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A video is available on the site.

“It’s a scary virus … Definitely,” said Dr. Hector Ocaranza, the health authority for the El Paso City/County Health Department. “Terribly deadly. It’s one of those viral hemorragic fevers. They haven’t found where it’s coming from, if it’s coming from an animal to the human or what. But we know there is human tissue transmission.”

That means it cannot be contracted like the flu, through the air. It can only be spread by direct contact with bodily fluids like saliva or secretions.

The CDC released a map showing the 20 quarantine stations designated across the country, including El Paso, mostly where international travelers arrive. The closest ones are in San Diego and Dallas.

El Paso’s CDC offices are located in West El Paso off Sunland Park Drive.

Dr. Miguel Escobedo runs the offices, but would speak with ABC-7 on camera.

However, he told ABC-7 if someone needed to be quarantined for ebola here in El Paso, they would immediately be sent to the hospital.

Symptoms include fever, rash, vomiting and diarrhea.

While there are no reports of ebola so far in the U.S., some doctors fear it could happen. But Dr. Ocaranza said it’s highly unlikely.

“I don’t think we should be concerned, even if we’re on the list of quarantine stations,” he said. “I don’t think we should be concerned with these kinds of viruses. It is still contained within Africa, unfortunately it has been one of the largest outbreaks of this virus and it has a high mortality.”

El Paso International Airport officials confirmed that it is a designated CDC quarantine site, but only in the event the CDC activates it.” End of quote

N4TM Commentary:

The CDC is lying saying it’s not like a flu virus and that it’s not direct human to human contact.
Patrick Swayer, an American citizen, contracted it from attending his sister’s funeral in Liberia. He was the first American to contract Ebola. He traveled via airplane, exchanging planes once, and boarded an international flight before being detained and consequently dieing in Lagos, Nigeria.

(Reports are from Patrick Sawyer’s flight potentially 30,000 people were exposed who are now traveling about the globe.)

Now two other Americans are infected, one, Dr. Kent Brantly, is here in the US at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. The THIRD American, Nancy Writebol, will be traveling from Liberia to the US beginning tonight and will land in Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow.

60% who contract Ebola die.  There is no cure. There is a trial vaccine that has been tried on primates which Nancy Writebol did get injected with.  Her initial reaction to the drug resulted in a deterioration of her health.  Claims now are that she is in “critical but stable condition.”
I don’t believe they know how it’s contracted, or how to contain it.

20 Ebola containment sites have been designated prior to Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol’s arrival.

Possible Implications of Faulty US Technical Intelligence in the Damascus Nerve Agent Attack of August 21, 2013 – Syrian Perspective

This is worth a look.

Here’s another:

Syrian Government Not Responsible for Ghouta Chemical Attack: Experts Say

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Twin Blasts Near Iranian Embassy in Lebanon Kill at Least 23; Dozens Injured


lebanon-blastsBeirut embassy of Iran attacked[] Images and other Links w/excerpts from other news agencies on same topic below. []


From BBC News:

“The Sunni jihadist group Abdullah Azzam Brigades said it was behind the attack.

The head of the al-Qaeda-linked group described the attack as a “double martyrdom operation carried out by two heroes from the heroic Sunnis of Lebanon”.

Meanwhile, inside Syria, the government appears to be winning its attempt to cut off one of the rebels’ last remaining supply routes across the Lebanese border.

The Syrian army has taken control of the town of Qara after three days of fighting.

The rebel group Jabat al-Nusra declared that it and other rebel forces had withdrawn.

The Syrian government now controls the road linking the coast to the capital.

The rebel-held suburbs around Damascus, which are already under siege and bombardment, will now be under even more pressure.”

From San Gabriel Valley Tribune (via Associated Press):

BEIRUT — Two suicide bombers detonated explosions outside the Iranian Embassy in a mainly Shiite district of the Lebanese capital on Tuesday, killing 23 people, including the Iranian cultural attaché, apparently in retaliation for the Lebanese group Hezbollah’s support of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The bombings appeared to be another strike in an intensifying proxy battle over Syria’s civil war that is rattling its smaller neighbor Lebanon. An al-Qaida-linked Sunni extremist group claimed responsibility for the attack, saying more would follow unless the Iranian-backed Shiite Hezbollah withdraws fighters that have helped Assad’s military score key victories over Syrian rebels.

The midmorning blasts hit the upscale neighborhood of Janah, a Hezbollah stronghold, leaving bodies and pools of blood on the glass-strewn street amid burning cars. More than 140 people were wounded, officials said.

A Lebanese security official said the first suicide attacker was on a motorcycle that carried two kilograms (4.4 pounds) of explosives. He blew himself up at the large black main gate of the Iranian mission, damaging the three-story facility, the official said.

Less than two minutes later, a second suicide attacker driving a car rigged with 50 kilograms (110 pounds) of explosives struck about 10 meters (yards) away, the official said. He spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity in line with regulations.”

[]N4TM commentary:

These were Sunni Al Qaeda freaks whom the US supports in Syria. The US is aiding, funding, arming, and training these types of people to fight against Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

Good read:
U.S. To Train Libyan Military Including Islamists
“The U.S. military is preparing to conduct military and special operations training for Libya’s military and the training will risk including Islamist terrorists among the trainees, according to the commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command.

Adm. William McRaven, the commander who helped lead the covert raid to kill al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, said in a brief interview Saturday that the counterterrorism training operation has not begun. “We’re in the early stages,” he told the Free Beacon.

McRaven said a major gun battle erupted in Tripoli last week among opposing militias, a sign of instability in the North African country. The training is needed to stabilize Libya, an oil-rich country beset by mounting terrorism and Islamist militias.

During a panel discussion on the war on terrorism at the Reagan National Defense Forum, McRaven disclosed that the Libyan military training would include both conventional forces training and special operations training and that there will be risks.

“We are going to have to assume some risks,” McRaven said. “Right now we have the authorities to do that training, and I think as a country we have to say there is probably some risk that some of the people we will be training with do not have the most clean records, but at the end of the day it is the best solution we can find to train them to deal with their own problems.”

McRaven disclosed the plans for Libyan training when asked about problems encountered in training foreign special operations forces.” Click link to read full article

Originally posted on KTLA:

At least 23 people were killed and 146 injured Tuesday after twin bombings in front of the Iranian embassy in southern Beirut, the Lebanese health ministry said.

Iran’s cultural attache, Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ansari, was killed in the attack, the Iranian ambassador to Lebanon told Hezbollah TV.

The dead also included two Iranian civilians who lived in a building close to the Iranian embassy, Lebanon’s National News Agency reported.

Stunned witnesses looked on as a series of massive flames and pillars of black smoke leapt into the the sky. The fires burned out several cars parked on a nearby street.

At least six buildings were damaged, Lebanese Internal Security Forces said.

Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon, Ghazanfar Roknabadi, said he had no doubt the Iranian embassy was the target of the two blasts — but that any effort to thwart Iran’s agendas would be unsuccessful.

“We have no fear when it comes…

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Breaking News: The US Government will Shutdown, well sort of

This is literally breaking now. Other than twitter ablaze in revelry, and the MSM giddy (Fox News) and others in shock mode (CNN News) most regular Americans are concerned about what to make for breakfast tomorrow.  I’m sure the DOW will drop tomorrow morning, but it will come back up. Not the whole US government is shutting down. Obamacare is still going to be implemented, it’s not going to be repealed.  This is a SMOKE AND MIRRORS show. Don’t you forget it, there are other objectives being conducted.  Keep watch.  Or get some rest, the sun will rise tomorrow.

Snowden Speaks

“In the end the Obama administration is not afraid of whistleblowers like me, Bradley Manning or Thomas Drake. We are stateless, imprisoned, or powerless. No, the Obama administration is afraid of you. It is afraid of an informed, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised – and it should be.” Edward Snowden

Source: Telegraph.

Powerful and Wicked Nerds

Dr._Regina_E._Dugan Director of DARPA goon moves to googleHer hand is decorated in code. She’s purposefully doing an “Eye of Horus” homage. Who is she? What’s her name? Why you should know who Regina Dugan is, what she does, and who she works for.

Regina Dugan was the first ovary bearing director of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). She now works for Google.

I was looking into the recent headline concerning the wearable RFID tattoos and the swallowable pill that acts as an authenticator in your body (remembers all your passwords) and what I found was something (and someone) entirely more evil.

Regina Dugan was at the D11 conference in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California recently. D11 is a conference of nerds, for nerds, by nerds.

D11 conference logo 2013

I wasn’t looking to find out anything about Karen until I watched her clip where she highlights her efficacy at DARPA and realized she is happy to bring that same mentality and dogma to Google. Watch and listen for yourself, pay close attention to what she is saying. Use discernment.

“Look, I joined the scrappy underdog team I like that environment and I’ll tell you, we got to do some epic sh*t while I was at DARPA (audience laughs) it was clear that I’d like to do more of that…” Regina Dugan now working for Google.  (a must read.)

“One of the Pentagon’s most tech-forward leaders is heading to a new job at Google. Regina Dugan has been the director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which works on military technology for the U.S. Department of Defense, for the past three years.  (Credit: DARPA)

“Regina is a technical pioneer who brought the future of technology to the military during her time at DARPA,” a spokesperson for Google told CNET. “She will be a real asset to Google, and we are thrilled she is joining the team.” Although Google confirmed Dugan’s hire, it is not yet commenting on her specific role at the company.” Source: CNET-

Her claim to fame is using “blue sky” research. You should know what that means- “Blue skies research (also called blue sky science) is scientific research in domains where “real-world” applications are not immediately apparent. It has been defined as “research without a clear goal”[1] and “curiosity-driven science.” It is sometimes used interchangeably with the term “basic research.”[2] Proponents of this mode of science argue that unanticipated scientific breakthroughs are sometimes more valuable than the outcomes of agenda-driven research, heralding advances in genetics and stem cell biology as examples of unforeseen benefits of research that was originally seen as purely theoretical in scope. Because of the inherently uncertain return on investment, blue-sky projects are politically and commercially unpopular and tend to lose funding to more reliably profitable or practical research.[3] The specific name “blue skies” to describe this kind of research is mainly used in Great Britain.” Source Wikipedia

Regina showed off her wearable RFID tattoo, here’s a close up of what she was wearing, it’s called MC10. electronic tattoo mc10 BiostampClick on image to enlarge. It’s also referred to as a “bio-stamp.” The implications of this are innumerable. Of course there are practical applications, I would love to stop entering in all my passwords or having to reset my passwords for long forgotten accounts I had set up. However, I can appreciate the use of this technology to serve in humanitarian respects. We could imagine those in Oklahoma who would have liked to know if their children were safe and or in need of help, an RFID tag could help locate and identify needs for emergency medical personnel.  I can imagine adult children with parents with Alzheimer’s or other medically critical people using this to help them if they suddenly found it necessary to relay medical history in an emergency. No one is arguing that the technology has profound implications as well as trivial cosmetic more selfish applications. I however have a few questions about this. I’ll address this later in the post.

The hi-tech tattoo that could replace ALL your passwords: Motorola reveals plans for ink and even pills to identify us

MC10’s BioStamp: The New Frontier of Medical Diagnostics

Read More:

Excerpt: “The BioStamp is MC10’s first flexible computing prototype. It’s a collection of sensors that can be applied to the skin like a Band-Aid or, because it’s even thinner than that, a temporary tattoo. The sensors within collect data such as body temperature, heart rate, brain activity, and exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Using near field communication—a wireless technology that allows devices to share data (think E-ZPass)—the BioStamp can upload its information to a nearby smartphone for analysis”

If you can’t fathom wearing a tattoo, you can always swallow a pill. Regina also showed off the pill known as “vitamin authentication pill.” Proteus Digital Health is the maker of this handy lil pill.

Proteous Health Digial biofeedback ingestable pill RFIDThis pill will indeed detect biofeedback. It knows how many times you swallow, your heart rate, your BP, it can also send the information to your phone or other devices using Bluetooth. It can, “display your data in context and support care in a variety of different ways.”

I guess since the most recent headlines informing us that “ALL” our “metadata” is stored and captured by the United States Government it should be a watershed event to swallow a pill or tattoo ourselves with “ALL” our data that gets transmitted willingly to our devices. Once again, a technology that is capable of doing much good can be used for evil.

We as humans have been deduced to “metadata.” The funny thing is no one is willing to address what comprises metadata. Let’s assume everything you do, see, say, type, view, like, comment on, buy, participate in, it’s all metadata. I plan to do a follow up and list for the people common sense metadata examples. For now we’re talking about the power of nerds and how one woman is rising to the top with limitless power and the very Government that is spying on us backing her up.

Regina Dugan’s connection to the US Government.

darpa-obama Regina DuganDugan began her career with NASA. She spent time with the DOD, then DARPA (Pentagon/CIA), and she has her own companies (“Research”). She’s brilliant, ambitious, and a force to be reckoned with. I admire her intelligence and guts, however, she scares me. She’s far too interested in obliterating boundaries of personal space, as if we have any boundaries left at all. I can’t square it down but I’m taking a guess she works for shadow government (ya’ll know it as NWO–I’m just calling them luciferians).

The government cannot be so naive or stupid to think that Christians wouldn’t be screaming, “Mark of the Beast,” over these new technologies. I mean, if they’re geniuses they would have to know that there will be push-back to such uses, right? That is why she specifically stated 10-20 year olds would be willing to put on a tattoo “just to spite their parents.” It is true. I see many silver heads in church. I made the observation to my husband that perhaps this is the generation of the last Christians. There are few young families in our church. Now, I know there are vast numbers of young hipster “Christians” in seeker sensitive–devoid of sound doctrine churches, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying in the churches that still stand on the Rock of Salvation are on the shrinking end, thus, I can concur that the 10-20 year range will have no knowledge of the scriptures that describe what the true “Mark of the Beast” is and they will inevitably find themselves spiritually blinded by the false prophet who will perform great miracles and deceive them into taking The Mark.

Is this (MC10,the wearable tattoo, and the vitamin authentication pill) “THE MARK?”

No. It is not. Not yet. For now this is a “temporary” tattoo made to come off and on, the real one will not be able to be removed and it will be REQUIRED on the hand or forehead. Also, when the Beast forces this Mark, it will be to buy and sell. So far this temporary mark is not required to buy or sell. Lastly, the true Mark of the Beast will be precipitated by two angels running about the earth warning people NOT to take the Mark lest they separate themselves from God Almighty and damn themselves to Hell. This has not happened yet.

This has happened thus far:

“Created almost on a whim in 1958 as part of the Eisenhower administration’s frantic response to the Soviet Union’s surprise launching of Sputnik, the Advanced Research Projects Agency (as it was known at birth) was designed to oversee the nation’s then disparate missile and space efforts. But it soon was pushed aside by the newly formed National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which gobbled up the space mission and has kept it ever since. Left without a portfolio — and hobbled by a slow start — ARPA turned to research on potentially cutting-edge technology that was too esoteric for other agencies to touch.

Over the next 50 years, DARPA — which added the word “Defense” to its name in the early 1960s — gained fame for coming up with an array of spectacular innovations that have revolutionized the way the military conducts wars and have led to breathtaking changes for civilian society as well. DARPA oversaw the research that led to ARPANET, the forerunner of the Internet. DARPA projects led to the Global Positioning System, which uses a constellation of satellites to help locate aircraft, ships, and vehicles and to make it easy for them to navigate.

The agency spearheaded the effort to develop stealth technology, which enables aircraft and ships to evade enemy radar. DARPA also propelled the nation into delving into serious seismography, shepherding the creation of a worldwide network of satellites and sensors eventually used to help detect hidden nuclear testing. A 1984 DARPA project eventually morphed into today’s Predator and Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles. These aircraft now number in the hundreds and have become a major weapon against insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq. More recently, DARPA coordinated a series of projects that led to the development of a revolutionary prosthetic hand that enables war fighters who lost a limb in combat to regain almost all the functions of a real hand. For decades, amputees had to settle for hooklike pincers that gave them only limited capability.”

Common Sense Questions:

If the Government who can spy on all of Americans and probably anyone it so chooses in any part of the world created this tech (albeit they use private companies as their cover) why would we trust them to swallow or tattoo ourselves?

If the tattoo can transmit our data to our devices, what’s to stop it from transmitting it to “any” device?

How easy are these RFID tags (via tattoo or pill) to hack into? (Regina should be able to answer this since she’s hired hackers to work for the USG)

How easy is it to drop this into someone’s food or drink and steal their data?

Who’s to say this isn’t already happening?

How can we block being read?

I want technology to shut down the government from spying on me, however, the only one selling such tech is the Government, and I’m going to guess they have backdoors to still hack.

Last Question, It should be asked over and over again to these Goon scum aka the Government, WHO ARE YOU LOOKING FOR EXACTLY?