FauxNews:What Didn’t happen in 2010

Faux: Fake, not real, artificial or imitation.

News: something not previously known to wide audience that is disseminated to the masses via Satellite TV, Cable, Social Media, Radio, Internet.

I always like the end of the year reflectional type of shows. Shows that highlight all the happenings of the year gone by. It’s so quaint how one can summarize great events that impact the course of human life in terms of 10 second sound bites, flash media, and then just as quick as the show is over, move on to the next year’s ‘prophesies’ as though we had any foreknowledge of what just happened to justify predictions of the forthcoming year.

In lieu of the real news I will first address the ‘FauxNews;’ that which was contrived and set out before us like a table fully decorated in fine China, soft linens, and exquisite silverware.

Health Care Reform– Passing Socialist Legislature. Disregarding the American people’s objections the Congress passed this Unconstitutional piece of TP without so much as one burp of anger following the vote. The American people were neutered in one night and told to accept Tyranny – and they did.

Cordoba House– Ground Zero Mosque. First Americans were angry about this. They protested and held vigils. Then the United States State Department sent the Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to the Gulf to solicit money for the construction. Upon finding out that our own government was sponsoring this building, the protests continued to be directed in the wrong direction (at the Imam) as opposed to the real culprit, our own Government. Once again, the dehumanized American public turned a blind eye to truth and chose to keep the ‘enemy’ they have been brainwashed into hating- Islam. **Cults have existed since man’s fall from grace. What we should be fighting is the true enemy, Satan; and we do this by Preaching the FULL complete unadulterated Gospel. Not picketing a mosque.

Sb1070- Arizona’s State Version of a Federal Law that is not enforced. Now neither is! This was deliberate action by our own politicians to pit ‘Americans’ against Immigrants and vice versa. First of all it was a hoax. It generated a lot of publicity, Arizona didn’t loose. The Immigrants didn’t loose. In the end the controversy forced us take a side only to later realize the Governor of AZ didn’t care if it passed or not, nor did most people in Arizona.

Price of Gold- The price of Gold has been artificially pumped up to levels not seen since the great depression.  The IMF will find a way to switch it’s gold holdings into a way to bailout countries who are indebted to them, while switching real wealth into a SDR. It’s a real conundrum but just accept that Global Elites will not allow you, Johnny Rocket or you Susie Desperate Homemaker, to have ANY wealth. Kiss those bullion’s goodbye!

“Burn a Koran,” says ‘Pastor’ Terry Jones – Koran burning that never was. This crackpot decided to advertise that he was going to burn Korans on 9-11. He never intended to, but he got plenty of publicity for acting like he would. Hate groups came out of the woodwork, MSM claimed it would start a new surge of terror attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the end a few guys with a Koran and a BBQ pit burned a few Korans and posted to You tube. No one cared. It disappeared from the media as quickly as it came.

Restoring Honor Rally (Glenn Beck’s 2010 Interfaith Social Justice Dogma come home to roost inside every Greedy Evangelical Mega Pastor’s Dream). I have a dream too, however my dream does not include Satanists and Wiccans joining hands with me to keep our freedom. Glenn a professing Mormon called on his evangelical friends, Catholic, Jewish, Gay Clergy you name it, as long as it looked religious it was welcome to join hands with him on stage for a cry fest that lead to a revival without any repentance. Not one denounced their false god, idolatry, spiritual fornication, or social justice-prosperity gospel-kingdom now theology-heresy. The rally that was meant to ‘take back America’ turned out to be more ‘man’ worship and savior seeking among mortals then really seeking the Jesus Christ of the Bible. Glenn did manage to raise the flag above apostate churches. Thank you for that Beck, you made it much easier to identify some wolves.

G20, G8, Davos, et. al- I was waiting for a new currency. Just a bunch of Global Elites gallivanting all over the globe throughout the year with nothing to prove accept a few failed governments across the planet.

Mid-Term Elections– What a huge waste of time.

Nudy Scanners- TSA Groping- Opt out Day– The threat that people would have to show their jubblies to the whole TSA (world) didn’t set people off. People were stupid enough to just go through the nudy scanner. It wasn’t until people caught wind that if you chose ‘to not to’ that you would be molested by TSA (government) Agents. This set a few people off. Those who were quick to dawn their Americana Costumes and scribble Pro-America slogans onto cardboard at Beck’s rally, were dually ready to throw down with DHS/TSA on Turkey Day. “Opt Out!” was the rally cry. Force TSA to grope you and slow down travel. No one did it, and no one cared. America went back to sheeple status…

Cop16 Cancun– By now the only ones who pay attention to the Meeting of the Parties (of the Kyoto Protocol) are college students who have recently come down with Glaucoma (medical marijuana Rx’s) and those of us who think the New World Order uses these meetings to decide the fate of the peons. In the end, both groups who follow are left clueless. Either the plans are not made at all or they are and we’re too peon to know anyway.

Wikileaks- My Favorite story. It was dynamic and pointless. It took the attention off the Gulf Coast of the US, the floods of Tennessee, the Volcano Eruptions all over the world this year, the QE 2, the Jobless numbers, the tax hike and every piece of real news that mattered that we were too lazy or too tired to pay attention to this year! Way to go. This proves sex still sells and that in the end the American people will continue to submit to the slave state and not think twice. Bravo…whoever came up with this fauxnews!

I see the folks at JibJab captured the sentiment of this post!


HT: ArutzSheva for the cartoon!

US softens Iran sanctions plan to win support: report-(source AFP)

He will come to make war with the saints, he will come as a peacemaker, he will mislead many, he will attempt to change seasons and law, he denies the SON and thus denies the Father who sent HIM. The spirit of Anti-Christ is already among us, who will the Restrainer Reveal as the Real Anti-Christ? I don’t know that answer yet, but we should be wise as serpents and innocent as doves, be ready, examine, and test the spirits! Do not grow weary Christian brothers and sisters, continue to intercede in prayer and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ the ONE TRUE MESSIAH!

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Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) includes: Syria–Libya–Turkey hmmm
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Cuban leader applauds US health-care reform bill– Associated Press

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro on Thursday declared passage of American health care reform “a miracle” and a major victory for Obama’s presidency, but couldn’t help chide the United States for taking so long to enact what communist Cuba achieved decades ago.

“We consider health reform to have been an important battle and a success of his (Obama’s) government,” Castro wrote in an essay published in state media, adding that it would strengthen the president’s hand against lobbyists and “mercenaries.”

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