Malaysia Missing 777 Psy op

So, it has been killing me not writing on this topic! What are your thoughts?  I’ll share mine…
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There are some truths in the midst of the conjectures.


  1. questions:
    Who was on the plane?
    How many high value targets were on the plane?
    Did anyone else notice the hot topic changed from going to war with Russia over Ukraine, to a missing plane in one hot minute?
    Who or what countries have the capability to cover up such an op?
    What would it take to make a plane vanish that potentially went over China airspace?
    Will the plane surface with some or all of the passengers deceased?
    The claim that the passengers phones were in service and getting rung indicates the phones if not the people were in tact and at a location to get pinged. So the plane never crashed.

    If the plane flew over Afghanistan, we (NATO) obviously would know since we monitor that airspace.

    The pictures of the “Iranian” patsies. .. Give me a break!!

    1. Away from or leading to? I wondered at the onset if the plane would magically appear in Russia or an area under Russian control and the CIA would point their fingers and say, “Look! This was an act of war. Now we have to go to war with Russia. ” but that’s paranoid conspiracy theory thinking hardly based on any facts… Just hyperbole.

  2. Hey interesting theory. It does make one wonder. I saw someone comment elsewhere that maybe the missing plane would become part of another false flag scenario. They obviously want their war don’t they?

  3. I don’t know if this is a psyop, but there were 20 Freescale employees on that plane (a lot all at once). Four of them were co-patent holders with Freescale in something big allegedly, who if they disappear the patent reverts back to Freescale exclusively. And allegedly, Freescale is owned by the usual suspects through some middle companies, or so the conspiracy theory goes…

    1. Bingo bango. I knew this was about who was on the plane. I Googled this Exact phrase (same as my title) and a good post popped up but the blogger was an extreme conspiracy theorist. So I hesitated on linking it. The suggestion was NATO did it. .. or at least this was a US military op with the help of AWACS. Had to Google that and it’s a plane that can cloak a plane. Makes sense to me. I contemplated the passengers and possibly the pilots were drugged, hence no distress calls and their cells still receiving signal. They’re all probably being water boarded somewhere (black site). All my huge ignorant guess.

      1. There is no other way to explain the missing 777 other than a highly sophisticated military grade operation that took time, money, and great resources to accomplish. Who’s military is the question



    1. No… That’s so lame to resort to the Muslim bias. What do you think most of Asia is beside Buddhist, they are Muslim. Why are Americans so easily distracted and mislead? I have watched the CNN reports on this story they know Nothing. It’s all too obvious that it has to be continual misdirection for the war about to take place in Ukraine also.
      Speaking of Ukraine (Russia) Obama will not raise a nary finger over that. Obama is weak and inept and I don’t think we should go to war for Ukraine.

  5. I agree. It seems like we are being treated to stories that go no where. The news stories themselves are doing what the plane did, they are being followed, and then POOF, they disappear, and no new info is really available, but we are pointed to mythical wreckage, and reversals, and speculation, and we never really arrive anywhere. The players of the stories are always interesting,too, because they intersect and have associations, but it’s never clear, despite the many, many, cover stories that are trotted out as explanations. What is the expected outcome that our handlers are looking for?? Decreased use of airline travel??? Stay at home so they can better manage the herd?
    The bad muslims did it?? The bad Chinese did it?? It’s Putin’s fault anyway? Terrorism is still alive and well, so we need Global Homeland Security? Change your cell phone service? Or, why bother they never tell us the truth anyways? So many lessons to learn. As our good friends the Russians used to say, there is no news in the Truth, and no truth in The News. But I thank God that He said, that every covered thing shall be revealed, and hidden, made known. So, Father, where is that plane and the people on it? Please protect them and keep them, and draw them to your son Jesus, to your glory, in Jesus name, Amen.

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