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I’m a believer in Jesus Christ. Many have attacked my faith and my person via this blog because they can’t reconcile the content I provide. I accept this but my tolerance for personal attacks has waned and I won’t put up with it as I have in the past. God Bless you, my fellow Christian. Seek Him, to those who don’t know Him yet; don’t let the hypocrites scare you from the only real truth <<<Jesus the Christ.>>>


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    1. PLEASE READ N4TM ######*************not sure how to leave a message but on your recent coverage of the bombings in boston you have a photo up of the young woman ( already deceased)who was killed. It would probably be kind of you to remove it for the families sake of not having to see that.

  1. Hi Andrea,
    Do you have an email address in which I could speak with you. Or could you email me? I appreciate your reporting.


  2. Great website,you’ve done a great job!! My family and I live in Spring Valley Minnesota and we go to Jan’s Free ‘Understanding the Times’ Conference every year, me, my parent in-laws and my brother-in-law goe one year and my wife and sister-in-law take care of the kids and the next year we switch and me and my brother-in-law take care of the kids and the ladies go. We come back so enriched from the Conference, you should go this year, it’s October 10th, and it’s the ladies!! Here are some web sites, that I love, that I hope you will enjoy also: (links removed) Keep up the great work Andrea!!

    Dustin Blankenship

  3. I am humbled that you would want me to look at that! I will contact you later today. Plz be praying for our youth who in less than 1 hour will be subject to Obama’s ‘teaching’ in their public schools.

  4. I found the link to your blog through the Lighthouse Trails newsletter. I have put it in my favorites. Your blog and comments of others are great. Please, continue to help keep the rest of us “out here” informed. I appreciate what you are doing. I especially appreciate your blog about Glen Beck. I watched his quite a bit to begin with. Then, I began to question his intentions, and the fact that he has indeed “put down” Christianity. So, I quit watching him. My husband still does watch him. I forwarded him the link to your blog.

    May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you in this endeavor.

    1. You can bookmark this page to get updates, you can follow me on Twitter. I don’t send e-mails out for everything I post. I send some to friends and family or ppl I’ve met along the way on line who give me their e-mail.

  5. Hello,

    I am a new believer in the Christian faith. After stumbling across your blog a few weeks ago via Galatians Four Blog; I’ve become an avid reader. I wanted to reach out to you via email, instead of leaving a comment because I am hoping for some advice. I don’t have a bible but another kind friend I’ve made has referred me to e-Sword, which I read the King James version of the Bible daily.

    I’ve browsed through several of the links posted on the side of your blog, and while some make me laugh, others make me cringe, and some stories I read are just plain strange. I wholeheartedly agree with most of your blog. From what I’ve read and have begun to understand.

    I come from a heavy pagan/ new age background. Please don’t dismiss me, and just hear me out. I know of and about conspiracy theories. Some I believe, some I don’t. In my journey for truth, I’ve come up against a lot. For whatever reasons, doors are closing the closer and closer I get to figuring out what’s really going on, and just how deceptive a society or culture can become.

    As a young adult, I’m honestly seeking and searching for the truth and I believe I have found it in Jesus Christ, Yahshua, YHWH, or GOD. I’m not quite sure what is correct anymore. The history and political correctness makes my head spin… I know and can feel the shifts in mega churches and even know in some small gatherings I’ve attended. I’m tired of being pointed into wrong directions that lead in circles. Yes I’ve said that simple prayer, and yes I meant it with all my heart. I want to find a gathering or community of people who understand and can truly see what that snake Satan is up to. I’ve looked for forums and places, but I only get banned for asking questions that are contrary to what others believe.

    My only source of comfort is in reading the bible, and being astounded by what God has written and by how many people simply dismiss it for its face value, if you will. I’m sorry to ramble on.
    I thank you sincerely for your time.

    May God Keep You and Bless You In All You Do.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Welcome to the Body of Christ, although it is true there are more false teachings out there than not; we’re not all bad. There is a remnant out there, I know it, I’ve met some. I edited your comment for the sake of privacy. If there’s anything above you’d like me to edit out let me know. I appreciate you asking for dialogue via e-mail it’s easier there than in comment streams. I’m not one who runs comments like forums so I truly appreciate that. Check your inbox– thanks for stopping by and reading.

  6. I thought women were not allowed to teach,you are pretty good at pointing the finger at others when it suits you.
    What is so bad about Roger Oakland?

  7. You give no evidence about Roger Oakland and I cant find anything wrong about him on the net.
    I am very wary of women who push there way forward on the back of the spirit of the age and call it Godly.Better you do your gossiping in private then spread falsehood in the name of God.
    Oh and Sheesh is not to do with Jesus,it is a polite version of the word ***t-go on condemn me for that.
    You are a FAKE

    1. I am not teaching the Word of God on my site to answer your first comment. “What’s wrong with Roger Oakland?” That’s a good question, you should ask him. He used to be good about replying to people who would email, maybe he’ll answer whatever questions you have. You want to know my personal experience with Roger Oakland I will tell you; for a couple years I communicated with him via email and a few times on the phone. I would alert him to things within CC, just in case he had not heard since he’s one man and a very busy man at that. He was cordial and received what I shared with him. He knew I attended CCTC, where his good friend (at the time) John Higgins is Sr. Pastor. When I left CCTC I attempted to tell Oakland why I left but his friendship with Higgins clouded his judgment at the time; soon after at a New Years Eve service Oakland found out exactly what Higgins was about and they have since severed their relationship. I was doing some research on Chuck Missler and finding out that Missler had very bad connections to people in the RC and he was hooking up with people I had assumed were “good teachers.” I asked Roger Oakland about this and he did not reply to my emails. I knew that Oakland and Missler shared a history but I did not know how deep it went when I initially started asking him questions on Missler. When another blogger alerted me that Roger was scheduled to speak with Missler (Red River Conference 2012) I took it upon myself to contact Roger Oakland again. He did not reply at first but then others who had the same concerns joined in asking Roger why he was joining up with Missler at the conference when so much information concerning Missler as a False Christ was evident. Roger Oakland finally replied to me stating, “I WILL NOT GO THERE! (implying that he would not speak or answer me on Missler).” That was the last time I contacted Roger Oakland, others took Matthew 18 to him and Roger refused to see that Missler is a problem, they too stopped communication with Roger Oakland. All the information I am stating is documented in my article post, “A Time to Speak,” and I linked to the other bloggers who also addressed this issue concerning Roger Oakland and Chuck Missler. If you truly want “evidence” I would suggest you look into it yourself and follow the money, there’s nothing too hidden that I’ve found that you couldn’t find for yourself should you truly desire the truth. Or like I said, just ask Roger, maybe he’ll tell you why he’s friends with Missler, why he shares board members with Missler, or he’ll tell you some nasty untruths about me to discredit me, but it sounds like you made up your mind about me already so he won’t need to help you form an opinion. Thanks for asking me the hard questions I hope you’re somewhat happy with the answer I’ve provided.

    2. If this is the same person that attacked me last night, I will be posting my response after its released from review.

      In the meantime, here is the SOLID evidence you are looking for –


  8. You dont have a problem attacking people.
    The only thing I found last night was Ephesians 5.11,condemning Roger Oakland for not going to the conference and demanding he speak the whole truth about his former trusted friends -nothing else anywhere.
    The only truth I know for certain about you is that all you do is criticise and try to condemn a good man of God for not doing exactly what YOU demand of him.
    Good luck “sister” you need it.

    1. Contact Roger himself then, be my guest.. several of us would love to hear that Roger has unequivocally separated from all ties to Chuck Missler. If you read my post at all, A time To Speak, it was in love and with hope that Roger Oakland would seek to walk the talk he so freely gives, exhorting others to stand on truth is and has been a great ministry of his; that’s why it was so hard to believe the choices he was making. You can throw public insult to me all you want. I look forward to the day to remove that post but I’m not naive either, i won’t hold my breath.

      1. I tend to agree with Anthony. Your blog is immersed in political scandal – which is excellent – yet you seem to think those who promote the spiritual and demonic side to the deception are heretics?

        “We fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers.”

        The New Agers are contacting spirit guides and taking notes; remote viewing and lucid dreaming. They are being told that these ‘spirit guides’ are coming back to Earth soon, along with a spiritual evolution.

        The History Channel and Catholic Church are preparing people to accept the possibility of arrival of aliens. YouTube is filled with videos of UFOs, and people are believing.

        Thousands are having abduction experiences – whether in the body or out of the body they do not know. Some claim to have stopped these experiences by calling on Jesus. Others are having out-of-body experiences – including my cousin and friend.

        Is it lunacy to believe this may have something to do with the great deception?

        The Body of Christ’s failure to address the legitimacy of the experiences of new agers is the reason the movement is 30 million strong in the US.

        I don’t judge you. I think you do great work, but I suggest be more careful when condemning those who highlight the supernatural aspects to the coming New World Order.

        I can tell you with 95% certainty that you are condemning people that are exposing the truth and are truly apart of the body of Christ. If true, how will Jesus view you?

        Please, read Revelation 19:19, where the world’s armies gather to attempt to blow Jesus Christ out of the sky, and ask yourself how large a conspiracy it takes to get us there.

        In Christ,


      2. The teachers I accuse of being false is for good reason. If you have itching ears and choose the teachers over the Shepherd I don’t know what to tell you m’s I agree there is great deception, where does Jesus tell us the deception comes from? New agers or within the body? Jesus warned against false teachers not alien invasion. Please consider reading your word.

  9. I have watched many of Mr Oaklands videos on radio free church,he and all the others on that site are good men of God,do you ever wonder if Chuck Missler and the others you condemn have had threats against their families? I feel sorry for him,maybe he has had to cut a deal to save his loved ones from torture.Yes he is now appostate and it is a great shame.You who have no pity or comprehension.You want Roger to say what you want,maybe God has a different approach.You certainly dont hold your breath do you?
    The last thing I can say is for you to get to a church where you can be under the proper leading of a Godly man,they are very thin on the ground I know-that is all.

    1. No, I don’t believe Chuck Missler has received “death threats.” I don’t believe Chuck Missler had to “cut a deal to save his loved ones from torture.” Chuck Missler has been a false teacher from the beginning, so I disagree with the statement you made, “he is now apostate.” I want Roger to be honest, not say what I want. I have presented you with clear answers to your questions, yet you continue to attack me personally although you do not know me and defend those “men of God on Radio Free Church” even though you do not know them personally. Not everyone who comes to you saying they are of Christ is of Christ. There are men and women who are part of the deception and want to lead people astray in false doctrines, and to be preoccupied with narratives they’ve been sent out to disseminate. I see that you are very familiar with In the Days blog and a frequent commentator. You have a lot to say as well, it seems you have harsh opinions and like to leave them behind where it is you go. From this point forward, since I have been forthcoming in answering your questions yet you are completely insatiable, you’re comments will be considered spam. For the record I do not harbor ought against Roger Oakland or John Higgins, they’ve made their choices, I’ve made mine.

    2. If it is true they have received “death threats” then the ones doing the exposing (like me) are in greater danger.

      “The fear of man bringeth a snare…” Proverbs 29:25

      1. Don’t Worry Eph511:

        “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

        If you’re in trouble, I’m in trouble too, and I highly doubt “they” are worried about us since “they” have so much MONEY and POWER behind them, we’re small fries.

  10. You go, girl!!

    BTW Anthony…about folks being threatened…looks like you, and all these “godly men”, who would succumb to such a thing don’t have the following verses in their Bible…so please, let me share…:

    Jesus said, “What I tell you in the darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops. And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matt. 10:27-s8)

    and, “He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.” (Matt. 10:37-39)

    If a MAN cannot handle speaking the truth at all time, at all costs – how will one stand against the greater persecutions prophesied? If the self-proclaimed “watchmen” and “deception experts” abandon their post, leaving the sheep vulnerable and unaware, (while ranting about “others” who refuse to warn), all I can says is, no such man has anything to contribute to my life or is qualified to teach or lead. This examination and evaluation is necessary, per the word of God…

    read your Bible!

    1. Just found your site yesterday. Is there a way I can email you to ask you a question?
      If my email address shows up here, please just delete the post.

      1. I edited your entry and removed your email address. I cannot give out my email address but you can ask a question here if you’d like. I’m not sure if you are replying to Marion directly or me (mijadedios) the author of the blog. I can’t speak for Marion, if she wants to contact you you’ll have to figure out how to give her your email address by another means than my blog since I am the one who edited out your email address per your request.

  11. Mijadedios, I’m sorry for the confusion, the message was for you. I can understand not giving out your email address. Thanks for editing out mine; I need it not to show up and I’ll get one without my name in it.
    I can’t believe the amount of information you have collected! I really appreciate all the work you have done, and although the information is shocking, I want to know the whole truth.
    I am having a hard time wording my question. I have been wondering since first finding out about Billy Graham why someone who is walking with the devil, so to speak, would put so much effort into bringing people to a saving knowledge of Christ. I did read here today that all of these “ministers” are leading us to Rome while here on earth, but I don’t think satan would want so many people spending eternity in heaven. I can see that all of these men are getting rich from the flock, perhaps a good motivation for them, but the most important thing to satan is our soul. Is there some hidden flaw in the so called salvation message that these ministers are offering to the masses so that people think they are saved but in reality aren’t? I can’t figure it out. Something is wrong somewhere, but I don’t know what or where.

    1. Did I say that on a post you read, that “all ministers” are leading us to Rome? I don’t recall saying that, but I may have. If you remember which post that was let me know. I guess it’s a phrase almost now, “leading to Rome.” I don’t know if all ministers are leading us to Rome that sounds like a giant sweeping statement. I am no expert in all things Billy Graham. Billy Graham is of my grandpa’s generation and my Grandpa has gone to be with the Lord. I never watched Billy Graham on tv or cared to read anything the man wrote. The only thing I know of him and learned about him recently was that he has said some very Ecumenical Statements, he has endorsed Pope John Paul II, and he’s done a great deal to “widen the road.” I think you answered your own question however. My main area of “exposing” type posts are related to Calvary Chapel because that’s what I came out of. Billy Graham, I learned, had a great deal to do with the beginning of the “Jesus people Movement” (ie Calvary Chapel) when he appeared at the Explo ’72. Graham and Bill Bright did a lot of work in the early days but this is not easily found it’s taken a lot of detective work because Chuck Smith does not appear too often right alongside Billy Graham in the documented history of Billy Graham and vice versa. I’m more familiar with Greg Laurie who apparently is very close to the Graham family. Laurie has enjoyed a similar amount of fame from his Harvest Crusades. These are today’s version of the Billy Graham Crusades and prior to Graham there were “tent revival” stuff, so have I learned from reading, in the US. I don’t know if you are in the US or not and I wonder if these same sort of mass conversions happen in other countries. The Harvest Crusade boasts of thousands of “decisions” made for Christ. You tell me, do we “decide” for Christ? Do we say a three sentence prayer asking “God into our heart” and then poof we’re saved? I’m sure there are a lot of false proclamations for Christ all over the US and abroad. I’m sure as the scripture tells us that some seed is picked up, some falls on rocky soil,(Matt. 13:18-30). Doesn’t the bible say, many will say in that day “Lord, Lord” but Jesus will say “depart from me I never knew you (Matt. 7:21-28).” There’s another section that comes to mind also, when the slave girl with a spirit of divination was following two of the disciples claiming they were Ministers of the Lord and finally at some point they turn to her and tell her to stop (Acts 16:16-18). There are always those who come in the Name of Christ, some proclaiming to be Christ, others bearing false witness, and yes I suppose some do just want money, some start out well but don’t finish the race well. There are many things to consider. Keep seeking the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you.

      1. I’ve read so much here that it will take me some time to come across the phrase about all ministers leading the flock to Rome. I know I saw it concerning Glen Beck and then maybe I generalized it about all the ministers that you mention here.
        I probably should have asked the question using Lonnie Frisbee’s name. His conversion does not seem legitimate, and so it makes you wonder why the enemy of our souls would work on such a plan as to start churches where people are being called into the kingdom of God.
        I have some more thoughts on it this morning, but I have to look up a few things and then I’ll be back.
        Thank you for listening and conversing about this.
        You should have been an investigative journalist, however I don’t know if there’s much of a market for the truth these days.

  12. I am thinking that the CC movement was just another part of the plan for the “converging” church, as you so aptly put it. The mission statement for the Lausanne Conferences, “The whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world,” might be a clue. I will go and read more of your info on this, but is it safe to assume that it could be added to their mission statement, “and then taking the whole world to Rome”? I am putting that in the question form because the thoughts are racing through my head and I may get some points wrong. Clear me up on anything I get wrong.
    This also brings to mind something I actually heard at a CC. Satan at some point decided that if you can’t beat them(Christianity), then join them. Of course the pastor that said it was not referring to CC’s:)
    But anyway, I see what you mean that some ministers start out well and then are just tempted and pulled away. Maybe if satan considers the overall plan of pulling as many people as possible along the converging road to Rome important enough, it doesn’t matter if a few make it into the kingdom of God along the way. Anyway, once they do say that little prayer, he has a million minions to try to get as many as possible off the straight and narrow path to heaven.

    I liked this statement:
    “Do we say a three sentence prayer asking “God into our heart” and then poof we’re saved?

    Yes, how many are banking on this?

    Thanks for listening.

    1. Just so you know not all false churches are necessarily leading people to Rome, their main objective is to lead them to hell and of course anywhere but to Christ’s saving Grace. Don’t get stuck on the Rome issue. It’s just a sort of matter of fact statement, that if you follow the basic line of thinking that there’s truth and there’s lies, there’s a sole origin for all false religions and that would be Babylon (Mystery Babylon) and Rome is a part of that for sure, but let’s not give the pope so much credit, it’s like when people blame Jesus for everything bad that happens, some stuff is Satan, some is human nature (to sin) and then of course since God is all knowing and has providence He foreknew, but we can’t “blame God” for everything right. Sometimes I speak figuratively or flippantly within the text and I just don’t want to stumble you since that quote keeps coming up.

      1. Oh, yes, I see what you mean about Rome. Actually, when I read your phrase about Glen Beck leading people to Rome, I thought that you meant to the One World Religion. And I thought that’s where perhaps the converging church might be heading the flocks toward, also.

      2. Well that is true Glenn Beck is friends with Rome and most recently the Mormon Presidential Candidate (Romney) just joined up with a Catholic (Paul Ryan) for a running mate so we can clearly see a convergence happening. One World Religion is an interesting topic. Are all religions going to join as one or will there be a conglomerate “Unified” religion where there is an allowance for autonomy (with the exception of Jesus Only people) so that all religions are “one” in essence and maybe not in physical shape? Some people think that “Rome” the RC (Roman Catholic) church will be the head and everyone will I guess have to convert to Catholicism, or that there will be a false church set up that endorses all religions (except Christianity-Jesus only types) and that “Rome” will be in charge of that. You can see now that the Catholic Church calls itself “Christian” and they join with just about anybody who will have them. They are happy to join with Evangelicals and Mormons for ‘pro-life’ and now for the ‘anti-birth control’ aspect of Obamacare. The RC want and need all religious institutions support and they threw themselves under the bus (I believe on purpose in order to further perpetuate that convergence) so they can claim foul and cry Religious Liberty is threatened (via Obamacare). Just remember true persecution is not going to be about political party or even pro-life, it’s going to be “for His namesake.” Matthew 10 (specifically v.22)

  13. I wonder if we will see this happen: from Luke 21:8
    And He said: “Take heed that you not be deceived. For many will come in My name, saying, “I amd He,” and “The time has drawn near.”
    I also wonder if the big push for “jesus” is so that many will receive the false “jesus”. Some would most likely be fooled an accept the false christ, but those who don’t accept him would maybe be the ones who would be persecuted.

  14. The ecumenical councils might be the way to do a one world religion. Something for everyone, I’m okay, you’re okay. Is that why the Catholic Church is befriending all religions? Is that what the mark of the beast would be for? To show that you accept? Not taking the mark would be one way to tell the difference between true and illegitimate believers.

  15. I really enjoyed reading through this section, and all the comments, even from someone who seems as misogynistic as ‘Anthony’–and, have been thrilled to learn much, much better how to try and spot many who are deceiving us for whatever their own reasons might be–

    –I found years ago[about 16 years ago] that those involved in the new world order/one world gov’t deception are not just ‘communicating’ with one another by the use of words, or the better known symbols, including the ‘all seeing eye’, etc.–I was stunned when I noticed that, the news anchor men and women on our local tv stations suddenly began wearing wire-rimmed eye glasses, that, one day one of them would be wearing, and a couple to a few days later, maybe the weather guy would suddenly be wearing what, to me, looked like the same eye glasses–

    –I was extremely puzzled, but as time went on, I noticed more and more tv news people coming onto their tv shows wearing those same style of eye glasses–as though they were community glasses, or something–that’s when I began to fear, deep down inside, that they were all broadcasting a wee bit more than the nightly news and weather–when I learned more about how those satanic, or luciferian, or illuminati symbols are being used by their members to communicate with one another–[they recognize each symbol and it’s significance, such as that ‘all seeing eye’, even if the majority of the world hasn’t a clue one about what they mean]–I began including the mysterious community ‘eye glasses’ among those symbols they use–

    –finally, the last person I spotted sporting those wire-rimmed spectacles was on Fox News a few years back–and, when this particular, gorgeous blonde anchor woman wore them that day, my heart just sank!–because, up until then, I’d never seen any other tv personality wearing them other than the local news and weather people–so, I realized it was a much larger type of signal, and not merely a local one!–and, just recently, I think I’ve finally figured out what they were broadcasting by wearing those ‘community’ glasses–just maybe they were showing others that they “now SEE”–that’s my best guess, but it’s only a guess on my part!–but, I know it must mean something to those involved in all this deception taking place!

    And, thanks to serendipity, due to my husband remarking about this, I believe there is yet another way that the men signal to other members of their occultic, or even gnostic,’belief system’–look at pictures of Rick Warren–notice that ugly facial hair he is always sporting around his mouth–and, it’s due to what that ugly, strangely configured ‘beard and moustache’ that surrounds the men’s mouths and, what it reminded my husband of–I won’t repeat it here–and, how it revolted him to see a man wearing something that looked like that to him, that I finally began noticing that ugly facial hair being worn by lots of other tv personalities, and even some guys here on the internet who had radio shows, who posted pictures of themselves—‘Christian’ radio show hosts[I’m thinking of one in particular, who I’ve since stopped trusting at all]–and, I became alarmed!–just as I did when I first noticed those eye glasses so many tv personalities would show up wearing–

    –so, in my opinion, even if we don’t notice some hand sign[like the devil horn sign], or an all-seeing eye, or a pyramid, plastered on something, or some sport’s logo that’s demonic, or luciferian, etc., that just might not mean those people haven’t found different ways of signaling to one another in ways we might not recognize at all–at first–[at this point, I’m still puzzling over what those oddly Easter-egg colored neck ties the news anchor men have been wearing the last few years might actually signify, if anything!]

    I thank Almighty God for my ever being able to understand any of this, and to finally be capable of spotting even as much of it as I can by this time–never in my life did I ever notice ANY of this during the first two decades after the Lord Jesus became my Lord and Savior–never–I was stunned when I first began finding out about it all!–

    –so, thank you, mijadedios–I’m very grateful to you for all you are doing on behalf of the Lord, for us as His people, by exposing the things you do!:)

    1. I have not noticed the symbolism of eyeglass wearing on local news or Fox. I don’t have cable so all I watch is some local news, it could be a trend too, just like the goatee facial hair thing you’re talking about. Certainly there are plenty of evil men without goatee’s. What I have noticed, as a generation X’er (that’s what secular world termed my generation), is that the Pastors look more radical now and don’t look any different than or sometimes scarier than the lost. There is an appeal for them to “look like the world” to gain their confidence. I guess the CC movement did this as well back in the Hippie era when the yuppie pastors grew their hair long and strapped on bell bottoms and started calling each other by hippie terminology just to “witness” to the lost hippies. I personally don’t buy it, why someone who was never a hippie dress up like one to witness seems asinine. There have been some strange gimmicks in the Christian world to “win the Lost.” I am putting quotes around this stuff because it’s what they claim they are doing not that I think that’s what they were actually doing. There are tremendous signs of Illuminati, the all seeing eye, everywhere. It’s crazy how once you begin to learn about what those symbols mean you can pick them out of a crowd and it can be overwhelming the breadth to which we are all marked in a sense. Christians put marks on themselves all the time without knowing it. In some ways I envy those who don’t know as much as I do, they are not waring as constantly as I am, but I would not change it. I caution you with seeing “signs” all over too. Just recently I was berated over a picture I had of the lunar landing. A commenter said it was “Masonic” and in some ways was accusing me, now I’m not a Mason, and I had no idea a picture of the Lunar landing; the iconic image of the astronaut placing the US flag on the moon was an occult symbol, I still have trouble accepting this, but I did remove it. Truly that stuff is everywhere and can be everywhere if you let it. Greater is He that is in you, don’t sweat it as much, don’t forget to live and don’t be afraid of those wearing their stupid occult signs, witness to them anyway. There’s a generation gap too, there are kids who don’t understand the signs of the occult, and they just slap them on themselves to look like their peers. The elite occult groups are doing things more overtly now too, they do send messages to each other in plain sight, that I agree with. I’ve heard Beck (Mormon) and Ret. General William Gerry Boykin (Jesuit) talk to one another in an interview and heard the double coded message and was beyond myself! It’s in one of my posts here somewhere. Anyway, keep up the fight, stay strong in the Lord.

  16. My dear, I agree with much that you say, but not all of it. One thing I disagree with, but I know you have the right to do is to disable the comment section. Freedom of speech is what our country is supposed to be all about. I have always believed it was those on the left who want to stifle opposing opinions. To me that is what you are doing even though your statements on trolling may have legitimacy with them. Obviously, the apostle Paul was adamant about shutting down the words of the false teachers and prophets of his day, but you cover politics, world affairs, church goings on, etc. and to me these are different than strict biblical doctrinal truth.

    I am amazed at how much you do have to say. You must spend a decent amount of time in research.

    The Lord is good and his mercy endures forever.

    Without holiness no one shall see the Lord.

    1. A very resourceful person such as yourself found a way to post a comment. I’m not opposed to free speech, without it I would not have the luxury of my blog. Thanks for the encouragement. Perhaps after sometime I’ll restore comments. As you can already see, some posts still have comments open. I will weigh the issue on a post by post basis. Please continue reading and you can “like” posts, tweet them, or send me tweets. There are still opportunities to disagree with me. ;-)

  17. Attn: “Cheryl” and a general statement to anyone reading my blog, I do not email personal msgs. If you have a question or statement you can go to the page: N4TM answers your questions. Thanks

  18. Just so my readers know; there are people who’ve written against me. There’s at least two websites that I know of who’ve created posts in my (dis)honor to chop me down and discredit me. Not every troll has their own website, the number would probably be higher if they did. Just FYI.

  19. My husband was reading your blog and sent it to me. I am really blessed by the truth being spoken here!! I completely understand the “discernment ministry” hypocrisy. I recently had a conversation with Todd Friel that I feel really exposed him. To be honest, I had some doubt about him before our conversation but nothing like the impression he left on me after it. I will post it here for you and your readers to take a look at if that would be alright.

    God bless,


    1. @Missy
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I don’t have FaceBook so I won’t be able to view your post. I don’t know anything about that guy, I’ve heard ppl refer to him and I think i vaguely remember him being connected to Cameron and Comfort right? Anyway, i do appreciate support it’s few and far between the other type of comments i get. God bless, keep contending :-)
      **correction I assumed I wouldn’t have been able to read your link, but i clicked it and read the whole transaction. All I could think of was, “A hireling flee-eth.” He didn’t plan to answer or repent for what he did and in the end with those who have succumbed to fame and fortune, or even simple Pride, that’s to be expected. You handled yourself pretty wise. I don’t “hunt” these types down, i merely write and let it be, they don’t often engage here. When they do it’s mainly to discredit me or make me appear like I’m the “bad guy.” Praying and having God’s word in our hearts and mind is good preparation.

  20. Hi,

    Just passing through and had a question. Years ago, I had a FFC tape of Missler where, right at the end, he said something about looking into the “mud people” idea regarding Arabs or Palestinians. Can’t recall the context of the whole message but that’s how he ended it and it’s stuck in my head all these 10 years. I’ve since tried to search what he meant by that but have been unable to find ANY reference to it.

    You say you used to work for FFC and listened to Missler’s stuff. Do you recall what I’m talking about and what Chuck meant (or thought he meant) by “mud people”? Thanks for any insights you have.

    Yours in Christ,


    1. To@M. I volunteered with FFC for almost 2 yrs. I would pick up cd’s and set up a table outside service at a CC for people who had itching ears like I did. I stopped doing that years ago (3+) and I didn’t listen to every Missler CD as his were the most (volumous of the FFC library) available. Later I found out, with no help to those who were running the phx FFC distribution that Missler used that dissemination gig (FFC) to his advantage. Anyway, to answer your question, I have no idea what you’re taking about, “mud people,” reference. I don’t recall ever hearing that message or phrase from him. I saw him in person a few times and don’t recall that phrase either. His defenders have been here and according to them “he is brilliant and totally accessible,” perhaps try calling him, or emailing him. Tell him you’re with CC blah blah and want to hire him to speak he’ll probably answer that call! PS I did a quick google search and plenty shows up. So, the question you really wanted answered got answered.

  21. Hello N4TM – did you see that an individual that was trolling on your site was indicted by a grand jury for a false bomb threat? The individual’s case was dismissed but might be refiled. That person went after a woman who lost a leg in the marathon bombing. Here’s information from the Judge’s decision:
    “In his Grand Jury testimony, Trott stated that Zappelli was a very difficult residential tenant, and that he allegedly posted negative comments about Sdoia.” Page 3, Judge Peter M. Lauriat April 10, 2014
    “Sdoia described her relationship with Zappelli as “argumentative” and “very personal.” After two years of residence at station landing, National Development declined to renew Zappelli’s lease.” Page 4 of the Judge’s April 10, 2014 ruling

  22. Hi..I just want to thank you for opening my eyes, I’m a growing christian and have been seeking information and guidance from all forms. I happened upon Chuck Missler on u tube and almost fell for his line. I started reading some of the comments (I believe a prodding from God) and came across your comment about him. I first thought that you were a disgruntled past follower who just wanted to air some negative opinions about him. God prodded me even more so I decided to check out who you are and what your beliefs are. After reading more about you and your experiences with Calvary Chapel and Chuck Missler needless to say it was a rude awakening. I have been praying for discernment and true Christians to be brought into my life to help me in my spiritual growth I know God is never wrong when he leads you to someone or something but it is up to us to discern the truth. God bless you and may he continue to allow you to lead people the truth. By the way have you heard of Jefferson Scott he was teaching among other things his belief concerning Christians / UFO’s and Aliens. He seemed OK at times but then he got into what seemed like a Chuck Missler mode and that started me wondering about his true doctrine. Peace be unto you.

    1. No I have not heard of Jefferson Scott. Or at least I don’t recall at this time. Thank you for your steadfastness to truly discern. It is harder to do these days with these false teachers sounding as though they are of the light when they are of the darkness. A comment like yours is rare. Most hit and runs don’t read more than one blog post. I’ve done many on Missler and CC. Thank you for your time reading and commenting.

  23. I don’t appreciate you tearing down other Christians. How about aiming at the Oprah’s and Obama’s of the world??? Sounds like you got crossways and are spewing sour grapes now.

  24. I think someone is messing with your website. Lines are drawn through your “About who N4TM Is” — maybe the same people who are after the Ephesian 5:11 blogger? What a day we are living in! God bless you!

  25. Hi dear sister,

    I tried to leave a comment there but could see that they have been closed. I totally understand your frustration. I don’t know why these people don’t get it, I mean no one of us is advocating doing any of the pagan things. We will however, continue to celebrate the birth of Christ whether they like it or not. How can singing Christmas carols stumble others?!? It is a witness to all. We are under freedom to get the gospel message out in as many ways as we can, and there is no paganism in it. If some feel funny about the date, they can do that part on another day, like I think some do it on January 6th, etc. But these people are acting like witches and atheists. I find it funny that they make remarks that they are okay with the feasting and all but not the other part of Christmas. It is calling good evil and evil good. Then those who have no problem going to their secular and sinful worldly book clubs, just as long as no Christmas hymns are sung! Can it get any more antichrist?! There are some serious problems on that galatians 4 blog. I can get into that more but not here. There is good info too, you just have to beware. Email me and we can talk more. I will be changing my address again soon so please don’t wait too long. Again I just want to say thank you for all your hard work in this ministry, whatever you choose to do in the future. Just know that there are others out there too who are singing praises to God for giving His Son and will continue to do so at the top of our lungs. ( :

    There are other bloggers who have complained of these problems and reported on sabotage. I will leave you my up to date list of websites that I go to as I know this may be my last chance to communicate with you. Of course I don’t endorse everything but there is something of interest on them all. I will leave out the galatians one right now for obvious reasons. Some I have looked at longer than others so again, it’s not an endorsement. * =still updated

    Last Days Watchman (he has good info on other bloggers, last post included, also there are two by this name, I refer to the one with the last post about love)

    *Lighthouse Trails (yes, others have said things but there is still good info there about developments with emergent and rome, etc.)

    *Ephesians 5;11 (he has also been threatened, especially for what he has posted more recently about the church situation)

    New Jerusalem Chronicle (also had a lot of attacking comments, wolves link is vital to read)

    Fanatic for Jesus (also great info on infiltrating wolves)

    *Apostasy Watch (go to new stuff for articles)

    *The Last Hiker

    *Sola Sisters

    *Soul Refuge

    *American Holocaust and the Coming New World Order (of late there is a lot of ‘personal’ info., but go to the archives and dig up the earliest years for the stuff about the fema camps)

    Apprising Ministries (good exposure of the apostasy and catholics, etc.)

    *Stand Up for the Truth (some articles are odd, but good updates on world and national events)

    Some more obscure blogs that can be used as a resource: *Truthkeepers, *Christian Research Network, Spiritual Research Network, Biblical Discernment Ministries, Deception in the Church, Carm, *End Time Watchers, *End Times Prophesy Report, *Another Voice, *Vigilant Citizen

    Some people think that theirs is the only legit blog in the world and/or that all others are ‘phony’ and refuse to look there at all. Then others stay away just because they see one thing they don’t like. (For example, some of these have a link for ‘Grace to You’ when John MacArthur is a wolf too, I have warned them all, but I still look at them for other things that are good or newsworthy. I go to the word of God for doctrine and teaching, no other ministries at this time.) I feel that by looking at them you get a good handle on what is happening as I have gotten puzzle pieces from all of these, which is why they are on my list (along with yours). There is also info. on cults, news, and stuff like that. It is a good way to keep watch and see what is happening in and out of the church, etc. Besides, we are all imperfect and do make mistakes and are all learning as we go. The only one I ‘follow’ is Jesus, that is the path of discipleship and sanctification.

    As for the ‘big picture': As we know we are living in the days of the great apostasy of 2 Thess. 2. The church will call it a revival though. Then antichrist will rise more and more, and the false prophet will endorse him. The visible church will embrace him. The true church (which is still here) will be persecuted and executed for not embracing him and all of his unity (common ground). We will be called extremists and carted off, first villified, much like what happened in Nazi Germany. That was just the dress rehearsal. We must not love our lives more than Him. Those that deny Him and go along with the program to save themselves will be cut off from God’s people. Things are escalating more and more in that direction. I don’t mean to scare, but it is real. Just look at how most of the world persecutes true Christians. It is coming here too. Those who are lukewarm and living for themselves will be hit right between the eyes and totally unprepared. I want as many as possible to be strong in the days ahead.

    God bless you and stay strong in Him!

    Merry Christmas!

    ( :

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