Left Behind, Coming October 3rd to a theater near you…

‘Left Behind’ Fans Question Nicolas Cage’s Faith, Wonder About Actual Rapture Before Film’s Release
Christians Ask Producer About 2014 Version Based on Popular End-Times Book Series– Christian Post (*Not an endorsement)

First of all, I do not endorse the “Left Behind” series in any form, the book series, or the old VHS version with Kirk Cameron. I especially do not endorse Timothy LaHaye’s eschatology.


*If it’s not in the Word, it’s not true.

“Duck Dynasty” Star Willie Robertson Won’t Be “Left Behind”


Reality star has revealed his involvement as executive producer for Vic Armstrong’s upcoming . The film follows a pilot, played by Nicholas Cage, who is flying a plane when millions of people around the world vanish without explanation. Cassi Thomson plays Cage’s daughter, Chole Steele, who goes on a search for her mother and brother amongst all the chaos that is stirred up by this Rapture. The film is based on a book series of the same name written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye.

Robertson, in a video posted on the film’s Facebook’ page, announced that he has acted as a silent partner on the project. While known for their duck hunting hijinks on A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” Robertson and his family are also well known for their strong Christian beliefs, which explains Robertson’s connection to project. This is not the first faith-based film Robertson’s been a part of; he also appeared in Harold Cronks’ “God’s Not Dead” as himself.

Robertson is repped by .

Cage2Nicolas Cage is famous for playing a Mason, Timothy LaHaye is famous for hiding his Masonic ties.


Tim LaHaye’s Masonic Connections


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The Catholic, Charismatic, Word of Faith, Evangelical, Pope. But He’s “Not” thee Antichrist.

pope high five robertson

Yes, that is the Pope, not he’s not playing “patty-cake,” he is high-fiveing Pentecostal, Charismatic, false teacher James Roberson.

The Pope has had some big wigs from the American Apostate Church visit him lately.

pope-francis-orders-meets-with-kenneth-hagan-copeland-john-carol-arnott-catch-fire-toronto-pentacostal-charismatic2 Corinthians 6:14-18

14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 15And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

16And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

17Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,

18And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.”

I don’t believe this verse applies here at all! In fact I posted it adjacent to this picture of the Pope sitting amongst false teachers for a reason, God commands us not to be “unequally yoked,” here they are all equally wicked and perverse. Both are darkness and hence share communion with each other. Believer!! Please do not be deceived. The Pentecostal, word of faith, name and claim it heretics that met up with the pope are not obedient Christians. These people already fleece the flock, now they do so openly with the Catholic Church who elevates “men” just as they do in their false doctrines. This is not a shock to my eyes to witness such perversion. Many news outlets including Christian ones are proclaiming this event as historical and monumental that the Pope is reaching out and trying to reconcile these “waywards” back into the fold (of the Roman Catholic Church) not to assimilate them in, but rather to keep them in their own apostasy and to merely acknowledge that “we all love Jesus.” The one who helped organize this meeting is trying to give the illusion of oneness based on common love for God (Jesus) and love for our neighbor.

The Catholics proclaim they are Christian. The Mormons proclaim, they too, are Christian. But I tell you I’m a Christian and I’m NOT Catholic, and I’m NOT Mormon, and to me they are NOT Christian. Now guess who sounds like a narrow minded, pig headed, divisive person? Me!

“The world is suffering,” said Robison. “We as Christians have too much love to share without fighting one another.”

Mr. Robison said he and other “respected Evangelical leaders and Spirit-filled Catholics began meeting together to pray for God’s will to be done and to bring true believers together in supernatural unity….We have been commanded to love God with all of our heart and our neighbors as ourselves. The enemy has kept many Christians from loving one another as Christ loves us and have failed to recognize the importance of supernatural unity even with all of the unique diversity.”

RNS-POPE-TELEVANGELISTSMake No Mistake this didn’t happen over night. This meeting was 10 years in the making. The young priest on the right worked for Kennith Copeland (left of Pope Francis) who went on to convert to Catholicism and receive funding from Kennith Copeland to “minister and evangelize” to the Catholics. “Brother Palmer” went on to form a friendship with then Jesuit priest Jorge Mario Bergoglio, today’s Pope Francis, which would lend invaluable in gathering more “sheep” to the fold (RCC).

Except from Canada Free Press:

In addition to Mrs. Betty Robison, the high-profile Protestant delegation included Kenneth Copeland, co-founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Newark, TX; Reverend Geoff Tunnicliff, CEO of the World Evangelical Alliance; Rev. Brian Stiller and Rev. Thomas Schirrmacher, also from the World Evangelical Alliance; and Rev. John Arnott and his wife, Carol, co-founders of Partners for Harvest ministries in Toronto, Canada.  Gloria Copeland did not travel to Rome because of a previously scheduled commitment.

The ecumenical meeting in Rome was organized by Episcopal Bishop Tony Palmer.  Rev. Palmer is an ordained bishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, a break-away alliance of charismatic Anglican-Episcopal churches.  Bishop Palmer is also the Director of The Ark Community, an international interdenominational Convergent Church online community, and is a member of the Roman Catholic Ecumenical Delegation for Christian Unity and Reconciliation.

Bishop Palmer developed a friendship with Pope Francis when the future Roman Pontiff was a Catholic official in Argentina.  Prior to becoming a CEEC bishop, Rev. Palmer was the director of the Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ office in South Africa.  He is married to an Italian Roman Catholic woman.  He later moved to Italy and began working to reconcile Roman Catholics and Protestants.  Kenneth Copeland Ministries was one of Mr. Palmer’s first financial contributors over 10 years ago in support of his ecumenical work in Italy.” End quote Link to full article

All we need is “Love.” Is that all the Pope wants? Is that all the Charismatics want?

“Pentecostal and charismatic Christians  – charismatics are often Pentecostals in other churches, including the Catholic Church — share much in common, such as speaking in tongues and healing. Together, they make up at least 584 million people in the world, about 9 percent of the global population and one in four Christians worldwide, according to the Pew Research Center.

Since I don’t follow false teachers actions in general, I try to avoid them like the bible tells me, I didn’t know that Joel Osteen also had a visit with the Pope. I found that out doing the background work on this post. Joel Osteen, the man with nary a discerning bone in his body. The Texas Mega Pastor, a close second would be John Haggee who probably has met with the Pope too but we just don’t know about it; Joel Osteen who refuses to assert biblical truth with Larry King on CNN–we’ve all seen that video right? Ol’ Joel, met up with the Pope, another mega pastor.

“Osteen’s meeting with Francis on June 4 was part of a larger gathering coordinated by the International Foundation, also known as “the Fellowship.” Osteen was joined by Utah Sen. Mike Lee, a Mormon; California pastor Tim Timmons; and Gayle D. Beebe, president of evangelical Westmont College.

The June 24 meeting leaned particularly toward charismatic Christianity. Other guests were Anthony Palmer, a bishop and international ecumenical officer with the independent Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches; Geoff Tunnicliffe, the outgoing head of the Worldwide Evangelical Alliance; and John and Carol Arnott of Catch the Fire Toronto, which grew out of a Pentecostal revival 20 years ago.” Excerpt from RNS click for full article

Brian Stiller, left of Kenneth Copeland, in the picture above with the whole group says this about his meeting with the Pope:

“Stiller says Pope Francis is interested in dialogue with Evangelicals, but he doesn’t want to convert them.

Francis has also shown a great openness to evangelicals. According to his understanding of evangelism asked the Pope replied that he was not interested in converting evangelicals to Catholicism. He wished that people find Jesus in their own community.Instead of a lot of time to spend with the debate about different schools of thought, one should focus on “love to show Jesus”.

There’s no need to convert to Catholicism if they are both of the darkness as I said earlier.
If you need more convincing take a look see at this video. It is “Bishop” Palmer, Kenneth Copeland’s spiritual son, addressing the Copeland followers about the Pope’s desire to meet them. Copeland hands over his sheep to this guy who hands them over to the Pope and they receive it with all gladness in their hearts and in their actions. It’s pretty perverted but it is proof.
Thanks to Galatians 4 blog for posting her own report on this story which tipped me off to this “union.” Her post as more details that I didn’t cover click here for post.
I also didn’t address the issue of “The Fellowship” leader Doug Coe who organized the meet and greet between Olsteen and a few Mormon Senators and the Pope earlier in June. The Fellowship is also known as “The Family” and I’ve done research, reading, and posts on “The Family.”
I added a sarcastic appendage to the title, “But he’s not thee Anti-Christ,” for a reason. There are so many Christians who are 100% sure that Pope Francis is thee Anti-Christ, as sure today as they were a few years ago about Pope Benedict, and Pope John Paul II. Let’s temper our declarative statements about thee Anti-Christ. There are certain criteria that this Pope, Pope Francis, emulates and resembles of the coming son of perdition; I just think we point our finger too soon and then we have egg on our face when they die or quit or whatever this one is going to do in the coming days. Let us not be too soon shaken! Didn’t someone say that in the Bible? As if a letter from us that the day of the Lord is near… http://biblehub.com/kjv/2_thessalonians/2.htm

PC USA Presbyterian Church of USA Votes to Redefine Marriage as Two People and allow Elders to marry same sex couples


BookofOrder2013-2015CoverPagePictureQuote from article:

“The new “authoritative interpretation” of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s Book of Order gives individual pastors discretion to perform same-sex ceremonies where the practice is legal. The addition, which passed a general assembly vote 317–238, states:

teaching elders may conduct a marriage service for any such couple in the place where the community gathers for worship, so long as it is approved by the session; or in such other place as may be suitable for a service of Christian worship. In no case shall any teaching elder’s conscience be bound to conduct any marriage service for any couple except by his or her understanding of the Word, and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The assembly also voted to change the definition of marriage in the Book of Order, the denomination’s governing constitution. The proposal changes language referring to marriage as a “civil contract between a man and a woman” to marriage as “a unique commitment between two people.”

The new definition, which must be approved by the PC(USA)’s 172 prebysteries, says in part:

Marriage is a gift God has given to all humankind for the well-being of the entire human family. Marriage involves a unique commitment between two people, traditionally a man and a woman, to love and support each other for the rest of their lives. The sacrificial love that unites the couple sustains them as faithful and responsible members of the church and the wider community.

The same paragraph in the old definition reads:

Marriage is a gift God has given to all humankind for the well-being of the entire human family. Marriage is a civil contract between a woman and a man. For Christian marriage is a covenant through which a man and a woman are called to live out together before God their lives of discipleship. In a service of Christian marriage a lifelong commitment is made by a woman and a man to each other, publicly witnessed and acknowledged by the community of faith.

That motion, which passed 429–175, must be approved by 87 of the denomination’s 172 presbyteries in order to be incorporated into the Book of Order in 2015.” End Quote

PC USA logoThis ‘move’ was coming, obviously, since the PC USA was the first “Church” to ordain openly gay clergy. October 10, 2011, just three years ago.

First openly gay pastor ordained in the PCUSA speaks

Source CNN. for article click above.


Naturally a schism would ensue.

Presbyterian Church schism over gay ordination splits congregations


N4TM Commentary

I read through the General Assembly’s documents over this recent vote to allow “Teaching Elders” to perform same sex weddings where it is civil law to do so. I would encourage you to read through this link and discern the terminology, the rationales presented by varying Presbyteries.


It is clear upon reading through that these so called Christians are legislating their church based on their own flesh, not on the Word of God. They are appeasing man by succumbing to the culture around them. They are justifying their actions by stating they have been a “Church” whose focus is on social justice. There is a continual theme that Jesus loved all people and was inclusive in his teaching and living. Men always refer to the breaking of bread among the heathen as justification for their acceptance and allowance of sin. The varying presbyters also clearly and repeatedly state that God’s word is left to  INTERPRETATION. This is typical of the ignorant and hedonistic church of today isn’t it? It’s all about “how you believe the word ministers to you.” Excuse me, no it’s not, God’s Word teaches God’s Word. He is clear and has spoken plainly through his prophets in the Old Testament and through his Disciples and Apostles in the New Testament. There is no grey area with God Almighty. The word of God is clearly against homosexuality and its perversion, so how then do these institutions of men justify marriage between same sex couples? You literally have to throw the bible out of your church to justify these actions, and that is exactly what they have done by scripting their own set of rules: The Book of Order, the Book of Confessions, and the Book of Common Worship. Then they make assemblies of men (and women) who meet and vote and decide to change their own rules anytime they see fit, to better coalesce with the modern society.

The PC USA has a committee that meets and determines the “Doctrinal soundness” of an issue, guess what? They see nothing Doctrinally wrong with marriage between to loving committed same sex couples. Never mind what God says will happen to these loving law abiding citizens for partaking in their homosexual lifestyle, remember the Word of God has no authority in the PC USA any more.   It’s all about how you feel about what God means because He is a wishy washy God who’s led by emotions and doesn’t have any sense of Righteousness or Holiness for that matter…(this is what they are doing by governing themselves by themselves).

Gay marriage is not a “right” and it’s not a matter of civil liberties. If it were so the LGBT community would be peachy over the 19 states (and counting) that have legitimized their sin. This has been and always be a moral issue. If it were not a moral issue then why have an entire organized religious institution make such proclamations? This assault on marriage “equality” is an assault on God’s word and His truth. The decapitation of the church body, whether it be the PC USA or any other and all other denominations, is akin to the Great Apostasy. It’s a falling away from God’s truth. There are those who would argue that these people who call themselves Christian are unregenerate, not truly born again, “Christians,” so this massive exodus of people who are falling away into false teaching were never really “from us” so they go out and don’t return. Or, one can consider that they were at some point followers of Christ and adherent to the solid gospel truths, but rather than stay true, they chose to leave the truth for a lie, and hence are heaping on for themselves false teachers and false doctrines and further teaching it to others. The truth is no longer in them and they are being turned over to reprobate minds. God himself will srnd strong delusion to those who choose the lie. Not long ago the porn industry was the only place you would see same sex acts. Now it’s on normal every day TV. Kids in elementary school are encouraged to challenge their gender identity and try on other sexualities as though it’s a new outfit. This issue of same sex marriage may be ordained right now by men and women; and sanctioned by a church, albeit a false church, however, their sanctification of sin doesn’t change God’s truth and His word about homosexuality.

This is the “Pastoral Letter” from the General Assembly out to the individual Presbyters





CCCM: Calling Closet Calvinists/Cessationists by John MacArthur

If you thought CCCM had anything to do with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, you’d be 100% correct! But this is less about CCCM as it is more about the dual deception match that is going on between John MacArthur and Brian Brodersen.

You see John MacArthur is a Calvinist and a “Cessationist,” which is loosely defined as one who believes the spiritual gifts that the Apostles did following the outpouring of the Holy Spirit after Jesus’ ascension has completely ceased and is not available today. Brian Broderson, new papa smurf of CCCM, is an avowed “Continuationalist,” which means he does believe that the spiritual gifts can be exercised and experienced today.

What these two men leave out are their similarities. They are both playing a game of deception and its end game is causing further injury to the flock. Both are ecumenical and headed to Rome. Broderson and MacArthur are on two different trains headed to the same destination. John MacArthur is calling on his brethren within CC who are closet Cessationists to join him and gather under the “Reformed” umbrella he espouses to be holding up. MacArthur’s puritan beliefs and clinging to Calvin is supposed to be alluring. It is enticing for those who’ve not departed since the death of patron Chuck Smith, and are fearful about the new direction of CC; to return to the glory days of being “slain in the spirit,” more intense emotional and experiential “outpourings” like they once felt under Smith Sr. and Lonnie Frisbee. Then there are those new young hipster “Pastors” who were raised on soy and corn products (empty universalism and no absolute truth theology) who secretly love Calvinist ideals but also love their gluten free cupcakes (Charismatic emotional services and that “heathenistic worship music”).

bob coy john McArthur Jack Graham Swindoll LaurieLet us  be clear, John MacArthur is friends with Calvary Chapel. You don’t show up at Greg Laurie’s church and embrace the upper echelon of CC popes without stamping them with your whole hearted approval.

John MacArthur wrote a book, Strange Fire, (there’s always a book) and had a conference, of the same name, which exerted such magnitude and veracity it ignited a response “video interview” (I’d call it a PR/PA) by Brian Broderson. I did not know until after viewing the following video (scroll below) that MacArthur and the “reformed” clan have been attacking/”warning” about CC and their “charismatic” ways for some time. My first impression when watching the video was this, “Isn’t MacArthur friends with CC? Didn’t he speak at Harvest Church and for other CC pastors? Why is he all of a sudden blasting them?” But then I did some research on MacArthur and Brodersen because truly (forewarning of my ignorance) I don’t know much about either of these guys. What I know is what I’ve gathered in the past 24 hours. Sure, I’ve had people I’ve known send me links and articles “warning about MacArthur” but (no offense) I didn’t bother to read up on him because I never bothered to read/listen or watch the guy preach. I had no basis to condemn him and the greatest offense the people who sent me his info was that “he’s a “Calvinist!” Eee gads like there’s not worse out there (CC). Also I don’t know much about “Calvinism,” other than a guy named John Calvin is responsible for the ism. Sorry to inform you, I don’t know about every false doctrine out there. I was first growing in Christ, then deceived for a short time (CC), then made aware of the deception I was in and by those I had grown to trust, after which I exited and landed in a fellowship that is peculiar but nonetheless grounded. I never read John Calvin. I never read Nelson Darby, Harry Ironside, or Charles Spurgeon either. I was never taught what Armenianism is even though I attended CC for10 yrs. I’ve been busy reading Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah, Paul, James, Timothy, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and others!

The first time I read anything John MacArthur had to say was yesterday. I am way late to the bus on this. “Strange Fire” conference happened back in 2013, his book was also released then. Here is the link and a few quotes: http://m.gty.org/resources/sermons/TM13-18/an-appeal-to-charismatic-friends-john-macarthur (*Not an Endorsement*)

Deep breath-grab a barf bag if needed. It’s a lot of Quote because you need to read it in context and read discerningly looking for the switchback.

“An Appeal to Charismatic Friends.” John MacArthur ~Strange Fire Conference (transcript?)

“A few years ago I was doing an interview with NBC and there was a huge scandal in the evangelical world and this reporter on NBC television here was talking to me and he said, “Why do you let this stuff happen?  Who…this is his question…who polices your movement?  Who polices your movement?”  He couldn’t process the fact that evangelicalism was this free-for-all that didn’t have to answer to any authority, or any centrality?
And I said, “Well, really nobody polices the movement.  And that’s sad.  Who should police the movement?  I’ll tell you who should police the movement.  Every faithful pastor, and every faithful elder, and every faithful theologian, every faithful preacher and teacher of the Word of God.  And I will say this.  If Reformed leaders who know the truth and know the gospel and know the Word of God don’t police this movement, the spiritual terrorists will dominate.  It’s like Islam.  We keep hearing, “Wow, the terrorists, they’re just a small minority on the lunatic fringe.”  And we all keep saying, “Why then don’t conservative Muslims come together openly in mass and reject the terrorists?”  They don’t.  I think there’s a heavy burden that weighs on the back of all men who know the Word of God to rise up and denounce this movement.  But you don’t hear that.
So people say, “Ah MacArthur, he’s fixated on this, he’s a one-trick pony, he’s a one-ring circus, he’s always haranguing about the Charismatics. 
Well if you’re a part of Grace Church, you’d know better than that.  We’ve spent over 40 years going verse-by-verse through the New Testament.  I don’t think we’re fixed on one thing.  I came here in 1969 and since 1969 we’ve had one conference on the Charismatic Movement, and this is it, and it’s come too late, really, it’s come too late. We lanced a wound that should have been lanced long ago.  But we’ve tried to exercise patience.  I’m not fixated on this.  And by the way, they were accusing me of that yesterday when we were only two days.  Two days out of 45 years…there are other issues who have occupied us, like the exaltation of Jesus Christ, and every other thing in the Word of God.
And then we have been accused of offending people and hurting their feelings.  I don’t want to purposely do that.  I was introduced by a Charismatic leader once at a book sellers convention who introduced me as, “This is my friend, John MacArthur, who is much nicer in person than he is in his sermons.”  I hope that’s always true. I hope that I hold the truth with kindness. I hope I hold the truth with love. But when I open the Word of God, it must speak.  And to be honest with you, I do care about the feelings of people.  I do care about offending them.  But not nearly as much as I care about offending God.  (Applause)
This is an alien movement.  It is an alien movement. I don’t want to get into all the history of that, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  There is a stream of sound teaching, sound doctrine, sound theology that runs all the way back to the Apostles.  It runs through Athanasius and Augustine, and it runs through Luther and Calvin, and it runs through the great Reformation and the Reformers, and it runs through, as we were hearing last night, the Puritans and everything seemed to clear to them.  It runs through the Westminster Divines and runs through the pathway of Charles Spurgeon and David Martyn Lloyd-Jones and it keeps running and it runs through people like S. Lewis Johnson, and Jim Boice and names that we’ve used and it runs down through today to the R.C. Sprouls and others, and that’s the stream of sound doctrine.  The heroes of this generation of people in that stream, we know who they are.  You’ve been hearing about them this week.  Our hearers run back down through that same stream.  We go back to the John Rogers, we go back to the 288 Marion martyrs, we go back to Foxes Book of Martyrs, and we shed tears on the pages of that book when we see what was done to the people who carried the truth to the next generation at such a great price.
We have a deep and abiding love for a person like William Tyndale for what he has done. Those are our heroes.  But you have to understand, this other stream of evangelicalism goes back about to 1966…1966,  When the hippies came out of San Francisco, showed up in Orange County, joined Calvary Chapel and we had the launch of an informal, barefoot beach drug-induced kind of young people that told the church how the church should happen, how it should act.  Hymns went out. Suits went out.  For the first time in the history of the church, the conduct of the church was conformed to a sub-culture that was born in LSD and Marijuana in San Francisco, migrated to Southern California.  It’s a completely different stream.  That launches the informal culturally driven, culturally defined, give them what they want, kind of church that ends up in the seeker-friendly church, takes a branch in the Vineyard and the Vineyard leads to the excesses of the contemporary Charismatic Movement. That’s a completely different stream.  That’s not our stream. Those aren’t our heroes.
I don’t go back to Lonnie Frisbee who led the Jesus Movement and died of AIDS as a homosexual, I don’t go back there. That’s not my stream.  But that’s the stream that has produced the culturally bound, culturally driven, seeker-driven church movement. And while there are good and bad and better and best, and worst elements of it, that’s where it comes from.  We’re very different…very different.  Our heroes are very different.  We know who our people are and if you say you’re on this side and you are on this side, then you have a responsibility to be faithful to this marvelous history.  If anybody is going to police this movement, it has to be the people here. 
This concerns me so much that if you haven’t seen it already, I wrote a twelfth chapter in the book, don’t open the book, I want you to read the book. But in the opening chapter, the title of the chapter is An Open Letter To My Continuationist Friends; An Open Letter To My Continuationist Friends.  Who are my continuationist friends?  People who are my friends, real friends of mine whom I respect, who have made great contributions to the church, the body of Christ, who’ve taught all of us, who’ve taught me, who’ve ministered alongside me, hand-in-hand with me, with whom I’ve prayed, sometimes for hours and hours,  with whom I’ve spoken and talked, hammered out convictions. But they call themselves continuationists because they want to give place to the Charismatic Movement.
I want to suggest that they’re not helping…they’re not helping.  We need them to help police the movement. And in that final chapter, Open Letter To My Continuationist Friends, I give eight important statements as to why they must help us.
Number one, the continuationists position gives an illusion of legitimacy to the broader Charismatic Movement.  If you say I’m a continuationist, you’ve just given credence to that movement.  You may want to contain that a little bit.  You may want to control that. But when theologically respected, conservative continuationists who represent a very small minority in the Charismatic Movement, when they give any credibility to the movement, the whole movement gets respect because of who they are.
And then you have this young generation of young, restless, Reformed, young people coming along and attaching to their heroes who are open to this Charismatic Movement and affirming the continuation of the signed gifts, and so they follow their heroes.  And either embrace that idea of continuation, or are open to that idea which is essentially one and the same.
When notable continuationists, scholars give credence to Charismatic interpretations, or fail to directly condemn unbiblical Charismatic practices, they provide theological cover for a movement that is deadly dangerous.
Secondly, the continuationists position degrades the miraculous nature of the true gifts that God bestowed upon the first century church. And we’re summing up with these statements what you heard this week.  The second point again, continuationists position degrades the miraculous nature of the true gifts that God bestowed upon the first century church.
We know God was giving revelation during the time of Christ and the Apostles.  And the gifts, signs and miracles were to validate those who were proclaiming and writing that revelation.  Hebrews 2:3, “The gospel at the first began to be spoken by the Lord and was confirmed to us by those who heard Him.  God also bearing witness both with signs and wonders and various miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit according to His will.
Now listen, that text is meaningless…meaningless if the signs and wonders and miracles and tongues and prophecy and healing belong to everybody and everybody’s experience today.  It’s meaningless.  It isn’t any sign of anything.
Furthermore, when continuationists use the terminology of the New Testament gifts, but then define them to mean something else, they depreciate the remarkable character of the real thing.  They diminish the glorious way in which the Holy Spirit worked in the foundation of the church.  If the gifts practiced in Charismatic Churches today are equivalent to the gifts described in the New Testament, then those original gifts were nothing special and so the era was nothing special.  Hi-jacking New Testament terminology and redefining biblical gifts essentially degrades what was genuinely miraculous and what God was doing in the first century.  Reformed continuationism aids this misrepresentation.
Thirdly, the continuationists position severely limits the ability of its advocates to confront others who fall into Charismatic confusion.  What are they going to say to people who plunge into chaos and confusion?  In the book, you’re going to read some of THE most bizarre things that have been basically proffered as spiritual experiences by some of the very most well-known Charismatics, one of whom was even here today.  You’re going to read about the bizarre kind of things that should be wholesale denounced. And we keep waiting for the denunciation to come from the continuationists you would think would know better.
But it doesn’t come. They have given up the high ground and they can’t speak because they allow for it.  So by what criteria do they then discredit the claims?
Number four, by insisting that God is still giving new revelation to Christians today, the Continuationists Movement opens the gates to further confusion and error.  I mean, this is just another way of saying what we’re saying. They say there’s prophecy today but it can be wrong.  There’s tongues today, but it’s not languages.  There’s healing today but it’s not like the healings in the time of Christ and the Apostles.  The Continuationists position then invites any Christian to interpret anything as from God.  Any kind of gibberish, any kind of supposed spiritual experience, or impression, or notion, or idea that floats into the head can be considered prophecy.  It removes the authoritative, objective standard for questioning the legitimacy of anybody’s claim to revelation.
Continuationists by allowing for any of it, end up allowing for all of it because they don’t have any criteria to decide what is and what isn’t accurate.  The very idea that Christians should expect extra-revelation, extra-biblical revelation from God, mystical experiences, words of prophecy just creates a theological train wreck. When you get beyond the Word of God, you can’t contain the error.
Number five, by insisting that God is still giving new revelation to Christians today, the Continuationists Movement tacitly denies the doctrine of sola scriptura. I don’t need to camp on that because Steve made an unforgettable case for that last night.  And I’ll tell you this, no…none of my friends, none of my Reformed Continuationist friends would deny the closing of the canon.  They wouldn’t deny that.  They certainly wouldn’t deny there are 66 books in the Bible. They wouldn’t deny the authority of Scripture. They wouldn’t deny the sufficiency of Scripture.  Yet they default on the very thing they deny because they teach believers to expect extra-revelation.  There’s so many ways that can be abused.  And I’ll tell you who abuses it most, people in positions of power who want you to think they speak for God.
Number six, by allowing for irrational tongues speaking even as a private prayer language, continuationists open the door to a mindless ecstasy of Charismatic expression.  They will admit that tongues is not a language today, so what is it?  It’s this simple.  If the prophecy today isn’t like the biblical prophecy because today’s prophecy is fallible, if the tongues isn’t like the biblical tongues because it’s gibberish and not a language, if the healings aren’t like the healings of Christ, they’re not continuationists.  They’re closet cessationists. (Laughter/applause)  They’ve just said it’s not what it was, so what have they done? They’ve simply accepted a counterfeit.  You can’t be proud about that.  That’s not a noble posture to accept a counterfeit.  And it’s a counterfeit by their own admission.
     Number seven, by asserting the gift of healing has continued to be present, the continuationists position affirms the same basic premise that undergirds the fraudulent ministry of Charismatic faith healers.  If you say the gift of healing is still around, and you say it whimsically, there’s no evidence it’s around, either experimentally or biblically, but if you say it’s still around, then you have just validated healers.  Who would want to do that?  Are they not the lowest of the low?  Are they not the worst of the worst?  They don’t go to hospitals, they prey on the most desperate, the most severely ill, the most hopeless, the most destitute, very often the poorest, telling them lies and getting rich. Who would want to do anything to aid and abet them?
     And finally, the continuationists position ultimately dishonors the Holy Spirit by distracting people from His true ministry, enticing them with counterfeits.  Is it not enough to have the indwelling Spirit in the fullness of the Spirit?  Is it not enough to have the gifts of the Spirit, to have the fruit of the Spirit, to be graced by the Spirit?  Is it not enough to have all the promises of the Spirit?  Do I need to come to God and say, Give me more, give me that other thing?  I want that.  What kind of deficiency are you accusing the Spirit of?  You have dishonored the Holy Spirit.  And you have enticed people toward counterfeits, rather than heart-felt, all-consuming gratitude for the fullness of all that the Spirit has given us. And He gives not His Spirit by…what?…by measure.  The continuationists position, I think, sends stumbling blocks into the path of sanctification, spiritual growth. For two reasons.  One, it makes people think they don’t have what they need, and two, it makes people think there’s something they need to chase.  It’s really sad.
     A lot more can be said about that, and you’re going to read a lot of detail about it in the book. But I’m convinced that the broader Charismatic Movement has opened the door to more theological error, listen, more theological error than any other doctrinal aberration in this modern day.  Liberalism was bad.  Psychology was bad.  Ecumenism was bad.  Pragmatism was bad.  Mysticism was bad.  Nothing is as bad as Charismaticism cause of its extensive impact. And once that kind of experientialism gets a foothold, there’s no brand of heresy or wickedness that will not ride it into the church. 
     So that Charismatic theology then becomes the strange fire of our generation and evangelical Christians have no business flirting with it at any level.  And I think this is the time for the true church to respond. This is a time for the people who now stand on the shoulders of the Reformers in every area of their theology to be faithful to Reformation theology to its full rich intent.  If we claim allegiance to the Reformers, then we ought to conduct ourselves with the same level of courage.  Don’t call yourself a Charismatic Calvinist.  John Calvin would reject that.  John Calvin did reject that.  You’ll have to drop the Calvinist part.
     I’m concerned because I think these good and godly friends could make a massive difference in what this young generation and next generation believes about this movement, if they would take a stand where they need to take a stand.” End of Quote

N4TM Commentary:

I added bold to certain parts that I’d like to draw your attention to. The first statement about “policing the movement” is disturbing. When I read it I instantly thought of the Ecumenical One World type religion; and, the implications that “policing” people’s religious beliefs being advocated by a certain Calvinist Reformist to be disturbing.

The “alien movement” comment was actually funny. I thought of Chuck Missler, Douglas Hamp, and Tom Horn doing the wave of joy and high fiving each other.

There’s a section when MacArthur summarizes the birth of the Calvary Chapel movement, the Vineyard movement, and it’s consequent false teacher, gay hippy founder Lonnie Frisbee. Those elements are exactly true statements. When did he become made aware of this? Has he always preached against it? When I was discovering CC’s history and its birth I never came across a John MacArthur article admonishing people  to flee Calvary Chapel based on these truths. Who knows? If he knew for a long time why was MacArthur joining hands with them, speaking in their churches? Oh yes, they’re his friends. (switchback-double standard, forked tongue, liar, playing the game)

Then MacArthur correctly states that the CC movement or some within it try to “control” the gifts and put a lid on it so that it doesn’t get spun out of control. And yes everything is a miracle in CC, but so it is also in other churches of other denominations that I’ve been to who also deny the gifts for today! So which is it, are we all closet Cessationists or closet Continuationists?

The subtitle of this post could easily be “N4TM’s ignorance on doctrine and 1t post on MacArthur and Broderson.” I truly don’t know a lot about this topic. I learned the phrases, Cessationist and Continuationist, and the meaning of it in the last 24 hours; and, as I’ve stated earlier, it is by reading what John MacArthur has stated in his appeal to his friends in the Charismatic church of Calvary and Brian Broderson’s PR video in his response to John MacArthur. I watched the video first, then started my research. As I watched the video what popped out at me is that Brain Broderson is a bold face liar. He’s selling his story that John MacArthur and CC are friends, they read the same theologian’s books, they attend similar theological seminary schools, they are more alike than different but then Brodersen back tracks and says the CC system as a whole (CCCM specifically) wants to “return” to the days when they exercised “the gifts” more prominently. He ends his charade with video of MacArthur giving his Calvinist reformed blessing on CC decades ago. We who know CC more intimately than the pew potatoes know that CC is and is becoming more Ecumenical, more on the Road to Rome, than ever before. MacArthur states “Calvary” was the FIRST post modern, emergent, purpose driven, mega-seeker friendly church of the modern church history! Agreed MacArthur, agreed. There are young hipster pastors within CC now who are very much “closet Calvinists,” for the most part, they are rather open about reading Augustine, Calvin, and Luther; so what’s the big difference between the two camps?! I submit to you, nothing, there are no differences, they are both deceivers and both liars and they are friends in the end so this is all for not.

What you should know is that this is very sticky, very complicated double crossing and triple crossing. Don’t be fooled. The implications of this is the greater Apostasy in this is staggering. The move to gather the chicks under the Roman hen is more evident. It’s less subdued now and I suppose it will only get worse. Stay focused here, I’m not saying Catholicism is the One world religion, the Babylonian false church that birthed the RCC is at the helm. The Borderson-MacArthur false debate is deceiving and we should at least be made aware. As I stated at the beginning, this is less about CCCM (Brian Broderson) as it is more about MacArthur, but what this post is really about is Ahh-pasta-sea (Apostasy).

If you made it this far, please watch this video. It’s 2o min. but you’ve already wasted time reading this post!

BTW this is my first post on MacArthur so be nice and give me grace if I don’t beat the drum so loud ok. I know many of you have more knowledge on MacArthur’s false teaching. I know he’s said some pretty outrageous stuff, just from my research in the past 24 hours I can see why people disdain him. I really don’t have the time nor the stomach to waste MORE time on this topic. I think I provided enough for this post, and now back to N4TM’s regularly scheduled programing.


“Brian Brodersen was your archetypal Southern California surfer living as he did in Huntington Beach, which is known as “Surf City.” But then at the age of 22, God got hold of his life and he began riding God’s wave instead.

Brian, in an interview at the recent Calvary Chapel Missions Conference in Murrieta, CA, said, “I grew up in the surfing sub-culture of Southern California and I was involved in just about everything that people were doing at that time – drugs and alcohol and promiscuity. Surfing was the one recreational thing that I did that had some sort of a healthy aspect to it. But, in the course of living in Southern California and doing all those kind of things, I sensed the futility of life at an early age. I felt that if this was all there was to life it was really disappointing.”

Brian said that he had been raised in a nominal Roman Catholic and he knew there was a God, but didn’t know Him and didn’t know that he could.

The Beginning of His Spiritual Journey
“In the course of time, still sensing the futility of life, I began to cry out to God. One night in the late 70s, I said, ‘If you are there and if You are real then help me.’ The Lord did. One night, in my home, all by myself, I called out to God and asked him to save me and He did and that was the beginning of my new Christian life. It was the beginning of my spiritual journey.”

A Vision for England
Brian said that during this time, he began to sense a desire to plan a church in England. He said that his great great grandfather was Lord Cecil Haig who belonged to the Haig family, which was famous for brewing Scotch whisky, so this was his connection back to Britain.

“With the family connection back to Britain there was always an interest in the UK and having been involved in missions in Europe for quite a while God just began to put England on my heart specifically,” he said.  End of Quote

Source: Surfer Brian Brodersen Link to full content here not an endorsement

Another Article– Not an endorsement: http://www.spiritual-research-network.com/broderson-stewart-roman-catholic-confirmation.html

Don Stewart & Brian Broderson Give Pastoral Counsel

That Roman Catholic “Confirmation” is Not Harmful

Another Article– Not an endorsement: http://www.gty.org/Blog/B131030

Quote “Several years ago in a live Q&A session, someone asked John MacArthur if taking the mark of the Beast during the Great Tribulation would be an unpardonable sin. His answer, in short, was no.” End Quote

Another Article– Not an Endorsement:

John MacArthur on “Profanity in the Pulpit,” and my two cents

April 24th, 2009 Posted in essentials, Pastor’s corner, Preach the Word, questions, sermons

“John MacArthur, one of the greatest preachers alive, is always willing to speak his mind about what the Scripture teaches. I have many of his volumes in my library and am honored to count him as a friend. In addition, John was one of the featured speakers at our recent Preach the Word Conference.” Greg Laurie Harvest Church



Update on Hobby Lobby’s battle Against Obamacare turns into an Apostate Church Warning

Hobby Lobby’s Green family meets with Pope Francis- Washington Post


“The Greens are in Rome for the launch of one of their traveling exhibits, “Verbum Domini II” (Latin for “The Word of the Lord”).

“The purpose of the meeting was to thank the pope for the loan of items to the exhibit from the Vatican museum and library,” said Jennifer Sheran of DeMoss, the Atlanta public relations firm that represents the Greens. “The pope did ask how the (Hobby Lobby) case was progressing.”

Eighteen members of the Green family met with the pope, Sheran said, as well as 10 members from the American Bible Society. The meeting lasted 30 minutes.

The exhibit located at the Braccio di Carlo Magno museum runs April 2 to June 22 and includes 200 ancient and rare biblical texts and artifacts. The head of the Museum of the Bible, which oversees the Green collection traveling exhibits, also joined the gathering with the pope.

This is the second time items from the Green Collection have been on display in Vatican City. Their first display appeared during Lent and Easter season in 2012, but Pope Benedict XVI was traveling during the Greens’ visit.” End of quote. For full article click on “Washington Post” hypertext above.

Another source, same text: http://www.religionnews.com/2014/03/31/hobby-lobbys-green-family-meets-pope-francis/

And: http://sojo.net/blogs/2014/04/01/hobby-lobbys-green-family-meets-pope-francis **Sojourners is by Jim Wallis a false teacher and this link is by no means an endorsement!

David Green Hobby Lobby net worth 5billionMeet David Green, the (net worth $5Billion) billionaire battling the Supreme Court.

From Washington Street Journal: WSJ click for full article

“David Green calls the chain of 560 Hobby Lobby arts-and-crafts stores he founded a religious business.

A 53-employee choir was belting out hymns one recent morning at the headquarters here. Stores close Sundays. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc.’s true owner, Mr. Green says, is God.

That is why Mr. Green will find himself seated in the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday for a landmark religious-freedom case brought by his company.

“I have deeply held convictions,” he says “and I should not have to be required by the government to violate my conscience.”

Mr. Green says closely held Hobby Lobby can’t comply with Affordable Care Act regulations that require it to offer certain contraceptives in employee health plans.

The Obama administration disagrees. In court papers, the federal government says for-profit companies like family owned Hobby Lobby aren’t entitled to religious-freedom protections. The Green family’s religious beliefs are sincere, it says, but don’t trump the law.

“We’re not a secular business,” says Mr. Green, the 72-year-old chief executive, who attends a Pentecostal church three times a week.

Mr. Green was born in Emporia, Kan., the son of a pastor. He attended eight schools in 12 years as the family moved between church jobs.” End of quote.

N4TM Commentary:

I must apologize to my readers, I did not do a thorough search on the “Green” family. I was paying attention, only in passing, to this story because it is a religious liberty case that has the potential to affect many Christians. I had not realized that this organization, or “Corporation” rather, had succumbed to compromise by seeking out a greater Lobby (pun intended), the Roman Catholic Church Lobby. I was tipped off to this topic by my scanning over the blog: Galatians4. I knew the topic deserved greater investigation and upon reading through a few other accounts it appears there’s a greater agenda to this than a mere face value “fight for our Religious liberties.” Of course there is a dual agenda, isn’t this the typical modus operandi of the global elite, the sinister bed fellows of the Jesuits and the Illuminati? You can laugh at the thought that there are groups such as mentioned conducting themselves in the shadows seeking to bring about a predetermined end game, but if you do as I did and research just a bit you’d find that these men are not operating in the shadows. Pope Francis is a Jesuit Priest himself and it’s touted as an honorable title. Let’s not neglect to mention the blatant and deafening silence that emanates from pulpits on Masons and their blasphemous mens club. So they do exist we’re just not allowed to call them evil. I’m sure a great many “Christian” pastors support Hobby Lobby as a Christian business and want to see them succeed in the court system but how many will call the Green family out for appealing to the Jesuit Pope for help? How many will tell their parishoners/members that the Greens have a history of dealing and cohorting with the Vatican? …cricket sounds… Hmmm. Ok, well not to sound like a hypocrite, but I must disclose that I purchase items at Hobby Lobby for my home, I also love me a grilled chicken sandwich with waffle fries from Chick-fil-A, but that doesn’t mean that I expect them to defend my faith or that they will do the right thing when their own Billions are at stake! My faith is not in man or the agencies of man. Do we have Religious  Liberty in the US? Some would say yes, but then again they haven’t tried to get a pro-life commercial on t.v, or a same sex marriage ad! We do have some religious liberty to a degree in the US for now. Is it under attack? For Sure! Is it being eroded away to make way for religious persecution; and I mean real religious persecution not just a dirty look from on lookers as you say grace over your meal at your local steak house? Yes, yes it is being eroded and what are you going to do when it is no longer lawful for you to pray to God the Father in the name of His Son Jesus Christ? Because these mega Christian corporations are as apostate as they come…

American Bible Society’s President Meets with Pope Francis to Encourage Bible Reading Among Catholics-

Christianity Today Source

Yesterday,(April 2, 2014) American Bible Society President and CEO Roy Peterson had a private audience with His Holiness Pope Francis.

According to a news release from the American Bible Society (ABS), while the meeting was the first for Peterson, it was the continuation of an ongoing dialog between ABS and Roman Catholic leadership around the importance of Bible engagement to the Christian life.

Also in attendance at the meeting were a delegation of ABS staff and members of the Green Family, the driving force behind The Green Collection of Bible artifacts.

“It was an honor to meet with His Holiness Pope Francis and hear him speak about his personal passion for Scripture,” said Peterson, speaking in the news release from from Domus Sanctae Marthae, the residence where the Holy Father makes his home.

He added, “Papal endorsement of the importance of God’s Word will encourage Catholics around the world to open the Scripture for themselves and experience its life-changing message.”

Peterson, who took the helm of the 198-year-old American Bible Society just two months ago, believes the ministry’s relationship with the Catholic Church is an important part of the larger Bible engagement movement taking place today.

“I felt God’s favor on the Bible movement today,” said Peterson in the release.

He continued, “The Bible is at the center of the Christian faith, whether that faith is expressed through a Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox tradition. It is exciting to see how God is knitting together the broader Christian family through our shared love for His Word.”

Peterson is at Vatican City to celebrate the April 1 inauguration of Verbum Domini II: God’s Word Goes Out to the Nations, a special exhibit showcasing more than 200 ancient artifacts and rare biblical texts.

The exhibit will make its home at the Baccio De Carlo Magno museum on St. Peter’s Square and will remain at St. Peter’s until June 22.

According to the news release, the exhibition is sponsored in part by American Bible Society and features artifacts from both the Vatican collection and The Green Collection.

A yet-to-be-named museum in Washington, D.C. will be home to the Green Collection, an assemblage of rare biblical texts and artifacts from The Green family, owners of the Hobby Lobby retail chain.