Common Core, Coming to AZ 2013 and Yes it does affect Home Schoolers

“Common Core Standards” is a National venture headed up by NGA (the National Governors Association) and Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).

My brain is racked from having read through both the Pros and Cons of “Common Core” all day (Sunday). I’m a home school mom. My kids are still within the K-12 range. I had no idea that Common Core would affect me as a homeschooler until today. My readers know that I’m handy with a search engine and so I began my journey today into discovering exactly what Common Core Standards are and how it will affect me and my home.

The Cons

I have friend in Christ who sent me an email not too long ago warning me about “Common Core” and the transitions of certain formerly trusted curricula were making to adhere to Common Core Standards. At the time I thought to myself, this doesn’t apply to me, I don’t use any of the listed curricula. Then a week or so after her email I heard on the radio that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had just signed into Law, “Common Core Standards,” and that the Arizona State standardized test called AIMS was in its last year due to the new standards that go into affect Fall 2013-2014 school year. What!? Brewer signed Common Core Standards into Law? I don’t recall voting on that measure or even hearing about it until a week prior thanks to my diligent friend (a retired teacher). I was truly ignorant of her concerns and knowledge on the subject. It wasn’t  until I saw this:

BJU Logo Using Common Core Standards as wellMaintaining Academic Excellence: BJU Press and the Common Core Standards (For article click here-Not an Endorsement)

that it became prudent for me to spend the time investigating Common Core for myself. Let me explain! I don’t use BJU press (anymore). I had long ago used their spelling books for my kids; however, this was before I knew about BJU. Now, I know too much about BJU and choose not to support that institution. I was however, looking up curriculum and accredited schools online. Ironically I ended up on their main page and saw that on the left side bar they included the term “Common Core.” Once I saw that BJU, a private “Christian” educational system (which is NOT accredited btw I also learned), was implementing Common Core, I decided to revisit my friend’s second email which had two links to help educate me on the Cons of Common Core. The first link I clicked on had a video of which I watched the entire thing (58 Minutes). I will link to it at the end of this post. In this *video I gleaned some names, terms, and resources that furthered my search into exactly what Common Core is and what it intends to do. From the speaker of the video I learned some basic facts. I will just bullet point them:

  • Common Core is not a demand of the people for the people it was CONSTRUCTED, ergo devised, by Obama and a few of his henchmen and women just prior to his election in 2008.
  • The NGA (National Governors Association) had a lot to do with getting this “Nationalized” form of education into the respective state legislation.bush-and-obama-in-wh
  • Common Core is going to push out traditional mastery based education and encourage teachers to take a facilitator role and allow the children to “teach themselves.”
  • Bill and Melinda Gates have donated $100 million of their own money towards implementation of this program. They have done so primarily because their Common Core Standards program will utilize Computers, E-readers, E-books, which Bill Gates (Mr.Microsoft) is a partner with Pearson the US’s (and the world’s) premier text book publisher. They will directly benefit $$ from the total overhaul of the educational system. So if you’re not a fan but a wise investor it may be time to get in on Windows based stock options!
  • Obama is for this. His cronies conjured up this system which is loosely yet very eerily related to the “No Child Left Behind Act,” of George W. Bush. If you’re a hot blooded American with an (R) in front of your name you know that it is precursory to be against everything Obama is for even if you were for it during the Bush years.
  • Common Core Standards will be rewritten into the SAT and ACT tests that our kids take to get into College. Whether they are home schooled kids, public schooled kids, or privately educated kids, they will all have to know the Common Cores in order to take the tests and pass.
  • Christian schools are also implementing Common Core in droves. Charter schools are also transitioning to Common Core. As I mentioned in my intro “Christian Home School” curriculum is also switching to Common Core. There is no escape or alternative. At some point your child will have to know and test for Common Core.
  • Some of the promoters of Common Core are also in favor of making this system global and getting the citizens of the world educated in like fashion.
  • All bullet points are my interpretation of the facts/opinions laid out in the YouTube video I watched which is linked to below. I use sarcasm in some of my points because I have learned that there is no black vs. white anymore but a lot of gray vs. neon green!

Some Facts that Support some Cons

“New York, NY – April 27, 2011 – The Pearson Foundation today announced a partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support America’s teachers by creating a full series of digital instructional resources. Online courses in Math and Reading/English Language Arts will offer a coherent and systemic approach to teaching the new Common Core State Standards. Common Core Standards were developed by the National Governors Association, in partnership with the Council of Chief State School Officers. Forty-one states, two territories, and the District of Columbia have adopted the standards.” Source: Pearson Website

“The common standards aren’t just for public schools, it seems. With all but four states having adopted them since 2010, districts have little choice but to implement the Common Core State Standards. But many private schools are also making the transition. More than 100 Roman Catholic dioceses spanning the nation from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, have decided to adopt the standards, according to a recent survey from the National Catholic Educational Association. Even the El Paso Diocese in Texas, a state that wanted no part of the common standards, signaled last spring that it was signing on. Experts say practical considerations are likely an important motivator, as many private schools feel the pressure from the tidal wave of states beginning to implement the new standards, which cover K-12 mathematics and English/language arts. That’s having profound effects on textbook and test publishers, for instance, which are revising their wares to better reflect the standards. Observers also suggest the common core will even reshape college-entrance exams.
It’s not just Catholic schools making the move. Some Lutheran and other denominations of Christian schools are shifting to the common core, including Grand Rapids Christian in Michigan and the Christian Academy School System in Louisville, Ky.” Source: Hispanic

This was confirming my findings that some Christian Schools were jumping in to the Common Core Bandwagon. Another random Google search produced this link:

Common Core standards coming in September to Capo Beach Christian- OC weekly

“Capo Beach Christian School has decided to embrace the Common Core standards, resulting in a school wide curriculum transformation. The kindergarten through eighth grade private school is set to implement the standards starting in September.” Quote from Article source here. Capo Beach Christian School website link here

Here’s a PDF book 43 pages that I have not read and thus am not endorsing but I’m only providing for resource and educational purpose:

Here is the YouTube Video I viewed that is Against Common Core Standards Let me preface something before you view it. The woman speaking is from Eagle Forum. Eagle Forum is a Right Wing political activist organization that I do not endorse. Eagle Forum was created by and run by Phyllis Schlafly, a Jesuit Dame of Malta and CNP co-conspirator with Tim LaHaye whom I absolutely do not trust or endorse. Given that she was speaking on behalf of Eagle Forum to a group of tea-partiers (which I also am not an endorser of nor do I share their blind right wing ideology), I still listened and watched with discernment. So, I ask you to do the same if you listen to her speak. She gets into Agenda 21, the UN pushing for Common Core as well and endorsing some of her other books that are related to secret societies that run the Government; which is ironic considering she is speaking on behalf of Eagle Forum, birthed by a Dame of Malta (no secret there but it is sort of like a dbl cross). I encourage you to extract the facts she represents from her own agenda.

Here is a shorter and sweeter heartfelt message from a teacher who quit over Common Core:

Arizonans Against Common Core: Myths and Facts on Common Core:

Utah Against Common Core: Think Common Core State Standards are State led? Get the facts:

Indiana ‘Hoosiers Against common Core:’

Of course I went looking for what HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) had to say about the matter. There were no flashing lights drawing attention to this topic on their main home page. I had to use their search engine to find this: Common Core State Standards Initiative: Too Close to a National Curriculum (December 17, 2012) Here’s the link:

The Pros of Common Core?

NGA– National Governors Association (the Constructionists of CCS)

CCSSO: from the constructionists of Common Core Standards:

An article in Support of Common Core Standards Math section: “The Math Standards and Moving Beyond the Worksheet: Teaching the common standards in math. By Alison Crowley” 

From Arizona Public Media: Common Core Needs Funding, Open Minds:

Arizona’s Common Core Standards Home Page

Arizona Public Engagement Task Force: “This group has convened for the purpose of communicating key education policy issues to the public. The current focus is on implementing communications and outreach strategies to support the successful implementation of Arizona’s Common Core Standards throughout the state. Through their work, the Task Force will continue to contribute to this web site. Specifically, the Task Force has created Arizona’s Common Core Standards Communications Tool Kit to help superintendents, principals, teachers and other community leaders communicate to parents, community partners and the public about the standards.”

This is where the Money is ^ look at their site and all the Logos of those in support of AZ Common Core Standards and think how they will benefit $$ from the transition.

Common Core Standards Home Page

Okay, I didn’t spend a lot of time looking through the pros of Common Core. Perhaps because I was so astounded by what I found in the Cons list and wanted to make sure the Cons being tossed about were legitimate and not just emotional exaggeration. It is important to test all things and when someone tells me (video above from Eagle Forum) that, “Common Core is equivalent to Nazi Germany’s role in systematically brainwashing the youth,” I want to make sure that it’s not just hyperbole. Here’s an article I read by a Socialist website no less and it does well in representing the Cons to Common Core without the bias that the Eagle Forum video had:

The Truth About Common Core: Source

matrix eye greenLastly, one cannot escape the topic of “Common Core” without mentioning the Data Mining Issue.

I am no supporter of Glenn Beck or Michelle Malkin. I see both have hit this issue and have poured salt on the wound by stimulating your fears of the “Nation State” i.e. Big Brother who is collecting all various forms of Data on you and stock piling it for some innocuous day the world ends and you are hunted down for being registered with the NRA or a local Tea party group. (Sarcasm x10)

Let the truth be told, there is included in Common Core “Data Mining.” However, I beseech you to consider that you are doing a heck of a job already in offering up your children to Horus/The all seeing Eye when you  allow your kids to have Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. (You too parents) The world has offered itself up to have their data mined already. I’m not going to give up my Google search engine, my twitter account, or this blog, so yes I know everything I do online is getting mined. If you go to the doctor, now thanks to Obama Care, you’re being mined. Go to Foursquare and log in to get yourself a discount on a smoothie, you’re being mined. C’mon people unless you want to return to sending letters on the backs of pigeons get over yourself on this one. But, “Data Mining” does exist and although we willingly provide the State with our information we still like to get mad when they mine without our consent.

“The entire premise of Common Core should give us all many sleepless nights. Besides the fact the federal government is usurping the state and therefore, the public’s voice, it is also going to track every child from K-12 and beyond electronically.” Source: Arizona Independent Daily

Conclusion/N4TM commentary:

If you made it this far to the end of my post, congratulations, I will send you a gold star in the mail. What do I make of all of this, Common Core, stuff? I guess it’s beyond my control and I can’t do anything about it. It helps me affirm my choice to home school, however now I’ll have to keep in mind that my kids will have to learn some Common Core material for the sake of tests should they ever want to go to college. By the time my children reach College I’m sure College will be entirely different than the college days I knew. As parents who also educate it’s our duty to teach our children right from wrong. It’s not the duty of the State to raise a moral kid. Look at all the Federal institutions and how they lack and fail miserably, the same Federal Institution will produce equally competent citizens of the State. But Glory be to God, ‘man’ is not made in the image of ‘man!’ Man was created in the image of God and for that reason I believe God has divine power to call each of His children out from among the masses and still produce excellence and uniqueness. We won’t all be robots, we can’t all fall for the lie all of the time, and this is the great folly of Satan from the dawn of time. Satan can’t have what’s not his. Perhaps that is what this stuff is all about. It’s Satan’s attempt to reign in all the dissenters who will not surrender to him but are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Perhaps that is what all the ‘Data mining’ is for. I say bring it on, you don’t scare me.

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  1. I hope you have someone who helps your children with English besides yourself. This article is full of organization, structure, grammar, and punctuation mistakes which certainly distract from your point. Home schooling doesn’t need advocates who appear to be lax in their own education. Perhaps before you take on the Common Core, you should take on some proofreading.

    1. My humble apologies to you for suffering through my post with my poor grammar. I’m sure your children are more educated than mine as you are obviously more versed in grammar than I. God Bless you on your endeavors in ridding the world of improper grammar.

      1. Now if only Rob would add some logical fallacy classes to his impeccable grammar. Try ad hominem on for size Rob.

        No comments on the federal government takeover of math and English language standards (for now just those two subjects), funding the publishers to change their curriculum and all the while lie to us and tell us that this was something we the people asked our state governors to do? All you got was grammar errors?

  2. Thank you for posting this information. As a fellow homeschool Mom, I am constantly watching educational trends, and it is interesting to observe how quickly the global agenda for education is being implemented, voluntarily even. What better time to trust God, rather than some elite social planner, as to what information needs to be conveyed to our children. May the LORD be glorified in us as we obey Him. ( Grammar notwithstanding. Rob needs to get his own blog to deal with his angst over organization, structure, grammar and punctuation mistakes. Were we to apply the same standards to Donne and Shakespeare (Francis Bacon) the world would be sadly robbed of great literature. It’s about the content. Unfortunately, all of these highly “educated” people do not see anything wrong with the loss of individuality or freedom, and willingly hand over their own for a few shekels and the opportunity to help build Babylon. If that’s education, I’ll pass.)

    1. @jellytee thanks! ;-) I love to write and I’m fully aware of my deficiencies. Yes, it is a wonderful time to trust in the Lord.

  3. Can you tell me if common core curriculum is directly related to IB & AP courses? A local “well known” Public High School close to me, just changed their sign which they now call themselves an IB world school…very creepy.

    1. I’m familiar with IB and yes IB is related to the UN. I knew of it in 2009. AP courses have been around for a long time and I believe those are just advanced placement courses for the smarter kids. Often an AP class is weighted, meaning it gives the student ‘extra’ credit that counts towards their GPA because it’s more rigorous. Look into the Inter-baccalaureate program and cross search it with UN. They’re very open about their global citizen agenda in this program. They have lots of social media too.

  4. I can appreciate your take on Eagle Forum, but think there is a grain of truth in the UN association claim (if not Agenda 21). I haven’t seen anyone explain away Bill Gates’ 2004 contract with UNESCO.

    Of course there were many flavors of the story the state and/or federal government were feeding us on the origination of Common Core. One version was that it was an “international standard” crafted by countries whose students consistently outscored the U.S. (in English Language no less!). That one is a real laugher, because of course there is no common test, but that may have sent folks down the “international” rabbit hole instead of Bill Gates/David Coleman.

    1. Yes there is an Agenda (21), the agenda is to completely and totally corrupt any truth. Satan’s agenda hasn’t changed since day 1 of his fall.

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