Chuck Smith Jr Writes N4TM: Chuck Smith Jr’s Response to Being a “Straight Ally For Gay Christians” among other things

Chuck Smith Jrchuck smith, jr.

Remarkable! It was interesting to read that I am “an advocate” for homosexual Christians. This is an example of either inadequate research or selective reporting–either one, in my opinion, demonstrates a lack of integrity. In that same video interview posted above, I explicitly stated that “I am not an advocate” for gay and lesbian Christians.

Have I sat “in the company” of homosexuals in conferences without delivering a word of judgment against them? Yes, I have. I went to them the way Jesus came into the world, not to condemn, but to save. And as He was sent into the world, so He sent His disciples into the world (Jn. 3:17; 17:18; 20:21). How many of these conferences have you been invited to come and speak? If none, how are do you plan on getting the gospel to gays and lesbians? Do you care whether they hear the gospel? Is it not your calling or concern?

You are misinformed regarding my contact with Roman Catholicism. I have never advocated for, or endorsed Thomas Merton. However, if he said something quotable that glorified God, I would not shrink back from quoting him. If Paul was comfortable quoting pagan poets and prophets, why should I avoid quoting someone whose beliefs I do not fully share? (Acts 17:28; Titus 1:12) There is a well-known fallacy of logic, argumentum ad hominem, which states that if you discredit the person, you discredit his argument, which in this case is tantamount to saying “Thomas Merton” was a Trappist monk, so everything Thomas Merton said was wrong.” People who may be wrong about everything else can still be right on one thing. As John Warwick Montgomery, conservative Christian theologian and apologist, said, “It’s hard to be wrong about EVERYTHING.”

By the way, I miss the days when to be a Christian apologist one had to be well-versed in logic, theology, philosophy, history, and original languages, as well as have an excellent knowledge of the entire Bible. John W. Montgomery is one of the few well-known apologists who are the real deal.

I have never advocated Roman Catholic dogma. My understanding of “contemplative prayer” is not drawn from Roman Catholicism, but from the Scriptures and especially the Psalms–which have been the source of hymns, prayer, and spiritual songs of God’s people for millennia. I have read many Roman Catholic authors including John Cassian, St. Augustine, Anselm, and Thomas Aquinas (most bonafide Christian apologists have also read Anselm, Augustine, and Aquinas). Furthermore, my reading list includes several works by Russian and Greek Orthodox theologians. I have also read The Institutes of John Calvin (who was a great fan of Augustine and quotes him frequently) and a host of other theological works and biblical commentaries by evangelical and fundamentalist authors. Martin Luther was also deeply interested in contemplative spirituality and strongly endorsed the work “The Theological Germanica.” But the only books I read without filters are the sixty-six books of the Bible.

On the other hand, many Protestants have been misled by anti-Catholic authors who have invented historical connections between Roman Catholicism and ancient pagan religions (such as Alexander Hislop’s “Two Babylons”). Not that I am defending everything that Roman Catholics around the world believe or do in the name of their religion. Nevertheless, I would not be surprised if the percentage of Roman Catholics who actually please God by walking with Him every day is at least as high as the percentage of Protestants who do so. Although I personally disapprove of praying to saints, I cannot believe that it is any worse than self-righteousness and hypocrisy.

You are wrong about me (actually, the church where I was Senior Pastor at the time) being “kicked out” of CC on the grounds that we were “emergent.” By the way, mijadedios, your “dove club” label is an uncharitable stab, to say the least, despite how deeply you feel CC deserves your ridicule. Anyway, that misinformation, sadly, came from my Uncle Paul. On at least three different occasions I carefully explained to him why neither I nor CBC were emergent. But he wasn’t listening to me because he had another agenda. Since he seemed uncomfortable in my meeting with him and had difficulty getting around to the point for wanting to see me, I asked him if it would be easier for him if I just removed CBC from the CC affiliation. He was instantly relieved and said answered, “Yes.”

Paul and a couple of his buddies at CCOF (during that period of time) had heard rumors about me and CBC that they never sought to substantiate for themselves by contacting me or visiting the church. They led a campaign to malign our work and to get us removed from the CC affiliation. I did not resist them, because it was something that mattered more to them than it did to me. Years ago, God impressed upon my heart that He is not into “brand” names, that the only name He endorses is the name above all names–that of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

One of my uncle’s friends went on to slander me on blogs and in print, accusing me of spending a sabbatical in a monastery (I didn’t) and returning to my church to hang icons so that people could pray to them (never happened). There were thousands of people who attended CBC over the years, so it would be easy enough to find just one person to corroborate that author’s claim. But no one ever will, because I have never believed in praying to icons and never taught anyone to pray to icons.

As far as Lonnie goes, why don’t you talk to people who knew him in order to get at the truth? Why do you think you can learn everything you need to know from video clips, articles, and other blogs? Do you let other people read the Bible for you or do you read it for yourself? Do you take just bits and pieces of the Bible and dismiss the rest? If you don’t trust others enough to let them tell you what the Bible says, why do you give them your full trust when it comes to other Christians–Christians you could easily contact or whose close friends and family are reachable? Why are you so quick to find flaws in others and then rush to condemn them? Really! Do you believe this pleases God? In fact, among the things that God hates are “A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.” (KJV, on David’s behalf–my first Bible and the version I read through cover-to-cover before reading through any other. It is also my dad’s favorite and that which he most frequently quotes verbatim.)

Lonnie did not consider himself a homosexual and he believed that homosexual sex was a sin. He never endorsed homosexuality. When I first heard of his past (i.e., prior to his conversion to Jesus Christ), he had renounced it and considered himself a “new creature in Christ.” He was married to Connie at the time and he certainly did not continue “to act out openly in gay relationships throughout his life” (I find this statement of N4TM’s especially offensive, because it is an outright lie). I witnessed times when Lonnie prayed over other people that they would be delivered from their temptation to engage in homosexual sex.

Lonnie and I did not remain friends through the years, mostly because we got on two different tracks in ministry with two different emphases. I was not his greatest fan, but I didn’t criticize him either. After all is said and done, Lonnie was a child of God who struggled.

What do we call it when someone attributes motives to another person without having an accurate (or even close to accurate) understanding of the details? Again, it is remarkable to me that Christians behave the way they do, assuming that because they’re convinced their doctrine is more orthodox than another person’s, they are justified in making up stories or motives about that person. What happened with our weekly meetings in the Fromm’s home was no “publicity stunt.” A few corrections:

Chuck Fromm is the publisher of Worship Leader Magazine, not Leadership (Journal). He did not “found” Maranatha! Music, but he did run it for approximately thirty-five years.

Chuck and Stephanie have had many Bible studies in their home. It was a neighbor’s complaint about our meetings there that involved the city government, which imposed a fine on the Fromms for hosting weekly meetings. The Fromm’s initial attempts to meet with the city government and work this out were ignored and then shut down. That is when the Pacific Justice Institute got involved (I don’t know what the ACLJ is, but I certainly don’t have access to it–or to the ACLU). The lawyers with the Pacific Justice Institute defend the rights of churches all over the U.S. (and were also strong proponents of Prop. 8). They had won a similar case in San Diego county the previous year. They took the issue to the press and within a few weeks the city issued an apology, admitted that their initial response to our meetings was too aggressive, promised to review the law on their books (prohibiting weekly meetings in homes), and the whole thing was quickly settled out of court. It’s true that the Pacific Justice Institute was interested in carrying the case further, hoping to get a landmark decision in a higher court, but that wasn’t what we wanted. In fact, we had already moved our Bible study by the time the city submitted its apology. If it had been a publicity stunt, we certainly would have carried it further. However, we never exploited the media attention that arrived at the Fromm’s front door and I never consented to an interview. From the start, I wanted peace with the city.

Good Grief, mijadedios! I don’t know what else to say, except that it’s simply rotten of you to glibly refer to this ordeal as a publicity stunt. For what purpose would we do such a thing? What got publicized? The name of our small community of believers was never mentioned. If you had any idea of what the Fromm’s suffered from this whole thing or if you had even a meager understanding of their love for the Lord Jesus Christ and devotion to His people, I doubt you would smugly dismiss this unhappy season of their lives as a publicity stunt. However, God who works all things together for good, used this experience to introduce the Fromm’s to city hall and they are now on good terms with the city’s leaders. In fact, Chuck Fromm is friends with the Mayor who is also a born again Christian.

Yes, I’ve sat in the radio station with my dad a few times to answer questions on Pastor’s Perspective over the last couple of years. Each time, it was at Dad’s request when Don Stewart was out of town. Whatever it may mean to you that my dad asked me to be a guest on his show, please present to me one instance when an answer I gave contradicted the clear teaching of the Bible. If you can prove that I misinterpreted the Scriptures, I will return to this blog site, apologize, and change my view. If you cannot, then why make a big deal about me going on the air with my father? Also, if you discover that I provided a biblical answer to someone that reflected both a good understanding of God’s word and compassion for the caller, would you consider apologizing to me?


N4TM’s response:

I think the above, “unhihodedios,” was an attempt to say I’m not a child of God. Mija de Dios means Daughter of God. *It just occurred to me that this was Chuck Jr signing ‘Un hijo de dios’ translation: “A child of God.” Sorry, I don’t speak spanish so it took me a while to figure that one out.* I appreciate all you have to say here and I’m grateful to hear from you. It is more than I’ve heard from anyone I’ve written about. I have a lot to consider in what you are saying above and will take time to read through over and over and truly understand and discern the obvious aggravation from my accusations from the truth you are trying to convey. I’m glad you took the time to address the issues I brought up not just in the “Straight Ally for Gay Christians” piece I wrote, but you are also, very clearly, reading and addressing many posts I’ve written on Calvary Chapel including posts on Chuck From and Lonnie Frisbee. May I say that I do not harbor any personal hatred for you or even your father for that matter. What I do find heart wrenching and discouraging is the false teaching that’s been promoted for years, the lies that have been perpetuated, the people who have been used and abused by the CC system and much much more. But I am not about “Discrediting” or “Slandering” you. I was calling it as I see, yes with the limited information I have that I gather online, through hours of video, transcripts, personal experience, etc. Again I say, “Thank You,” and I will consider all the things you present here. I may take time to edit this reply after reading through your comment more carefully or I may chose to leave the issue alone, it depends on how the Lord leads.

Glenn Beck’s Hypocrisy at all time High. When will America wake up and see this Rodeo Clown for what he is?

This is a picture of Glenn Beck from his own website inserting a bobble head of Barack Obama into a jar of urine.
Second Image. Oh wait, it’s not “pee” (Urine) it’s a bottle of Dos Equis “XX.” That’s much better than urine, it’s also very symbolic. Double X. Get it? Some of you do.

I am watching this story unfold on twitter and seeing it reported on Drudge Report that Glenn Beck is being “attacked” for his “art” while he was seeking to profit from it on Ebay, “proceeds to go to his charity, Mercury One.” Apparently according to reports and to Glenn Beck himself he was doing this act of idiocy to show the “Left’s Hypocrisy,” because they allow the desecration of Christ but not of someone like Obama, who’s recently been in the news in reference to deity.

Am I the only one that sees the absurdity of all of this? Does the Right, Tea Party, Religious Conservatives who follow Glenn Beck like he’s the Almighty himself not get that this is not about the Left’s hypocrisy at all but rather it’s a completion of Glenn Beck’s greatest work; and that is, to discredit and malign all that the Conservative Right had originally stood for? While you think Beck is mocking the left, he truly is not. He’s showing, in an aborhant hypocritical mass in the political Right, more specifically, all of you who espouse to be Christians, your own hypocrisy. (double cross)

Glenn Beck led you to believe he’s a Christian, and so you believe that, although he’s very adamantly a self professing Mormon who essentially denies the very deity of Christ Jesus. He is there to make a mockery of you the Christian.

Restore Love. Restore Honor. The Third Great Awakening? This man is the same one that had all of the Apostate Church leaders gathered in one rally, at several VIP dinners, and even held a rally in Jerusalem, and addressed the Knesset. He visited Rome and hobnobbed with Bishops and offered to help the Pope start Tea Party style rallies? Hello, is anyone getting this? His pièce de résistance is placing a bobble head of Barack Obama in a “pee” jar and selling it on EBAY!?

And this man is going to restore America to its former greatness? He’s a “Christian?” What planet am I on, is this Kolob or Earth?!! Get a clue people. Wake up from your delusion and see Glenn Beck for what he really is.

Why They Do Not Warn: Part 2 Lonnie Frisbee

I think I’ll let the video speak for itself for now.

Below is some info on whom it was Lonnie Frisbee met in South Africa.

The man pictured in the seat at the beginning of the video is Dr. Derek Morphew.

So if you didn’t know who Derek Morphew is, he is the founding pastor of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa. He has been a pastor since 1973 and has often been involved in church planting. Derek serves on the national leadership team of the Association of Vineyard Churches in South Africa and is the international director of Vineyard Bible Institute, having obtained a BA in Theology from Rhodes University and a Ph.D. in the field of New Testament Studies from the University of Cape Town. He has written two published works, South Africa; the Powers Behind and Breakthrough; Discovering the Kingdom along with one E Publication,  The Spiritual Spider Web, a Study of Ancient and Contemporary Gnosticism  and various in house publications for Vineyard Bible Institute. Source here (not an endorsement)

More on Derek Morphew:

Morphew said that the rediscovery of Jesus and his Kingdom message enabled us to see the whole biblical story of covenant and grace in a new way, through Kingdom eyes. The course, which was attended by delegates from a number of different churches, was hosted at Fountain Vineyard Christian Fellowship. Morphew has been a pastor since 1973 and is the founding pastor of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Kenilworth, Cape Town. He has served in the Vineyard movement for many years, and currently serves on the national leadership team of the Association of Vineyard Churches in South Africa. He is the international director of the Vineyard Biblical Institute, for which he has written various in-house publications (see and and is also the head of Vineyard International Publishing.

Having obtained a BA in Theology from Rhodes University and a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies from the University of Cape Town, Derek has a great passion and enthusiasm for teaching God’s Word, with an especially keen interest in Kingdom Theology. He has a real gifting, and through this he is able to teach on this topic with immense insight and truth. Morphew has written numerous books, which include: Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom; Biblical Interpretation 101: Historic Rules for Reading the Bible; Different but Equal: Going Beyond the Complementarian/Egalitarian Debate; Five Frontiers to Freedom (with Jeffery Morphew); South Africa: The Powers Behind; Principalities and Ideologies in South Africa Today and The Kingdom of God. He has also written  a “Kingdom Theology Series” of books, which includes: The Implications of the Kingdom (with Kim Hough); The Phenomena of the Kingdom; The Mission of the Kingdom; The Prophet’s Voice: Hebrews – Prophecy, Rhetoric, Interpretation; The Spiritual Spider Web: A Study in Ancient and Contemporary Gnosticism; and Law and Grace: Conscience and License. Source here (not an endorsement)

Vineyard/Calvary Chapel connection

For those who know that Lonnie Frisbee’s presence in Calvary Chapel History has been all but erased, it appears that Vineyard has done just as much to cover Frisbee tracks as well. At this site There is no mention of Lonnie Frisbee at all. Individual accounts are that Frisbee’s role was great, but it’s not on their main website. Remember, John Wimber came out of Calvary Chapel and went with Chuck Smith’s blessing to Yorba Linda, CA to start para-church sites.

I also listened to the full “testimony” that Lonnie Frisbee gave at Vineyard. I’ve not heard the whole entire “sermon” if you could even call it that until today. It was highly informational since Lonnie voluntarily offers up information on his early days at Calvary Chapel and how he was treated. The whole entire message sounded like he was having a good laugh at the fact that he was faking his “gifting” most of the time. Frisbee gives an account for his theology that allows some hits and some misses when being a prophet or a healer are so obviously unscriptural,however the audience laughs right along with him.

Back to the video posted

Originally I had not added commentary to the video I posted of Lonnie Frisbee. I did that intentionally to get ‘you’ the reader to listen for yourself and discern for yourself. Then I added a few pieces of who Derek Morphew is because I don’t know anything about him and he’s at the beginning of the video introducing that Lonnie Frisbee came out to South Africa to speak at his church. Derek is the founder of Vineyard in South Africa. Derek in the video states that there was a “counter part” movement to the Jesus People Movement in South Africa. He also states that “Lonnie” wanted to come out and see it. However when Lonnie speaks in the same video he challenges Chuck Smith when Chuck Smith suggests Africa, “why, do you wanna get rid of me?” There were some other key points Lonnie referenced one of them being when he took time as a Pastor for Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa to go to Riverside at All Saints Episcopal church to minister. Chuck Smith sent him to an Episcopal church? Chuck Smith came out of a Foursquare church, of which it is said he ministered for 14 years (approximate). Below is an account by a man who describes meeting Lonnie the day Lonnie brought Greg Laurie to Christ.

It was during one of these lunch fellowships that Lonnie Frisbee singled out Greg. Greg came into the center of the circle and fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and came up born again. Funny thing, today someone has planted a tree right where Greg got saved, with some other trees in a big circle around it, as if to memorialize the event. (Note: The school has since been renovated and re-landscaped so those trees are long gone. (…) Greg built his entire ministry upon the ministry foundation of Lonnie Frisbee. Most historians only attribute two great moves of God to Lonnie Frisbee, I attribute Harvest Christian Fellowship and Harvest Crusades directly to Lonnie’s foundational work at All Saints Episcopal. Of course Greg put in all of the sweat equity.

All Saints Episcopal in Riverside California had invited Lonnie to hold services there for awhile. Which resulted in several hundred new believers. Greg stepped in and built upon this foundation of new believers. With the help of Chuck Smith, Greg was able to build a strong church on this foundation. That small group became Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California USA, one of the eight largest churches in America, as well as the third largest in California. Source: NOT an endorsement!

Lonnie Frisbee “A beach story”

Here’s another account from Lonnie himself. I copied this mp3. I found the mp3 on this site (not an endorsement). From this blog it appears that this is an attempt by Lonnie himself to give his own biography. The author did not continue posting. There are several videos, some I’ve seen before. This is not where I found the video above of Lonnie Frisbee in South Africa, although it is on this blog as well. I will be posting the link to his full testimony that I listened to that in my opinion is Lonnie making jest of his fakery at being a “pastor” and having a “healing ministry.”

Here is the testimony given by Lonnie himself at John Wimber’s church. This is an audio that is dubbed over scrolling pictures. The pictures are interrupted on occasion by a text that says, “Snow boarding.” I thought it was unusual but it’s not my video. There is a part 2 which is another 15 minutes or so. I listened to most of that video but cut it off before the end when Lonnie supposedly calls down the spirit and the people in the audience are ‘slain,’ just my own precautionary measure it doesn’t mean you should cut it off.

Listen with Discernment. Pay attention.

Lonnie Frisbee has been documented pretty extensively for someone who has been blotted out of the Calvary Chapel history books. Greg Laurie does not recoil when talking about Lonnie Frisbee’s role in his salvation and younger days of discipleship. Greg Laurie readily admits that Frisbee was “great.” Chuck Smith Jr. also regards him highly. Lonnie had odd connections throughout his evangelizing days. In today’s terms we might say he was “post modern” “emergent” “ecumenical” and globally “missional.” He states in the testimony that he was reading Edgar Casey when he was making his own “anointing oil” so he added “witch hazel.” Casey was a devout member of Church of Christ (a cult) and is credited with the foundations of the New Age Movement. Source here Edgar Casey.  Just from listening to Lonnie’s testimony I can deduce that he had ‘another spirit’ that does not align with the sound doctrine. Frisbee was exploited by Smith, Laurie, Wimber, Morphew, just to name a few. Frisbee, in the midst of his delusions and fakery, realized that Mega Church planting was held above scripture and the Holy Spirit. There is no doubt he was confused and in the grips of his own sin, but when he began to understand that the ‘John Birchers’ were in control they dispersed him to spread  his “anointing” elsewhere. Frisbee’s charismata and fakery was his success and his downfall. I think it’s important to know the beginning of CC, the whole truth, so that you know what spirit is leading them. Chuck Smith was wrong for using him and abusing him and exploiting Frisbee then blacklisting him, just as much as Frisbee was wrong for impersonating a work of God. Chuck Smith wasn’t trying to protect his flock ‘from’ Frisbee’s sensational signs and wonders behavior, that is exactly what Smith utilized concerning Frisbee. What Chuck Smith was attempting to do was distract Frisbee and continue his mission of growing his church. Why they do not warn about certain people is not because they disagree with that particular false teacher who remains protected, it’s because of their connection to their own past they want to keep covered up. Did you know that Frisbee was instrumental to John Rutkay and Marc Dupont who prophesied the Toronto outpouring? Did you know that Paul Cain, a word of faith charismatic former pastor who was removed from the pastorate for being in a homosexual relationship and an alcoholic stated that Chuck Smith was his campaign manager and “more pentecostal” than he was? Why do people avoid talking to Paul Cain about Chuck Smith’s early days? Did you know Paul Cain works with Rick Joyner, a Jesuit? Everyone knows General Gerry Boykin is a Jesuit who co-labors with Rick Joyner and Gen. Boykin is a repeated speaker at Calvary Chapel Events. Why They Do Not Warn is because they don’t want you to know how connected some people are to CC.

According to Paul Cain in the short video, Chuck Smith worked at “Huntington Beach Foursquare Church.”

“September 20, 2001

Last week we began looking at the colorful history of the Foursquare movement in Huntington Beach and the unique design of its church at 715 Lake St. We left off with the Korean War beginning in the early 1950s and with Rev. Pete Nyenhuis leading his congregation in the early days of the war. In 1951 Rev. Inman became pastor and during his three years he undertook having the church property fenced. Inman, and his wife and two children remained until 1953. Rev. R.J. Kelly replaced Inman, but left the church after a short time because of his wife’s ill health. Kelly was replaced with the first Rev. Smith — Rev. R.J. Smith. He stayed there from 1953 to 1954 with his wife and their two children- Donna and Jerry. Smith was left and was replaced with the second Rev. Smith Pastor Charles “Chuck” Smith became pastor here in 1954 with his wife Catheryn. The little church was now known as the Lake Avenue Community Foursquare Church and during Smith’s pastorate, a church organ was purchased. Smith left in 1960 to form his own Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa and was replaced with Rev. Gary Robinson.”


The Power of Beck’s Priests

Pictured left is “Father” (Rev.)Andrew Kemberling, KHS. Glenn Beck has a new video posted on his website of an invocation (prayer) given at:

The Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention shall be convened beginning at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday, April 14, 2012 at the Magness Arena of the Daniel L. Ritchie Center on the campus of the University of Denver, located at 2201 East Asbury Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80208.

Although this was in April, for some reason it is just recently being posted at GBTV.

You may click on the picture to enlarge.

Yes, Glenn Beck (Mormon) is promoting a video of a (Catholic) Priest issuing a call for all “Christian Faiths” to stand up to Socialism (Obama Administration). Of course the video is going viral and all the Patriotic “Christian” brothers and sisters who continue to follow Glenn Beck and mimic and perpetuate his every command have “liked” it and forwarded to all their friends. Glenn Beck’s Rome directives are being blatantly propagated on his website. His followers just do as they are told without question. Whatever you do, dear Christian brothers and sisters, don’t mind that he’s a Priest, because you’re already listening to a Mormon (Beck), just pass it on blindly. If you’re an odd ball like me you’d have a giant red flag appear and loud blaring trumpets going off in your ear saying: “Warning, Danger, Don’t give heed to seducing spirits!” And if you’re not just an odd ball but one of those conspiratorial types you might just go off and Google search this “Priest” who is beckoning all of Christianity to get behind the POPE and fight for Religious “Freedom” in the US.

“Father” Andrew Kemberling is a Knight!

There’s a healthy sum of people who visit this site enough that are not in least bit surprised. The rest of the 98% of Christians who LOVE Beck won’t understand why this is even an issue. From the Reverend’s own website of his Parish, St. Thomas More, is the list of Knights and Dames (not an endorsement). Rev. Andrew Kemberling is the first name on the list.

Anyone surprised that Glenn Beck, friend of Rome, is promoting a Jesuit Knight on his website and asking all of you, his sheeple, to spread the message?

Here’s what the Priest, Andrew Kemberling, Knight of the Holy Sepulcher said, keep in mind it is all double speak:

***~~Not an Endorsement of Glenn Beck or “Reverend” Andrew Kemberling.~~***

Breaking…This just in!!

While composing this post I returned to GBTV and hit refresh on the page of this Video posting. The page at GBTV was updated with this: see picture (click to enlarge) a link and an encouragement under Video shot reads:

“Glenn urged listeners to pass this along to their priests and ministers. He also said this kind of courage would be on display at Indivisible in Dallas, TX on Friday July 27th (you can get your tickets to that event HERE.)”

Once you click the “Here” button you will be taken to a Leadership conference

(all pics are available to be enlarged if you click on them).

The Hidden Hand behind the Priest Video featured on Glenn Beck’s GBTV site.

Typical, not shocking, but nonetheless infuriating and disgusting. I will take giant leaps here and you can choose to stay on the sensible path but I’m just going to put this out there and you can take it or leave it.

A video posted by Glenn Beck who has, as we know, grown closer and closer to Rome since his departure from Fox News is promoting “Rev. Andrew Kemberling” a Knight of Rome and is through usage of this particular video of this particular “Christian” promoting a “Leadership” Conference of the greatest conglomerate of apostates we know of. I’m sure more will attend or support it from the sidelines that won’t have the opportunity to attend.

And you my brethren, are following the path to ROME based on your itching ears and your deceived minds who WANT to believe the lie. I don’t know what more I can do or say for some of you who simply refuse to see the truth. I’m only the messenger of this “news.” I have absolutely no power to reveal anything. Just know that as a Christian, you have no rights. None. You can argue Constitution, you can bring out the Bill of Rights, you can wave the Declaration in my face, you can point to Pilgrims fleeing “religious persecution” from Britain and the King, but when you look in the Word of God, in the scriptures, you cannot show me where you’re “rights” are. You belong to Christ if you are of Him and not of this world. To Him you are a bond slave unto death. Your life is His and not your own. If He so chooses to allow TRUE persecution —For His Namesake— not your “rights,” then His will be done.

*Update* A commenter began to run down the list of Speakers at the “Under God Indivisible” conference and added annotations of their affiliation and/or apostasy forte. I told that commenter that his list should be added to the main post and that I would attempt to add what I know as well. Here’s what “Andy” stated (parenthetical comments were added by N4TM):

“Andy” Submitted on 2012/07/18 at 12:23 pm

Notice that list of people at the “Indivisible” thing:

Franklin Graham — Ecumenical Graham empire- (Calvary Chapel favorite, Adored by Bob Coy, Skip Heitzig, Levi Lusko, Greg Laurie, Erwin Lutzer)

Ravi Zacharias — Pseudo “apologetics” guy that finds ways to say nice things about Mormonism and Catholicism

“Father” Johnathan Morris — need I say more? (Fox News Contributor)

Kenneth Copeland — Word of Faith magician

Phillips, Craig, and Dean — Oneness Pentecostal (denies Trinity and teaches water baptism as required for salvation)

“Rabbi” Aryeo Spero — Unbeliever that denies that Jesus is the Christ, and is therefore an antichrist according to 1 John

John Hagee — Once denied that Jesus claimed to be the Messiah, and also believes that Jews don’t need Jesus to be saved

David Barton — Fake “historian” and ecumenical tool of Rome. (Dominionist, Promise Keepers, Glenn Beck poster child and frequent speaker at Calvary Chapel Political Events as well as Conferences, Black Robe Regiment member)

Continuing to shed light on some of these teachers the list continues: (to be continued! I will continue to gather a short synopsis of these characters later)

James Robison- Blaze Contributor -Glenn Beck’s NewsBlog, Former Moral Majority,

Jay Richards- Wrote, “Indivisible” with James Robison, Fellow at Heritage Foundation, Discovery Network,

Jim Garlow- Black Robe Regiment member-group founded by Beck, Endoresed Newt Gingrich recently converted Catholic during bid for Potus 2012,

Richard Land- Southern Baptist Convention,


Walter J. Veith, LHT, and some Amazing Discoveries

Amazing Discoveries is a Seventh Day Adventist website. Another blog exposed AD in 2010 you can view the warning and expose here:

WARNING: SDA Evangelistic Drive, AMAZING DISCOVERIES 2010 @ Mosaic Theatre (10 Nov – 4 Dec)

Beware of Amazing Discoveries: it is a website of the Seventh Day Adventists and these FREE “presentations” are part of their 2010 Evangelistic Drive by John Carter.

I had not read this post until I had been on the AD site trying to discern who Walter J. Veith was. I had started a video of his and was waiting for him to state what faith he was and while the video was playing of course I began a google search. I was led to Amazing Discoveries which hides its SDA affiliation pretty darn well. I went to the ‘Store’ section and lo and behold some findings truly Amazed me!

There under the “other” section were authors and speakers I had become familiar with in the evangelical world. Names like, Warren Smith, Roger Oakland, Lee Strobel, videos by: Chris Pinto and Jim Tetlow.

These discoveries fueled me even further to find out what affiliation AD has, and finally I found out that Walter J.Veith is in fact one of those “saved from science” fellows but he’s not just a recovering Evolutionist, he’s a Seventh Day Adventist. He finally did come around to admit his “new faith” at the end of the video I was watching. For the first half he spoke of seeking a Catholic priest’s help in a spiritual battle in his home, he even referred to himself as a “good Catholic” and didn’t amend that until the end of the video, when stating his SDA faith.

I thought it odd that an author like Roger Oakland would be referred to on this site especially since they were quoting him from his book, Faith Undone, published by Lighthouse Trails, and in that very book I recall Oakland addressing the “cult” of SDA. Odd right? Then there was the use of Warren Smith’s book alerting on the dangers of the New Age, Contemplative Spirituality and Emergent, but Discerning the World’s post was a warning elicited by AD showing up at a Mosaic Conference? Odd again. It seems the “Exposing Deceptions” portion in the advertising should really read, Spreading Deceptions. See, even the SDAers have their version of evolutionists who turn into creationists, people “escaping” evil Roman Catholic Church, etc. This is another web of deception, another enclave set up to keep the whole realm of SDAers vexed and chasing the wind in hopes that they never truly discern what their own false church is propagating.  Why would Lighthouse Trails sell their product to AD? Or how is it that this site lists all these familiar Evangelicals? I know people in the SDA church who are so fanatic they would look at this union as heretical, as SDAers don’t believe people outside of SDA religion are even capable of salvation for breaking the Sabbath! How is it that these authors and speakers who speak against Ecumenicism find themselves being promoted by the very cults they speak against? How many more denominations, cults, and sects, have similar webs set up to catch them up? Broad is the way that lead to destruction…

Click on Thumbnails for Enlarged Pic. *I have known about this connection for sometime (months) and I’m just now alerting you readers. There is another blog that “warns” and “alerts” to the same deceptions I do, however they post videos from SDAers and also advertise for these false discerners by listing the same videos produced by those they claim to expose, tricky, so watch yourself out there!

GOP 2012 Presidential Race Delegate Update


Pledged*: 459
Unpledged RNC*: 30
Total: 489
(Mormon, Elitist, Very Liberal, originator of Obama Care, i.e RomneyCare, Dominionist, CFR member?)
Pledged*: 232
Unpledged RNC*: 2
Total: 234
(Jesuit of Malta, Catholic, Quiverfull Cult supporter, Endorsed by Duggars, Council for National Policy Award winner, speaker, member)
Pledged*: 135
Unpledged RNC*: 4
Total: 139
(Catholic Convert, War monger, Council for National Policy (CNP) ENDORSED, Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) member)
Pledged*: 66
Unpledged RNC*: 0
Total: 66
(Rosicrucian, Libertarian (Not typical Conservative/Republican) Elitist been around since dirt)
Pledged*: 0
Unpledged RNC*: 0
Total: 0
(Council for National Policy, Evangelical, Dominionist, Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schlafly- Dame of Malta)
Pledged*: 0
Unpledged RNC*: 0
Total: 0
(CNP, Endorsed by NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) DominionistDr. C. Peter Wagner, C St. Family)

Pledged*: 0
Unpledged RNC*: 0
Total: 0

Delegates Needed to Win: 1,144

See also: Politricks: Santorum, Gingrich, Romney, Paul

2 Corinthians 11:1-15

1Would to God ye could bear with me a little in my folly: and indeed bear with me.

2For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.

3But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

4For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.

5For I suppose I was not a whit behind the very chiefest apostles.

6But though I be rude in speech, yet not in knowledge; but we have been throughly made manifest among you in all things.

7Have I committed an offence in abasing myself that ye might be exalted, because I have preached to you the gospel of God freely?

8I robbed other churches, taking wages of them, to do you service.

9And when I was present with you, and wanted, I was chargeable to no man: for that which was lacking to me the brethren which came from Macedonia supplied: and in all things I have kept myself from being burdensome unto you, and so will I keep myself.

10As the truth of Christ is in me, no man shall stop me of this boasting in the regions of Achaia.

11Wherefore? because I love you not? God knoweth.

12But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we.

13For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

14And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

15Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.