Barack H. Obama is killing Christians in Egpyt and Syria and #MSM fails to report

bhoI have been tweeting the following links this morning:

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt Christians Among Over 500 Killed; Churches Burning

“The two Christians who were killed were identified as Iskander Rizk Allah from Delga in Minya Governorate, in his 60s, and Rami Zakria of Alexandria, though more details about him were not immediately available.

The circumstances of Rizk Allah’s murder also remained unclear, but rights workers said Zakria was shot.

In another incident a pastor and his wife were reportedly kidnapped from their Seventh-day Adventist church in Assuit, though there was no immediate independent confirmation.

Yet, “The specific targeting of the Christian community has led to staggering losses. Security forces must commit to ensure the protection of the lives and properties of all Egyptians, especially its Christian community,” Daniels added.”

EGYPT: The list of Christian churches, schools, institutions, shops torched by the Muslim Brotherhood in the last three days

Christian institutions

1. House of Fr. Angelos (pastor of the church of the Virgin Mary and Father Abraham) – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
2. Properties and shops of Christians – Burnt (Arish, North Egypt)
3. 17 Christian homes attacked and looted (Minya, Upper Egypt)
4. Christian homes – Attach (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
5. Offices of the Evangelical Foundation – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
6. Stores, pharmacies, hotels owned by Christians – attacked and looted (Luxor, Upper Egypt)
7. Library of the Bible Society – burned (Cairo)
8. Bible Society – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
9. Bible Society- burned (Asuit, North Egypt).

Burned buildings owned by Christians

*1. 58 houses.

*2. 85 shops.

*3. 16 pharmacies.

*4. 3 hotels (Upper Egypt)

*5. 75 buses and cars.

7 Victims (killed) 17 kidnapping and hundreds injured.”

Christians Are Being Slaughtered By Wahhabi Islamists All Over the World

“And in Syria, Christians are being executed in their homes or subject to the judgments of sharia courts established to pass sentences upon those who violate precepts of Wahhabi Islam. As the Sunni ‘rebels’ struggle for ‘freedom’, the country’s 2.5 million Christians pray for the restoration of Alawite President Assad, their guardian and protector. Under him they had freedom to assemble, worship and speak. Indeed, Syria was for many the country of choice for Assyrian Christians fleeing the post-Saddam persecution. Their community is 2000 years old: today, they are verging on extinction.”

Baptist church in Egypt targeted & burned

“At noon Wednesday, Mounir Sobhy Yacoub Malaty, pastor of First Baptist Church in Cairo and a leader of Egypt’s Baptist convention, posted on his personal Facebook page, “Pray: Baptist Church in Beni Mazar, Minya, has been attacked.” He quickly followed with an update, “Beni Mazar Baptist Church on fire.” Later that day, Malaty posted a brief video showing the ransacked and burning remains of the church. Before It’s News website listed 17 churches that were targeted, attacked, looted and burned on Wednesday.”

Today on the @TodayShow Savanah Guthrie pinned in her most anxious concerned look she could muster as she reported on the “horrifying reports of Assad’s (Syrian’s President) use of chemical weapons on his own people.” She went to a correspondent who’s in Egypt right now and he expounded on the report that “it may or may not be chemical agents used by Assad’s military against the “Syrian Rebel” forces in outlying areas surrounding Damascus.”

Well, what NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and ABC all neglect to report on is that the “Syrian Rebels” <<ARE>> Al Qaeda and the “Syrian Rebels” are massacring Christians in Syria as well as driving out Syrian Kurds. The money and weapons John McCain lobbied for for the Syrian Rebels are being used to kill Christians and commit genocide on the Kurdish people in Syria.

What is happening in Egypt is the same thing. Barrack Hussein Obama has funded and armed the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood in turn are killing Christians, burning down churches, kidnapping Christians, destroying their homes and places of business and the people of Egypt know it.

Egpytians sit below banners against Obamas support of MBanti obama banners held by Egpytian protestorsMSM fox news actually aired banner against obama from egyptanti obama but still pro US

June 24th 2012

The White House announced that President Obama spoke to Egypt’s new president-elect.

Here’s the statement from the White House:

“President Obama called Dr. Mohamed Morsi today to congratulate him on his victory in Egypt’s presidential election. The President underscored that the United States will continue to support Egypt’s transition to democracy and stand by the Egyptian people as they fulfill the promise of their revolution. He emphasized his interest in working together with President-elect Morsi, on the basis of mutual respect, to advance the many shared interests between Egypt and the United States. President-elect Morsi expressed appreciation for the call and welcomed U.S. support for Egypt’s transition. The two leaders affirmed their commitment to advancing the U.S.-Egypt partnership and agreed to stay in close touch in the weeks and months ahead.” Source: NPR (AP)

state dept release 195 million to syrian rebels 8.7.13Barack Obama has repeatedly financed and supported these elements: Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda; and, he has done so in front of the entire world. The Media was happy to support the “Syrian Rebels,” and to support an end to Mubarak of Egypt, and it does not behoove the current administration that innocent Christians are being targeted and slaughtered in the process. The Obama Media team are complicit in covering up Barack Obama’s actions on the other side of the world. The Muslim people in Syria and Egypt know that Obama kills Muslims just as easily as he’s killing Christians, but do you know that?

Do you think Obama won’t do the same here in the US, or his successor (2016 POTUS)?

Are you prepared Christian?

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    1. Is it ok for a “Seventh Day Adventist or a Catholic to be slaughtered?” Do all the self righteous look at what’s happening in Egypt and say “ain’t me, ain’t my church?” Does it matter if it’s a Muslim genocide? There was a “Christian” genocide in Sudan no one particularly cared about them either. Catholics are in error, their doctrine is Anti-Christ, do I wish them dead, or condone their killing!? Absolutely not. I’m not against the lost or the deceived, I want them to come to a saving knowledge of Christ. Would you have more sympathy for those being killed if they were of your Church? This massacre should upset people. The same “Christians,” who say they are “Pro-life” and say they “love their Lord” don’t seem to have a problem looking the other direction when a Copt is beheaded. Do you think you would be spared? Do you think Satan is pleased by the silent “true” “Christian, ” and the ones sitting high and dry in the pew saying, “those aren’t Christians, let them die.” How scriptural is that mentality? Kind of seems the opposite of John 3:16. Thanks for the comment. You’re not the only one condemning those people dying in Egypt I’m sure. I don’t know which flavor you claim, but I can tell you Satan doesn’t discriminate and he’ll come for all. If those who are condemned who profess Christ and know him not, are we not condemned already (maybe even more)? I hope others have half the nerve to start this discussion. How many people and under which banner is it ok to kill? You tell me what you think now. Since I put this post up you’re the only one who’s left a comment. Plz don’t take my comment as a personal attack, it’s just that I’m glad someone asked the ‘elephant in the room’ question. I thought my post was more controversial but the apathy out there never ceases to amaze me.

  1. Reblogged this on Ezekiel Countdown and commented:
    EZC finds this article compelling; however, as N4TM disclaims I concur linking to a site does not mean EZC agrees with all content at said site. Excellent article, are you, your church praying for our persecuted brethren around the world? This should infuriate; yet, apathy and lack of natural affection appears to be the new “norm” for today’s professing “christian”.

  2. N4TM, I can’t speak for schedbri000 with certainty, but perhaps what he/she meant was, that catholic and sda are not Christian, not that this would in any way endorse killing them or anybody. But just as a note apart from the article, that those systems don’t lead to heaven, they lead to hell. I’m sure he/she didn’t mean to kill them or support their deaths. But just as a spiritual sidenote, that their beliefs lead to hell.

    1. So your comment that these two Religions are false (which I concur) lead to hell, thus those who died and were killed died in vain? They are going to hell because they were not (_______________) fill in the blank with approved Bible Believing Churches because there is a whole and perfect Religious Institution and its name is (______________________) fill in the blank.
      I recall a letter to 7 churches, all had positive things and negative things save one church who were being killed-persecuted. I know I get yelled at by people for calling their favorite false teacher a heretic and they tell me, “You can’t judge another man’s heart, you can’t say they’re not saved.” to which I reply,”I’m not judging their salvation (if they are saved) I’m judging their false teaching.” Regardless of how false Chuck Smith is and how corrupt his doctrine is and how mislead he is and he has deceived many others, I still pray that he would repent of all his false teaching (if he’s truly born again). I don’t wish the man ill nor will I rejoice when he passes away. In your logic above when the enemy begins to slay “Christians” here in the US it’ll be ok for the enemy to do so at the 7th day churches, at the Catholic churches, the Mormon temples, the Rick Warren Mega Churches, the Calvary Chapels, the Reformed, the Pentecostals, the Four Square churches, the Methodist churches, the Southern Baptist churches, etc. because their beliefs lead to hell so “it’s ok.” When the enemy comes through the church doors of your sanctioned church or through your kids school hunting down Christian kids we’ll just flash them a card that says, “I’m a “true” Christian,” and the enemy will still kill you knowing he got a “real” one. Is that how our future is to look? Because that looks a lot like our present.
      @Andy you’ve been to my blog long enough to know I don’t advocate for false teaching/teachers. This is a discussion we need to have. I’d like to know how we justify the killing in Egypt and Syria and all over the world because they are not like us.

      1. I think you are still misunderstanding what is being said. You are very emotional about an issue that, I personally am not addressing. So let me be clear:

        Killing is always wrong, no matter who is killed. Death is always tragic, no matter who it is that dies.

        And catholicism and SDA lead to eternal torment in the lake of fire.

        They’re two separate issues.

  3. as we know satan will steal kill and destroy anyone….i just needed clarification regarding the catholic issue stated above. Also, I personally believe that some of these pics and info coming out of Syria may be staged. After all, we know the warmongerer’s are pushing hard to “create” the conditions to justify their last and final war….thanks for your posts…I did not take offense at all…thanks for having the courage to speak the truth…..the apathy of christians is heartbreaking….we must pray for all people.

    1. Good to hear from you! I’m glad you didn’t take offense. I thought you have been to my blog long enough to have got the memo on those religions, because I have addressed both, but no harm, no foul. Yes the enemy –Satan– is an indiscriminate killer. He is our enemy. I really pray fellow Christians get the memo in this post, because I don’t think anyone has yet: Satan is killing (anyone that calls themselves) “Christian. ” I DO NOT FEAR MUSLIMS (who can only kill my body) we/I should fear the LORD who has power to destroy body and soul. Also, as a side note to all readers, in many ways those of us who sit in the Chicken coup and cluck about that this isn’t our problem, share the blood on the hands. I titled this “Barack Obama is killing Christians,” but is that the whole truth? Isn’t it the apostate church who refuses to take a stand on anything? Is it not every hot blooded pro lifers duty to stand up for all life? Especially the (true) Christian? @schedbri000 Lastly on the Syria and Egypt false flag photos; I very much agree that there are photos coming out that are staged. I do my best to follow both sides of the issue. I was going to do a post on some pics out of Syria and the recent “chemical weapons” bomb reportedly dropped by Syrian military, on the “rebels. ” I haven’t had pc time these couple days. There are Syrian military supporters on twitter who state that the Kurds who the rebels kidnapped were the ones used in the photos. They believe the Rebels killed these +250 missing Kurds mostly women and children and gassed them and used their bodies. So, yes im aware of the deception. I think certain baby killers (newtown) wouldn’t have a problem gassing Kurdish children to incite war (more support $$$ & guns) to the Obama backed rebels of Syria. An ethnic war is already taking place in nearly all those countries. I believe it’s coming here, I don’t know when, but it will.

  4. if that is true about the kidnapped Kurds my heart is in grief….but I have learned (but my mind always wants to forget) how deep evil can go. May Our Father be our hiding place as these endtimes unfold.

    1. It is difficult to discern truth in the news these days. When governments and media are working hand in hand deceiving the masses and infiltrating social media posing as independent/organic citizen journalists, it’s anyone’s game. The Lord protects, He also said, “if they hate you, know they hated me first.” Paraphrasing. ..

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