 20 years by a man who has faithfully pointed to Jesus through life’s trials. What I have read here sickens me. Thank you Sherry and Theresa for taking a stand for truth. I stand with you. Let us build one another up in the Word….and let the Lord be the judge of each man’s heart.

      2. Dear Deb, Thank you for reading this post and leaving your comment. Again to you I say as I did to Teresa and Sherry, please consider standing on the word of God and not on a church made of man’s hands. 20 years at CC, wow, that’s amazing, just the fact that you’ve stayed that long at one church is awesome. I once loved the fellowship at CC. I continue to maintain friendships I started while at CC. The people who worship and seek God within the walls of CC are amazing Christians. I know, I attended CC for just over 10 years myself. I believed the script and the fake history about how CC was birthed for years. I grew in the knowledge of Christ while at CC. However, at a point in my life I desired to know Christ so much that I prayed and sought through the Holy Spirit to test what I had been taught at CC against the Word of God. The Holy Spirit revealed in the Word that some of the “doctrines of CC” were not aligned to God’s word. I also began to search out the beginnings of CC and test the spirit of Chuck Smith Sr. I found conspiracies and heresies abounding in CC and it “sickened me” too! There is no slander when I say that Chuck Smith Sr. knowingly introduces wolves to the flock at CC. He has endorsed Rick Warren after at one time “warning” the CC flock to stay away from him. Chuck Smith has said and done a lot of things that are not representative of a true shepherd of Jesus’ flock. It’s important to stand on the Word of God and for Jesus Christ Messiah and Lord, absolutely, we agree, but I will not be quiet about what I’ve learned about Chuck Smith and the CC enterprise. It’s an ugly truth, it’s not a happy message, and it really hurts people who love their “church” to find out all of this ugliness, but for me, I much rather learn the truth now and be able to get out and do something about it. I rather learn that I was being mislead and seek the truth in God’s Word and hold it above any teacher or organization then try to defend ‘men’ who fail and are mislead themselves. God Bless you Deb, please know that I mean no harm or disrespect to you as a Christian.

      3. Dear Sherry, I send you the same sentiments as I sent Teresa in that you should stand on the Word of God and not on a movement (CC). I’m glad that you are being taught God’s word. I was learning God’s word also when I attended CC for just over 10 years. However, the truth of the matter is that Chuck Smith and the founding on the CC church was not as righteous as you may believe. There are many false teachers and true wolves in sheep’s clothing within the body of believers at CC. Many times Chuck Smith introduces them (the wolves) into the congregation, and that is dangerous. Are you defending Chuck Smith Sr? or even your pastor? I pray not, men are fallible, they sin, lie, cheat, deceive, but the Holy Spirit will reveal it. There are many people besides me who have come to see Calvary Chapel for what it is. Are we all gossips, backstabbers? There is a wealth of information online to find if you decide to seek the truth out about CC. I praise God that you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, that is the power of the Word of God, piercing the marrow. Thank you for your time in reading my post and leaving your comment, God Bless you and keep you.

    2. Dear Teresa, Thank you for taking time out of your life to read my post and to comment. I agree with you that the Word of God is inerrant and authoritative. Yes absolutely the bible is true, Jesus Christ is the Son of God, God with us-Emanuel, He is my savior and my Lord. I am not denying Jesus Christ in this post, I am however, denying that Chuck Smith Sr is teaching truth. I am also asserting that he began is ministry on the back of a homosexual man named Lonnie Frisbee, and that is not gossip, that is true, spend some time looking it up. That is great that your pastor at a CC is a man of God, then go up to him and ask him what he thinks about Rick Warren. Ask your pastor if he thinks Rick Warren is a minister or a false teacher, because by all accounts Rick Warren is a false teacher, teaching false doctrine and whether you like it or not CC as an organization via Chuck Smith Sr. “the founder” endorse Rick Warren. You don’t need to defend the bible here on this blog, I stand with you on the WORD, but not on Calvary Chapel. I attended there for more than 10 years before I dared to venture to “test the spirits” (Chuck Smith Sr.) and test what I was being taught “verse by verse, chapter by chapter” against what the Word of God has to say on CC’s doctrinal stances, and I found it to be misleading at best, deceptive at worst. That was where the Lord led me, He revealed to me through HIS WORD that CC was and is in error. God’s word is not, CC is. I pray that you don’t take this as a personal attack, it is not, it is out of concern for you and your walk with Christ. Don’t stand up for a ‘church’ or a “movement” only stand for Christ and the Word of God. God Bless you, and may the Lord have His will and way with your heart as well.

      1. I also grew up in Calvary Chapels.
        Chuck Smith was my pastor since I was 5 years old. Attended them up until the last 2 and a half years. I am now 47.
        I had been noticing the errors and inconsistency myself, which is why I no longer attend Calvary Chapels.. Sadly I and others put alot of trust in that they go verse by verse, chapter by chapter.. I’ve had to unlearn alot of things I grew up learning that are nowhere in scripture.
        God did use alot of those years to instill me with scripture which I more full understand today.
        I was also heartbroken but am also very greatful… Never do we put our trust in man over the Word of God.
        Thank you for exposing..may God be glorified and may they repent from there error.
        I know of student that have gone thru the CC school of ministry only to leave because after in depth study of the word they themselves realized the error.
        Praise God for his faithfulness!!
        I’ve also heard said that the reason he didn’t stop the radio broadcasting when Rick Warren arrived was because of his graciousness.
        If that was the case.. His first concern should of been protecting his flock.
        I thank you for exposing these errors and I pray for the hurting flock.:(

      2. Thank you Kimberly for your testimony. What you shared speaks of God’s love,mercy, and patience. He first loved us :-) He grows us up in His timing. The most important thing is constantly seeking Him and His truth alone. If we all stopped to consider man’s traditions and misinterpretation against God’s Word there would be a lot less cults in the world. Often our own itching ears or refusal to be exhorted/rebuked keeps us stagnant and ignorant. Praise God you are unlearning and relearning. I know how much work that entails but the same God who redeemed your soul is at work helping you through. Thx so much for your time to read and post a comment. Lord bless you

  8. My husband was told by a CC asst pastor, and heard with his own ears a couple years back how the pastors of a local CC went to a Rick Warren pastors conference and the asst pastor thought Rick Warren was the “greatest pastor and man of God that ever lived.” We were sickened when we found out that CC has been poisoned by purpose driven church theory for years as have most churches and denominations internationally. I’ve researched this over and over and came to the same conclusions. This is why they are all “doing church” and “doing life in cell groups” and using television as examples in their sermons rather than admonishing their congregations to study the word and repent.

    Yes, there are pastors of CC still preaching much truth and verse by verse and attempting to be faithful but don’t be deceived into thinking these men are not attending Rick Warren conferences and using his church growth, man made (rather than Holy Spirit led) theories to fill their congregations to the brim with unbelievers so that they can ignore the mandate and true purpose of the church which is to prepare believers for the work of the ministry of leading others to Christ.

    Yes, the truth shall set you free. We were freed into realizing that this purpose drivel was a government led thing that came from UNESCO plans that all churches are coming to follow. It is part of the globalist move toward a one world govt and one world religion. Sadly, we also came to the conclusion we cannot find a church home that has not been poisoned by purpose drivel.

    So I say take heart and do not allow this to deter your faith but instead seek the Lord and His word and lead others to Christ for as long as the day is available to do so because it might not be long before we may lose that right here in the states and have to go underground.

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