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The Final vote is scheduled for this Sunday

Today a vote was cast: 222-203 that blocked the Republican’s attempt to force a vote instead of allowing Reconciliation. What this means is…:The Dems have the votes, they will pass it on Sunday and it will go into law to be signed. The Republicans tried…dismally but they tried and now Universal Health Care (ie.Socialism) will pass…

Dems defeat GOP resolution to force a vote on the Senate bill
House Democrats turned back an effort by Republicans Thursday to
prevent them from using the so-called Slaughter Solution to enact the
Senate’s health care bill.

Democrats defeated a resolution, 222-203, that Republicans had offered
in an attempt to block the majority from approving the Senate’s bill
without directly voting on it.

Update: Constitution-butchers prevail, 222-203;
Roll call vote added

You’ll recall that House Republicans unveiled a resolution two days
ago that would force
a vote on the Slaughter Solution and call out the

The vote on that resolution had been anticipated at around 12:30-1pm
Eastern this afternoon. The time came and went. The vote is now expected
at around 2:00pm Eastern. (above update was posted after the article)

WASHINGTON — The House today rejected a Republican attempt to force a
direct vote on the health bill already passed in the Senate.

The move means Democrats are free to go forward with the “Slaughter Solution,” whereby the House would “deem” the Senate bill to be approved when it votes to set the terms of debate for a set of revisions to that measure.

That strategy is named after Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, D-Fairport — who chairs the
House Rules Committee, which will have to structure the debate on the health care votes, now set for Sunday.

House plans historic health care vote for Sunday

The House plans to consider the legislation in two stages Sunday,
after allowing 72 hours for the new bill’s provisions to be reviewed.
it will vote on the rule governing debate – a rule that will say
the health care version the Senate passed Dec. 24
is deemed passed by
the House upon adoption of the rule.

If the rule is approved, the
House later will vote on the changes to that Senate bill that were
announced Thursday; the bill containing those changes is called a
reconciliation package

I do not see any way around this bill passing with the exception if our US Supreme Court finds it unconstitutional. However, the verbiage of the bill could change our laws to prohibit it from being changed by the US. Sup.Ct. Other than Treason…Tyranny…I don’t know what else to call this save~ EVIL.

The Lord isn’t surprised by any of this…so, we can take solace in knowing this has first gone through His hand of providence.

and then there’s this:

Most U.S. Forces in Afghanistan to Be Under NATO


The U.S. force in Afghanistan is undergoing a major restructuring that will
bring virtually all American troops under NATO command, a top U.S.
military official said Tuesday.The U.S. force in Afghanistan is undergoing a major

restructuring that will bring virtually all American troops under NATO
command, a top U.S. military official said Tuesday.Vice Adm. Greg Smith, the top military spokesman in Afghanistan, said
the intent was to integrate almost all of the 20,000 U.S. troops
currently serving in eastern part of the country under a separate
command known as Operation Enduring Freedom, into the 100,000-strong
NATO-led International Security Assistance Force.

The reorganization will not add any new forces to those already
deployed, Smith said. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the senior NATO and U.S. commander in Afghanistan,
will still command all allied forces in the theater.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates signed off on the reorganization
before he visited Kabul last week, Smith said.

“It’s just a matter of moving things from one account in the ledger to
another,” he said. “For the military we clearly need unity of command so
that elements on the battlefield are not working at cross-purposes with
each other.”

Operation Enduring Freedom was set up in the aftermath of the 9/11
attacks. It covered anti-terrorist operations in Afghanistan, the
Philippines and the Horn of Africa.

Smith said that once the reorganization is carried out, only small
special forces detachments and a detention unit will remain outside the
NATO command structure.

ISAF was established in 2002, and currently numbers about 100,000 troops
— nearly 60,000 of them Americans.